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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 76

76 episodes

The headquarters of Borsippa facing the central section of Babel.

As a place to oversee all things happening in Borsippa, the size of the main office was not formidable as the size of Babel was large.

A huge 10-story building with hundreds of administrative staff and tens of thousands of people visiting for various purposes.

Because of that, various living noises were generated in the lower part, but the department head’s office located on the top floor was different.


Even the sound of a pen signing documents is clearly audible in the room. In that silence, when Ryu Eun-ha was looking at the documents as usual.


open visits.

Michael Barmut, a middle-aged man with blonde hair, who came in with the door open without knocking, looked at Ryu Eun-ha with a cold expression.

“Dean Eunha Ryu.”

Contrary to his gentle tone of voice, a call that reveals anger.

It was so blatant that at the end of the speech, magical power came out and the entire department head’s room trembled faintly, but Ryu Eun-ha answered without taking his eyes off the paperwork.

“Say it.”

“Do you know what you are doing now?”

“I don’t know. Let me explain.”

An indifferent attitude that doesn’t even feel the will to have a conversation. Michael’s eyes frowned at the sight, but he quickly calmed his emotions and continued the story.

“It means that the Barmut family is suffering a lot now because of your biased review video.”

After Ryu Eun-ha’s video was uploaded. For the first time, the Barmut family received a refund request that exceeded the order volume.

This is because companies and guilds that have been skeptical about the performance of the new mass-produced weapons have switched to that place as if they were waiting after Ryu Eun-ha’s video was uploaded.

‘Originally, it could have been sufficiently processed before it was widely distributed in the market… … Just for one video… … !’

When the video just started to spread by word of mouth. The Barmut family also recognized the fact and responded immediately.

[The current controversial material is not officially recognized, and we will take strong action against slander and dissemination of false information.]

First of all, it blocks the mention and presses down the site where the video was uploaded.

However, this response was wrong from the start, because the status of ‘Ryu Eun-ha’ who uploaded the video was too great.

[anger231]: Barmut has made a statement. Guess I’ll have to watch it some more.

└[Red Ginseng Mint] : What are you watching? The person who uploaded it is Ryu Eun-ha haha

└[anger231]: Is Ryu Eun-ha above the official association? You’re saying it’s weird.

└[Red Ginseng Mint]: Even 100-year-old craftsmen can’t even chirp in front of Ryu Eun-ha, but they sound like an association. The association must investigate before the official certification ends?

[HG Beam]: The overall performance is 30% higher, but the price is 20% cheaper? Isn’t this a scam?

└[Neon Blue]: S-class heroes are cheating on what they are missing.

└[HG Beam]: You can hit it. Aren’t S-class heroes human?

└[Neon Blue] : Don’t you think everyone is like you?

[dd] : I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Ryu Eun-ha smile, but am I the only one?

└[Ryu Eunha-chan fan]: It’s the first time. I’ve seen all the videos on the Internet, but I’ve never seen a smile. I thought my heart stopped when I saw it… … .

└[Right Left]: If the hero-grade weapons made by the seraphim tames can make people laugh while eating them, then what are these mass-produced weapons really?

Ryu Eun-ha, who became an S-class hero at a young age and made tremendous achievements in purifying dangerous areas and subjugating monsters and mines.

Barmut’s response was rather bolstered thanks to the fact that he ate armour, and anecdotes related to him as a gourmet had been widely spread on the Internet.

‘We have surpassed the level that can be corrected in our line.’

It is highly likely that the head of Ludwig, who is a monster more than Ryu Eun-ha, will be spared in the legal battle, as he only mentioned the facts without adding or subtracting from the review itself.

Therefore, the Barmut family had only one option to choose from.

“I don’t know what you want, but I will accommodate you as much as possible. So, first of all, take the video down and make a correction video… … .”

“Associate Dean.”

Ryu Eun-ha, who stopped Michael’s offer of a deal at once, signed the documents reviewed and spoke calmly.

“If you have nothing else to say, go back. It gets in the way.”

