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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 50

50 episodes

At Babel, there was one piece of advice he gave to new freshmen regardless of department.

‘No matter what happens, don’t miss class until the first semester.’

A common advice to listen to is to study diligently. However, the freshmen who started life at Babel in earnest came to realize again what that advice meant.

“A friend who took three days off due to an injury. It’s all the assignments I’ve accumulated so far, so please take them all and complete them by this week.”

“Today, we are going to train the automaton to block 38 anomalous attacks. You didn’t attend class last time? Then take a look and follow along.”

It was only a few days off, but dozens of assignments were piled up, or an absurdly harsh class awaited.

Of course, the cadets who entered Babel quickly caught up with them because they were all talented, but the problem is that by the time they have caught up with them, new tasks are piled up like a mountain.

“no. What class is this… … .”

“If I had known this would be the case, I would have only done one minor… … .”

The more cadets applied for minors without much thought, the more burdensome, and some began to give up on difficult classes.

When the karma of failing is slowly approaching the cadets who did not heed such advice.

“This is a task that has been pushed back so far.”


Lee Se-hoon also faced that karma.

“… … .”

Looking at the pile of papers in front of him, Sehun Lee made a puzzled expression.

It seems that the one he applied for was obviously barrier control, so why did he get such a mass of paper?

‘Did you change subjects in two weeks?’

When Sehun Lee is silently looking at the pile of assignments with such absurd thoughts. Professor Robert spoke calmly.

“The deadline for submission is the day after tomorrow. Everything will be reflected in your grades, so I recommend that you solve all of them. Of course, if you have the confidence to make up for it during the first semester evaluation test, you don’t have to do it.”

“Day after tomorrow… … .”

“I have to start class now, so please go back to your seat. I can’t even understand the class in my current state, so you can do the homework.”

As if the business is over, Robert turns around and prepares for class. Sehun Lee stared blankly at the pile of papers behind him, sighed deeply and shoved the assignments into the subspace pocket.

‘This is why I hated school.’

You’ve only been off for two weeks, so what kind of assignments are stacked up like this? Even with only barrier control, I couldn’t even guess what would happen if I entered another class.

‘It’s okay for the smelting department to focus on practical work, but… … ttt.’

If it was a field I had learned before returning, I would have decided to make up for it in the evaluation test, but the barrier is the field I am learning for the first time this time.

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No matter what I learn, I made up my mind because it was Lee Se-hoon’s theory to learn with certainty so that I would never have to study twice.

‘I can’t get enough sleep.’

Se-hoon Lee, who had decided to do all the assignments, sat down in an empty seat.


As if it was natural, Erica, who was sitting next to him, greeted me.

“… … Haven’t you been sitting there before?”


“Why did you move?”

“Because you are sitting here.”

A direct way of speaking that still doesn’t even have the eyebrows to hide it. I knew that Sehun Lee didn’t really mean much, but it was different for the cadets I heard next to me.

“Write… … .”

“her… … .”

“I saw it was real… … .”

The cadets whispered to each other whether they couldn’t believe it even after seeing it with their own eyes.

Some of them were staring at them with their eyes wide open, as if they had stolen their treasure.

‘If anyone sees it, they’ll think I’ve been forced to sit down.’

When he was looking at the shaman school cadets with an absurd expression. After preparing for class, Robert patted the blackboard and drew attention.

“Then, continuing from the last lesson, we will learn how to control the application of the five elements in all directions. First of all, align the direction… … .”

Robert continues the class without paying any attention to those who miss or fail to follow.

Sehun Lee sighed at the content of the class that he couldn’t really understand if what he said before was a joke.

‘I have to do my homework.’

Sehun Lee took out a part of the assignment from the subspace pocket and turned the paper over to read the contents.

‘Utilizing the magic formulas in the above example, create and write barriers to form entrances to the north, northwest and southeast of the 16th direction… … In one word, assemble it.’

It’s like looking at the shape of the parts without a manual and fitting them together. Sehun Lee made an interesting expression on the complicated content.

‘Let’s see… … .’

When Sehun Lee is staring at the assignment. The cadets who were watching with a side-eyed looked puzzled.

‘Why are you just watching?’

‘Are you going to do that mentally?’

The magic formula for the task that Robert gave to him looks good on the surface, but in reality, some important parts were missing.

So, to make it a proper barrier, I had to improve it myself, but there were so many variables that I couldn’t solve it properly without opening it up myself.

‘I’m in class, so I’m noticing, but… … .’

‘Ttttttt. So why did you skip 2 weeks? … .’

When everyone is looking with skepticism. Lee Se-hoon, who was lightly turning the ballpoint pen in his hand, fixed his eyes with twinkling.

