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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 67

67 episodes

Saturday night.

On the weekend, the downtown areas of each district were bustling with people as usual, but today the proportion was a little different.

“When did you start?”

“Will you start soon?”

At the bottom of the hill located on the downtown side of Borsippa’s academic district.

The crowds gathered over the barricade were seated, looking up at the top of the dark hill.

It’s like a festive atmosphere. When that strange heat is getting more and more inflated as time goes by.


Seven flames erupting from the hill with a faint sound.

Dim flames, which are buried in the night sky and seem to disappear at any moment, rise high in the sky and contract to a single point.

And the moment when enormous magical power surged from within.


Colorful fireworks began to color the sky.


“Hurry up!”

Those who realized that the long-awaited event had begun cheered, and fireworks burst out one after another as if to repay it.

puff puff!

The fireworks that follow naturally after the first explosion erase even the starlight in the night sky and sparkle brilliantly.

A chain of explosive firecrackers from the Enchantment Faculty won the bid through fierce bidding competition. The objects that professors, teaching assistants, and cadets put their heart and soul into creating are constantly bursting from the sky.

“The fireworks are so pretty… … .”

“How did the magic explode so clearly? crazy just… … .”

“How long is this going to explode?”

A dazzling fireworks that anyone can see. A form of magic that can only be seen by talented people. And the terrifying amount shown to those who know the unit price!

For whatever reason, everyone looked at the fireworks that could not take their eyes off of them, and the end came soon after.


The flame began to sink down as it lost its power. The moment people were sad because they thought it was already over.


Thousands of lights from the hill began to illuminate the sky.


The scattered remnants of the flames mix with the lights and then move vividly across the night sky like a living creature.

People who were dazzled by the sight looked at the building that appeared from the top of the hill with the natural lighting.

“That’s Shangri-La.”

“The building is no joke… … .”

A white mansion that shines like a star under thousands of lights.

“Shangri-La,” a very large banquet hall where various events of Babel are held, a specialty of Borsippa.

A building called the world’s most luxurious banquet hall was revealed.

“The first exchange meeting this year is no joke. How much have you already spent?”

“It’s no joke that the 3rd graders I’m in charge of now. Besides, the level of freshmen this year is also high, so it must have been a good investment.”

“I wanted to be invited too… … .”

Unlike ordinary people who enjoy it, the eyes of jealousy, envy, and envy among Babel’s cadets turn to Shangri-La.

A banquet hosted by people who are at the top of Babel and the hero industry. It was announced throughout Babel that the Noblesse Exchange had begun.

“… … .”

Sehun Lee, who looked up at the scene in the running limousine, made an absurd expression.

How loud is the eve of an event where cadets gather and chat with each other? I couldn’t even imagine how rotten and overflowing the money could be.

‘I can’t even imagine what was done inside.’

If this was enough, he would have brought all kinds of expensive things and held an exhibition to show off. When Sehun Lee is thinking like that.

“What do you think?”

Erika, who was sitting opposite her, asked with a calm expression.

According to the dress code, Erica is dressed in a neat black dress.

Maybe it’s because of the clothes, but Lee Se-hun asked, looking more mature than usual but feeling intimidating.


“Just the eve. how was it?”

It’s a question that I don’t know if it’s just a question or if I’m asking as a person in charge. To this, Sehun Lee answered honestly.




Without hesitation, Sehun nodded and looked outside.

“How in the world would a crazy person think of throwing money away so creatively? It’s great to come up with it, and it’s great to put it into practice.”

To do something on such a scale only to show off their power. It was possible because he was not tied to money and had a different way of thinking.

“I wish I could give you some support. I think it will give you money if you look around in moderation.”

When Se-Hoon Lee is thinking about something seriously, I think it’s worth a try. Erika, who had been watching quietly, opened her mouth.

“It’s us.”


“This eve plan. It was in our family.”

“… … .”

An awkward silence filled the limousine. Erika, who was looking at Lee Se-hoon, asked calmly.

“Would you like to sponsor me?”

“… … no. done.”

When Sehun Lee is thinking that he shouldn’t talk in front of Erica because of spending money. The limousine gently climbed up the hill and arrived in front of Shangri-La’s main building.


Sehun Lee got out of the limousine through the door opened by the staff and looked at the mansion in front of him.

