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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 68

68 episodes

Banquet hall on the first floor of Shangri-La.

It was created by weaving all the rooms on the first floor with space magic.

shoot ah

The water gushing out of the fountain in the center came to life in the form of birds and fish, and a huge chandelier hanging on it subtly scatters light, illuminating the entire banquet hall.

A humanoid golem wearing a suit and serving food, and dozens of musical instruments floating in the air and playing music.

In addition, numerous ornaments that are hard to see from the outside decorated the inside of the banquet hall, and the splendid scenery made the cadets who had just passed through the labyrinth open their mouths.

“Wow… … .”

“What is this… … .”

I thought I had adapted to Babel’s facilities, but seeing the scene in front of me, I realized again that it was just a taste.

When you are overwhelmed by a sight beyond common sense. Those who had invited them came and smiled.

“What do you have like this? There’s a lot more fun inside.”

“I’ll introduce you to the people I mentioned earlier. let’s go.”

If you were fascinated by this spectacle, your recruitment would have been half-successful. As they enter the banquet hall, the cadets begin to change color little by little.

Erika, who stood by the entrance and looked at it indifferently, murmured calmly.

“It’s useless… … .”

Those invited as prospects, and the members of the exchange meeting who invited them, don’t feel any value.

At the meaningless sight, Erica looked at it without any inspiration, and the cadets who were wandering around at the sight swallowed dry saliva.

‘What kind of eyes… … .’

‘I can’t speak… … .’

The eldest daughter of the Inoue family, who is the head of Ur’s department and led this exchange.

I wanted to make friends on this opportunity because both background and talent were indispensable, but it was difficult to approach them, let alone talk to them, due to their unique atmosphere.

When everyone is hovering around waiting for an opportunity someday.

“ah. I was here.”

Jake, a blonde young man in a white suit, approached Erica and spoke to her naturally.

“When did you come?”

“just now.”

“okay? Oh, the dress suits you.”


Erica, who seems to be uninterested in short answers, and Jake, who doesn’t really care about such a reaction.

The cadets who were watching the two of them looked puzzled.

‘what. Were you two close?’

‘Inoue and Myers must not be on good terms… … .’

It is an awkward scene if you know what happened at the exchange meeting two years ago. However, the two continued to talk regardless of those gazes.

“Lee Se-hun, where did he go?”

“It’s still in the labyrinth.”

“Ahh. Then I saw that there was How many minutes have passed?”

“Five minutes and 43 seconds.”

“… … What?”

Erika’s story gave Jake a surprised expression.

Even if no one else knows, Sehun Lee possesses a sense of handling even the tricky magic gems lightly. If it was this labyrinth, it would have been normal to destroy it in less than 5 seconds.

‘Are you seriously injured? It didn’t seem that bad from the outside… … Or did someone just work hard in the labyrinth?’

For those who watch the cadets wandering in the labyrinth, this is likely enough. At that time, Jake was thinking about whether to go find Lee Se-hoon.


The entrance opened and Sehun Lee entered the banquet hall.

“I just arrived… … what. Were you waiting for me?”

Lee Se-hoon finds the two of them and smiles. As if nothing had happened, Jake put on a puzzled expression.

“Why did it take so long?”

“Well? Ahh. Just a little bit of looking around got me lost.”

“… … caliber?”

Was this labyrinth a structure connected to another room? While Jake was puzzled by the story he had never heard of, Sehun Lee remembered the hallway he had just been walking through.

‘I thought Ludwig hung it, so I took a look… … Also, space magic is not easy.’

The space magic applied to Shangri-La was a method in which a huge mansion could be separated into thousands of blocks and assembled at will.

It was a kind of puzzle-like method, so if you understood the structure, you could handle it to some extent without knowing the space magic.

‘But thanks to something, I also got an unexpected income.’

A waiting area for voyeurs who happened to be found on the way lost. Sehun Lee, who met Bier Barmut there, received a new notification window as soon as they parted.

[The relationship with the grand prize ‘Bier Barmut’ has been established.]

‘It’s a relationship in one word… … I guess I didn’t like it at all.’

The relationship established with Bier. Of course, it may not be as favorable as the previous relationships, but for Lee Se-hoon, that was not a bad income.

‘Because I knew that I was conscious enough to establish a relationship.’

If that’s the case, it’s not strange to do something this time. When Sehun Lee is organizing his thoughts to be more nervous.


Erika, who came closer, looked at Lee Se-hoon with a serious expression.

“Did you go to a room other than this one?”

“I haven’t been to a few. The room where the voyeurs were gathered, and the room where the clutter was piled up. Oh, there was even a room with a magic circle.”

