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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 49

49 episodes

After the battle between Louise and Gerwin ended.

With the unexpected result that no one except for the two of them had expected, Babel was as if a bomb had just exploded.

“The necks of the undead all flew away in one shot?”

“Because it’s real. It wasn’t casting, but because I was reciting a few short words, the whole dungeon was trembling, and my throat was blown away in one shot.”

“Didn’t Gerwin just bring equipment or undead?”

“Roughly? I wore the same clothes as I did during the subjugation practice before. Were you fully armed?”

Because it was impossible to film in Muhak-gwan, the cadets who had an intuition for Dalian spread the saga of Louise, and everyone who heard the story was shocked but did not believe it easily.

“If it was Gerwin, he would be a B-class hero if he couldn’t, but if he can overcome that at once, he will become an A-class hero. Does that make sense?”

“Maybe it was just because Gerwin was careless. At first, the undead were swept away, so they couldn’t do anything and were frozen.”

“It was the first magic I had ever seen in my life, so I may have been embarrassed. When I heard it, there was a saying that the unique skill was not awakened.”

If you fought with all your might, you might have lost, so you rushed the undead blindly, and after that, you stood still and lost.

Those who had not seen Dalian in person felt that it was only careless to hear, and most of those who saw it in person thought the same.

However, the questions of such cadets could not be solved forever because the party Gerwin could no longer fight.

“38 magic phases. It’s also spread all over the body. I think this would be considered incapacitated.”

Michael, the blonde man who laid down Gerwin’s medical certificate on the desk, sighed and stroked his eyes.

“The UD group said that they would properly pay the price for this situation. It was stupid, but in terms of qualities, the 25th was quite useful.”

“… … .”

“In addition, the Muhak-gwan side has also strengthened security through this incident, making it difficult to perform such a feat, and Professor Charles and Dawn also complained that the opportunity was blown.”

“… … .”

“I even provided equipment, but the order was delayed, so it’s okay. Because of that, the relationship has been strained.”

In addition to this, a negative gaze was also added to the Bier and Barmut family, who were mentioned like Geerwin.

Because there is no evidence, it doesn’t happen right away, but originally these suspicions piled up and caught my ankle in the future.

By Michael’s standards, it was no different than giving up his tail.

“Do you know now how much damage our family has suffered because of this?”

Bier, a young man with a strong impression, who stood in front of Michael’s question, nodded with a firm expression.

“Yes. sorry.”

“Whew… … okay. If I had made the work to this level, I would have prepared a solution for it. What are you going to do?”

To Michael’s question, Bier calmly answered.

“Louis Valente has returned to Babel, so I plan to discuss it again with the members of the Dawning Tower in the Ivory Tower and organize it. I would like to use the selection of special talents from the Ivory Tower, which is coming soon.”


“We will deal with Sehun Lee in the upcoming subjugation practice. If you give me a little help then I will definitely finish it on my own line.”

“Hmm… … .”

After contemplating for a moment, Michael nodded as if his thoughts were cleared up.

“Tell me if you need anything. I will definitely support you in a way that does not cause any problems.”

“Thank you… … .”


After cutting Bier’s words, Michael looked at his son with cold eyes.

“If this fails again, it would be better to give up the right to succession.”

“… … I will keep that in mind.”

“Go out.”

Michael turns his gaze to the documents again as if this is the end. Seeing that cold look, Bier bowed his head slightly and quietly walked out of the office.

“… … .”

An empty hallway with no one in it. Vier, who looked at him silently, immediately walked down the hallway with a blank expression on his face.

A hallway with only the sound of shoes resounding. But after a while, a bizarre noise intervened.

Dumpling– Dumpling-

An eerie sound of grinding teeth. Contrary to his motionless expression, the sound that constantly flowed from his lips gave the impression that Vier was wearing a mask.

And after a while the grinding of the teeth stopped. Bier’s mouth slowly opened.

“Is it Lee Sehun? … .”

It was not revealed directly, but if you thought about it, you could only know that Sehun Lee had an influence on this.

Louise, who was falling apart, changed like that after Sehun Lee was hospitalized in Ascus and became close with her.

“Lee Se-hun… … .”

A cheeky junior who ruined all his plans. After muttering his name, Vier clenched his fists with his sunken eyes.

And he walked again with a sullen face.

* * *

Ascus’ ward lobby.

Sitting on the empty sofa, Sehun Lee read the description of the skill laid out in front of him again.

[Awakening Dream] 『C』

A self-suggestion that forcibly awakens the blurred mind.

It is activated reflexively when the level of mental pollution reaches a certain level. However, the longer the effect lasts, the less effective it will be.

*Forcibly awakens the mind.

*If activated continuously for a short period of time, the effect of the skill will be weakened.

‘Are you mentally… … .’

Considering that even powerful heroes sometimes die in vain due to mental attacks, this is a good skill regardless of rank.

However, Sehun Lee felt quite reluctant to exist regardless of the usefulness of the skill.

‘It’s strange no matter how you think about it… … .’

There were various opinions about how skills are acquired and formed, but there was only one thing in common.