Square square-

Se-hun Lee, who wrote the barrier at once, turned to the next chapter and read the new problem.

‘This time in 16 directions, the entrance to the southwest, the exit to the south-southwest… … .’

In the example sentence, a different magic formula was written, but Lee Se-hun, who was closely examining the structure, raised the corner of his mouth.

‘It’s similar, though.’

The magic formula itself in the example is different from the previous problem, but the twisted method is the same.

Se-hun Lee, who understood the ‘habit’ of Professor Robert, the person who made the task, created a barrier by matching the twisted magic formula without difficulty.

Square square square-

At first, I still had time to look at the problem and ponder it for a few minutes, but as I continued to solve it, the interval gradually became shorter.

And the moment when I finally solved all the tasks for the day. As soon as Sehun Lee read the question, he started writing down the correct answer without hesitation.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The other cadets who looked at him forgot they were in class and looked at them with blank expressions.

How can they solve the problems they had been grunting about while spreading their magic rites so easily, like transcribed answers!

‘Aren’t you bluffing?’

‘No, no matter how useless you are… … .’

Besides, to be bluffed, you can feel the joy of solving a problem with a small smile on your face.

When the cadets are bewildered by a scene they cannot understand. Suddenly, his gaze turned to Erica, who was sitting next to him.

“… … .”

Erica doesn’t even look at the class and only looks at Lee Se-hoon’s homework. Then, looking at the written answer in an instant, he nodded his head slightly.

The cadets, noticing what that reaction meant, widened their eyes.

‘Is that the real answer?’

‘then… … .’

All of the stuff that’s been scrambled around like that is correct.

When all the cadets are looking at Lee Se-hoon’s unexpected ability with bewildered expressions.

“This year’s senior class is great.”

A voice of admiration resounded in front of the classroom.

“Is this class so easy that I don’t even need to take it? I must have underestimated your skills.”

“oh… … .”

“That, that… … .”

The cadets shed a cold sweat as they woke up to Robert’s genuine admiration. It was because the man in front of him was famous for being vicious among the professors of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Don’t worry. I will definitely ‘adjust’ you according to your skills.”

After quietly speaking, Robert turned around and started class again, and the faces of the cadets hardened when he saw it.

The barrier control class was quite difficult even within the Faculty of Magic. But is the difficulty level higher there?

It wasn’t a joke that I studied roughly, but it was at a level where I could really get a failing grade.


‘crazy… … .’

When the cadets are stunned by the sudden disaster. The two continued to focus on their work.

Square square square-

Lee Se-hoon, who is working tirelessly on the task, and Erika, who is next to him, looking at the contents and nodding his head slightly.

After two hours in such a contradictory atmosphere. With the alarm bell, Robert finished the class.

“That’s all for today. I have an assignment prepared in front of you, so take it with you when you go out.”

Seeing the thick assignment the assistant professor was carrying, the cadets sighed and stood up, and Sehun Lee stopped his busy hands.

“Whew… … .”

Two-hour task-solving. It was an unfamiliar field, so my head was pounding, but it was worth the effort.

‘I didn’t know it would be over in one day.’

Tasks piled up like a mountain next to each other. Se-hun Lee, who had solved all the tasks accumulated for two weeks, made a proud yet vague expression.

‘But can I solve this like this?’

I figured out the habit of the author of the question, Robert, and put the magic formula together, so somehow it felt like I was solving a puzzle rather than studying the barriers.

I wonder if this is really helpful when Lee Se-hoon is making a long and gloomy expression.

“Have you solved it all?”

Robert, who approached Se-hun Lee, looked at the task piled up like a mountain.

“Oh, yes. Everything has been solved.”

“Hmm… … .”

Robert, who glanced at Lee Se-hun, took out some assignments and glanced at the answers.

The barrier was completed neatly without any trial and error. Robert’s expression hardened slightly as he looked as if he had written the answer sheet.

‘In that short time… … Did you understand this perfectly?’

Beyond simply creating a barrier, he accurately grasped the intention of the magician who created the foundation.

At this level, barriers based on a similar foundation could be destroyed by making a break as simple as the last time.

‘There must have been a reason the lady was watching… … .’

Robert glanced at Erica, who was staring at Sehun Lee, and put down the task in his hand.

“Good work. Don’t forget today’s assignment and take it with you.”

“Yes. thank you for your effort.”

Lee Se-hoon, nodding his head, came out with his homework, and after that, Erica followed as if it was natural.

Two people walking side by side naturally and gazes pouring in from all directions. Lee Se-hoon didn’t care about the situation he was now familiar with and thought of the class that was to come.

‘The next… … Is it zero root science?’

