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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 47

47 episodes

Muhakwan, located in Akalkuf.

At the beginning of the semester, the cadets rarely competed, so it was usually quiet.

“Are you really coming?”

“I even provoked him openly, but I hope he won’t come out.”

“Maybe we can play chess before we leave school. Because of the magical power loss, I can’t even be a hero.”

I came here because I was curious about what was going to happen, but few of them believed that Louise would really come to Dalian.

Overcoming the magic formation itself was futile, and above all, it was because it was in a position that the opponent, Gerwin, could not easily touch.

“It’s true that I threw it out to bring the incident back in the spotlight from half a year ago.”

“I heard rumors that he had already fled abroad.”

“If it’s a waste, let’s just go get some rice.”

Since it was the weekend, the cadets came here for a walk with a light heart.

Sehun Lee, who was sitting on the bench and watching the reaction, said while pouring in about a third of the remaining triangular gimbap.

“Look. Aren’t you expecting too much from you?”

“shut up.”

Louise, who answered bluntly, ate the triangular gimbap in her hand, pressed her slightly disheveled hat firmly again, and raised the sunglasses that were draped over her nose.

Sehun Lee looked at him with an absurd expression on that bizarre disguise that looked suspicious to anyone, and sighed deeply.

“What will happen to Dalian from now on? … .”

“ah. Don’t say it’s noisy!”

“Okay. I know, I know.”

In the eyes of others, anyway, what if it’s more comfortable to cover up like that? Seeing Louise nervous, Sehun Lee opened the new triangular gimbap package while sitting next to him without a word.

’30 minutes to Dalian… … .’

At this point, I had to slowly enter the waiting room inside, but Louise showed no sign of getting up from the bench.

The first match-up after half a year of rehabilitation. There, the opponent was the person who defeated him, and over 1,000 people came to watch it.

At this point, it is safe to say that the person who is not really nervous is the problem.

“As I said before, you shouldn’t be discouraged under any circumstances.”

But instead of understanding it, Sehun Lee pushed even harder.

“Speech magic loses its power as much as confidence in oneself is lost. If you don’t do any of these battles properly, you won’t be able to bring out even half of your original skills in practice.”

A good necromancer is determined by how much he can fight against a stronger opponent. It was a word worn by rioters before returning, and in fact, it was also the most important factor.

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No matter how excellent you are during practice, it has no meaning if you can’t show it in practice.

“I know. The nagging is… … .”

Louise, who was grumbling unsatisfied, put the last remaining triangular gimbap in her mouth and put the mask down under her chin.

Then, after muttering for a while, he lowered his head slightly and asked.

“Did I say I would win?”

“Of course. There is no reason to lose.”

“… … okay.”

there is no reason to Louise mumbled those words inside the mask and slowly got up from her seat.


“okay. I’ll go to the waiting room before we start.”

“Don’t come because you can’t concentrate.”

Louise, who answered bluntly, turned to the inside of the Muhakkan, and Sehun Lee, who was looking at the back, made an ambiguous expression.

“Uh… … .”

In terms of pure ability, there really is no reason to lose Louise in this match.

His own skills and the performance of the Bargh he made. And if you think about ‘compatibility’ with your opponent, you can never lose.

‘The question is, can I use my skills properly? … .’

Considering the nature of Louise, a gangster that he knows, even if he is nervous now, when he enters the actual battle, blood will flow to his head and he will run wildly like crazy.

However, unlike the gangster dog who has gone through all the antenatal care, Louise is in a state like a child.

In other words, there is a possibility that there is no possibility of making a mistake even on a board that is all laid out like this.

‘Hmm… … I need some more encouragement.’

If it’s a gangster, I’d tell him to shut up, but if it’s Louise, he might like it even though he grumbles.

Although a little shy, Lee Se-hoon, who decided to try his best to change Louise, got up from his seat.

“great. Let me do something for you.”

Before you return, you’ve been told not to praise anywhere you go, but if you tell the truth, you’ll understand that too.

