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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 48

48 episodes

“Whew… … Whoo… … .”

Sehun Lee panting for breath with his body drenched in sweat. Louise’s eyes widened at the sight of her about to collapse at any moment.

“you… … .”

What the hell happened to make this happen?

When Louise couldn’t speak at the tired look of Lee Se-hoon he had seen for the first time, Se-hun Lee slowly looked around the room.

‘Something else… … No.’

It seems that he decided that it was dangerous to play any trick more than this. After confirming that there were no other traps, Sehun Lee sighed and approached Louise.


Sehun Lee, who sat on the floor, leaned his back against the wall and looked at Louise who was lying down.

“What are you doing?”


“Are you going to sleep before Dalian?”

“… … Ouch!”

After realizing her condition, Louise quickly got up and sat down. At that quick reaction, Sehun Lee laughed and asked.

“Have you ever heard of such a strange tinnitus?”

“… … how did you know?”

“I heard it too. It looks like something we prepared over there.

Louise’s eyes widened at Lee Se-hun’s explanation.

“It was an item that stimulated the magical powers eroded in the body to put a psychic curse on itself, but it touched trauma. Thanks to you, I suffered a bit.”

“trauma… … .”

When I asked him why he was suddenly concerned about the bandage around his neck, he seemed to have been swept away by the curse and had a seizure.

Louise realized the truth and smiled bitterly.

“Is that so… … .”

There was an outside intervention. In the past, it was a situation where he would burst into anger, but Louise was not so angry.

Encountering trauma was the enemy’s craft, but it was because she was the only one who could not overcome it and ran away.

“… … Aren’t you sad?”


“At such an important moment… … That you are doing this because you are playing with their craftsmanship.”

His head was all messed up as he fell on the floor, the bandages strangled him in a mess, and his left hand was bleeding from where he had been scratched.

I thought it was different this time, but actually nothing changed. At that pathetic look, Louise put on a bitter expression.

“You know that being depressed like now is a target for these guys, right? I know… … Something is not going well.”

The fear of self-suggestion is the moment when what you have built up collapses even once. Being crushed by the rubble makes it difficult to stand up again.

Louise sits helplessly with her knees wrapped around her. Se-hun Lee, who looked at the balloon-like figure from the side, pondered for a moment before answering.

“It’s pathetic.”

“… … right?”

“Before we even fight, we are trembling with fear, because it’s weird when you look proud.”

“okay… … .”

“To be honest, I have to say I’m a little bit awake. He swore like that he wouldn’t even cry until he took revenge, and then the grass died and it’s a little gloomy… … Isn’t that shallow?”

“… … .”

“What. It may be because I’m young, but I have to take responsibility for what people say once. Those who use Speech Magic are especially important, but if you see that they are already breaking it… … uh no It must be difficult for you too.”


As Lee Se-hoon’s harsh evaluation continued, Louise’s eyebrows trembled and he bit his lower lip.

If it had been someone else, he would have stopped talking to him, but Lee Se-hun looked at him with compassion and continued the story.

“But don’t be too disappointed. Unless you’re a physically and mentally mature person like me, it’s really hard. It must be said that it is the fate of an insignificant genius.”

“… … stop.”

“Don’t be upset because you worked hard on your own. There is no one who swears at you for not being able to do something that shouldn’t be done, so let’s do our best… … .”

“Stop it, you wretched bastard!!!”


Louise, who rolled her eyes at the endless pint glass, slapped Lee Se-hun’s forearm and rushed right in.

“Who was the instigator of genius in the first place? Who said that a week is enough? I expected it to my heart’s content and encouraged it to my heart’s content, but now what? Are you sad? are you thin? are you mean? What are you trying to joke with me!!!”

Louise exclaimed that her throat would burst as if she was vomiting out all the burdens and dissatisfactions she had not been able to talk about until now.

“Do you know how much pressure I felt whenever I was called a genius? That wacky training too! If you had told me that it was a magic spell, I wouldn’t have studied hard from the beginning. Are you doing this on purpose to embarrass me? uh?!”

“… … .”

“Every time he goes on his own without explanation, he brazenly stares at me as if he ever said something wrong. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, it’s common sense to explain it first, you bastard without a concept!!!”

Whoops! Whoa!

Louise gets on a boat and beats her chest and forearms. Lee Se-hun was beaten silently by his fists that were only noisy and soft.

And when his fists slowed down to a level of patting. Louise, clutching the neck with a trembling hand, let out a rough breath.