A class led by Kim In-cheol, the advisor of the smelting department. He was hospitalized right before class, so it was only today that he heard it for the first time.

‘I was curious about this too.’

It was one of the few hypotheses before the regression, but it may be different now that it is being studied at Babel.

When Sehun Lee is thinking about class.

“Can you make a weapon for me too?”

Erika, who was walking next to me, asked naturally.



“Why all of a sudden? You don’t even use a weapon.”

Even at the demonstration at the entrance ceremony, all they did was use an ordinary crow as a working horse, and I had never seen them use auxiliary tools such as amulets.

It was Erica who seemed as far away from the weapon as Jake was fighting with bare hands.

“I want the weapon you made too.”

“I haven’t had any interest in it yet… … Oh, is it because of him, Louise?”

It may seem like other people just came back with a stronger Louise, but Erica was one of the people who created the Bargue and saw just how strong the effect was.

So even if you are not interested in weapons, you will inevitably be interested in seeing such a sight.

“… … any.”

Sehun Lee smiled involuntarily at Erica’s affirmation after a moment’s hesitation.

‘Mourning is only a living tool after all.’

Although it is not shown outwardly, it seems that he was also interested in the armed forces.

In order to occupy the position of head of the family, it would be natural in a way that he would have to support a certain amount of force.

“What kind of weapon would you like to have?”

“Anything you make is fine.”

“… … Is that so?”

In response to Erica’s answer, Sehun Lee sighed inwardly.

Usually, beginners think that they can make anything for them, but in reality, that was the most complicated and annoying spell.

‘I don’t know what you need, but anyway, it means that you need to find a suitable weapon that is helpful and does not get in the way, make it well.’

I really thought this would be ok if I made it without much thought, and it was that way I could taste the bitterness right away.

‘It’s a weapon that suits this guy… … .’

In this case, innate talent or magical power. And you have to make an estimate by observing your fighting style.

But Erica didn’t have to, because she knew what weapon Erica was using when she was acting as an S-class hero before her return.

‘I can roughly make it feel similar to the myth grade weapon used at that time.’

Of course, it’s not easy to get the materials, but it’s something the person who commissioned it should take care of.

A draft of the blueprint that was completed in an instant in my head. Sehun Lee, who confirmed that making it itself is not that difficult, looked at Erica, who was staring at him.

“It will be a little difficult.”

refused right away.

“… … why?”

“I have a pre-order, and I have quite a few things to make right now.”

A memory aid using a dreamer right away. Jake’s sword. In addition, Seongha Yeom’s double spear and Louise’s equipment had to be newly created.

Fortunately, Louise has some time until the Integrity Stone is ready, but Dreamer and Jake had to make it this time, as it had been delayed for various reasons.

“… … .”

Erika looked at her with a slightly shocked expression, as she didn’t think she would be rejected. At that time, Lee Se-hoon was thinking about what to do with the reaction that seemed to have higher expectations than expected.

“ah. Here it is!”

From afar, a young blonde, Jake, ran swiftly with a lively expression on his face.

“I got all the ingredients you mentioned! Can you make it now?”

Jake spoke without even noticing how excited he was. Seeing that, Sehun nodded his head.

“If you are ready, you can do it right away. Oh, but as I said before, even if you start production from now on, it will take a week for it to be completed, right?”

“It doesn’t matter that much. But please explain what kind of sword it is… … ?”

Jake, who was talking with a bright smile, reflexively looked around at the sudden chill.

“… … .”

Then he saw Erica staring at herself with an expressionless face that showed no emotion.

Jake frowned involuntarily at the two eyes that fell low with concentric circles drawn.

‘What, what?’

Was it unpleasant that he suddenly interrupted the conversation?

When Jake was bewildered by how confused Lee Se-hoon looked as if he had not contacted him, Erica slowly turned her head to look at Lee Se-hoon.

“The promise is… … Myers?”

“One is.”

“Why did you accept that one?”

In response to Erica’s question, who seemed to have a clear intention, Sehun Lee answered with a smile.

“Thanks for giving me good information about hero grade items. I received a commission for a request, but there is no way I can not return it.”

“Order fee… … .”

Erika, who muttered a little, thought deeply about something, and then nodded her head.

“okay. I will come back later.”

Erica, who looked at Jake once, walked away, and Sehun Lee, who saw the back of him, gave a happy expression.

Considering the flamboyant appearance I showed at the last auction, the next time I come back, I will bring some useful items.

‘That’s enough to make a reservation.’

When Sehun Lee is thinking about what to bring. Jake, who was looking at the back with him from the side, asked cautiously.

“Maybe I did something wrong?”

In response to Jake’s question, as if he didn’t quite understand, Sehun Lee answered with a grin.


The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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