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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 66

66 episodes

One of the major classes in the Faculty of Smelting is ‘Metal Smelting’.

Since it was a class for learning basic smelting methods, the content itself was rumored to be easy among cadets, but it was notorious for the task in many ways.

“This project is a small shield with a weight of 1.2 kg and a diameter of 28 cm with No. 21 alloy. The main theme is anti-resilient, so pay attention to that part and keep in mind that it can only be submitted if it is made with a product of normal grade or higher.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

The cadets watched with nervous eyes at the story of Assistant Instructor Han In-seong, who was in charge of the class. A look on his face as if he was wary of what to say next.

Han In-seong glanced at the scene and continued the story with a smile.

“And this assignment must also be submitted before the semester evaluation. Thank you for your consideration.”

“Ahh… … .”

“no… … .”

The cadets covered their faces at Han In-seong’s story and sighed.

A wide submission period before the semester evaluation. You might say that it would be nice to have more time, but in reality, it wasn’t.

The task of metal smelting is relative evaluation.

In other words, the better the submissions of other cadets, the lower the score, and it naturally flows into the nunji game.

‘I’m not good at making shields… … No, if you only invest for a week or two… … .’

‘Even if I can’t, I want to get an A grade… … How many others will… … .’

If you ask them to make use of various materials and their specialties, there is a big gap between cadets, but if you look at the basics thoroughly, the difference is surprisingly not that big.

The situation is wide open for the period. Therefore, the lower ranks clench their teeth to get points even here, and the upper ranks clench their teeth so that they do not fall behind in scores.

“Huh… … .”

The cadets endlessly repeat smelting and designing while examining each other’s weapons. Seeing this, Inseong smiled happily.

How hard was he in this metal smelting class while he was still in school? At that time, I wanted to break the professor’s waist, but now respect has blossomed in the spirit of not changing the way despite numerous protests.

‘After all, it is only in the early stages of admission, so you have to work hard at this time.’

The level of basic skills is similar now, but the longer the time spent at barbell, the greater the gap depending on talent.

It must be until the second semester at the longest to be able to see such a competition. It was a spectacle that could only be seen during that period, so it was the time when Korean In-seong enjoyed looking at it.


A terrifying flame rose from the corner of the workshop.

Kaang! Kaang!

Sehun Lee heats up the metal and beats it with a hammer to shape it as if he was alone in another space.


Unlike the other cadets, as time passes several times faster, the weapons are completed in an instant and piled up on one side.


Se-Hoon Lee, who completed the four submissions that had been pushed back for a month in the ward, in the blink of an eye, took them all and gave them to In-Sung Han.

“I will submit it.”

“… … .”

Han In-seong, who looked at the weapons held out in front of him, put on a complicated expression.

If it had been another cadet, he would have shot him at least once because he was not sincere, regardless of the level of perfection, but this is because the weapon this guy made could not be the case.

‘All high-grade, medium-sized products… … .’

Were there any advanced grades among the previously submitted submissions?

Han In-seong, who was looking at the freshman in front of him with a different level than excellence, licked his lips for a moment and then nodded.

“Good work… … The professor said that if you submit all your homework assignments, you don’t have to come to class until the next assignment, so do what you feel comfortable with.”

“Then let’s go.”

Se-hun Lee, who had finished his work, went out immediately, and the cadets who were looking at the back of him were talking to each other.

“no. That’s hurt right? Why are you so fine?”

“I guess he wasn’t seriously hurt.”

“Did you not see the picture? You came in with your whole body covered in blood and held in the arms of Professor Ryu.”

A photo that caused a buzz on the bulletin board after climbing up the tower, an unofficial community of cadets.

It was the image of Ryu Eun-ha, who came to the ward holding Lee Se-hoon, who was covered in blood, and became a topic of discussion in various ways because of her urgency rather than the commonly known expressionless face.

“Rumor has it that Dean Ryu Eun-ha prepared an elixir separately.”

“What? ah please.”

“Maybe what It’s good enough to take him on a private hunt on the weekend.”

A photo of the two of them walking together at the subspace terminal has been uploaded, raising suspicions.

As Lee Se-hoon and Ryu Eun-han did not care about rumors, there was no explanation, so it became even more bloated.

“Even if it looks fine on the outside, I don’t know what it’s like on the inside. I heard that all the ingredients were blown away by intermediate smelting.”

“ah. I heard that too. Professor Kim In-cheol prevented the almost accident.”

“There are also rumors that there was a magic breakdown when being attacked by a demon. If it’s true, then what’s the bubble burst?”

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No matter how good your basic skills are, if you can’t handle your magic properly, you’ll sag as you go backwards.

Doubts about Lee Se-hoon’s injury and sluggishness grew as time went on, and it was further fueled by the fact that he was unable to use his magical powers well during class.

Time flies and the weekend approaches.