“… … .”

Ryu Eun-ha gives a congratulatory order as if she has no intention of talking. Seeing that, Michael felt more embarrassed than angry.

‘It wasn’t a deal, it was really an attack… … ?’

As Ryu wasn’t the type of person to move forward with such a negotiation, I expected it to some extent, but on the other hand, I didn’t understand it any more.

What on earth is the reason for doing this?

‘Are they seraphim? No, he looked like he was very embarrassed by Ryu’s behavior when we met… … .’

If not the sponsor, the Seraphim Guild, who has supported Ryu Eun-ha for a long time, what is the cause?

When Michael was tying up his hair in a situation like a rock falling from the sky.


“Excuse me.”

A hoarse voice resounds with a knock.

Michael turned his head to look at the young man, Lee Se-hoon, who was leaning on the door at the sound of a voice that grew annoyed just by hearing it.

“I came in thinking it was all over… … Are you still there?”

Lee Se-hoon looks at him curiously as if he’s not going out. At that cheeky and arrogant act, Michael twisted his eyes and glared at him.

“How dare you say where you are now… … .”

“You are here.”

Ryu Eun-ha’s voice is heard from behind.

Michael, who felt something different from what he had just said to him, turned his head and widened his eyes.

Ryu Eun-ha, who didn’t even give her a glance no matter what she said, is looking at Lee Se-hoon with soft eyes.

‘no way… … All this for him?’

I can’t believe it, but looking at Ryu Eun-ha’s reaction right now, I can’t explain it other than that.

The cooperative relationship between Ryu Eun-ha and Lee Se-hoon. At that fact, Michael naturally thought of another question he had been holding on to.

‘Who made the new weapons released this time?’

According to their information network, the workshops in question absolutely do not have the ability to create such weapons.

So, of course, I thought that there would be other forces’ intervention, but Michael suddenly noticed a new possibility.

‘No way… … .’

A story that you can’t help but deny even if you think about it.

Michael, who felt the situation was unusual, turned his head again and looked at Lee Se-hoon, who was leaning against the gap in the door.

“What are you doing? You are not leaving soon.”

Unlike other cadets who can’t even make eye contact with him, Sehun Lee talks leisurely. Michael, who felt the leeway and ridicule contained within, could be certain only then.

“… … It was you.”

It’s absurd, but it was Lee Se-hoon who created that new weapon.

Beyond surprise, Michael looked at Lee Se-hoon with a cold face in the talent that now gave him goosebumps.

“It would be better not to be too arrogant.”

Michael, who had left a warning, passed by and went outside, and Sehun Lee, who only tilted his head back and looked at the back, smiled.

‘You’ve got it right.’

If there were no people around, I probably would have tried to kill him right away. When Sehun Lee is satisfied with the smooth flow of the situation.


Ryu Eun-ha, who came closer, looked at Michael’s back and spoke quietly.

“Looking at the murderous intent that just leaked out, I think it could be dangerous if not dealt with. What would you like to do?”

Ryu Eun-ha, as usual, is blunt but has a murderous look in her eyes.

Lee Se-hoon quickly responded to the look that seemed to evaporate Michael the moment he asked to be dealt with.

“it’s okay. I’ve prepared something for you, so you don’t have to.”

“… … All right.”

Ryu Eun-ha, who answered as if she did not like it, went back into the room, and Lee Se-hoon closed the door and asked.

“Did you contact the principal after uploading the video?”

“Yes. They told me to hire an editor if I was going to do it.”

“Hmm. Then it’s not the other way around.”

It is negligible for the Barmut family to put pressure on it, but for Ludwig to put pressure on it, the situation itself is different.

The status of the head of the department is also a problem, as Ludwig’s influence was overwhelmingly stronger than that of Ryu Eun-ha.

‘It’s impossible for him to go out due to his personality, but… … You have to be careful though.’

It is good to consult the information before regression, but never blindly trust it.

When Sehun Lee sighs in relief that the biggest stumbling block has been resolved.