The moment Lee Se-hoon made a decision and entered Muhak-gwan.


A strange tinnitus ringing in my ears.

It was a faint tinnitus that he couldn’t hear properly if he wasn’t paying attention, but Lee Sehun felt his whole body tremble.


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Now, his physical ability is at the bottom of the barbell. In terms of hearing, the nearby cadets would have been much better, but there was no response as if they were hearing tinnitus.

In the scene where he felt a sense of disparity, Sehun Lee moved naturally, pretending not to hear anything.

‘There’s no such thing as an ear problem. If that’s the case, only those who satisfy certain conditions will hear it.’

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Normally, I wouldn’t react this sensitively, but today is the day when Louise’s battle takes place.

And if it was 『Dawn』, Louise would never want to overcome her trauma by winning Dalian.

Se-hun Lee, who decided to find the source of the sound, immediately raised his hearing by using his magical powers.


However, compared to the sound around him, his tinnitus became smaller and Lee Se-hoon’s eyes narrowed in response.

‘This… … .’

At the possibility that passed through his mind, Sehun Lee quickly calmed his magical powers and operated the Young Yeon Shin magic.


A temporary passageway that spreads through the body. As soon as the empty passageway, where the magic had not yet settled, the nickname that had been heard in my ears changed again.

beep ee!

The nickname became clear enough to be incomparable with what it was just now. And I felt as if something was digging through the empty passages.

In response, Sehun Lee noticed what the ‘condition’ of the tinnitus was in his ears.

‘Magic Erosion!’

The green magic that had taken root in his body. The remnants are struggling in the body in response to the tinnitus.

Sehun Lee, realizing the truth, quickly ran towards the place where the tinnitus was heard without thinking deeply.

‘I don’t know what you’re aiming for, but you have to stop quickly.’

Louise secretly used the magic erosion machine a few more times, but each time, she used the crimson to organize it in her own way.

If the few remnants react like this, it will have a stronger effect on Louise, who has been eroded for a long time.

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No matter what kind of effect it might be, I had to eliminate the cause as quickly as possible and check the condition of Louise.

‘This way, it would be in the waiting room or near the stadium.’

The place where Louise’s waiting room is located is on the 3rd floor.

Se-hun Lee, who climbed the stairs at once, put magical energy into the rosary rings filled on his limbs, further accelerating the erosion of magic in his body.


The faint tinnitus is now clearer as if scratching the ear. And at the same time, I got a rough idea of where I was going.


Sehun Lee, who took out the black flame hammer he received from Jake from the subspace pocket and fixed it, smashed it with all his might toward the door of the warehouse located in the corner of the hallway on the 3rd floor.


The locked doorknob was shattered at once, revealing a warehouse with neatly organized furnishings.

Lee Se-hun, who quickly glanced at the items inside, focused his eyes on one of the large paper boxes.

‘That’s it.’

Causes of tinnitus in the ears.

The moment Lee Se-hun realized that, grabbed the hammer and moved forward.

“You’ve been dreaming of a dog for a long time.”

A woman’s voice came from behind. Lee Se-hoon’s body hardened for a moment at the familiar, but on the contrary, voice that could never be heard here.

“How long are you going to be playing such childish pranks? Everything I see is disgusting.”

“… … .”

“Don’t you think it’s funny? That such a garbage dagger sent you to the distant past.”

Lee Se-hoon calmly answered the question of the woman who was shaking.

“It could be.”

“no. I can’t. You always use force in situations that don’t work.”

The voices grew closer and the scenery around them blurred. And what you hear is a familiar sound.

shoot ah

The black waves crashing in the distance slowly sweep the surrounding landscape. And the body that returned to his youth was also torn apart in front of the waves.

A body full of blood and a mess. And the back view of the three sitting helplessly in front of them. The image of the world that was perishing appeared before our eyes again.

“That’s what a dream is. When I am dreaming, it feels infinitely long, but when I wake up, it is fleetingly short.”

“… … .”

“The waves are coming. Are you going to be alive?”