The large mansion glows white with lights from all directions.

From a distance, it looked just white, but up close, it looked like a soft rainbow.

‘I didn’t even activate it properly, but it’s like this… … I can’t even give a business card to any air defense shelter.’

Is it because it is a building that welcomes distinguished guests and high-ranking people from outside? As I headed towards the entrance of Erika, looking around, the waiting staff naturally approached me and nodded my head.

“Welcome, Erica. May I check the invitation of the person accompanying you?”


When Erica looked at him, Sehun Lee handed him the invitation he had prepared in his arms.

The employee who was handed it and lightly scanned it with magical power to confirm whether it was a forgery nodded and moved to the side.

“Welcome to the Noblesse Exchange Meeting. We hope you have a great time.”

The front door gently opened with greetings from the staff, and a circular central hall illuminated by a chandelier and a huge door decorated with splendor.

‘Is that the exchange hall?’

The moment when Sehun Lee, who looked at the scene, stepped inside.


An endless hallway appeared in front of me.

* * *

As with any group, although there is a simple tradition, the Noblesse Exchange Meeting also had a new ceremony called ‘Labyrinth’.

Using the space magic hanging in Shangri-La’s mansion, he makes you wander through the endless corridors.

At first glance, it seems like a meaningless prank, but there was a practical reason for this.

[What, what? Where have you all gone?]

[This… … .]

Some just look around in bewilderment, while others immediately grasp the situation and move to break the magic of space.

The members of the exchange meeting, who watched the situation while looking at the screen floating in the air, shared their opinions.

“Hmm. Although this guy is a little nerdy, he feels good. I think it will be worthwhile if you invest in moderation.”

“He’s quick-witted, but he lacks talent. I think I set it too high.”

The process of reconfirming the talents and abilities of prospects that we have been eyeing. In other words, it is a process of setting the value of invited cadets.

“hey. This guy is fine.”

“Look where.”

Thirsty for talent, they were busy manipulating the panel to save even one person, and those who watched it for entertainment purposely chose only poor cadets and enjoyed it.

Vier Barmut, a confident young man with blonde hair neatly tucked away in the diverse landscape, sat quietly.

“… … .”

Unlike those who are looking at it, Vier doesn’t even touch the panel. The large young man who was sitting with him asked carefully.

“I… … Mr Bier. Seeing other guys at least once… … .”

“Shut up.”


At Vier’s story, a large young man, Carter Douglas, a second-year head of the smelting department, quickly shut his mouth.

This is because he knew better than anyone that he was the one who suffered the damage by adding nonsense here.


“Yes, yes! older brother.”

“Are you sure Sehun Lee is participating?”

Hans answered Bier’s question with a nervous expression.

“Perhaps it will. I only refrained from using magical powers during class, but I didn’t feel bad… … .”

“I would have asked if you were sure you were going to participate.”

“That, that… … .”

Hans broke into a cold sweat as he saw Bier looking at him with indifferent eyes.

‘Why are you mad at me… … .’

I rarely talk to other people during class, and recently it was difficult to see each other because I submitted all my assignments in advance.

But how can he be sure of whether he will attend the exchange or not?

‘It’s really shameful and dirty… … .’

Since they were originally competing for the successor position, they did not get along well, but after losing the chief and being culled in the succession competition, they treat each other almost like a servant.

Although he was deeply saddened by his situation, Hans could not even open his mouth about it. This is because the Barmut family was such a place from the beginning.

“So… … .”

“uh. Mr Bier. came!”

The moment Hans was just about to squeeze out an excuse. Carter, who peered through the panel, quickly brought up the screen.

Then, what appeared was a young man with a sharp impression who had just entered the red hallway. Wearing a black suit, I felt more like a hitman than a cadet, but the people around me also exclaimed.

“I bet you killed that guy.”

“Is that the blacksmith?”

“Are you also the head of the department? The atmosphere is different.”

Those who were looking at the other cadets also switched screens without hesitation, and after a while, all the members in the room saw only one person.

It is clear who the main character of this exchange meeting is.

In that situation, Vier looked at Lee Se-hun, a young man who was reflected through the screen.

[Hmm… … .]

Lee Se-hun carefully scans the hallway that appeared in front of him. Instead of being surprised, everyone looked around as if they were waiting, with a puzzled expression on their faces.

