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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 69

69 episodes

Inoue clan.

A prestigious family with unrivaled arcane magic while enjoying the greatest power among the three great families that dominate Japan.

Rumors were circulating, but when the war with the demons began in earnest, he was one of the allies who gave generously to him.

“her… … .”

Today, the family has been completely erased from history.

“There is nothing left… … .”

Yeongsan was the home of the Inoue clan.

Yeongsan, which had a mysterious atmosphere with surrounding barriers and dense mountains, used to be a place visited by many visitors in the past, but now there is no trace of it.

A wasteland where all vitality has been depleted. There was nothing but a huge ‘cage’ that was left on that filthy land, which did not feel life force.

woo woo-

A silver cage about 20 meters high in the center of the wasteland.

The interior was covered in black shadows, making it impossible to see what was inside, but it trembled intermittently, signaling that something was trapped inside.

‘It’s not a subjugation, it’s a seal… … The greed must have been stronger than I thought.’

When I was trying to picture in my head how the battle would have gone. The space next to it split, and a fierce woman with short silver hair, Louise Valente, a ferocious dog appeared.

“I’m really disgusted with X feet and I’m going to die… … What the hell are those bastards Inoue doing?”

A riotous dog who frowned and grumbled as if he was feeling quite dirty. There was a little bit of curiosity at the violent reaction.

“Are you that creepy? It just looks like a cage to me.”

“It would be good. The sealing art made by twisting tens of thousands of living humans looks like an ordinary cage.”

“… … citizen?”

“no. They all seem to be related to Inoue, but they don’t seem to have asked for consent. As I approached, they were begging me to take it out.”

On the surface, it looks elegant enough to feel beautiful, but it seems that the reality is not very clean.

“How is it?”

“Sealing itself is not a problem. However, if you touch it in the middle, the desire will come right out.”

“Hmm… … .”

I came here to get rid of the aftermath, but if I accidentally touch it, an unexpected variable may arise.

As I was contemplating looking at the cage, the gangster tapped me on the shoulder.

“Just leave it alone. It’s hard to handle the bastards and the bastards, but if that guy comes out again, there’s no answer.”

“… … okay. Let’s end it with a borderline.”

The annihilation of the Inoue clan was a big blow, but it wouldn’t be a huge loss if the most dangerous of the remaining ten evils was sealed off.

Counting the power of the few remaining human beings, he blinked at the gangster.

“let’s go.”

“Speak respectfully. Before I hit it to the ground.”

A hoarse dog that puts his hand on his shoulder and prepares to move through space while tickling. While waiting for that moment, I looked again at the cage in the distance.

Erika Inoue, who was once a proud S-class hero of the Inoue family, turned into a demon and destroyed her own family as a ten evil spirit.

It was obviously a tragic event, but for some reason, seeing the scene in front of me, I was more suspicious than sorry.

woo woo-

Is that fetus struggling to get out of the cage?

‘Or is it something new to be born? … .’

It’s embarrassing, but there’s no way to confirm it.

Therefore, he turned his gaze away and stopped thinking, and the question was not forever resolved by the cage being swept away by the destruction of the sea.

* * *

“… … .”

Memories of the past flashed through my mind in the blink of an eye. Sehun’s eyes narrowed at the sight.

‘this… … Is it dreamlike?’

It was a sight that was too vivid to be called his own memory.

Lee Se-hoon, who was reminded of his past memories again without knowing the reason, looked at Ren Inoue, a young man who appeared in front of him.

‘At that time, the head of the family was this guy.’

The achievement of sealing greed, which was as great a threat as a demon, was great, but in return, using tens of thousands of living humans as a medium for a technique was difficult to pass up.

‘In addition, there were data that this time it was related to the observers.’

Since it was the material I read in the dream book, the authenticity is not yet certain, but considering the reluctant sealing technique I saw before the return, it showed some potential.

‘How do you do this… … .’

At that time, Sehun Lee was thinking about how to respond in the future.

“I heard a lot from my sister.”

With a smile, Ren spoke first.

“It seems like you are being taken care of as usual. I don’t know if I caused you any trouble.”

Seeing Ren talking softly, Sehun looked at him for a moment and then shook his head.

“Not to that extent.”

“That’s good. I don’t know what to say with my mouth, but my sister’s personality is so unique. I was worried that it might embarrass me.”

“I did, but… … Well, I think that’s good enough for a yangban.”

Thinking back to the days when the three dogs were reluctant to go back, Erica’s travels can be viewed as aegyo.

