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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 4

4 episodes

after the exam is over. Sehun Lee went straight to the infirmary and was treated by a doctor.

“This will leave no scars. I will treat you.”


A green glow from the doctor’s hand covered his right hand, and after a while all the wounds were completely gone.

‘… … The past is correct.’

The scars and shavings of the hands disappear from place to place, and the white hands with only a few calluses wiggle.

It was sad that the years accumulated over the decades seemed to have disappeared, but at the same time, I was also happy.

This is because before the return, the condition of his hands was so bad that there were many times when smelting was annoying.

‘This time, I’ll have to be a little more careful.’

Most of the injuries were caused by trial and error, so it will be different now that I remember the experience before the return.

Se-Hoon Lee went out of the infirmary as he remembered how he should move in the future.

“Is the wound okay?”

Kim In-cheol, who was waiting outside, approached.

“Oh, yes. Fine… … It is.”

“Good luck. There is a saying that a wound is a decoration, but too much of anything is cumbersome.”

“… … Yes.”

Kim In-cheol, who speaks in a friendly way.

I was impressed by the five-color painting shown earlier, and it seemed that there was another purpose other than that.

‘Proposal for recruitment… … No, I don’t think that’s the case.’

For whatever reason, the faces of these guys who are deeply entangled with power show a strangely greasy feeling that might be called greasy.

But in front of him, Kim In-cheol showed only the temperament of a hot, fiery craftsman who puts all his effort into honing his skills.

‘Is it possible to become a disciple or something?’

It would have been nice if it had been an ordinary cadet, but as a blacksmith who had risen to a higher level than Kim In-cheol before his return, Se-hoon Lee is only trembling.

When Sehun Lee was thinking about what to do with this. Kim In-cheol grabbed the atmosphere and brought out the story.

“you. Do you know the process of selecting the head of department for freshmen at Babel?”

To Kim In-cheol’s question, Lee Se-hoon answered while tracing his memory.

“I know that each department takes an additional test and then compares the results to select… … I am doing it.”

Babel Academy divides its cadets into three departments.

The Department of Combat ‘Aqar Quf’, the Department of Support ‘Ur’, and the Department of Technology ‘Borsippa’.

And in each department, there were dozens of faculties tailored to the aptitudes of the cadets, and what Sehun Lee took today was the entrance exam for the smelting department belonging to Borsippa.

“That’s right. Two of the top-ranked students from each department will participate in the additional examination. It means the competition is getting fiercer than it is now.”

Kim In-cheol, who explained the structure of Babel, sighed as if thinking about whether to say this.

“It’s a little bit like saying these things with my mouth, but… … The smelting department has not produced a department head for 12 years. The budget is also shrinking from year to year.”

“… … .”

“Besides, as this situation spreads through rumors, the level of students applying for admissions has also declined. It is the reality of the smelting department that such a vicious cycle is repeating itself.”

At Kim In-cheol’s complaint, Lee Se-hoon made a strange expression.

Right now, I’m just worried about the location shrinking, but eight years from now, the smelting department has completely disappeared.

‘The reason was that the level was too low and it was painted rather badly.’

Since then, there have been several attempts to revive it, but all have failed and the Smelting Faculty has never been revived.

Kim In-cheol is looking forward to that future to some extent.

“Hmmm. We talked for a while… … In the end, there is only one story I want to tell you.”

Kim In-cheol looked at Lee Se-hoon with a serious expression to see how much he had made up his mind.

“If you want to succeed as a blacksmith, go to Vulkan Academy. The application period is over, but I have a connection, so I will connect you.”

“… … .”

At Kim In-cheol’s suggestion, Lee Se-hoon made an unexpected expression.

‘If it’s Vulkan, it’s the top of the blacksmith training institutions.’

He is probably a little taller now, but after the Smelting Faculty disappeared, he gained fame for defeating Babel and reigned as the apex.

Considering his growth as a blacksmith, it was definitely a better option, but Kim In-cheol made the proposal despite himself as a professor at Babel.

‘Are you planning to relocate there? No, I don’t think he’s like that… … .’

Judging from the subtle regrets in his eyes, he is really trying to suggest a better way as a senior in the blacksmith industry rather than working hard.

‘… … It’s a good yangban.’

I had never heard of the name before the return, but I liked it. Lee Se-hoon, who had organized his thoughts, answered calmly.

“Well, do you really need to?”

“You have talent. If you want to make full use of it, you need a better environment… … .”

“The good must be better. But isn’t that the story of when the place called Vulcan was at its best?”

“So, as it is now, in the future Vulkan Academy… … .”

The moment Kim In-cheol, who thought he did not understand, tried to explain again. Sehun Lee smiled softly and continued the story.