“ha… … ha… … Poor kid… … puppy like a dog… … .”

Even in this situation, I just look up as if there is a problem. At that unlucky appearance, Louise felt her stomach boil.

Every time I looked at it, I felt even uglier, and I felt like I was doing it all wrong.

‘Why me… … .’

Why should only you feel this way? Louise exclaimed impulsively at the resentment.

“If I… … If it goes wrong… … It’s all your fault… … It’s all your fault!!”

Could there be a story as ungrateful as this to a person who helped both physically and mentally? At that time, Louise’s expression was distorted by a cry that felt strange even after she spit it out.

“okay. It’s my fault.”

Sehun Lee agreed as if he had been waiting.

“… … What?”

“If you lose, it’s all my fault.”

Sehun Lee, who looked at Louise, who had become more calm, spoke calmly.

“Teaching me magic, making weapons, and sending out Dalian are all my work.”

“… … .”

“Then, of course, the fault lies with me. Why do you think you have it?”

To the unexpected question of Lee Se-hun, Louise licked her lips and answered with a trembling voice.

“that… … Because it’s my choice… … .”


Sehun Lee, who cut off Louise’s words, spoke firmly.

“I promised, and you accepted. So, you have only one responsibility.”

Sehun Lee wrapped his hand holding the collar and looked up at his blue eyes that looked down on him.

“Believe in me until the end and do my best.”

“… … .”

“Other than that, everything else is my responsibility.”

After the story ends, only the eyes of the two continue to stare at each other.

The blue eyes that had been trembling with difficulty faded slowly as if they were peeking at something, and Louise’s mouth, which had been tightly shut, opened.

“Do not lie. I thought you were going to say something to that guy.”

“… … not really?”

“You speak well. words.”

When Louise was smiling at Lee Se-hoon’s face, who had no shame. A beep sounded from the speaker in the waiting room.

-After 5 minutes, the battle between cadets Gerwin Kruger and cadets Louise Valente begins. Both cadets, please enter the arena and wait.

A warning sound indicating that Dalian is imminent. Louise let go of his collar and got off the boat and got up from his seat.

“Where are you going to see me?”

“me? I was hoping to see it in the audience.”

“Don’t go up.”


Louise, who passed Lee Se-hun, opened the door and spoke calmly.

“Because it will be over before then.”

He looked full of confidence as if he had died. Lee Se-hoon answered with a smile involuntarily at the familiar back face.

“okay. I will follow you soon.”

“I go first.”

Louise came out of the waiting room and went straight to the stadium.

An empty hallway with no one in it. In the past, I would have been afraid of this silence, but now I can only see the light that is visible over there.


My heart beats violently and my whole body heats up. While the sensations all over her body were sharp, Louise felt stuffy around her neck.

“… … It’s out of the way.”

I can’t even bleed anymore, so why did I wear this?

Louise untied the bandage around his neck at once and wrapped it around his wounded left hand just in time.

And after a very long time, he stroked his neck with his fingertips. A scar deeply engraved that cannot be erased.

But it was smaller than I thought and it didn’t hurt.

‘That’s about it.’

It might look ugly, but that’s all.

Louise, who removed her hand from the scar that no longer caused any pain to her, left the hallway and walked relentlessly into the arena.


Shouts pouring out and lights pouring towards you.

It is clearly felt that more than 1,000 cadets are watching him.

Maybe there is an enemy of mine between me, and I don’t know when and in what way.

‘How are you?’

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No matter how they attack you, you just have to do your best to deal with it. Passing away the gaze of those around him, Louise looked at the young man standing opposite him in the distance.

“Long time no see.”

Gerwin Kruger, a nerd with brown hair and a proud expression on his face, lamented as he held a black wand in his hand.

“I thought you taught me a big lesson half a year ago, but how dare you attack me so recklessly. As a rival who has competed for a while, it is very unfortunate.”

“… … .”

At the sight of Gerwin who started talking, Louise looked at him without saying a word.

In my memory, I was taller and exuding a tremendous sense of intimidation, but now that I look at it, I can clearly feel that the same height and thin body has made me stronger by spending money.

“I feel sorry for the injury at that time, but… … .”

“Take out the undead.”


In other words, to sum up this situation in one word.

“If you can’t do anything and you don’t want to be carried away in shame.”

It doesn’t look like it’s going to last at all.

“… … .”

The conversation between the two of them spread throughout the arena through an amplifier.

Gerwin grabbed the black staff in his hand and the hero-grade weapon ‘The Rest of the Dead’ at the laughter that was heard from all over the place.