“Why are you so relaxed?”

“I know yeah. Have you ever heard of it?”

“It could be.”

Basically, he kept the labyrinth a secret, but because the atmosphere at the exchange meeting was a little loose, he often spoke to the cadets he had recruited to make them stand out.

In the case of Lee Se-hoon, he is a cadet who received an invitation from the Inoue family, who is currently the most influential in the Noblesse Exchange.

Considering the location, it wasn’t strange to say that he gave it, but one strange thing was the atmosphere.

‘Those who listened to my words are offended… … Something different.’

‘It feels more familiar than knowing.’

Unlike the other cadets who were anxious to show off their skills, he had a calm and blunt attitude.

When everyone is paying attention to the figure that attracts attention even though there is nothing special.


Sehun Lee suddenly started knocking on the wall.

[here… … hmmm. no… … .]

Se-Hoon Lee looks at the wall carefully and knocks like a knock.

As if looking for a hidden entrance, the noisy room became quiet, and then the sound of devouring and blowing wind resounded everywhere.

“what. It’s completely nonsense.”

“I thought I’d show you something great… … uhh Then it is.”

This labyrinth was at a level that could be dispelled by grasping space magic and injecting a small amount of magical energy into the gap, so if you liked it, you could easily destroy it.

Still, if you’re just knocking on the wall like that, it must mean that your innate senses are dull or you have a problem using your magical powers.

“You said you had a good sense of humor before, so I think you must have been injured.”

“I wondered what his skills were, but I can’t see him until now.”

Seeing Lee Se-hoon constantly knocking on the wall, he turned the screens one by one, and all that was left was those who laughed at seeing him wandering.

“… … .”

In the meantime, Vier looked at the screen without saying a word.

When Hans and Carter were staring at the sight that they did not take their eyes off of. Bier’s mouth, which had been tightly closed, opened.

“It’s over.”

He was acting as if there was something, but he could see that there was no meaning in his eyes.

Bier’s eyes narrowed at the sight of Lee Se-hoon, who persistently knocked on the wall.

‘Is the injury worse than I thought? If that’s the case, there’s no need to use a dangerous method. Simply with the help of 『Dawn』… … .’

At that time, Bier rechecked the plan in his head.


Alien sounds coming through the screen. As Bier looked at the screen again, an empty hallway caught his eye.

“… … What?”

The screen in front of you will not disappear as long as the labyrinth is maintained, and the labyrinth will be released as soon as the cadet leaves.

In other words, it is technically impossible to illuminate an empty hallway.

“what. Lee Se-hoon is that guy gone?”

“Didn’t you even use stealth magic?”

“Why are you writing something like that all of a sudden? And he’s a blacksmith.”

The sudden situation created a buzz inside, and those who turned the screen looked at the empty hallway again.

However, as time passed, Sehun Lee was not found, and Bier, who was looking at the screen silently, jumped up from his seat.


“I go to the hallway. Follow me.”

You have to see with your own eyes what the remnants of the game were. The moment Bier approached the door and was just about to open it.


A door that opens from the outside. And through that gap, Sehun Lee, who had disappeared from the screen, stuck out his head.

“You… … .”

“what. It wasn’t here.”

Sehun Lee, who confirmed that it was not a banquet hall, looked down at Bier in front of him with a sullen expression on his face.

“Tttttttt. It’s gloomy… … .”

He clicked his tongue and closed the door as if he was pathetic.


The door that had been opened closed again, and Carter and Hans, who had seen it with Bier, muttered with blank expressions.

“How did you get here?”

“I wouldn’t be able to come without my pass. What the hell… … .”

It felt like seeing a mirage. When the two of you are unconscious. Bier opened the door belatedly and quickly looked into the hallway outside.

But what you see is an empty hallway like a screen. Seeing this, Bier realized what Sehun Lee had done.

‘Have you figured out the structure of the space magic given to Shangri-La and used it in reverse?’

Knocking on the wall on the screen was not a meaningless act, but was looking for a niche that he could use.

It’s a skill that can be understood in theory, but if you ask to try it yourself, it’s an art that you wouldn’t even dare to try. Bier’s eyes sank coldly as he recalled the image of Lee Se-hoon who unfolded it casually.

‘It’s gloomy.’


A terrifying sound echoed in his mouth.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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