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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 15

15 episodes

“Uhhh… … .”

Sehun Lee, drooping over the fatigue felt all over his body, looked at the results he had created.

Four marble bracelets on a workbench. The quality was the same for all of them, and the desired performance was also perfectly expressed.

‘The compatibility between magic and Mukjungam was better than I thought.’

The production process was shortened by more than half, and the effect was expressed more than previously planned. But above all else, there was something else that made Lee Se-hoon satisfied.

woo woo-

A faint resonance caused by the rosary rings placed together.

Although there was only a slight flutter of magic power without any special effect, this resonance had a great meaning in the production of weapons.

This is because if you improve a few things here, you can create a so-called ‘set effect’ in which the arms create a synergistic effect with each other.

‘There is a way I can do it with my body right now… … Shall we wait a little longer?’

Still, the effect of the rosary ring is stronger than I thought, so it is burdensome, but if you add the set effect to it, it may become difficult for your body to handle it now.

When Lee Se-hoon decides to put it off until after his physical ability has improved to a certain extent or an appropriate solution comes to mind.

“… … Resonance?”

Ryu Eun-ha, who discovered the resonance phenomenon of the Rosary Hwan, widened her eyes and muttered.

“Yes. It’s not that strong, but if you do it right, you can try the set effect.

“… … .”

Unlike Lee Se-hoon, who talks casually, Ryu Eun-ha looked at Rosary Hwan with unbelievable eyes.

For the resonance to occur between weapons, materials and crafting techniques must have commonalities, and the level of perfection must be equal.

So, the blacksmith’s skills had to be organized without ups and downs, but Lee Se-hun has already spread it out with four regression-grade weapons.

“Well… … .”

It feels as if you’ve heard that the chocolate you’ve been trying to save tastes better if you eat it in one bite.

Ryu Eun-ha, who was staring at Rosary Hwan, closed her eyes tightly and calmed her mind, then brought what she had received from Se-hun Lee to her lips.


A piece of mold that crumbles like a cookie in Ryu’s mouth.

Ryu Eun-ha, who even makes a squeaking noise, was so pity that she handed it over to her mouth, but she ate it like that to satisfy her hunger.


Every time she eats a piece of the mold, Ryu Eun-ha’s red hair glows very faintly, and the flames flutter like fluttering waves.

Sehun Lee looked at him with a nostalgic expression on his face, like the flames of a brazier.

‘Long time no see.’

The body reaction by Ryu Eun-ha’s unique skill ‘Dragon Soul Forge’.

As the power of the devoured weapon was digested, it was expressed externally, but compared to the sight he had seen before returning, it was comparable to a match.

‘At that time, hair was not a joke either.’

When Se-Hoon Lee, who recalled the memories before the return, had a bitter expression on his face. Ryu Eun-ha, noticing the gaze, made eye contact and coughed in vain.

“Hmmm. It made a little bit of a fuss. sorry.”

“no. You’re suffering because of me, and I’m sorry that I can’t even give you proper weapons.”

According to what I heard directly before returning, Eunha Ryu said that the effects and flavors of the weapon become richer and deeper depending on the material and grade of the weapon.

So, a roughly crafted mold piece will probably taste nothing but shavings of flour sprinkled with salt. Ryu Eun-ha shook her head at Lee Se-hoon’s shy look.

“it’s okay. It’s also pretty edible.”

“Is it?”

“Yes. Let’s compare… … It feels like fried crumbs.”

Lee Se-hoon gave a puzzled expression to the evaluation that was better than expected.

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No matter how much, how can something that is made roughly like a mold taste like that? After thinking for a while, Sehun Lee remembered a plausible reason.

‘I guess it’s because it’s become a habit to make it for Ryu Eun-ha.’

Just as each person has their own taste, Ryu Eun-ha also had a favorite ‘taste’ of armour.

Of course, he couldn’t fit it perfectly because he couldn’t feel it, but after listening to the evaluation and adjusting it, he was able to match it to some extent.

‘I don’t know if this might make it easier to raise the relationship level than I thought.’

Sehun Lee replied with a small smile at the unexpected income.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Of course, it’s a little sad that we eat with such things in front of us, but… … Oh, come to think of it, when are you planning to dispose of the five colors and hwajeok plants?”

Ryu Eun-ha, who is greedy with her eyes shining, seems to have thought that she should eat more when she saw the rosary ring. Seeing this, Sehun Lee talked about his thoughts frankly.

“I have no intention of selling it now.”

“Yes? If the price is not enough… … .”

“no. Rather, I want to set it aside for class.”

Most of the classes use a separate weapon for practice, but in some practical classes, such as a monster subjugation class, you use your own equipment.

Even if it is possible to participate in such a class, he intends to leave the five colors and hwajeok plants that are compatible with him.

‘and… … It’s still a little bit.’