“The place I go to will be the best, so why do I go in with my head down needlessly? It hurts my self-esteem.”

“… … .”

Your place will soon be the best. It was an arrogant statement, but for some reason it doesn’t feel like an empty statement.

As the answer he had been waiting for, although a little, came back beyond his imagination, Kim In-cheol was unable to speak for a moment, and then asked again seriously.

“If you want to do that, you would have to get the head of the department first. Are you sure?”

“Sure. The professor thought it was possible, so didn’t he start with the head of the department?”

“… … I read it completely from the beginning.”

With a bitter smile, Kim In-cheol looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“The additional test for Borsippa is to make one more submission. The subject is revealed on the same day, and the score includes the submission made today.”

“When is the date?”

“A week later. Your school uniform and student ID will go home later, so please wear it.”

“All right.”

Kim In-cheol looked at him with a curious expression at Lee Se-hoon’s refreshing reply without any sign of nervousness.

‘I’m still young… … I don’t know why I have so much faith.’

It feels as if you are talking to a blacksmith who is about the same age as you. At that strange sentiment, Kim In-cheol unknowingly smiled and held out his hand.

“I wish you all the best in the future.”

Kim In-cheol holding out his right hand with a soft smile.

It is a truly terrifying sight for professors, assistants, and cadets of the smelting department, but Lee Se-hun, who did not know about it, simply looked at Kim In-cheol calmly.

Expectations and trust in yourself. The time we met was short, but a ‘relationship’ was clearly established.

‘then… … .’

Realizing that the conditions were met, Lee Se-hun took Kim In-cheol’s hand as it was.

[The relationship with the grand prize ‘Kim In-cheol’ has been established.]

“I would also like to thank you.”

[Extract the relationship from the target ‘Kim In-cheol’]

[The relationship with the producer ‘Sehun Lee’ is Lv.1.]

After returning, the first material extraction was successful.

* * *

All the somewhat sudden entrance exams were over, and Sehun Lee headed straight home.

I received a meal offer from Kim In-cheol, but I turned it down because I had a few things to check.

“Hmm. Obviously this way… … .”

I climbed the steep stairs of Dal-dong, following the old memories.

Physically, it’s the house I slept in until yesterday, but mentally, it’s a place I left decades ago.

Relying on the faint memories, I climbed the last stairs, and a familiar and unfamiliar house caught my eye in the distance.

“… … .”

An old house lying in an empty lot facing the mountain.

At the shabby house that looked like it would collapse immediately if touched, Lee Se-hoon smiled involuntarily.

“It is.”

In the past, it was a boring house where I wanted to leave as soon as possible, but after seeing it after such a long time, I felt nostalgic again.

A rusty gate and a detached house of about 6 pyeong. I couldn’t even speak in the bathroom, and there were mold and bugs everywhere.


A landscape where all the memories that I have felt before are blown away. However, when he turned his gaze a little and found the workshop, Lee Se-hoon’s expression widened slightly.

A used magic coin that I bought with all the money I didn’t have. There were smelting tools and materials arranged around it, but unlike the shabby house, they were in good shape.

‘I awakened my magic and risked my life here.’

In order to take revenge on the demon who killed his parents, he had to develop his strength, and the power he thought was the ‘money’ he would get from selling weapons.

Therefore, in order to succeed as a blacksmith, he disposed of all of his scarce property and purchased the necessary things and places.

‘ah. After all, he must be alive.’

An enemy who sacrificed all his 20s to kill. At that time, just thinking about it made my teeth split, but now that I know I’m still alive, I don’t think much of it.

It was because there were things that I paid back enough to clear up my feelings before the return, and there were things that were more urgent now.

‘The most important thing is the Six Great Demons, to be precise, the entire Manma War.’

Monsters that threaten not only humanity, but the stars themselves. Uprooting them and preventing their destruction was the most important thing.

For that to happen, we must change the fate of the heroes who died in vain, and regenerate those uncooperative dogs.

‘I have a lot of work to do… … .’

events that will happen in the future. And the relationship and bad relationship before the return. With the memories that constantly came to mind, Sehun Lee took a breath and cleared his mind.

‘I don’t like thinking too deeply.’

He’s a blacksmith after all. Trying to make a plan with ambiguous information will only get you hooked at some point.

For now, it would be appropriate to respond only to big events by gradually expanding from the barbell around them.

‘I should not get confused about important parts such as the date, so I’ll have to find weapons and skills related to memory.’

Sehun Lee, who had set priorities, looked at the hearth with a calmer head.

‘Now let’s check the condition of the body.’