A black mist spreads around as if responding to that will.

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Not only to strengthen the magic power, but also to strengthen the undead. And as an item to increase dominance, it was a powerful item that made the heroes of the command system try to live with a light on their eyes.

“okay. If you want power, you have to do it.”

It won’t sound good if you defeat an opponent who has been rehabilitating for half a year by using even a hero-grade weapon, but now that’s a good thing.

‘You brought it on yourself.’

Gerwin, who glared at Louise with deaf eyes, vigorously thrust the rest of the dead on the floor.

device geek-

Black magic covered two-thirds of the arena like a swamp along with a creepy ghostly sound, and then the air opened slightly, revealing Gerwin’s undead from subspace.

Starting with the black skeletons, the beast-type chimeras with their bodies intact during their lifetimes. There is even a zombie golem that can reach 3m tall.

The stadium murmured as the undead continued to pour out.

“There are 30 reinforced skeletons… … ?”

“I heard that one chimera is tens of thousands of won. We fight for real money… … .”

“I think the zombie golem was made using only attribute-type monsters. Can a wizard deal with that?”

Expensive undead, who used thousands of basic to billions of dollars, rushed out in front of Gerwin and formed a formation.

An undead legion comparable to the used capital, durability roads, or walls. Admiration flowed from all over the stadium at the sight, and Gerwin gave a satisfied expression.

“It’s not because we’ve been playing for half a year.”

Previously, I was almost defeated because I couldn’t respond to the constantly pouring magic, but there is also a zombie golem with elemental resistance in the rest of the dead, so it can be overwhelmingly trampled on.

Lewis pressed the button of his subspace pocket without saying anything to Gerwin’s appearance.


His own weapon, ‘Barg’, appeared on his hand.

It looked insignificant compared to the large army in front of him, but just by holding it, Louise let go of the remaining tension.


As if boasting to everyone, the Barg in her hand, Louise with the black choker around her neck, immediately put the lock on it.


A neatly designed choker with a black body and a silver buckle.

Seeing that the scar on her neck was neatly hidden through the floating screen, Louise smiled involuntarily.

‘Because it’s uselessly delicate.’

When Louise was carefully stroking the touch of Bargue, which felt strangely warm rather than uncomfortable. Gerwin, who was standing opposite him, made an absurd expression.

“Is that the secret weapon? It’s not even a dog collar… … .”

He could feel the magic, but compared to the rest of the dead in his hand, to say that it was the same weapon was in itself an insult.

Seeing Gerwin blatantly sneering at him, Louise looked at him softly and slowly opened his mouth.

“I have a new friend this time.”

“… … ?”

“He says that you will be able to win unconditionally… … At first, I thought it was some kind of bullshit.”

The more clear the user’s image, the stronger the spell magic.

It was a word I heard from Sehun Lee every day, but Louise could not fully realize it.

How easy is it to accept such an emotional and abstract concept overnight after learning the magic of theory and calculations?

“But now I think I know what you mean.”

woo woo-

Magical power that begins to oscillate around Louise.

It was common to see magical powers reacting to strong will, but the scale of what was happening in front of them was different.


The stadium inside Muhak-gwan, which can accommodate thousands of people, vibrates violently in response to the will of a single person.

A huge magical vibration that you can feel directly through your skin. And at the terrifying hostility of Louise contained within, Gerwin’s eyes widened.

“What… … What… … .”

How could a cadet, even a patient who had been in the hospital for half a year, generate this level of magical response.

It looks like it has been completely ‘assimilated’ with magic. Gerwin clenched his teeth at the unbelievable sight and glared at Louise.

“What trick… … !”

“For the past half year. I only remembered this moment.”

When I had a seizure because of a nightmare, when I felt like my neck was going to rip during rehabilitation, or when I wanted to give up everything and go out, Louise kept thinking of only one thing.

The determination to tear the necks of those who made their own necks like this, and the necks of the assholes who played with their lives.

Recalling the image engraved more clearly than any form of magic, Louise lightly pressed Bargue’s buckle.


A thin iron plate came up from the black choker, and in an instant, it covered Louise’s mouth and engaged them vigorously.


And what appeared was black teeth. In the blink of an eye, the spectator seats were buzzing with the metal mask that appeared.

This is because it is the first thing I see in my life, but the moment I put it on, Louise’s mood changed even more wildly.

Woowoung ───!

If up until now was simply a response, now the whole of the magical energy spread across the arena is showing hostility towards Gerwin.

