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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 73

73 episodes

How do individuals fight against groups?

The first method that Sehun Lee thought of in response to that question was the strategy of the three dogs, which he had encountered frequently before returning and decided to help.

“Practice until you can win.”

“If you blow up related places one by one, you will be destroyed.”

“Fighting yourself is what fools do. It goes in and gnaws at it.”

In an ignorant, crazy or cumbersome way. Of course, the success rate was good enough to be guaranteed by the three dogs, but Lee Se-hun boldly excluded those strategies.

Such a strategy was possible because he was a powerful hero, a terrorist, and the head of an intelligence organization, but it was not suitable for him as a blacksmith.

If so, which method is right for you? Sehun Lee, who had been thinking about him, quickly found the answer.

“Can you help me bring down Barmut?”

Like a blacksmith, just give me a weapon and let’s watch it from behind.

“… … .”

Kim In-cheol, who heard Lee Se-hoon’s suggestion, made a blank expression.

You came to the workshop on a Sunday morning, and you said you were going to destroy Barmut?

Kim In-cheol, wondering if he was less awake, asked again, touching his eyes.

“Are you talking about that friend, Vier?”

“no. I’m talking about the Barmut family.”

“So… … Are you going to destroy the whole family?”


Seeing Lee Se-hoon answering without a single hesitation, Kim In-cheol felt his sleep fading away and sat down.

“Tell me what happened first.”

In response to Kim In-cheol’s question, Lee Se-hoon briefly explained what happened at the exchange meeting, such as the clash with Vier and Arya’s proposal for mass production of swords.

“It was not enough to improve Barmut’s prototype on the spot, so he created a sword weapon on the spot without the help of a sword user… … You too… … .”

It’s not that I don’t have talent, it’s that I’m so good that I’m worried. Kim In-cheol smiled bitterly at the absurd situation even thinking about it and pondered the situation.

“Once I understand the situation. If he refused to sign him and overpowered Barmut’s skills from the front, they certainly wouldn’t come out peacefully any more.”

Kim In-cheol, who remembered the evils of the Barmut family in the smelting department, frowned and sighed.

“But it’s difficult to press that side with the current situation alone. There is no real evidence that Bier was trying to attack you right now.”

If we have to raise an objection to this, we will end up with a flaw in the prototype or the inexperience of Vier.

There was no justification that could bring down Barmut.

‘There’s nothing you can do even if you’ve been hit unilaterally… … .’

It wasn’t the first time this situation had happened, but Kim In-cheol felt even more helpless than before.

The talent that can make a big difference in the times may be destroyed in vain due to his own shortcomings. How miserable is this?

‘I can never just be defeated this time.’

When Kim In-cheol, who has been determined, is seriously thinking about the methods he can use.

“I have no intention of attacking you with something like that.”

Sehun Lee continued the story with a calm expression.

“Since everything has been decided, the professor only needs to help with the details.”

“It’s all decided… … ?”

How could you attack a huge force like Barmut so easily, not anywhere else? Kim In-cheol looked at him curiously, and Lee Se-hoon laughed.

“Is there anything wrong with going bankrupt? That’s what happens when what you make doesn’t sell.”

“That’s right, but… … .”

How easy is that?

In particular, in the industrial field that Barmut dominated, it was not common to catch up because the technology was several steps ahead.

The moment Kim In-cheol was about to say something in an unrealistic way.


A pile of paper was placed on the table from Sehun Lee’s subspace pocket.

“… … drawing?”

Kim In-cheol, who looked at the stack of drawings that Se-hun Lee had pulled out with a puzzled expression, grabbed the top drawing and looked at it.

A drawing depicting a single sword. On the surface, there seemed to be nothing special, but Kim In-cheol’s eyes widened as he looked closely at the contents.

“Come on, wait. What the hell is this… … .”

A drawing made in detail enough to be mass-produced immediately.

The level of perfection is also completeness, but what surprised Kim In-cheol was the contents that Se-hun Lee wrote in the commentary.

[Both power and durability should be improved by more than 20% compared to Barmut’s E-class mass-produced longsword currently occupying the market.

Material cost can be reduced by up to 30% if the manufacturing process is properly prepared.]

Perfect upward compatibility with Barmut’s mass-produced equipment. Kim In-cheol, who looked at the drawing, immediately looked at the other drawings.


Various weapons and armor. Upward compatibility of all mass-produced weapons sold by Barmut, such as auxiliary devices, are accurately drawn on the drawing.

Kim In-cheol reviewed the contents by re-reading the drawings over and over again for the content that exceeded expectations.

‘This… … It’s real.’

Even if you don’t experiment, you have the intuition as a blacksmith that has been accumulated for decades.

