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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 51

51 episodes

“come in.”

A clean interior with no visible dust.

Sehun Lee looked around with a curious expression at Jake’s dormitory, which resembles a model house rather than a house where people live.

“what. Did you clean when I was coming?”

“Is this normal? … Can I get you something to drink?”

Sehun shook his head at the sight of Jake who looked like he was going into the kitchen right away.

“no. Let’s start with things. where are you?”

“It’s in the room over there. Follow.”

Sehun Lee, who came into the room Jake guided, looked inside and looked a little surprised.

A large decorative cabinet occupies one side of the wall. Several ores were neatly placed inside, but they all had something in common.

“The ores here. Did you grab it all?”

“What… … right.”

Seeing Jake’s shy expression, Sehun Lee looked at the ores placed in the decoration cabinet again.

The ore crushed like clay, tightly gripped by the hand.

There were quite a few hero grade ore known for being strong, none of which had been squeezed into Jake’s hands.

‘I can’t stand even these ores… … After all, normal ore is not good.’

After looking through all the materials in the cabinet, Sehun Lee found an object lying in the middle of the room.

A pure white basin about two-thirds filled with blue water. It was a manastone liquid made by liquefying manastones, but at first glance, it looked thick.

‘This is enough to do about 200 million won.’

In case someone wasn’t from a prestigious family, I prepared it exactly as ordered, no, more than that.

Se-Hoon Lee, who once again confirmed the wealth of the Myers family, approached the basin and inspected the items locked inside.

“Hmm… … .”

A blue marble the size of a fist sinking to the floor.

It was shining faintly as it absorbed the magical power of the manastone liquid, but it looked like a large firefly.

‘Not bad.’

seemingly successful. Sehun Lee, who decided to check the rest, rolled up his right sleeve and put his hand into the basin.


A magical stone liquid that scatters and oscillates as soon as it touches it. It was in response to Sehun Lee’s internal magic, but Jake stretched out his hand in bewilderment at the sight.

“for a moment… … !”

If this is the case, the magic stone liquid will splash in all directions like when you put your hand in it without thinking before, and you will not be able to use it.

The moment Jake was about to quickly pull Lee Se-hoon’s hand away.

“uh… … uh?”

Instead of jumping out, the magic stone liquid subsided calmly as if it had fluctuated.

Whether Lee Se-hoon wags his hand or not, Jake put on a puzzled expression.

‘Is it possible that as soon as you put your hand in, you adjusted the magic in your body to match the magic stone?’

It wasn’t impossible, but unless you have a lot of experience in dealing with magical gems or have a natural sense, it’s not an easy countermeasure.

‘Considering the price of Mana Stone, there’s no way I’d have had a lot of experience… … You’re doing that with real sense.’

As Jake is looking inwardly admiringly. Lee Se-hoon, who took out a blue marble from the basin, confirmed the information.

[Water Golem’s Core]

[Rating: Rare] [Quality: Best]

Power source for naturally generated water golems.

Using the absorbed magical power, it creates a special liquid with the same strength as the subjugated water golem’s body.

* Creates a special liquid equal to the amount of mana consumed. Current grade: 「D」.

*Currently charged mana: 100%

“Well. good.”

There are no scratches, and it is completely filled with magical power. As Sehun Lee made a satisfied expression on his face, Jake, who approached him, asked curiously.

“But how do you make a sword out of this?”

The water golem’s core is very versatile and is used in various fields such as construction materials, alchemy, and crafting horses.

This is because the durability of the magic circuit built inside was so weak that it could not withstand the smelting process and was broken.

“I can’t use it as it is, and I have to mature a little.”



Sehun Lee, who was looking around the core of the water golem, spread the index finger of his left hand and used the white light.


Pure white anticipation dripping down from your fingertips. Sehun Lee focused his mind on the slightly unstable shape.

‘A little thinner… … .’

The flow of anticipation is gradually concentrated on the tip of the finger and forms a uniform shape.

It’s not a sword, but it’s stable enough to be mistaken for someone who doesn’t know it. Lee Se-hoon, who had moderated his anticipation, swung it straight towards the core of the water golem.


The index finger moves relentlessly as if cutting through the air.

Along the trajectory, a thin solid line was engraved on the outer part of the water golem’s core, and it overlapped one by one and turned into a complex magic circle.


“… … .”

It seems like it’s just being done humming and wiggling the index finger, but the result shows a tremendous level of perfection, as if it took several days and days.

Even when looking directly from the side, Jake is making a strange expression in the synthetic scenery. Lee Se-hun, who had all the magic circles engraved, harvested the Baek Gwang-ryu.

“Well. All right.”

The core of a water golem intricately engraved with numerous magic circles. After confirming, Sehun Lee immediately put it back into the magic stone liquid in the basin.


Blue magic filled up along the line of the magic circle, and the magic stone liquid in the basin fluctuated faintly and became transparent little by little.

The water golem’s core was absorbing magical power, and Jake groaned as if he had remembered something.

“ah! Are you overcharging this now?”