“Hey, this is… … word… … Nonsense… … .”

The sensation that entered the mouth of a giant beast. Gerwin’s eyes trembled faintly at the indescribable discomfort and fear.

Something is wrong. I realized it, but the situation was already irreversible.


The countdown started as both sides were ready.

Louise stroking the black teeth that covered her mouth, scattering blue eyes, looked at Gerwin.



And he spoke to Gerwin without hiding his sincerity.


“Hold on.”

I’m going to inflict pain that is dozens of times more terrible than myself.


“Kill me now!”

The moment the shield blocking the center of the stadium was released. Gerwin shouted, wielding the rest of the dead as if in a seizure.

At that cry, the undead broke the ranks they had built up, raised their weapons, and rushed towards Louise like crazy.

Louise, who was not prepared for any magic, and Gerwin, who had summoned all his powers. It was clear who had the upper hand.


It was a story that did not apply to Louise.

woo woo-

Words echoing through the stadium.

The will, which is not incompletely mixed with upbringing, and formed only with magic, dominates the magic of the arena and reproduces the image.


On the neck of the skeleton that ran first, on the neck of the chimera that followed, and on the neck of the zombie golem taking a heavy step, a magic circle shining in red appeared like a leash.

“What… … .”

The moment Gerwin was about to say something.

【Death Bite】

Formless teeth bit everything.


Dozens of heads floated up to the sky with the sound of iron being clasped together and then fell to the floor.

Kugugung! Quang!

The undead corps that lost their center as they ran and were scattered on the floor of the arena.

Gerwin’s eyes widened when he saw where the first grand momentum had gone and how unsightly it was.

‘The words… … Nonsense.’

blow. Without any special casting or magic circle, all his undead fell by just spitting out two words.

The moment when Gerwin unwittingly took a step backwards in a sight that could only be described as overwhelming. Realizing that, he bit his teeth tightly.

‘No, no! Not yet!!’

Even if it is a normal summoned creature, the Undead can restore and move again with their own magical powers.

With that in mind, Gerwin used Dead Man’s Rest to raise his magic power again.


Faster than that, a red magic circle surrounded Gerwin’s neck.



An excruciating pain as if the neck were being cut off.

Gerwin, who raised his magical powers and fell to the floor without doing anything, looked down at his neck with a pale face.

“Huh… … Huh… … .”


A thick barrier created by the equipment worn all over the body.

More than half of the barrier that the head of the 3rd year undergraduate department of the Elemental School had easily blocked even the magic that he had put all his effort into had just been destroyed in one blow.

‘It’s such a pain even though it’s blocked by a barrier… … .’

What would have happened if you had been struck by that strange magic while there was nothing? Gerwin felt his whole body tremble when he saw the appearance of the undead who had lost their heads.

‘Strange… … Something is strange… … .’

That strength is strange no matter how you think about it. And after arguing that it would weaken the condition, why are you so sane?

‘No, maybe from the beginning… … .’

Maybe he wasn’t helping himself, he was trying to cut it off. When Gerwin was bewildered by the countless questions that popped up in his head.

“That barrier.”

Louise, who was approaching me all of a sudden, looked down.

“It looks pretty sturdy.”

“ruler… … for a moment. port… … .”



Dozens of red magic circles filled his entire body before Gerwin’s words continued.

Gerwin’s eyes widened at the terrifying sight, and then he turned to Louise as if pleading.

【Revenge Bite】

He twisted the corners of his mouth through the mask, and shot out the words.

Kwak Kwak Kwak Kwak Kwak Kwak!!!

The intangible teeth slashed Gerwin countless times, and the barriers and equipment were smashed, and at the same time, his whole body was shredded.

The body just wasn’t cut off. The tremendous pressure shatters the bones of the whole body and crushes the muscles and magical circuits.


Originally, the amount of shock would not be strange even if the match was stopped, but an ‘accidental’ failure in the power room slowed the reaction by about 1 second.


And when the protective device of the stadium, which was activated late, blocked the magic of Louise.

“Cool… … big black… … .”

On the top of the arena, only something barely breathing was scattered horribly.

[Winner Louise Valente]

Muhak-gwan’s Dalian system declared the winner, but there was no shout like the first time.

Everyone is unable to keep up with the power and cruelty that is different from the previously known word and spirit magics.

In the silence, Louise looked at the camera that was illuminating her without a word.

“I know all the bastards who argue with me will end up like this.”

The return ceremony was completed flawlessly.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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