A body that didn’t even have time to look at it because she participated in the exam right after returning home. I know it’s garbage, but still, you need to know exactly what to do in order to get a direction.

Sehun Lee, who had his heart set, immediately opened his system window.

[Lee Sehun]

Strength – E(62) Durability – E(56)

Power – F(43) Agility – F(47)

Unique Skill: ‘The Blacksmith of Bonds’

Attribute Magic: None

Owned Skill: Master of Fire (C)

“… … .”

At the condition of his body that appeared in front of him, Sehun Lee rubbed his forehead without saying a word.

‘Babel’s average freshman would be C. what is this… … .’

This is enough to raise suspicion of illegal admission. Except for the craftsman of flame, the empty skilllan was heartbroken.

‘Considering the price returned to the past, I hit it cheaply.’

Isn’t there a saying that money can’t buy youth? Not to mention, time has come back, so this is enough for a yangban.

‘Stat is done… … Let’s see the unique skill.’

[Blacksmith of Bond] 『Goyu』

Relationships have the power to change people’s hearts.

You can make a bond with the target and extract it as ore.

* Bond Extraction: Extracts ore from the target you have a relationship with.

‘It’s still an unkind explanation.’

Originally, the unique skill was said to be more difficult than the general skill, but the blacksmith of the bond was one of the worst skills among them.

He only told me that relationships could be extracted, and didn’t tell me how to create them and how to use them.

‘But this time it’s different.’

Lee Se-hoon, who instilled magical power into his right hand, reflected on the character Kim In-cheol, whom he had seen throughout the day.

The boredom and emptiness I saw at first. The first image that came to mind was like a dried up old tree.

woo woo-

However, the moment he saw his talent and felt the possibility of something, he burns with enthusiasm as if he had ever done it.

Although seemingly powerless, there was still a certain embers inside. That is the character Kim In-cheol understood as the present.

It was at a level that reflected only the outward appearance, but for now, that was enough.


A substance created by Lee Se-hun’s hands with a faint brilliance.

It was light brown with a wave pattern engraved on it, but it was more like a piece of wood than an ore.

“Hmm. It’s okay.”

There is nothing wrong with his understanding. Lee Se-hoon, who smiled satisfactorily, looked directly at the information window.

[Relationship – Hwahamcheol Fire]

[Rating: Advanced] [Quality: Low to Medium]

A metal that holds flames.

It has a tree-like shape.

*You can store the flame inside.

‘Is it iron like a tree?’


The material you feel is wood, but when you tap it, it is definitely iron.

After examining the material and characteristics, I had a sense of how to smelt it, but Sehun Lee kicked his tongue at the size of only two fingers.

‘Lv.1 means this is the problem.’

It is difficult to use as a main material because of its small size, but it is difficult to utilize its characteristics when mixed with other materials.

For this reason, in order to properly make a weapon in the beginning, characteristics and suitable materials were needed.

‘It seems difficult to obtain such materials in the current state… … I’ll have to raise the level more or be supported by Babel.’

It’s a little disappointing, but time will take care of it, so there’s nothing in a hurry. Lee Se-hun, who put Hwa Ham-cheol next to him, suddenly looked down at his body.

‘Should I take a look at my Integrity Stone?’

If the memory is not wrong, the name of the image skill created on the last dagger is ‘Return to Origin’.

I don’t know the exact effect, but from the name, it’s probably related to his regression with a high probability.

‘If such a power was hidden, it must be used unconditionally.’

Lee Se-hoon, who lit up his eyes, immediately placed his hand on his chest and extracted the relationship.

[Extract the relationship from the target ‘Sehun Lee’]

[The relationship with the producer ‘Sehun Lee’ is Lv.1.]


A column that was always blank before returning. Sehun Lee’s eyes widened when he saw the number 1 in it.

‘Maybe really… … .’

Surprised, Sehun Lee looked down at the stone in his hand.

A colorless ore that is apparently unchanged from before the return. But upon closer inspection, I saw a very faint mix of other things in it.

‘impurities… … It’s a different feeling to say.’

Feeling his heart beating, Sehun Lee immediately opened the information window.

[Relationship – Unleaded Stone]

[Rating: Normal] [Quality: Low]

Empty metal with nothing in it.

Foreign substances are mixed inside, so it has inferior strength than ordinary iron.

His eyes frowned at the content.

“It’s gotten worse… … .”

Originally, it was written that it was a little short of iron, but now it is written that it is poor.

At that time, when Lee Se-hoon was about to be disappointed with the content that had nothing to do with regression.

[User ‘Sehun Lee”s bond level has reached Lv.1.]

[Skill ‘Engraving’ is added.]

An unexpected notification popped up.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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