“… … .”

A slightly strange look was felt from the side, but Lee Se-hun pretended not to see it, and Ren burst out a small laugh at that sight.

“It’s good. I’m relieved because I think I’ll be fine as usual.”

A conversation that flows in a warm atmosphere. Considering the circumstances, it was the first meeting with friends and family, which is common, but there was only one problem.

“Ugh… … ugh… … .”

Carter stiffened in the same posture he had raised his fists in.

I try to move it somehow, but only my face is horribly distorted. His body did not even move as if he had been stuffed in the air.

“What the hell did you do?”

“I don’t see any magic or anything like that… … .”

The cadets around him murmured at Carter’s condition, which he couldn’t understand no matter how much he looked at it, and Sehun Lee’s gaze turned to that as well.

“Oh, I forgot to clean it up.”

Seeing this, Ren seemed to realize it too late, and lightly tapped his palm with the black rod and fan in his hand.



Carter’s body, which had been standing haphazardly, changed to an alert posture, and then began to walk quickly to one side of the banquet hall.

A look that feels natural yet alien. The atmosphere around him subsided at the strangely unpleasant sight, and Ren smiled bitterly.

“Sorry. Sometimes I have friends who don’t know the subject like that. It’s not easy even if you try to manage it.”

“It’s because managing people is the most difficult thing. it’s okay.”

“Thank you for understanding. You don’t have to worry, because there will be no such thing in the future.”

The cadets gathered around looked nervous at Ren’s story with a smile on his face.

Originally, the exchange meeting was structured to be led by cooperative members, but in reality, Ren has been in charge since the second year as the president.

This meant that Carter had just been unable to attend the exchange due to work.

“All right, shall we look elsewhere?”

“OK. There is so much to see.”

The cadets who looked at their eyes began to scatter here and there, and in an instant, the surroundings became quiet.

Sehun Lee was slightly impressed by Ren’s influence, which dismantled the crowd in the blink of an eye.

‘I’m holding the leash properly.’

He was probably at the level of an alley leader, but he seems to be holding the exchange meeting more than he had imagined.

While Sehun Lee admired, Ren looked at the empty surroundings with an embarrassed expression.

“It seems that I have let go of the disturbance.”

“it’s okay. If I run away like this, I don’t want to be that close.”

Ren burst into a small smile at Lee Se-hoon’s calm reply.

“Ha ha ha. That’s right. If possible, it is better to interact with the right person. That’s great.”

“What a great thing… … .”

“no. I’m serious. Surprisingly, such a person is rare. Oh, I have to say that there aren’t many people who can do that… … .”

Of those invited to the exchange meeting, how many people can choose to date?

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No matter what background the opponent has, he is confident that he will be able to overwhelm him with his talent alone.

Ren, who felt it in Lee Se-hun’s attitude, looked at him with a changed eye.

“I want to talk a little more, but it must be difficult because I have work to prepare. See you later when I have time.”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“It was nice to meet you.”

Seeing Ren reaching out his hand, Sehun Lee nodded his head.

“I was happy too.”

“Then again later. Erica.”

Erika, who was standing next to Ren’s brief call, looked up.

“I have a lot of work to do, can you help me?”

“… … All right.”

Reluctantly, Erica nodded and looked at Lee Se-hun.

“See you later.”

“okay. I’ll be looking around with Jake, so come back when you’re done.”


Erika nodded and turned to Ren, and the siblings headed to the inside of the banquet hall together.

We chatted for a while, but I can’t hide that I had a favor with him. It was a situation where other cadets would be happy that they had a good relationship.

‘I’m going to put a curse on my smiling face.’

Sehun Lee, looking down at the hand that had just joined, twisted the corners of his mouth.

Hands seemingly unchanged. However, Lee Se-hoon, who was fully aware of his body through the Young Yeon Shin magic, felt a ‘wedge’ embedded there.


A hazy wedge of black mist. That faint curse had just been nailed to the palm of your hand through a handshake.

‘It’s more like a terminal than a proper curse.’

Pre-preparation to cast a proper spell later.

Perhaps because of that, it seemed to be specialized in secrecy and persistence, but Lee Se-hoon, who looked at the structure, was troubled for a while.

‘It seems like the release itself is still possible now… … .’

If you did not notice the curse, you can easily remove it through the Spirituality Magic if you have accurately recognized it as it is now.

But for Lee Se-hoon, releasing it right now felt like a loss.

‘The fact that he cursed so openly would mean that he looked at me as sympathetic.’

