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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 5

5 episodes

Babel Academy.

Its reputation was overwhelming as one of the educational institutions that train climbers to climb the tower of heroes that suddenly appeared around the world.

Combat, auxiliary, and technical positions all have the highest level of curriculum and equipment, and through that infrastructure, many heroes are produced every year.

In terms of overall size, it is a level that cannot be compared with other fostering institutions. And the most overwhelming of all was the size.

‘Create an artificial island in the Pacific to create a city-scale school… … I don’t know whose idea it was, but it’s amazing.’

At first, I heard that it started as a really small island, but as the years passed and it expanded endlessly, it now boasts a size comparable to that of a large city.

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Not to mention, there are more than 100 faculties and living facilities for cadets and faculty. In addition to that, the facilities of external companies that were invested in or cooperated with Babel were also created, so it had no choice but to grow.

‘I don’t think this is actually an independent country… … .’

When I am immersed in my thoughts looking out the window at the passing buildings. A guide sound rang out from the light rail speaker.

– This stop is the main building of the Faculty of Refining.

The light rail, which was moving with magical power, stopped at the stop, and Lee Se-hun came out and looked up at the main building of the smelting department.

‘It’s still big… … .’

Admission to Babel was unsuccessful before returning, but I had been invited to attend after being seated to some extent.

Of course, at that time, the smelting department disappeared and was used for other purposes, but the appearance was quite similar.

‘Let’s see. I said smelting room 3… … .’

After looking at the signboard and walking, the smell of fire and hot metal tickles the tip of his nose.

At the smell that made his body hot even though it was like shit, Lee Sehun smiled involuntarily and walked faster.

‘I’m here.’

Se-hun Lee, who checked the nameplate that said smelting room 3, entered the door with both hands open.

Dozens of magic furnaces and various facilities lined up. All of them were state-of-the-art, boasting a great price at this point, and Sehun Lee admired the appearance.

‘This kind of support for the Faculty of Pharmacy… … It’s still a different size.’

Even before the return, I had heard about the use of Babel, but seeing it in person like this gives me a different feeling.

When Sehun Lee is looking inside with a curious expression.

“Lee Se-hoon cadet.”

A cold voice echoed from the front.

A middle-aged man sitting at a table and looking at him with a sharp expression. He had blonde hair with all-white hair or a pure white suit, but he felt a little paranoid, but just looking at him, his personality seemed dirty.

“Isn’t everyone waiting? Please sit down quickly.”

Even though there is still 10 minutes left, the man rushes as if he was late. The moment when Lee Se-hoon’s eyes frowned at the outright hostile reaction.

“There are still ten minutes left. Deputy head of department.”

Kim In-cheol, who was standing in front of the podium, pointed out in a calm voice.

“The head of the department hasn’t come yet, so there’s nothing in a hurry.”

“It’s about attitude.”

“Then I will pay attention.”

Kim In-cheol, who spoke firmly, relaxed his expression and looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“The head of the department will be here soon, so sit down and wait.”

“All right.”

Sitting on an empty chair to one side, Sehun Lee looked at the two men who had a brief nervous battle.

‘The Smelting Faculty said the situation was not good… … Did he look hateful to the deputy head of department?’

Even though the performance is not good, if you even go out of line with your superiors, you will be arguing all the time.

When Lee Se-hoon vaguely understands why Kim In-cheol recommended another educational institution. I could feel the gaze from the side.


Another cadet sitting on the other side and staring at him.

With her neatly trimmed blonde hair, and her cadet uniform had no wrinkles, it was the exact opposite of Lee Se-hoon, who was wrinkled here and there due to wearing loosely.

“… … ttt.”

The cadet looked up and down and then turned his head with his tongue. Lee Se-hoon made an absurd expression on the reaction as blatant as the deputy head of department.

‘What kind of day is today?’

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Not just one guy, but two guys scratching their temper right from the start.

At that moment, Lee Se-hoon’s hand was about to move towards the hammer lying next to him.

