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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 6

6 episodes

“Five… … .”

A scarlet flame fluttering from the right hand to the elbow.

The red flame, which seemed to swallow up the whole body, had a sense of intimidation that made even a craftsman who is familiar with fire shudder, but Lee Se-hun laughed.

Even though he looked fierce on the outside, he never climbed above his elbow.

‘This is beyond imagination.’

If it wasn’t before the return, it was almost impossible to handle a flame like this with Lee Se-hun’s body now.

He could control the flame, but he couldn’t keep it properly due to his lack of magical power.

However, there was a skill that made it possible efficiently, so it was the ‘Relationship Engraving’ that was added to the blacksmith of ties.

*Engraving engraving: You can use the edge stone by wearing it on your body. Currently wearable parts ‘left arm’ and ‘right arm’.

A skill that allows you to equip the body with the edge stone that was used only as a material.

It was a new skill that had never been seen before the return, and as you can see from the effect alone, the usefulness was limitless.

‘The effect of collecting the flames that Hwahamcheol had. Apply it to the right arm to trap the prominence.’

Here, he controls the red flames with the resistance and dominance possessed by the ‘Flame Master’, a skill acquired during the entrance exam.

The Lv.1 edge stone, which had not been used properly in the past, exerted a tremendous effect just by adding a few elements.

‘Of course, it’s rougher than before, but… … That’s enough.’

Smiling while looking at the red flame in his hand, Sehun Lee picked up the ingredients he had looked at beforehand.

‘Hyderagite and pyrite. These two should be enough.’

Like the materials Hans chose, materials with high magic content and fire attribute magic.

Seeing Lee Se-hun’s choice, Michael frowned. Maybe it was a coincidence, but it was because the composition was symmetrical with the number attribute magic that Hans chose.

But it’s annoying for a while. Michael, who looked at Sehun Lee, smiled triumphantly.

‘You seem to have the same personality, but… … It seems that skills are not supported.’

The selection of materials is not bad, and the control of the flame in his right arm is quite useful. However, the understanding of the Alchemy Refining Act was insufficient.

‘Alchemy smelting uses only pure magic to resonate so that attribute magic does not run away. But to wrap the flame like that… … .’

Perhaps he was trying to resonate easily by using flames to make up for the lack of magical power, but elemental magic can be depleted by adding as well as subtracting it.

The essence of the alchemy method is a typical mistake that was not considered. When Michael was laughing to himself at that sight.


Once again a roar rang out.

Aww! Aww! Aww!

He throws the ignition stone lightly like a pebble with his left hand, and the flame of his right hand that swallowed it trembles and burns like mad.

Even then, it was a great appearance, but what really surprised me was Lee Se-hun’s fist in the center of the flame.

woo woo-

From the inside of the wildly pounding flames, the red flames flowing like a wrap around Lee Se-hoon’s fists.

In it, hydride and pyrite were completely melted and merged into scarlet molten iron.

“What… … .”

Seeing this, Michael put on an unbelievable expression on his face.

There is nothing strange about the fact that the two ores melt quickly. Because he was using firepower strong enough to cause an explosion, it was so natural.

However, what Michael couldn’t understand was that, despite being melted in such a rough way, the attribute magic of the two ores was still intact.

‘If it collides with that level of firepower, it is natural that the attribute magic will also be stimulated and run wild. Of course it would be… … .’

What the hell did he use to melt the two ores so quickly while preventing the runaway of attribute magic?

When Michael is looking to find out the cause.

“Cadet Sehun Lee is amazing.”

Ryu Eun-ha looked at Lee Se-hoon’s hand with an expressionless face.

“To resonate two ores at the same time as activating the Alchemy Method. They seem to have a high understanding of materials, or a natural sense of magic.”

“… … Did you resonate immediately upon activation?”

“Yes. I think that’s why the attribute magic was maintained.”

At Ryu Eun-ha’s calm reply, Michael put on an unbelievable expression.

The Alchemy Refining Act is divided into two main steps. The first is to change the character by resonating magic power and ore. The second is to compose the changed ore into a weapon.