“What the hell did you do?”

Leah, who was sitting across from Sehun Lee, asked curiously.


When Sehun Lee, who had been engraving enchantments on cheap pottery, glanced at Leah, she made an incomprehensible expression.

“How can a person look so underrated in a week? This doesn’t make sense.”

Even if the hero industry is a dangerous world that can fall into hell at once, it is bound to end with only suspicion until it is properly confirmed.

However, rumors and conspiracies related to Lee Se-hun spread at a frightening speed, and it was now half-orthodox that he had an impairment in mana management due to an injury.

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No matter how hidden the fact about the production of Monghwangyudo, the atmosphere is unusual. Lee Se-hoon replied sternly to the appearance of Leah, who did not understand the current situation.

“You see some suspicious corners, and you don’t even deny it. Then there is enough doubt.”

The controversy surrounding Lee Se-hoon was so shallow that even a single word from Professor Ahn Jung-wan, the doctor in charge, Ryu Eun-ha, the head of Borsippa’s department, and Kim In-cheol, the advisor of the smelting department, quickly subsided.

Even so, the reason these rumors keep spreading is because all three of them were quiet at the request of Lee Se-hoon.

“but… … I’m being cursed like this, but if I sit still, I’ll think there’s a point where I get stabbed.”

“It’s like that. And the guys I don’t usually like will be helping with this and that.”

Deputy head Michael, who wants to acquire the position of head of department of Borsippa and the department of smelting. If it’s that sly guy, it must be clear that he’s been working here and there, hoping it’s an opportunity.

Leah nodded her head at Lee Se-hoon’s story, but on the other hand made an expression that she didn’t understand.

“But if it turns out that it’s not like this, isn’t it just nonsense? Why would you do that… … .”

Rumors are just rumors. No matter how loud the people around him are, there is no way that Lee Se-hoon will suddenly get an injury and his skills will not decrease.

But why the hell are you doing this? To Leah’s murmuring like that, Sehun Lee answered inwardly.

‘I’m sure he has the confidence to make the rumors true.’

Take advantage of this cluttered moment to truly disable yourself. You might say that this is an exaggerated story, but now the story has changed.

‘Because it was said that the Barmut family worked hand in hand with the observer to abolish the smelting department.’

If you are aiming for more than power at Babel, it is worth giving it a try.

If it’s the talent he showed, it won’t ruin the smelting department, but will elevate it to the best department in Babel.

‘I’ll have to watch this a little more.’

Memories before regression seen through Monghwangyudo.

It is true that it really happened in the past, but turning around and reading the material on the way out is something that has never happened.

So, I was still not sure whether the information I checked there was true or not.

‘okay. I don’t know yet… … .’

Materials that I read casually. And Se-Hoon Lee, who remembered the data related to Kim In-cheol that he had checked at the end, stopped the brush while organizing his thoughts.

“It’s done.”

“Five. It’s faster than I thought. Let’s see.”

Leah, who received the pottery from Sehun Lee, looked at the enchantments engraved on the outside as it was turned around.

A line drawn neatly without any deviation anywhere. The skeleton also contained the recipes taught earlier, but I could see places I had touched with my own eyes everywhere.

‘Is it a barrier technique? The connection between the drinks is a bit loose… … No, it is a structure that is filled with magical power. What kind of beginner could use this technique… … .’

Obviously, there are only a few who have learned the enchantment properly, but if you look at the engraving, they are several times better than those who roll around in the enchantment department.

‘no no. Still, I’ll have to check if it’s activated first.’

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No matter how flashy it looks, it is meaningless if it is not activated properly. Leah, who looked at the pottery again, slowly instilled in her magic.

woo woo-

As the enchantment that had just been engraved shone faintly with magical power, the atmosphere near the pottery began to shake slightly.

And after a while, the wind blew in as if being sucked into the inside of the pottery, and a small noise was heard from the inside.

Woo Woong

The sound of the wind in the room with all the windows closed.

Rea noticed the faint vibrations felt from the pottery, and turned it over at once, wiping out what was inside.

Hui Ying

A small green whirlwind that tumbles and spins on the desk.

The vortex made with pottery made with wind-property materials and Lee Se-hun’s enchantment lasted for about 20 seconds, then collapsed and disappeared.

“… … .”

Leah, who was looking at the traces of the wind, pondered what to say and spoke as if spitting out.

“I can hold for over a minute.”

A story closer to protest than boasting. Seeing that, Sehun smiled softly.

“I didn’t ask.”

“… … unlucky guy. Just do it all by yourself.”

Leah, who praised Lee Se-hoon, looked down at the pottery in her hand and the task of ancient enchantment studies.

“Now that we have finished the task, let’s study enchantments with me. I’m in very good shape right now. I’ll help you with all the difficult ingredients like before. Oh, come to think of it, he said that he would also enchant a rosary wreath. How about that?”