A technique that uses a magic circle to fill the magic beyond the limit.

It was a method often used when using low-quality materials, and it was one of the most difficult techniques that required knowledge of the magic circle and an understanding of the materials.

“right. 100% is not enough.”

“In that case, wouldn’t it be better to just use a hack of a higher level? If you do it wrong, it will be damaged by overload.”

Seeing Jake looking worriedly, Sehun Lee smiled.

“Take a look.”

When the magic circle engraved on the core of the water golem was completely filled. Sehun Lee used his enchantment by gathering magical energy into his mouth.

“<Characteristic Assimilation>, <Awareness Reinforcement>”

The shot spirit disappeared as if it was melted in the magic stone liquid, and then it appeared as a small bubble.

A promiscuous method of verbal and spiritual magic that was made up of small letters intertwined, theoretically not even worth interpreting.

Those mysterious words penetrated into the core of the water golem, and after a while, the magic circle started to tremble with light.

“right hand.”

“… … uh?”

“Give me your right hand.”

“ah. sorry. here.”

Jake, who had been staring blankly at the scene, belatedly extended his right hand, and Lee Se-hun once again pulled up Baek Gwang-ryu and slightly cut off the tip of his index finger.


Jake’s blood dripping into the basin.

It sank to the bottom like a bead without mixing with the manastone liquid, but the water golem’s core emitted light and was sucked into it at the same time.

woo woo-

A water golem’s core that vibrates faintly as it absorbs blood. It didn’t seem like much had changed, but for a moment Jake felt a strange sensation.

‘I just felt the same way… … .’

It wasn’t just that their magical powers were similar, but a strange homogeneity as if they had seen a part of their body.

When Jake looked at the situation for the first time in his life with a strange expression, Sehun Lee said, squeezing blood with his fingertips.

“For the next week or so, you can drip blood into the magic stone once a day like this. Sheep until the water golem’s core stops sucking. On average, you will need about 10ml per day, but it may vary from day to day, so do it yourself every day.”

“What exactly is this job?”

“It’s complicated to explain, but to put it simply… … deception.”


At Jake’s puzzled expression, Sehun Lee pointed to the hand that was dripping blood.

“Your unusual grip power… … To be more precise, it’s not easy to control the compression phenomenon using magic power. It’s triggered unconsciously, so it’s close to instinct.”

“then… … .”

“So, rather than trying to control it hard, I decided to use your body to deceive me, an exception that can be avoided.”

A method of avoiding conditionally activated ‘skills’ rather than real grip strength. Jake listened to the explanation as if possessed by Lee Se-hun’s plausible explanation.

“If you assimilate it by spilling blood like this, you may be mistaken for a weapon as a part of your body.”

“Part of the body… … .”

“Of course, you don’t really become part of your body. It’s just making me feel that way, but for now, that should be enough.”

If Jake’s grip strength, which is presumed to be a unique skill, awakens properly and becomes stronger, there is a high chance that he will not be able to withstand it, but that will be resolved at that time.

Jake, who thought carefully about Sehun Lee’s explanation, nodded slowly.

“It certainly makes sense.”

“Of course. So, any more questions?”

“Not now. I’ll see you in a week anyway.”

Anyone else would have heard all of the behind-the-scenes production process, but Jake just realized he didn’t need to ask the story.

It is because it is impossible to compare itself because it is a completely different method from the existing ones.

‘To be honest, it’s like gambling.’

A method that has never been done before, and that no one has ever tried.

It was an anxious story from the client’s point of view, but Jake was surprisingly not worried.

This is because there was a belief that if it was Lee Se-hoon in front of him who was not someone else, he would be able to complete the armor as casually as it is now.

“I look forward to seeing how it will be made.”

Seeing Jake’s eyes twinkling like a child waiting for a birthday present, Sehun Lee stood up from his seat with a grin.

“Then keep going like this. I think I passed 10ml a long time ago, but seeing that I’m still shaking, I think I need a bit more.”

“okay. Until you stop trembling?”

“okay. I have class, so I’ll just go.”

Sehun Lee went out and Jake, who was left alone in the room, dripped blood with his fingertips and looked down at the core of the water golem submerged in the basin.

“How many more must there be… … .”

I said about 10ml on average, so maybe a little more can be done. Thinking so, Jake looked at the dripping blood.

“… … uh?”

woo woo-

Even after 30 minutes, the water golem’s core did not stop.

* * *

‘Jake the guy… … It seems that you are more stubborn than you look.’

Returning to the Borsippa district, Sehun Lee made a curious expression as he recalled what had just happened.

The process of assimilation differs depending on the person’s personality. Generally, the stronger the stubbornness, the longer it takes to assimilate.

In other words, he was usually dragged here and there, but in reality, Jake’s stubbornness was considerable.

‘I’ll have to keep this in mind when I make the edge stone later.’

This time, the extraction was delayed because it was a little ambiguous, but if you are full of anticipation for a week, you will be able to create some useful edge stones.