Cell phone vibrating on the desk. Then, Eunha Ryu glanced at the screen and immediately declined the call.

In response to that firm reaction, Sehun Lee put on a curious expression.

“Who is it that you refuse right away?”

“After uploading the video, people came up with suggestions. You don’t have to worry about it.”

If you’re an S-class hero, you’re likely to make a path in either direction, such as joining a guild or signing a contract with a company.

However, Ryu Eun-ha hardly paid any attention to it and only signed contracts that she thought were necessary, so naturally, she was not very well-received.

‘Is that reset because of this video?’

To those who do not know the circumstances, it would seem that Ryu Eun-ha has changed her mind, and even if it is not, she knows how powerful the ripple effect is, so I will persist in making suggestions.

‘That’s very annoying… … I’m sorry.’

Seeing Ryu Eun-ha’s phone starting to ring again, Se-hun Lee made a bewildered expression.

“You’re bothering me a lot.”

“You have nothing to worry about. If you ignore it, it will disappear quickly.”

“no. The deal has to be clear.”

On the surface, they seem indifferent, so they don’t seem to care, but there is no one like Ryu Eun-ha when it comes to ties and cuts.

If you keep quietly knowing that it’s okay to say it’s okay, you’ll be in big trouble someday.

“Next time, if the head of the department has any difficulties or needs help, please let me know. I will help too.”

At the current level, there’s no way I can help Ryu Eun-ha with anything that might be in trouble, but sincerity and words are important in anything.

Ryu Eun-ha looked at Lee Se-hoon’s sincere story, and then nodded.

“I will keep that in mind.”

After confirming that there were no complaints, Sehun Lee was satisfied and changed the topic.

“Professor Kim In-cheol said that there would be no setbacks in logistics production as other workshops also joined. I think you should upload the remaining videos sequentially.”

Just a taste of yesterday’s video.

From now on, the 76 types of mass-produced weapons that the Barmut family are mainly selling will be thoroughly compared with the Yang Sang-hyeon weapons they have prepared.

Ryu Eun-ha thought about Lee Se-hoon’s story for a while and then asked.

“Is the workshop okay? Even if security personnel are deployed, it may be difficult to respond if there are a large number of workshops to protect.”

“it’s okay.”

Lee Se-hun laughed at Ryu Eun-ha’s reasonable point.

“Because you said you had someone you trust.”

* * *

Dark city center.

A small voice resounded in the shadows of the dark alleyway, where the lights were turned off.

“Right wall. 38 year old woman. 12 year old male. 9 year old woman. After processing, simply work in a nearby house.”

A chunk of shadow fell and climbed up the wall of the wall, and the remaining shadow rippled and moved to the corner of the stairs in the apartment far away.

“No. 1802. 68 year old female. Similarly, to work after processing.”

Another chunk of shadow fell off and went up the stairs, and the remaining shadow rippled again and appeared from another place.

A being who scatters shadows all over the city. A-class demon ‘Sleep Spirit 潛影鬼’ recalled the quest he had received.

‘Aim for the family instead of the studio. He’s a guy who can see far.’

There is a high probability of failure when attacking a workshop where bodyguards are deployed, and there is a high possibility that only unnecessary suspicion will arise.

Therefore, the client, the Barmut family, used a different method, and ordered some of the people involved in the incident to kill the family.

‘There is no more effective means than to instill fear.’

Today, I treated it as an assassination, but in the future, I will take the time to disguise myself as an accidental death and slowly kill one or two people.

Then others will just pass it on as a coincidence, but the parties will notice the warning, fear it, and will be forced to withdraw from it all.

‘I don’t need to go until 10 years, I’m afraid everyone should let go.’

In my mind, I wanted to kill every single target, but if I did, I would be pursued and my trust would be lost in the entertainment district, so it would be better to take care of yourself.

The time when the sleepy ghost was about to send his subordinates again, feeling annoyed.


A blue arrow pierced his heart.

“Uh… … !”