“sorry. I am late.”

The door to the smelting room opened and a muffled voice was heard.

“… … ?”

At the familiar voice, Sehun Lee turned his head and looked at the owner of the voice.

Red hair tied neatly up the back of her head, and an expressionless face that doesn’t even feel like a mucus of emotion.

Objectively, she was a beautiful woman, but the black suit and expression made her feel intimidating.

‘… … Ryu Eun-ha?’

S-class hero ‘Weapon Eater’ Ryu Eun-ha.

A hero with a unique skill that boosts power by eating weapons, and a regular he traded with for the longest time before returning.

In terms of period, Se-Hoon Lee made a trembling expression at the sudden appearance of a person he had known for longer than the three dogs.

‘I heard that I worked briefly at Babel for a year… … Was that the head of the department?’

When Sehun Lee is embarrassed by a position that does not suit him at all. Ryu Eun-ha walked straight to the front and sat down in an empty seat next to the deputy head of department.

“Let’s start right away.”

“All right. Both of you get up.”

As the two stood up from their chairs, Kim In-cheol looked at them and continued the explanation.

“The subject of this additional test is to make a weapon that can be used with the previously made ‘sword’ as previously announced.”

As Kim In-cheol manipulated the panel on the podium, the iron box locked on the side of the brazier opened, revealing the materials contained in it.

“Five… … .”

Unlike the previous test, which had only basic materials, this time, there were quite a lot of high-quality materials that had magical powers.

Perhaps this time, it means that they want to see not only the basic skills, but also the use of skills and magical powers.

‘If it’s like this… … .’

Even though I only glanced at the ingredients once, the candidates are lined up in my head as to what to make and how to make it.

When Sehun Lee is drawing a blueprint in his head with his eyes twinkling. Kim In-cheol continued the story.

“The weapons we made will be judged by Dean Ryu Eun-ha and Vice Dean Michael Barmut, who are sitting here, so both of them make a result that is not shameful.”

“… … ?”

Se-hun Lee, who was preoccupied with examining the ingredients, frowned at Kim In-cheol’s story.

‘Barmut… … I must have heard this somewhere.’

It’s oddly annoying to say I heard it passing by. While Se-Hoon Lee was searching through his memories, In-Chul Kim manipulated the panel and set a timer in the air.

“The time limit is 180 minutes. start!”

As soon as the timer turns on, the lock on the brazier is unlocked, and the cadet next to you begins to select the ingredients first.

‘First, let’s make a weapon.’

Deciding to think about Barmut later, Sehun Lee took off his cadet jacket and threw it behind him and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt.

According to the manual, it seems that there was a temperature control or protection function, but it was because Lee Se-hun was only stumbling.

“There is no dignity… … .”

At Lee Se-hoon’s reckless behavior, the cadet next to him muttered as if pathetic, and Kim In-cheol looked at him.

“Hans Barmut. Please refrain from making comments that are not related to the exam.”

“I’ll be careful.”

With the surname of Hans, a cadet who answered politely and picked up materials again, Se-Hoon Lee looked at the head of the department, Michael, who was sitting in front of him.

‘indeed… … It wasn’t just that we had a bad relationship.’

Perhaps the vice president’s son was his competitor. It would have been a terrifying situation for other people, but Lee Se-hoon smiled rather.

‘I was only thinking of killing one… … In this way, both of them can be tempered together.’

When Se-Hoon Lee, who was so motivated, was looking at the ingredients. Hans, who first picked the ingredients, placed them on the table next to the furnace.

“Lazlite and Haenamok. They are materials with high magic content.”

Two types of ore with a bluish color. When Ryu Eun-ha, who saw it, showed interest, Michael smiled and added an explanation.

“Yes. It is an attribute material with water attribute magic.”

Materials with magical powers were originally difficult to deal with, but among them, materials with ‘attributes’ are on a different level.

This is because even a small mistake during smelting will stimulate the internal elemental magic, causing the quality of the ore to drop in an instant.