Lee Se-hoon speaks casually. But when he heard the story, Erica’s expression became even more serious.

‘Monitoring room and warehouse. And to the office… … .’

A place with tight security in all of them. If Se-Hoon Lee really went to that place, it would be like breaking the magic of Shangri-La’s space.

‘Even if it’s sloppy because of the exchange, it’s not easy unless you’ve learned space magic. This is enough… … Magical aptitude A, no, it’s safe to say it’s S.’

He has an aptitude for not only sensual magic, but also magic that requires detailed calculations.

Erika’s eyes lit up as she recognized the new talent, and Sehun Lee put on a trembling expression on his face.

‘If there is an opportunity to mourn, the relationship level will rise.’

It’s nice to climb smoothly, but the eyes are very burdensome. Sehun Lee, who gently avoided the gaze pouring from the side, glanced at the exchange hall.

“More than that… … The eyes are pretty hot.”

Even though we have just entered the entrance, the number of cadets gathered around is not unusual. Jake grinned as the siege gradually formed.

“Because today’s protagonists are freshmen.”

Talents who are invited to an exchange meeting usually have sponsors at the first exchange meeting, unless there is a major flaw.

In other words, if we fail to recruit talented people at this exchange meeting, we may miss out on it in the next few years, maybe even completely.

‘Blacksmith is especially popular.’

A powerful hero ends with only one person, but powerful weapons can be reused by changing owners.

Therefore, the group with power and capital desperately needed a talent for technical positions, especially for weapon making, rather than a hero.

The cadets gather around and try to talk to them somehow. At that sight, Sehun Lee naturally remembered the scene before his return.

‘It’s the blacksmith who made the spear of the mad dog! Kill it!’

‘Is it your dog’s lover? If you follow me, I won’t leave you.’

‘Freedom to the leader!!’

He was involved in kidnapping and assassination attempts just because he was close to the three dogs, and since the incidents never ceased, he avoided them in the future because he feared that people would be swept away just by looking at his face.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve done this again.’

A friendly crowd I haven’t felt in a long time. In this strange situation, Sehun Lee was a little awkward, but he didn’t feel bad.

Lee Se-hoon smiled and looked at the two people who were looking at him.

“Then let’s go like the main character.”

Isn’t it a spectacle, not the main character, when you stand still like this? Jake laughed at Lee Se-hoon’s story.

“okay. I will guide you.”

As Jake took the lead, the cadets around him shuddered and quickly retreated to the side.

They got together to talk, but Erica and Jake, who are next to Se-Hoon Lee, are not able to approach him prematurely because their families are so large.

“It will pass for a while.”

“… … .”

Jake asks for forgiveness and Erica looks at them as if to remember those who are aiming for Lee Se-hoon.

When everyone is hesitating because of the two men’s tight defense.

“I, there… … !”

A timid young man approached Lee Se-hoon.

“About the armour, there is something I want to ask you… … Now, are you okay for a moment?!”

A young brown haired young man gropingly asking how nervous he was. Lee Se-hoon looked at her weakly.


“Ahh! That’s Adam Weiner, the sophomore in the Martial Arts Division.”

“Hmm… … .”

When Sehun Lee looked at the introduction of the young man, Adam, Jake, who was standing next to him, sneaked up to him and whispered.

“It’s a senior I know, but I don’t think he has any special intentions.”


Sehun Lee thought for a moment at Jake, the same martial arts student, and then nodded.

“What are you curious about?”

“It’s okay, are you okay?”

“It’s okay, so tell me.”

In response to Sehun Lee’s answer, Adam took a deep breath for a moment, then brought out the story with a nervous expression.

“It’s not something different, but I have a new gauntlet that I customized this time, but I feel a sense of alienation during battle. But when I checked again, there was no problem… … .”

“The results are very unreliable. Did you bring your gauntlet today?”

“uh? Ah, here it is!”

Adam hastily takes the black gauntlet out of the subspace pocket. Sehun Lee, who was handed it to him, gently swung it around as if to shake off dust.

It’s like playing with a toy. When the faces of the cadets gathered around him became mysterious.

“The magic circuit between the index and middle fingers is slightly out of alignment.”

Sehun Lee tapped a part of the gauntlet with his finger.

“… … really?”

“It’s subtle, but it would have reduced the efficiency a bit. It would have been difficult to feel the difference, but you have a good sense of it.”

Sehun Lee, who was fiddling with the seams of the gauntlet, looked at Adam with an expression that he did not understand.

“But what kind of head was the prosecutor? If you have eyes, you cannot see this.”

Although it may be difficult to tell from the outside, it was a simple enough defect that it could be found upon closer inspection.