If the curse is lifted here, the rating will change, but you will be more alert.

It was not a very pleasant situation for Lee Se-hoon, who had to find out Ren’s inner feelings.

‘For now, let’s leave it alone.’

When dealing with such insidious bastards, the key is how hard you hit them with a surprise attack when you are being treated lightly.

Having made the decision, Sehun Lee pretended not to see the wedge and lowered his hand and looked at Jake.

“Now go… … What are you doing?”

Jake looks around with an uncomfortable expression on his face.

When Se-Hoon Lee looked at him with a puzzled expression, Jake put on an uneasy expression.

“ah. I was just worried about something.”

“If I’m tired, will I go around alone?”

“No, no. are you okay. It’s because I don’t have enough blood these days. Let’s go in.”

The two entered the banquet hall with Jake pushing his back as if he was running away.

Maybe it was because of Ren’s threat, there were no cadets approaching, so I was able to watch it comfortably.

‘Come to think of it, it was also saliva.’

The reason for making friends at exchange meetings is only superficial.

The reality was a labor market that recruited cadets with talent and skills, and Se-Hoon Lee was ‘bid’ by him after meeting Ren a while ago.

‘I feel like I’m being treated like a thing, so it’s true, but… … I still have time to look around, so what?’

Sehun Lee, who was walking around the banquet hall with Jake’s guidance without any interruption, glanced at the faces of those passing by.

There were a lot of people I didn’t even remember most of the time, but there were a few people I had seen before returning from time to time.

‘That guy was caught in corruption… … That’s a killer over there. There are some guys who have had a good relationship with threats, fraud, and majestic warfare… … .’

Those who have done all kinds of dirty things in the future and are ruined. It was meaningless to argue because it had not happened yet, but Lee Se-hun somehow felt a leak.

‘The level is lower than I thought.’

The cadets gathered at the exchange meeting have the talents and skills recognized by Babel.

They can become A-class heroes if they grow up smoothly, but in other words, it also meant that they would be ‘only’ A-class heroes.

‘It’s not bad, but it’s not good enough.’

In the Manma battle that Sehun Lee had to deal with, there were ten evils that even S-class heroes could not deal with, and the six great demons stronger than them.

If you think about the spectators who don’t know where and what they’re doing beyond the armed forces, they had to have at least an S-class hero, or a special ability comparable to that.

‘I was wondering if I could save at least one person… … .’

Were the expectations too high? When Sehun Lee looks around with a sad expression on his face.

“… … there.”

Jake, who was walking ahead, suddenly stopped.

“Come on, I have someone I want to meet. Would you mind wandering around alone for a moment?”

Jake speaks with a shaky expression on his face. Seeing it, it was a bit suspicious, but Sehun Lee nodded, thinking that something had to happen.


“Hey, I’ll be right back!”

Jake runs to the garden outside the banquet hall. Lee Se-hoon made a puzzled expression on his urgent-looking back.

‘Have you ever been threatened?’

I was curious as to why, but it didn’t seem like it was a big deal, so Sehun Lee wandered around the banquet hall alone.

“Tt… … .”

But for a while. As he walked around, there was nothing to save, so he stopped walking. As a result, Se-hun Lee sat in a nook and sip the drink he had brought.

‘This is enough to get a bit of a bite… … .’

Whether it’s Ren or someone else, I want you to touch it a little. When Sehun Lee is looking at the banquet hall with a bored expression.

“You look boring.”

A familiar voice came from the side.

“Isn’t there anyone who catches my eye?”

At the question of Bier Barmut, a young man with neat blonde hair, Sehun Lee looked at him without saying a word.

“If it’s hard to answer, you don’t have to. It’s all reflected in your face anyway.”

Bier, who spoke as if he did not expect it from the beginning, stood next to Lee Se-hun and looked around the banquet hall.

“Everyone needs great talent, but it’s especially important for blacksmiths. It is the user, not the creator, who builds the reputation of the weapon.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t that why you came here? To see if you have someone you can make a weapon for, or if you have enough support.”

In response to Bier’s talk as if he knew everything, Sehun Lee sipped the drink in his hand instead of answering this time.

“… … But, as you can see, they are hard to find. To be precise, those in your eyes don’t bother participating in a place like this.”

Those who participated in the exchange meeting were half-hearted people trying to catch the Donga rope. Those who were really chosen already had their own background, and in many cases, they were only focusing on training.