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Neither of these tasks is easy, but the most difficult of them all was the first step, transformation.

‘Even for the same type of ore, the method of resonating it varies greatly depending on the state in which the magic is arranged and the surrounding environment… … .’

Even Hans, who had mastered the alchemy method, was still trying to resonate, and it took more than 10 minutes for Michael himself to not be familiar with the materials and places.

But did one incoming student complete all the courses as soon as they started? It wasn’t just a high level of understanding or an excellent sense of humor.

‘… … There is something.’

There is no way that such a lowly person has such talent and ability. Michael’s eyes gleamed coldly.

‘I don’t know what the trick was, but it won’t work out the way I thought it would.’

If you really want to find out about cadet-level pranks, you can figure it out.

Michael, who decided to take a closer look, immediately activated his main skill, ‘Gem Plan (A)’.


Vision that changes with tinnitus.

Magical powers and traits that move inside the ore. And the magic of Lee Se-hun, who is smelting it, is also clearly visible.

The eyes that immediately discovered the irregularities of an A-class craftsman. Jem Ahn, who made Michael’s fame, looked at Lee Se Hoon thoroughly.

“… … What?”

I witnessed the flow of ore moving more purely than anyone else.

* * *


Seeing Michael staring at him, Sehun Lee laughed at him inside.

A strange shimmer in both eyes. Perhaps he was using the skill to see if he was doing anything wrong.

‘Well, that’s enough.’

A cadet, who had nothing special on paper, is suddenly using an extraordinary level of alchemy.

It would be an unbelievable sight for the experts who are leading the alchemy smelting method in the blacksmith industry.

‘But there is no reason for me to understand.’

Michael and Hans seem to regard alchemy as a more advanced smelting method using alchemy and magic, but Sehun Lee had a different idea.

Alchemy smelting is a technique created to smelt weapons using only magic power in situations where normal smelting is impossible.

Therefore, the path pursued by the alchemy method was completely different from the general method of smelting.

‘Alchemy smelting is to unfold the life of the ore.’

The structure itself is different from the general smelting method that kills ores and makes the life of a blacksmith reside.

However, they do not understand it and are using the alchemical smelting method like the general smelting method, so they are simply boasting that they have a lot of magical power.


All impurities contained in the ore are separated through resonance, and a scarlet liquid flows with the prominence.

The life of the two ores, the light core, was created in the hands of Sehun Lee.

“Whew… … .”

Resonance in alchemy is all about finding and separating the root of this ore core.

However, Hans tried to reshape the photonuclear into the shape he wanted, and as a result, not only was it mixed with impurities, but the time was also different.

“ね… … .”

Hans looked at this side and bit his lip to stare at his magic circle. Since the opponent he was looking down on had passed him, he was probably feeling quite impatient.

‘It’s still dirty, but the impurities are increasing.’

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make weapons, but it becomes a potential bomb because it is mixed with impurities and the durability is lowered, and there is a possibility that the elemental magic will run out.

That was the biggest danger of the Alchemy Refining Act, and it was also one of the misfortunes of one of the three dogs, the ‘bow dog’ Louise Valente.

‘I didn’t have money when I went to Babel… … They say that if you do some chores, a bastard named Barmut will make arms for you at a low price. So I worked for a few months and he sold me a bomb.’

Before the return, the three dogs had always insisted that they were crooked like this because they had suffered a lot of injustice in the past.

Of course, Lee Se-hun couldn’t know whether that was true or not, and he didn’t want to know at the time, but this time it’s different.

‘If you want to defeat the Six Demon Gods easily, you need their strength no matter what. It would be nice to make it a little easier to convince.’

This time, either physically or mentally, the dogs are slaughtered and led to the front line.

And the first step is to thoroughly trample Hans Barmut, the quack blacksmith who left the gangster Louise Valente with aftereffects.

‘Shall we go?’

When making a light core into a weapon, it should contain only the minimum intention to avoid damage.

And the minimum intention here is the characteristics of the target who will use this weapon.