Kim In-cheol, realizing that the recipe written on the drawing was real, couldn’t take his eyes off the drawing, and Lee Se-hoon, who was looking at it from the other side, smiled confidently.

“How is it?”

“How are you?”

In response to Lee Se-hoon’s question, Kim In-cheol put down the drawing he was holding back and smiled sadly.

“It’s just laughter.”

In the past, it was not easy to produce things with a certain quality in large quantities, but after the creation of magical power, it became even more difficult.

This is because, in the basic smelting process, things to consider, such as the structure of the magic circuit and the properties of materials, have multiplied dozens of times.

‘I wonder if it will come out even if the research team spends years researching just one sheet… … Dozens of these come with me.’

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No matter how talented you are, the situation is different.

Kim In-cheol thought that Lee Se-hoon might have something to do with the ‘group’ he belonged to in the past, but he quickly denied it.

‘Those guys are trying to improve their skills, but they don’t hand over drawings like this.’

A drawing created purely by Lee Se-hoon with his own talents. Kim In-cheol, who was looking at it, asked while organizing his thoughts.

“So how can I use this?”

“Select only those who will fight to the end among the manufacturers competing with Barmut, and then hand over the drawings. I will leave the small negotiations like the profit ratio to the professor.”

“Is it okay though? If I set up a workshop and sell it myself, I would be able to make an incomparable amount of money.”

“Then it takes too long. To shake a guy that big, you have to drive it all at once.”

If you set up a workshop directly there, it will become a weakness and you will be more likely to get involved in all sorts of troublesome things.

So, Sehun Lee gave up some money and chose the most convenient way.

“If that’s your will, then there’s nothing you can do. But it looks like two more things are needed for this plan to work.”

Kim In-cheol, who looked at Lee Se-hoon, made a serious expression.

“The first is a way to guarantee the quality of the weapon to the public. And the second thing is that the manufacturers we work with are protected from Barmut.”

One day, the collaborators will not be suddenly killed, but a manufacturer can be ‘accidentally’ swept away by an explosion and fly away without a trace.

And after a few years, a similar incident occurred, and those who fought against Barmut have disappeared.

If you are not prepared for this part, not many people will come forward. Lee Se-hun laughed at Kim In-cheol’s story.

“Of course there is a way.”

* * *

“Barmut is trying to kill me and I’m afraid I’ll take it down first, can you help me?”

“… … .”

Ryu Eun-ha, a woman with red hair, who sat across from Lee Se-hoon’s straight-forward story, was lost in thought with her head slightly bowed without answering.

A face so expressionless that I can’t tell what he’s thinking. After such a long time, Ryu Eun-ha’s lips slowly opened.

“To break down… … Are you speaking physically?”

A face that was determined to do something. Lee Se-hun quickly added to the appearance of chewing up a weapon and turning Barmut’s home to dust.

“no. It means destroying the business. It’s not really about smashing.”

It should be comfortable, but it is better to take the action that is wanted by the whole world, not to return to the world, as much as possible.

At Lee Se-hoon’s story, Ryu Eun-ha still nodded with an unchanging expression.


“Yes. So… … .”

“Can we take down the factory in the middle of the night?”

In response to Ryu Eun-ha’s new solution, Se-hun Lee shook his head, suppressing the feeling he wanted to reply.

“I will do it legally. There is no point in being wanted.”

“Hmm… … Okay. So how do you plan to proceed?”

Was it because of the side dish that he tried to kill himself? Lee Se-hun was satisfied with Ryu Eun-ha’s active role in overthrowing Barmut and briefly explained his plan.

“… … That’s great.”

Ryu Eun-ha’s eyes twinkle when she says that there are dozens of drawings. Lee Se-hoon smiled slightly at the vitality felt on his expressionless face and continued the explanation.

“The head of the department wants you to compare the armaments I designed and Barmut’s armaments by eating them. The head of the department is famous for his reputation in this field.”

If he or Kim In-cheol goes out, it can be dismissed as hostility to Barmut, but if Ryu Eun-ha guarantees performance, the story is different.

The head of Borsippa’s department and S-class hero weapon eater.

As he has a nickname in the arms industry as a gourmet, even Barmut could not ignore its influence.

“Can we just compare?”

“Yes. Oh, I have to upload it to the internet, so it would be better to take a video. From then on, we’ll take care of everything on our side, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“All right.”

Ryu Eun-ha accepts without a single thought. Seeing this, Sehun Lee made a strange expression while being satisfied.

‘Somehow, it seems to be more cooperative than before the return.’

Even then, if he asked for anything, he would have granted everything, but this time, if he asks with determination, he feels like he will give him everything.