“If you want to have the right ‘customer’, join us. You can’t even compare it to an advisor who will one day be kicked out of the faculty.”

The Barmut family’s recruitment proposal. Sehun Lee drank all the remaining drinks from the glass and set them down on the table next to him.

“There is one thing I want to ask you.”

And he looked at Bier with a genuinely incomprehensible expression.

“Why are you talking like no?”

“… … What?”

As Bier frowned at the unpredictable story, Sehun Lee laughed.

“It’s the same with you guys that don’t catch my eye, so what are you fussing about?”

“… … .”

“What about those who can’t even make straight weapons… … Ttttttttttttttttt.”

Lee Se-hun, who looked up at Bier and licked his tongue, moved as if he didn’t want to hear more. In the blink of an eye, Bier looked at the person walking without a word.

Can’t even make a weapon straight. Those words penetrated deeply, but Bier clenched his fists tightly and endured it.

‘Not yet… … .’

You never know when an opportunity like this will come again. Vier, who had captured the emotion that was about to explode, opened his mouth again.

“You have bad eyes too.”

Sehun Lee stopped walking at Bier’s story and turned around.


“I’ll show you. Follow me.”

As if he didn’t need any more words, Bier took the first step, and Sehun Lee looked behind him for a moment and followed.

We arrived at the exhibition hall on one side of the banquet hall. It was cluttered as if he was still preparing for a long time, but Bier continued to walk inside, pushing the other cadets away.

And what appeared was a metal plaque the size of a palm decorated in the center of the exhibition hall. On the outside, there was a luxurious seal engraved with two swords crossed, and Lee Se-hun’s eyes widened at the sight.

‘That’s… … .’

Things I’ve seen before returning. When Sehun Lee was surprised by the unexpected appearance.

“This is a prototype of the alchemy weapon ‘Cheonjang 鐵欌’, which our family is newly developing.”

Bier, who grabbed the metal plate and iron rod, threw it at Lee Se-hun.


“It is an alloy made using the hero grade material ‘Ripple Crystal’ and processed by the family alchemy method. It cannot be compared with the pension weapons on the market right now.”

At Bier’s explanation, Sehun Lee looked at the iron cage.

‘It’s definitely over-spec by today’s standards.’

The skill of forging a single famous sword may be inferior to other masters, but Barmut’s side is not easy when it comes to mass-producing powerful ‘weapons’.

“Even this is just one of many projects the family is working on. And if you join us, you can be part of it.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t it still catchy?”

What happens after this depends on what kind of answer is returned here. Lee Se-hun calmly answered Bier’s question, which brightened his eyes sharply.


positive answer. At that time, regret passed through Bier’s eyes.

“It’s just the ingredients.”

Both eyes lit up at the next words.

“… … Are the ingredients good?”

“okay. Showing such a mass of flaws, the momentum and so on… … I have nothing to say.”

The expression of the students in the demonstration hall as well as Viere hardened at the poignant evaluation.

If it was a weapon made by Bier personally, it could be passed on, but it was because the situation itself was different to undercut the prototype developed by the Barmut family.

“that word. Can you take responsibility?”

Lee Se-hun answered the cold Bier’s question without hesitation.

“There’s nothing I can’t lose.”

A confident answer that you can’t be wrong. Seeing that, Bier contorted his eyes as hard as he could to express his anger while muttering to himself.

‘You idiot.’

They knew that there was a big flaw in the iron cage. Still, the reason I brought this prototype was to attract Lee Se-hoon.

‘There’s no way you can do any harm to yourself in a place like this… … You must have thought it was a good opportunity to damage your reputation.’

But what Sehun Lee overlooked was that they decided to take this opportunity to get rid of one project, even if their reputation was damaged.

‘If we held hands, we could have passed… … That arrogance will take away all of you.’

The moment when Lee Se-hoon infuses magic with an iron cage. He secretly uses his skill to explode.

In the past, Louiseera had already experimented with a cadet, so when Vier was secretly waiting for him to raise his magical powers.


Sehun Lee threw the iron rod in his hand into the air.

When everyone’s eyes widen at behavior that is different from expectations. Through the Black Spirit Temple that Sehun Lee attached to the iron cage, he instilled magical power.

And the moment the cracks spread as magical energy seeped into the outer surface of the iron cage.


Thousands of completely disassembled parts spread like explosions in the sky of the banquet hall.

“What… … .”

Bier’s eyes widened at the overwhelming sight, and Sehun Lee raised the corners of his mouth, looking at it.

“Look carefully.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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