But you even checked this and couldn’t find it? At Sehun Lee’s question, Adam put on an embarrassed expression.

“that is… … .”

As he looked around and couldn’t answer easily, Lee Sehun waved his hand.

“It’s done. If you can’t find anything like this, well, there’s no need to listen.”

I’m also busy dealing with talented guys, so there’s no reason to deal with such an ignorant guy.

Sehun Lee, who turned his gaze back to the gauntlet, lightly flicked the part where the circuit was misaligned with his finger.


A soft resounding sound. Hearing the sound, Sehun Lee returned the gauntlet with a satisfied expression on his face.

“It’s all fixed.”

“… … uh?”

“It wasn’t a big deal because it was a little off.”

At the sight of Lee Se-hoon talking insignificantly, Adam and the surrounding cadets looked at him with strange expressions.

How can you fix a magic circuit so easily that even the slightest mistake can damage your equipment? Even though I was the head of the department, I couldn’t easily believe it.

“… … .”

Adam looked at the gauntlet he was handed over and carefully put it on his right arm.


A gauntlet that is gently tightened when a hand is inserted. And Adam’s magic permeated inside.

“… … uh?”

Far from feeling foreign, it started to move more smoothly than before.

“There were a few inefficient parts, so I adjusted it a bit. Take it to the right person and have the other side do the same.”

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Not only repairs but also adjustments were completed at once. Adam made a dazed expression on the story, then came to his senses and asked.

“Oh, thank you. How is the case… … .”

“I will send you the account, so please send it in moderation.”

“okay. Thank you so much!”

Adam, who received the account by text message, nodded his head and left, and the cadets who had been watching him quietly looked into their eyes.

‘If you have that level of skill, even if you just leave your face open… … .’

‘If you just don’t try to recruit, Inoue and Myers don’t seem to have much to say.’

‘If you miss this, you will definitely regret it!’

The cadets who made a quick estimate were about to approach Lee Se-hoon and talk to him.


A large young man pushed the other cadets out and walked out.

2m is a large size that seems to be sufficient. His face was as harsh as anyone would be embarrassed to see it for the first time, and his suit was puffed up like it was about to explode with his ragged muscles.

“Is it you?”

A question like a growling beast. It was a sight that gave me a sense of intimidation, but Sehun Lee looked up without even blinking an eye.


“You were the only one talking nonsense about the gauntlet I touched.”

A young man with a distorted face as if he was going to hit him at any moment. Lee Se-hoon’s expression hardened at that bloody look.

It seems that he grasped the situation late and became firm. When the young man realized he had the upper hand and tried to push him back.

“When I asked why it was so bad, I left it to a non-major… … Sorry. If I had known that it was made as a hobby, I wouldn’t have been so critical of it.”

“… … What?”

“hey. But why do your seniors entrust the production of weapons to Akalkuf? Still, it should be left to the experts.”

“… … .”

At Sehun Lee’s story, the atmosphere around him fell heavily, and when Jake heard the bruise, he twitched the corners of his mouth and answered.

“Hmmm. that is… … Douglas-senpai is not Akalkoof.”

“What? So is it Ur?”

“no. You are the 2nd year head of the smelting department.”

“… … .”

At Jake’s explanation, Se-Hoon Lee looked at the tall young man, Carter Douglas.

His face was dyed red as if it would explode at any moment, and his fists were clenched so tightly that they turned white.

Seeing that, Sehun looked at him silently and stroked his chin.


He muttered with a sad expression on his face.

“이 개새끼가!!!”

Carter loses his mind and swings his fist, forgetting Bier’s order to bring Sehun Lee.

At the killing blow, Jake quickly intervened, and Erica’s eyes, standing next to Sehun Lee, turned cold.

And Se-Hoon Lee, who looked at the whole situation, looked at the empty space right next to the fist approaching calmly.


A black bar that appeared through the air blocked the fist.

“What… … .”

A black bar that lightly blocked the fist without any weight. Carter’s eyes widened at the sight, and his face grew pale as he recognized its owner.


The empty space splits, and a young man slowly walks out from the hallway beyond.

Like Erika, a young man with black hair and rimless glasses with a cold impression. It was an exemplary figure that evoked the word ‘elite’ just by looking at it, but something sticky and unpleasant coexisted.

‘This guy… … .’

When Lee Se-hoon narrowed his eyes and looked at the image he had seen somewhere.

“… … Brother.”

Erika, who was standing next to her, called out to the young man in a low voice.

The head of the Inoue family. An S-class hero who killed many demons and sealed one of the ten evils, greed.

And the person who may have cooperated in turning his younger sister Erica into a demon.

“Nice to meet you”

Inoue Ren smiled at Lee Sehun.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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