While he was organizing his thoughts, he arrived at the main building of the smelting department, and Se-hun Lee headed straight to the classroom where Kim In-cheol’s class was held.

‘The location of the classroom is not as good as I thought.’

I thought I would be in a good position because I received a lot of support from the barbell, so I could fit within five fingers, but it was in a corner and smaller than I thought.

Considering Kim In-cheol’s personality, it is clear that he chose a small classroom because there are few students attending the lecture.

‘It’s good that there’s no bluff or anything like that… … It’s a bit difficult if you try to save money even in class.’

The main reason Sehun Lee chose this class was to burn Ludwig’s interest and huge budget. Therefore, if Kim In-cheol showed his thrifty spirit unnecessarily, that alone was a stumbling block.

At the first impression that was not very good, Sehun Lee went inside with a worried expression on his face.

“Okay… … .”

“Ugh… … .”

“Uh… … .”

Five cadets, holding various tools and glaring at them, caught my eye.

“… … .”

sword and shield. pickaxe and shovel. And finally the frying pan.

Sehun Lee looked at the cadets with various tools in their hands, looking at them with a strange expression.

Since the topic of the origin of the weapon itself is so difficult, I thought that the class would be unusual, but it was because it completely exceeded my expectations.

‘I don’t know what to say about this… … .’

When Sehun Lee is looking at you with a smirk. I heard footsteps from behind and Kim In-cheol appeared.

“Five. Come on. Are you feeling a little better?”

“Yes. I am completely better now.”

“I am glad that you are. I wanted to visit once, but it was the beginning of the semester, so I didn’t have much time. I am sorry.”

Seeing Kim In-cheol’s shy face, Lee Se-hoon shook his head.

“no. It wasn’t a big wound anyway. By the way… … .”

Lee Se-hoon glanced around the lecture room and looked at Kim In-cheol.

“What is that doing?”

“ah. Come to think of it, you haven’t taken a class yet. Come over here, I’ll explain.”

Even when the professor came in, the cadets did not even pay attention to the tools in their hands, and Kim In-cheol walked in without paying any attention to the appearance.

And Se-hun Lee, who was seated in the front seat after him, looked at Kim In-cheol standing in front of him.

“As the name implies, it is a class to learn what the origin of the weapons we create is, and how to understand and incorporate it.”

Kim In-cheol, who came with a long sword placed on one side of the lecture room, looked forward to Lee Se-hun.

“Take this sword as an example. What do you think the blacksmith who smelted this intended to create?”

“… … It specializes in stabbing. Looking at the center of gravity, it looks like it was made for a person with a right foot.”

Kim In-cheol nodded in admiration at Lee Se-hoon’s quick reply while glanced at the sword.

“That’s right. I was wondering if it would fit to some extent… … That’s great.”

“The more talented you are, the more it shows on the outside.”

“Hmm. So can you see what other intentions are there?”

Lee Se-hun, who was handed the sword to Kim In-cheol, took the sword from the blade. And he answered by reading the emotions he felt from within.

“It seems the master of this sword didn’t want to kill anyone.”

“… … The reason is?”

“The blade is made quite blunt, whereas the center of the sword itself is well held. It seems intentional rather than poor management… … This is usually the person who makes it reluctantly.”

The sword’s owner doesn’t want to harm anyone, but he also doesn’t want the sword to break and die while fighting.

Kim In-cheol’s eyes widened at Lee Se-hoon’s explanation, and then he smiled and nodded his head.

“That’s right. The intent of a sword tool is usually to cut something, but that can change depending on who makes it and how.”

Kim In-cheol, who received the sword back, gently stroked the dull blade.

“So, in the end, the source of this sword is the ‘murder intent’ possessed by the weapon itself. Or is it the ‘Burning Death’ that the blacksmith who created this wanted? It is my class to consider this.”

“okay… … .”

At Kim In-cheol’s explanation, Lee Se-hoon made an interesting expression.

The study of the origins of weapons that I encountered before the return was just vaguely that there was a source that penetrated all weapons and that it was necessary to find them.

However, what Kim In-cheol taught was a more detailed and realistic consideration, and Se-hun Lee liked this more.

‘It’s better to have a small possibility than a tabletop public theory.’

It’s a little difficult, but if you master it, it’s practical too, so if you get a little more organized, it may become a very useful field.

Other than this, Se-Hoon Lee was looking forward to how the class would be conducted.

“By the way, you’ve already finished this semester’s class.”

Kim In-cheol spoke in a difficult voice.

“… … Yes?”

“What I will teach this semester is to read the meaning of the weapon. So everyone was looking at me like that.”

At Kim In-cheol’s gesture of pointing backwards, Se-hun Lee turned to look back.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The five cadets take their eyes off the weapons in their hands and look blankly.

In response, Se-hun Lee realized that he had gone too far ahead of Jin-do and looked at Kim In-cheol again.

“… … So what happens?”

“Well, is there anything wrong?”

Kim In-cheol answered Lee Se-hoon’s question with a smile.

“This semester is perfect.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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