Must have talent or basic skills in the relevant field. In a word, in order to acquire a skill related to the mental series, you must have the minimum qualifications related to it.

‘But before the return, I never got a skill this way.’

Some might say that it is a good thing that he has talent anyway, but for Lee Se-Hoon, a regressor who returned to the past, it was a disturbing story.

‘I don’t know if it’s just a talent I didn’t know… … .’

If there is a talent that did not exist before, what is the reason for it? Maybe all of this… … .

[The awakening dream has been activated.]


A spirit that becomes clear in an instant, as if covered in cold water.

Realizing that the thought he had been trying to dig into was cut off at once, Sehun Lee looked down at his body with his eyes wide open.

‘indeed. Is it this way?’

A skill that forcibly awakens you if you fall into a thought that has a negative effect on your mind. With an intuitive effect than expected, Sehun Lee suddenly came up with a material.

‘Hmm. If I do this well, I can use it for a dreamer… … .’

A blueprint for equipment that will aid in the blurry pre-regression memory. When the ambiguous parts there are being filled.


Louise walked out of the next hallway and approached Sehun Lee.

“What are you doing there?”

Louise asked while standing crookedly. Sehun Lee looked up at him calmly.

“Sit down.”

“… … Did I ask because I didn’t know that? Anyway… … .”

Louise, who was grumbling as if she didn’t like it, sat down on the sofa one space away from Sehun Lee.

Two people sitting side by side with an empty seat between them.

People passing by looked at him strangely at his close and distant appearance, but the parties did not care and talked.

“Have the discharge procedures been completed?”

“No way. Prosecutors all week.”

Professor Ahn Jung-wan made Louise undergo a week-long extensive examination in exchange for permission to discharge and return to school.

It also means securing a case of overcoming the magical formation, but it is a detailed examination in case Louise may have a seizure or the wound will recur as in the past.

“You are a true doctor.”

“right. You have helped me a lot over the past half year.”

As the memories of the past came to mind, Louise looked at the scenery of the lobby with slightly blank eyes. Then, after holding his breath for a moment, he spoke in a calm voice.

“I met Professor Charles yesterday.”

A gift that helped Louise in many ways, and a member of 『Dawning』, who tried to disable magic through the Magic Erosion Machine.

Lee Se-hoon asked about the contact with him.

“What do you say?”

“What? Let’s go back to the Elements Department and do our best. I talked to the Ivory Tower and they said that they would help even the second-year special students get it.”

It was a proposal that would make the other cadets’ eyes widen, but Louise contorted her eyes as if displeased and muttered softly.

“I should have ripped off the hair… … ,”

“Did you just say no?”

At Lee Se-hun’s question, Louise nodded.

“He said that it was difficult because he was thinking of transferring from the Elements Faculty to the Mathu Faculty. He said it was because he told me the reason.”

Since the verbal magic was far from the general magic that emphasizes theory, even taking classes was not of much help to Louise.

So, I decided to transfer to the School of Martial Arts, which teaches ‘battle techniques’ using magic rather than magic.

“Well done. As I’ve said before, you still shouldn’t tease me.”

“don’t worry. Because I have endured this clenchedness.”

Sehun Lee advised Louise to pretend that he didn’t know anything about Professor Charles, or the 『Dawn』 behind him.

It was because they could easily cut off their tails from the other side to dig into with just a magic erosion device, and above all, they were too dangerous to be hostile.

‘Because if necessary, Babel and terrorism are immortal.’

A group of madmen who researched the Six Great Demons and wanted to shape them into their desired form, the ‘Watchers’.

Among them, 『Dawn』 was a group of fanatical wizards who worshiped magic, and they were especially dangerous because they were very radical in their thoughts and actions.

Considering the affair with Louise, it should be wiped out someday, but now it was premature.

“As I said before, never be conceited. The reason you were able to win this time was because several factors overlapped.”

Barg’s performance specialized in amplifying the image of revenge and the word spirit magic that has been almost obsessive for the past half year.

Gerwin’s ability to specialize only in the control of the undead or the specificity of Louise different from the existing verbal magic. And it was a possible result because it stabbed a number of weaknesses, such as insufficient coping due to lack of actual combat.

If you fight a cadet who is smart and experienced in combat with similar specifications to Gerwin, you will never be able to win with the current Louis Zero.

“Am I a kid? I’ll be happy with that.”

“That’s right, kid.”

“Younger than me, Mr. … Anyway, don’t worry.”

Louise stroking the back of her right hand, which had a slight scar, smiled bitterly.

“I got a hole in my throat while doing that damn thing, would that happen again?”

It is true that those who aimed at him sold the trap, but the reason they fell into it was also because of his negligence, who was engrossed in his talent.

Seeing the bitter look of Louise speaking in a self-helpful tone, Sehun Lee pondered for a moment and then nodded.

“but. If something like that happened to me, then it would be my own profit.”

“… … crazy guy.”

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Normally, it’s normal to be embarrassed and bewildered when such a topic is brought up, but this guy rushes in as if he’s been waiting for it every time.