As Se-hun Lee looked at him curiously, Eun-ha Ryu, who had been thinking for a while, opened her mouth again.

“If you think there is no way to do it this time… … Please tell me.”

“To the head of the department?”


Ryu Eun-ha, who nodded her head, spoke calmly.

“I’ll take care of it somehow.”

Speech that feels strangely chilly. Se-hun Lee, convinced that he should never ask Eun-ha Ryu, nodded nervously.

“for now… … I will remember.”

“Yes. Then we will contact you as soon as we are ready.”

Se-hun Lee, who had decided on the policy with Eun-ha Ryu, left the department head’s office and went straight to Akal-Kouf.

The remaining question is how to protect the workshops that manufacture each item. In fact, this part was the most difficult part of the plan.

‘There are many workshops to protect, and above all, we do not know when and how they will attack from the other side.’

They may attack at the same time as the announcement, or they may attack suddenly after several months.

But during that uncertain period, you hire a security company or a hero to guard the workshop?

It is questionable whether it can be kept, and the money that goes into it was also inefficient.

‘In the end, it’s better to leave it to someone special.’

An existence that can protect dozens of workshops scattered around the world.

Recalling the person he could only meet through one bridge, Sehun Lee organized his thoughts.

‘It’s a must see.’

It’s good if you can, and if you can’t, you can’t do anything about it.

Having organized his thoughts, Sehun Lee knocked on the door of the body control classroom located in the innermost part of the Martial Arts Department.


“come in.”

A blunt answer from the inside. When he opened the door and entered, he saw Ma Kwang-soo lying on the bed dissatisfied.

“The other guys don’t get a break on the weekend, so they’re anxious, but they wander around in broad daylight… … I’ll see if I can afford it.”

“sorry. It’s a bit urgent… … .”

“… … Let’s hear it first What’s going on?

In response to Ma Kwang-soo’s question, Se-hun Lee explained the approximate situation like the previous two people, and Ma Gwang-su frowned upon hearing all the details.

“I want to call it a grandiose delusion, but… … Barmut There are many stories about them. They are the ones who will have more than that.”

“Can you help me?”

“Well… … I have more questions than that.”

Ma Gwang-soo, whose horsetail was blurred, looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“Why do you think I can help? I’m just a scumbag who has retired from active duty.”

A question full of doubt. It was because there was absolutely no reason to ask Ma Kwang-soo in view of the apparent circumstances.

‘It’s me who knows what kind of organization this yangban belongs to before returning.’

But since he couldn’t say that, Sehun Lee answered with a slight twist.

“Even if you retire from active duty, your relationships will not completely disappear. I’m telling you because I think there is a possibility among the people I know.”

“If not?”

“We must find another way.”

Ma Gwang-soo stared at Lee Se-hoon’s calm answer for a moment, then got up from the bed.

“great. there’s nothing you can’t do But you can’t go barefoot.”

“The cost of protection will be discussed separately… … .”

“no. I don’t need any money.”

Ma Gwang-soo cut off Lee Se-hoon’s words, picked up a bundle of papers placed on one side of the classroom, and threw it to Lee Se-hoon.

Sehun Lee, who was handed it, read the words written on the top of the pile of papers.

[Tuan Ver.12]

‘It’s been a while since I fixed it… … .’

Lee Se-hoon, who turned the front page and looked at the contents, quickly realized what the identity of the pile of documents was.

“It’s a skill you’ve been teaching me before.”

A talent that can steal the movements of the opponents that Ma Gwang-soo had been rough on in the past. He has really created a technology that can maximize it.

‘Did you create this systematically in that short time?’

Once again, I thought that Ma Gwang-soo’s abilities were great, but at the same time, I was a little bit annoyed.

‘Why can’t you make it like this, but why are you sharing the skills you taught me instead of the cost of trauma? … .’

It’s before my return, so I’m just trying to get past it, but I get annoyed from time to time.

When Se-Hoon Lee is committed to retaliating properly one day. Ma Kwang-soo calmly added an explanation.

“If you learn it, I will help you.”

“Is that okay?”

“okay. At that level, it’s worthwhile to help those troublesome bastards even while they’re hostile.”

We can help if you can prove that it will help you spot the doppelganger. After reading Ma Kwang-soo’s inner thoughts, Se-hun Lee nodded.

“All right. Then let’s go.”

“I will do it tomorrow. Take it today and take a look.”

It is impossible to practice right away because there are not one or two equipments required to learn Tuan.

But at the answer of Ma Kwang-soo, Lee Se-hun shook his head.

“It’s not about practicing.”

“… … then?”

In response to Ma Kwang-soo’s question, Se-hun Lee spoke calmly.

“Tuan. I will show you.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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