“I heard that water elemental magic is particularly difficult to smelt because it is sensitive to fire.”

“Usually it is, but… … It will depend on who handles it.”

Michael spoke confidently, and Hans, who finished all preparations, raised his magical powers.

woo woo-

Gray magic power gathered in both hands.

When he moved his hand in the air in that state, a complex figure was engraved along the trajectory, and after a while, a magic circle in the form of a huge sphere was created.

Then, when the manastones that were taken out were inserted throughout the magic circle, a change occurred once again.


A magic circle that shines brightly while receiving magic power from a manastone.

With a splendid magic circle like a small star, Hans smiled triumphantly and put rasplite and haenam jade inside.


Then, the two ores inside the magic circle trembled and suddenly collapsed and turned into liquid.

After finishing the smelting without heating, Hans immediately put his hand into the magic circle to refine its shape, and Ryu Eun-ha talked about it calmly.

“It was an alchemy smelting method.”

A new smelting method based on alchemy and magic that differs from the existing smelting method.

It was a technique that was attracting attention in the blacksmith industry as it was easy to omit all procedures such as forging and quenching, and it was easy to draw out the magic of the material.

“It is more difficult than the general smelting method, but if handled skillfully, it is a technique that can bring out the power of the material perfectly.”

“I heard that there are still many unstable parts.”

“That is a thing of the past. Sooner or later, alchemy will completely surpass the outdated smelting method.”

Michael, who secretly exalts the alchemy method from the side.

This is because his family, Barmut, was also famous for alchemy smelting, and it was Michael’s purpose to make it a core school of the smelting faculty.

‘If you convince the head of the department, there will be no more way for Kim In-cheol.’

The sluggishness of the Smelting Faculty has been going on for several years, so given a few justifications, it could be repaired.

Sehun Lee suddenly came into Michael’s eyes, who was satisfied with the situation, which was nothing more than a matter of time.

“Barmut… … Magic smelting method… … .”

Lee Se-hun, who was muttering something instead of choosing the ingredients, was lost in thought. No matter how he looked at him, Michael’s eyes shone coldly as he looked less distant than his son.

‘I seem to have quite the basic skills… … It will be difficult this time.’

Unlike the previous test, which prioritized the old-fashioned smelting method, this additional test requires the ability to properly use skills and magic.

And according to what he found out, Sehun Lee’s magical power was the lowest among the incoming students. It would be impossible to defeat Hans, who can even be compared to the head of the department in the second year of the smelting department.

‘I mean, it’s Kim In-cheol who caught the line. No luck.’

Born into a poor family, it must have been the last rope he held onto. Michael, who laughed at Lee Se-hun inwardly, turned his head.


Sehun Lee shouted with a refreshing expression on his face.

Barmut family. Alchemy Refining Act. Even before the return, he was a well-known blacksmith in the industry, but it was another reason that Sehun Lee remembered this name.

‘okay. Obviously he had something to do with the gangster.’

Among the dogs that he must conciliate, they are entangled with the gangster Louise Valente.

Se-hun Lee, who had more reasons to step on Hans, changed the blueprint that came to his mind and grabbed the ignition stone in order to crush it more firmly.

Tap! widely!

A pyrotechnic stone that slams into each other’s hands and sets off sparks.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the simple yet unfamiliar technique, and Sehun Lee slowly raised his magic power and began to focus on a specific ignition stone.

‘It’s the Alchemy Refining Act.’

before return. Sehun Lee learned any blacksmith-related skills at will. This is because the human condition was not very good for learning while covering this and that.

what does that mean

‘Do you know better than me?’

It meant that both of those guys were less distant.


An explosion that exploded without warning.

Everyone in the examination room widened their eyes at the scarlet flame burning with Sehun Lee’s hand as firewood.

Accidents happen as soon as the exam starts? When everyone is bewildered by that sudden situation.

[The bond engraving ‘Harmony’ is activated.]


The flame began to compress with Lee Se-hoon’s grasp.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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