At the sight of Lee Se-hoon looking as if he had said something he couldn’t say, Louise shook his head and looked at the lobby in front of him again.

“… … .”

The appearance of the ward that I have become accustomed to living in for the past half year.

As if never to come here again, Louise slowly opened her mouth, capturing the scenery one by one.

“When I was first admitted here. I thought I was going to be expelled sooner or later.”

“… … .”

“I was just trying to get my revenge, but… … In fact, if you have an idea, you have no choice but to know, right? that it is not easy.”

Even Professor Ahn Jung-wan, who is called the highest authority in the field of rehabilitation, shook his head. Although he tried to ignore it, Louise was also clearly aware of his condition.

Even so, he did not give up and remained obsessive about Ascus, his obsession with revenge… … It wasn’t just for the same grand reason.

“But I was afraid to give up.”

Louise looked down at the scar on the back of her hand and smiled bitterly.

“What can I do if I’m not a hero? And will I be able to get revenge on them? I was so scared of such a bleak future, that’s why I hid here.”

Even though he knew that he would not be able to cure the magic formation and would one day be miserably expelled from Babel, he could not find any other way, so he stayed in Ascus.

It was because he felt as if he had a very real possibility as long as he was doing the rehabilitation experiment here.

“Now that I think about it, it’s really stupid. I thought it was pointless, but I wasted so much time because I was afraid to think of anything else.”

“… … .”

“By the way… … uh… … .”

Louise repeatedly opens and closes her mouth to see if her thoughts are not well organized. Seeing this, Sehun Lee waited without saying a word instead of urging him.

And Louise, who had put all of her thoughts together, continued the story slowly again.

“Thanks to you, I think I can give a little excuse.”


“It was because of such hardship that I was able to learn the Spirit Magic, or that I was able to defeat Gerwin with ease… … .”

Louise, who glanced at Lee Se-hun, muttered in a low voice.

“I wish I could have met you here.”

If he had known all the facts and endured it, he would have boasted about how great it was, but meeting Lee Se-hoon was nothing short of a miracle. So Louise expressed it as an excuse.

It was all thanks to Lee Se-hoon who gave reasons to his own time that would have been meaningless in the first place.

“So… … What I want to say is… … .”

How would you like to end this lengthy story?

Ruizé recalled the appearance of Lee Se-hoon, whom he had seen for a long time, in unorganized thoughts, probably because he spoke out of nowhere.

There was no caring, and he was selfish and eccentric, but a benefactor who always guided him on the right path in a difficult situation.

‘… … what. It’s easy.’

When I think about it, Louise smiled bitterly at the ending that came to mind as if it was natural.

“Thank you for your help.”

He expressed his sincere gratitude.

[The bond level of the target ‘Louis Valent’ rises to Lv.2.]

[The relationship is established as the bond level rises. The relationship with the target ‘Louise Valente’ is ‘India’.]

[Relationship: India 引導]

Leading others requires a great deal of responsibility as it deeply affects their future.

It is not easy to lead them on the right path, but if they lead them right without giving up their responsibilities, there will be no strong relationship.

*Each time you guide the target correctly, an edge stone is created.

*When the target is being delivered, the maturation speed of the edge stone increases.

*Currently created edge stones: None.

A notification window appeared in front of you.

Lee Se-hun, who looked at the contents, made an unexpected expression.

‘This guy can even think like this.’

A riotous dog was a person who judged everything based on his own standards.

If things went well, it was all thanks to you, and if things went wrong, it was everyone else’s fault.

Because the power of the magic spell decreases when you blame yourself, there are times when you do it like self-suggestion, but on the other hand, you seriously think about it that way.

‘Because I couldn’t trust anyone but myself.’

However, the gangster in front of him, no, Louise Valente, was able to trust others.

Whether it will really be any better than before the return is unknown, but Lee Se-hun decided not to think deeply.

‘It’s up to me to do it.’

Sehun Lee, who was thinking about the future, looked at Louise who glanced at him.

“It’s hard to say thank you.”

“… … I’m the asshole who expected an emotional response from such a cheap bastard.”

Louise took a deep breath, looked at Robbie’s watch, and stood up.

“Now go.”

“Oh, wait.”

Sehun Lee, who had called Louise to enter the hospital, pointed to the black choker that was wrapped around his neck.

“Give it back. It’s broken anyway, so I’ll use it when I make a new one.”

The black choker, Barg, lost all functions after the battle with Gerwin.

The original use of a projection alloy with weak durability, and the power of the Unsoul Magic used by Louise was too strong, causing an overload.

‘I’ll have to make it using the right materials as well.’

Although the materials are not easily available, they can be obtained without difficulty since there is money earned at the auction last time.

If you don’t want to, you can just go get it yourself.

“What. this?”

“okay. You don’t even need… … .”


“… … What?”

As Sehun Lee looked at him with a puzzled expression at the answer different from what he expected, Louise stroked the choker on his neck.

It feels cold, but somehow warm. Louise smiled at the unfamiliar yet reluctant touch.

“Now it’s mine.”

Then, he turned around and walked slowly.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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