A voice that reached up to the back tickled her ear and gently grabbed the handle of the hammer in her hand.

Smash your head before that wave is swallowed up. At the sound of the woman’s encouraging voice, Sehun Lee slowly raised his hand.

“One thing to fix.”

Then he spoke to the master’s vision behind him.

“Master doesn’t tell me to go out for so long.”


A hammer loaded with magical power flew forward, and the hallucinations that filled his eyes were torn apart.


A paper box crushed with a roar. Sehun Lee, who confirmed that everything had disappeared along with the tinnitus he had heard in his ears, took a deep breath.

“Whew… … .”

A rosary ring with magical power pulled his limbs and his body was heavy like cotton soaked in water. It is telling them that this place is not a dream, it is reality.

Of course, even that could have been a lie, but Sehun Lee cut off the thought.

‘Whatever it is, it’s a reality now.’

I checked in the morning, so today there is no need to worry anymore and there is no reason. With that certainty, the green magic that had remained throughout Lee Se-hun’s body completely melted and disappeared.

[You have acquired the skill ‘Awakening Dream (C)’.]

A new skill was acquired for the first time.

‘This… … ?’

A skill that I had never seen before returning. Sehun Lee, who looked at him with a puzzled expression, immediately realized his situation and shook his head.

‘This later.’

After confirming that there was no problem with his body, Se-hun Lee immediately removed the hammer that had crushed the paper box and looked inside.


A mechanical device that was so horribly broken that its original form could not be recognized. The moment Lee Se-hoon saw the scene and reached out his hand to take a closer look.


A mechanical device that suddenly catches fire and burns without leaving ashes. The evidence in front of him suddenly disappeared and he was about to collapse, but Lee Se-hun’s eyes lit up.

‘Dawn, those bastards are right.’

A special technique used in 『Dawn』 to prevent tracking.

He had seen it a few times before returning, so Sehun Lee recognized it right away.

‘I’m sorry I missed the evidence… … Still, it’s not bad enough.’

In the meantime, he was able to clearly grasp the background of the enemies who had only been guessing. Sehun Lee, who brushed off his regrets, checked the time.

‘The remaining time to Dalian is 10 minutes.’

The effect of the tinnitus is to stimulate the trauma of the target whose magical power has been eroded and cause it to self-harm. Even if he accelerated the erosion, if he was at this level, Louise… … .

‘no… … It will be fine.’

If it was before, Louise, who had grown up for two weeks, would be enduring it. Believing that, Sehun Lee ran outside again with his exhausted body.

* * *

“Whew… … .”

When Louise arrived at the waiting room, she sat down and looked at the mirror in front of her.

A calm face, unlike a nervous head. I could feel the tension subside a little as I was surprised at how stable I was.

‘it’s okay.’

The body is in good shape and the mind is clean. So there’s no reason to lose. Looking at herself in the mirror, Louise continued to mutter.

“you can do it.”

Even if it can’t be, believing that is the mindset of a necromancer. Recalling Sehun Lee’s advice, Louise continues to make self-suggestions.

beep ee!

Tinnitus faintly ringing in the ear.

Although it was not very loud, Louise frowned at the strangely annoying sound and looked around.

‘Is that?’

Speakers attached to the ceiling. Dalian is coming soon, so maybe something went wrong while testing before that.

Thinking that it would be fixed in a little while, Louise covered her ears and cleared her mind again.

beep ee!

However, the tinnitus did not stop at all, and as time passed, the sound got louder and louder and started to rumble.

“Oh really… … .”

If it stays like this, it’s Dalian and nothing. The moment Louise got up nervously and was about to leave the waiting room.

“… … uh?”

The name suddenly disappeared.

Louise looked at the speaker with a strange expression in the surroundings that became quiet again as if it had ever been.

“What is it… … ?”

Even though it has obviously been resolved, I feel strangely reluctant.

Louise shook her head and shook her head, letting go of the doorknob she was holding and turning around.

“… … .”

He saw his own neck wrapped in white bandages.