I wondered if the pierced shadow shook violently, and a man’s body wobbled and jumped out from the inside.

A subordinate who died instantly with an arrow stuck in his heart. Seeing that he died on his behalf due to the effect of the curse, the Sleeping Ghost quickly made a judgment.

‘At least S-class. Run away!’

If you find yourself in the city center and shoot yourself without realizing it, the fight itself will not be established.

After making the decision, the ghost immediately activated his skill ‘Shadow Tribute’.


Ten subordinates in the shadow turned into black blood and scattered everywhere, creating a magic circle, and again, 20 subordinates were used as fuel to activate their skills at once.


The landscape changed in the blink of an eye.

The sleeper who moved to the forest several tens of kilometers away was not relieved and continued to use the skill.

‘You don’t know what kind of ability you have, so you have to run away for sure.’

It won’t be easy to gather subordinates again, but when you measure it against an S-class hero, your neck flies away in an instant.

When the ghost ghost activated the Shadow Tribute again, the connected subordinates turned into black blood and covered his whole body.


Soul Concealment and Magic Neutralization. Powerful stealth magic, including natural fairy tales, was superimposed, and this time, it traversed hundreds of kilometers at once, moving between shadows.

A technique developed by using the life of a subordinate as a sacrifice. I was confident because I had run away from an S-class hero like this in the past, but on the other hand, I felt a strange sense of insecurity.

‘Is this really enough?’

A sniper with such precision that you won’t notice it until the arrow is pierced.

Recalling the horror he felt the moment his heart was pierced, the sleepy ghost tore the scroll he had been trying to cherish until the very end in the shadows.


The purple magic that soared from the scroll covered the whole body, and the boundaries of the body were blurred and it was about to melt away.

And finally, the moment when his body was scattered all over the place and disappeared without a trace.


The sleeping ghost’s body escaped from the purple magic and fell into an abandoned building.

“ha… … ha… … .”

The sleeping ghost, who could not even breathe in the shadows, fell on the floor and gasped for breath, and other demons who heard the sound gathered.

“what. Are you a shadow kid?”

“The situation is shit. Did you get beaten by an S-class hero?”

Demons who scoff at the appearance of a sleeping ghost. They were equally notorious as those engaged in the assassination business, but they were also able to use this ‘rest of dreams’.

‘If this… … I guess.’

It’s nothing else, and it’s a hideout that Monghwanma, the owner of the entertainment district, made by himself, one of the ten evils.

Even if he didn’t know what kind of S-class hero he was, the sleepy ghost, confident that he would never be able to pursue him, answered with a relaxed attitude.

“I was shot and ran away immediately. I used up all my load… … I can’t even get this one. shit.”

“sniping? Who is shooting you?”

The other demons looked puzzled at the story of Sleeping Ghost.

Among the demons gathered here, the best in stealth was the Sleeping Ghost.

“I don’t know. I got hit by an arrow, but I ran away right away and didn’t even see my face.”

“… … arrow?”

The moment when the expressions of the demons hardened at the sound of something sinister.


A demon’s head exploded without a trace.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Cool atmosphere.

Originally, it would have moved immediately to respond to the next attack, but the demons gathered in the seat did not even think about it and looked at the weapon that had penetrated the demon.


A blue arrow firmly stuck on the floor.

At first glance, it looked like it was made of special steel, but the tip crumbled little by little, revealing that it was made of magical power.

‘Archer. invisible sniper. Eyes that see through the shelter of dreams. An arrow made of magic.’

All the situations are assembled in the minds of the demons, and a single entity comes to mind naturally.

A monster that hunts monsters in the African continent alone on the highest mountain in the world, and shoots and kills all the demons ‘seen’ in his eyes as a way to kill his boredom.

“Won dog… … .”

After realizing that they had been shown to Ha Baek-yeon, the demons became pale and tired, but then they showed disappointment.

“Mr. … .”

Doo doo doo!

The pouring rain of arrows pierced the heads and hearts of all the demons in the dream shelter, killing them.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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