Leia babbles and brings up the story as if she was grumbling when. Sehun Lee brought up the story that he had been putting off even though it was ridiculous because the transition was still fast.

“I have something to show you first.”

“Well? What do you want me to show you?”


In response to Leah’s puzzled question, Sehun Lee began to unbutton his jacket and shirt instead of answering.

Leah’s eyes widened at the unexpected action, and her mouth moved unknowingly as her bare skin was exposed through the ripped clothes.

“Five… … .”

I don’t know much about muscles, but I think you’ll know as soon as you see that it’s amazing. Leah is surprised even though she is looking at Lee Se-hoon’s chin.


A familiar purple flame rose.


Leah, startled as much as she concentrated on it, jumped up and saw Lee Se-hoon looking at him with a puzzled expression.

“Why are you so surprised?”

“Aren’t you surprised when fire suddenly jumps out of your body? No, more than that, maybe… … Dreamy too?”

“right. absorbed by the body.”

“What… … Hold on a second!”


Leah, who crawled under the desk and slipped out of Lee Se-hoon’s side in an instant, put her face straight on her face and looked at the flames of the dream.

“It is connected to the real body. No matter how magical it is, how does this work… … .”

Leah looked around with an expression that she did not understand. Seeing that, Sehun Lee looked at the information of the newly acquired skill again.

[Dream Storage] 『A』

A subspace that uses the boundaries of dreams.

You can use the substitution function of the magical power of dreams to store things in your body. However, if the magical power of the dream runs out, it cannot be stored.

*Things can be stored in the body.

*If the magical power of the dream is exhausted, storage is not possible.

*Currently stored items: the phalanx of an unknown person. Dreamcatcher too.

A storage skill that uses the dream-changing ability of the magical power of dreams.

You might know what this means in today’s era of subspace pockets, but Sehun Lee immediately noticed the convenience of dream storage.

‘There is no risk of being taken away by the other party, and you can take it out straight away without any extra action.’

In a way, it’s a trump card. And what Sehun Lee noticed was the space itself called dream storage.

“Give me your hand.”


Leah, who was watching carefully, gently reached out her hand, and Se-hun Lee, who grabbed it, poked it straight into her chin.


The hand that digs into the flame and reached the wrist. Leah’s eyes twinkled at the sight that could have pierced her heart.

“Five… … Oh oh… … what is this. entered the body.”

“I can’t store it, but it’s okay to let it pass like this. Aren’t you curious?”

Lee Se-hoon grabs his arm and stirs it inside. Others would have been disgusted with the sights they could see apart from the touch, but Leah wiggled her fingers from the inside in admiration.

“It feels more like touching smoke than flames. And something lightly touches my fingertips… … Could this be my enchantment?”


Enchantments that were engraved on the Dreaming Gyudo are floating in this unknown space.

When Leah made a strange expression in the shape of her fingertips, Sehun Lee added an explanation.

“Probably the magic of dreams and enchantments. And it seems to have changed as the skills I possessed interlocked.”

“That’s great. Armour becomes a skill… … It’s the first thing I’ve ever heard of in my life.”

If the fact that such a weapon was made was known, all the useless rumors circulating outside would disappear. Leah pondered for a moment and asked Lee Se-hoon just in case.

“Is this a secret too?”

“It should be. It can be very annoying.”

“but. They will come rushing in from all sides to ask you to do research.”

Leah, who was slightly regretful, but brushed off all her thoughts, pulled out her hand and asked.

“So, what was the purpose of the show in the end? You didn’t show it just to brag, did you?”

“I want to study how the dream storage was made. Let’s take a look together when we have time.”

When the expected answer came, Leah opened her eyes and smiled brightly.

“Big… … After all, there is no one like our juniors! I love this… … .”

“Don’t be silly.”

“Even if it’s not, I can’t help but love it! The best, the best!”

When Lee Se-hoon was taken aback by the way he was speaking skillfully, Leah asked, writhing.

“So when do we start? Right Now? If you do it all weekend, I think you can get some clues. I’ll buy you a lot of rice and coffee, so let’s try it all night long. yes?”

At Leah’s request, which burns his will, Se-hun Lee shook his head.

“Not this week.”

“What? why… … oh right. It was an exchange meeting tomorrow.”

A Noblesse exchange meeting where people with unrivaled talents are invited among the heirs of the powers that dominate the hero industry and geniuses from all over the world.

Leah, who remembered the schedule, looked at her with a surprised expression.

“It’s a little surprising. I thought you wouldn’t like it.”

“I don’t like it.”

“okay? Then why are you going?”

Seeing Leah’s puzzled look, Sehun Lee responded calmly while locking the button.

“Because I don’t like it.”

“… … ?”

Sehun Lee, who adjusted his outfit, looked at Leah and smiled.

“Go and play some chess.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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