A bandage that never came off when washing or sleeping. Now it felt like one body, but for some reason, Louise felt cramped.

‘It’s already healed, but it’s because it’s tied around.’

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No matter how much you say you’re well, no one will believe you if you do this. At that thought, Louise pondered for a moment, and then made a decision.

‘… … it’s okay.’

It’s different from the past when I couldn’t even get a bandage done by myself.

Louise slowly raised her hand and began to remove the tape and slowly untie the bandage that had been surrounded by several layers.

And whiter skin than anywhere else was revealed.


A scar that crossed half of his neck reflected through the mirror.

A scar that I could only see through photos during the examination, no, I could not even see it properly, and in the end, I only heard about it as an explanation.

‘it’s okay… … .’

It was a wound that had already been healed, and there was no harm done to him.

Although she recalled that natural fact to herself over and over again, Louise felt her body trembling.

“ha… … ha… … .”

His breathing became heavy, his body shivered, and his vision shook unstable. He tried to look elsewhere because of the rising discomfort, but for some reason his eyes did not come off the scar.

“Huh… …ね… … .”

The rough breathing showed no sign of abating, and a cold sweat dripped down his body.

Headache that feels like it’s going to break and nausea that feels like a twist in the stomach.

In a consciousness that seemed to be cut off at any moment, Louise reflexively strangled her throat with the bandage in her hand.

“Uh… … .”

A tangled bandage pierced his neck, but his hands did not stop. And when the bandage left on the hand is gone. Louise slowly raised her head and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

“… … .”

His face was drenched in shaggy hair and cold sweat. And a tighter neck than the first. Louise felt her heart flutter at the poor appearance.

‘I… … .’

nothing has changed

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Neither the mysterious word and spirit magic taught by Lee Se-hoon nor Barg, who dramatically increased its power, could not change him.

A question arose in Louise’s mind when she realized this.

‘Are you really okay?’

Can the present self really beat Gerwin Kruger?

Even if he’s alone, he’s behind it, Bier Barmut. And there was Professor Charles, a gift he trusted and relied on.

“… … .”

He may have written some trick in the stadium, and maybe he had prepared something secretly in this waiting room.

The endlessly rising doubts and fears gnawed at Louise’s heart, and the scenery of the dungeon room that she had seen through the mirror was distorted.

At that sight, Louise’s gaze naturally turned to his neck.


The bandage around her neck was dyed red.

“ね… … .”

Wounds that have already healed don’t happen all of a sudden.

Even knowing that the scene in front of him was a hallucination caused by seizures, Louise reflexively grabbed his neck with both hands.


I choked my neck to stop the bleeding, but blood continues to flow through the crevices of my hands.

Everything is a hallucination he doesn’t bleed The blood on Louise’s face, reflected in the mirror with that muttering, was already fading away.

‘no… … .’

The scenery he saw with his eyes, he could not believe his senses.

Perhaps, if the other person’s surprise actually caused the wound to open, what would you do if it was a fact and not a hallucination? At that thought, Louise could no longer deny the scene in front of her.

‘You have to stop hurting… … Something to stop bleeding… … .’

Louise looked around and found a towel placed in front of the mirror. And he hurriedly stretched out his right hand to grab it.


Through his torn right hand, his neck, which had been torn in half, was reflected.


Something unknown whether it was blood or gastric juice vomited out of her mouth, and Louise collapsed on the floor, losing her center, crouching, closing her eyes and plugging her ears.


That was the trauma that Sehun Lee said he had to overcome.

There were difficulties to overcome, but Louise turned away instead of fighting.

‘I don’t want to fail.’

If nothing has changed, there is no way that you can overcome such a thing. I’m sure I’ll fail and be miserable again, so what should I do?

‘I don’t want to disappoint.’

If he fails this time, will Sehun Lee help him?

What he valued was his talent. But what if that talent was really insignificant?

Thoughts that have fallen into the quagmire continue with their tails on their tails. And the moment that consciousness gradually sinks deeper.


The open door broke that thought in an instant.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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