‘And the suitable yangban here… … .’

Lee Se-hoon, who glanced at Ryu Eun-ha, the red-haired woman who looked indifferently from the front, took a deep breath.

And I looked at Hans who was moaning next to me.

“Look carefully.”

The life of the photonuclear gathered in his hand began to bloom.


The red flame, which rotates in a circle, gradually draws an oval shape, taking shape according to Sehun Lee’s will.

The basic shape is a sheath because it is necessary to assist with the five colors. But if it’s a simple sheath, there’s no way the head of the department would like that, let alone the chief.

Taking various factors into consideration, the red flames became more vivid in Lee Se-hoon’s grasp, and the scarlet light core slowly flows into it.

woo woo-

There is neither the splendor of dozens of magic circles, nor the magnificence of the shimmering brilliance of the mixed ores.

The silently burning prominence and the photonucleus flowing within it. A new life was created at the fingertips of Lee Se-hoon.

‘Process complete.’


A huge pulsation struck the entire testing area.

[Unarmed ‘Hwajeokcho’ is complete!]

[The most important thing in using any technology is to figure out the intent behind it!

Although the quality of the magical power and materials used is inferior, the skill of the blacksmith who newly created the life of the ore will not be lacking even if it is called first-class.]

[As a result of the judgment, the grade of ‘Hwajeokcho’ is ‘rare’]

[The attribute magic ‘Red Flame (F)’ has bloomed.]

The settlement window that pops up in front of my eyes.

However, Sehun Lee looked at his right hand, which was holding the scabbard of the newly made five-color flower sword, the hwajeokcho.


Magical energy that burns gently like the flame that was used up until recently.

Seeing that familiar attribute of magical power, Sehun Lee immediately looked at the information.

[Red flame] 『F』

Fire attribute magic reminiscent of crimson flames.

It has specialized properties for melting metals into liquids.

‘Hey… … It’s been a while.’

before return. Fire attribute magic that first blossomed during the days of the apprentice blacksmith and was treated every day.

I learned it later than others, so I was excited to use it every day, but this time, the red dye was the first to bloom.

‘Right now, the redness is not bad either.’

Compared to the ‘Creation Flame Fire’ used before the return, it is nothing but a match fire, but in the present state, it will be unavoidable.

Determined to restore his skills step by step in the future, Sehun Lee looked at the completed weapon.

[Hwajeokcho Fire積鞘]

[Rating: Rare] [Quality: Lowest]

A sheath filled with fire elemental magic.

The core of the ore used as a material is kept intact and amplifies the power of fire elemental magic.

The flame can be stored inside, and its flow can be maximized to exert enormous power. An item that stands out with the idea of a blacksmith who created it.

*Saves and amplifies fire attribute magic.

*You can use the skill ‘Night Fire No Fire’.

‘Hmm. Even though the Integrity Stone was applied.’

The materials used this time simply contained fire-property magic, but the finished Hwajeokcho was endowed with the property of ‘Hwahamcheol’ to store flames.

Perhaps the effect naturally melted into the weapon while using the edge engraving during the production process.

‘Then the real use becomes infinite.’

I think it might be possible to reproduce the weapons made before the return earlier, and make it even better than that.

When all kinds of creative desires are boiling as a blacksmith.


Something was cut off from the right arm that used the edge engraving.

[All of the engraving ‘Hwa-Ham’ has been exhausted.]

A notification window notifying that the Hwahamcheol mounted on the right arm has disappeared. Sehun Lee put on a sad expression on the contents.

‘Lv.1 doesn’t seem to last that long.’

Still, it’s better than not writing at all, so it’s not bad. With the satisfactory result, Sehun Lee looked at Hans, who was still transforming.

“Ugh… … .”

When he saw the weapon he had made, Hans was devastated. He seemed to have properly recognized the gap as to whether he had no skills at all.

‘This seems to have figured out the topic.’

Seeing that, Se-hun Lee smiled and waited patiently for the rest of the time to pass.

“Exam is over!”

Kim In-cheol’s voice signaled the end of the additional test.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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