He said he would not dwell on the past, but it was still a bad memory, so he hesitated to feed Ryu Eun-ha with a properly made weapon.

It shouldn’t be like this forever, but right now, the relationship has been established, so you can delay it for a little bit.

‘There is a saying that there is no better seasoning than an empty stomach.’

The higher the expectations of Ryu Eun-ha, the higher the relationship level will rise dramatically when they are satisfied.

Of course, if you can’t satisfy it, it will only give you disappointment, but in that case, if you beat the blacksmith, it’ll never happen.

“If that’s the case, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Ryu Eun-ha nodded as if in understanding. Clearly, there is no change in his expression, but the look in his eyes makes me feel regret.

Seeing this, Sehun Lee smiled and added a few words.

“When other equipment is prepared later, I will tell the head of the department first.”

“Hmmm. I look forward to it.”

Ryu Eun-ha nodded satisfactorily, poured the remaining mold pieces into her mouth, and then looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“Is the smelting all over with this?”

“Yes. It’s all over.”

“Then let’s go now. You don’t have to worry about the cleanup as the staff will come and do it.”

“That’s fortunate. I didn’t even have the strength to clean it.”

At the academy I attended before returning, I had to do each of these myself one by one, but I can feel the merits in the trivial parts.

The moment Lee Se-hoon, who had the rosary wreath and all the ingredients, was about to get up from his seat satisfactorily.


Sudden half-turn vision with vertigo.

A symptom of exhaustion that appears when stamina and mana run out. Even before the return, symptoms that he had experienced while hammering appeared.

‘Is that too much?’

It seemed like he said he was controlling himself, but it seems he was barely holding on with the tension. The moment I thought it would hurt a little if I fell like this.


Hands that support your back before you even lean.

Ryu Eun-ha, who caught herself as she fell as she naturally turned her head, looked down with a worried expression.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes. It seems like there was a slight mistake in the distribution of stamina. It’s just mild vertigo.”

Lee Se-hoon did not have any special feelings because he had been through such exhaustion symptoms, but it was different from Ryu Eun-ha’s point of view.

“… … .”

Squeezing to the limit, trembling body and rough breathing. If the symptoms of exhaustion come to this level, it wouldn’t be strange if all the bones were sore, but he didn’t even show any signs of pain.

Rather than being strong, Ryu Eun-ha looked at her with a sense of insensitivity and raised her body.

“It’s good to work hard, but don’t overdo it. When you return today, please rest well.”


“You really need to rest. Once hurt, there is no going back.”

“Do not worry.”

“I mean it sincerely.”

“… … .”

Lee Se-hoon looked at Ryu Eun-ha, who continued to pay attention even though she knew it, with a slightly puzzled expression.

‘What did I eat wrong?’

Why did the person who used to be so docile before returning home to make some delicious armaments has changed so much?

Se-hun Lee, who was looking at Ryu Eun-ha, suddenly wanting to go there, quickly realized the cause.

‘ah. It’s because it’s a cadet.’

When we met before returning, we were working as a blacksmith. At that time, I came here as a customer, so my attitude as the head of the department is bound to be different.

‘There is nothing worse than hurting a promising prospect who was discovered with a lot of effort.’

In one way or another, things have changed a lot since before the return.

Lee Se-hoon smiled involuntarily, and Ryu Eun-ha’s eyes narrowed in response.

“It seems you didn’t take me seriously.”

“no. That’s… … .”

“It’s done. I’ll escort you to your accommodation, so please lean back.”

He said that he could walk alone because he had regained some strength, but Ryu eunha flatly refused and continued to support him.

After that, the two of them came out of the main building together. Ryu Eun-ha looked at her body.

“This is enough… … .”

It seems to be just right for one jump. After completing the calculation, Ryu Eun-ha looked at Lee Se-hoon as it was.

“Do you have acrophobia?”

“No… … Ugh?!”

Before hearing all the answers, Ryu Eun-ha put her hand on Lee Se-hoon’s forehead and lifted it up.

Se-hun Lee, who was suddenly hung from his neck, gave a bizarre expression, and the tip of Ryu Eun-ha’s red hair was burning with scarlet.


Goo Woo Woong.

A heavy driving sound echoes inside Ryu’s body. And the moment your toes lightly hit the floor.


Their bodies soared high into the sky.

The surrounding landscape changed in the blink of an eye. Sehun Lee, looking down at the panoramic view of Borsippa under the dark night sky, widened his eyes.

‘Did you just say that the formwork was this much?’

There was a creaking sound, so there must not have been any weapons eaten before.

In a word, he ate only a piece of the mold to get this kind of power, but it was more than double the output that Sehun Lee expected.

‘The better the taste, the higher the output seems to be.’

Before returning, I thought it was because my skills improved, but it seems that the taste also had a big impact.

When Sehun Lee is looking down at Borsippa’s district in wonder. Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared at the entrance of the main building of the Smelting Faculty.


I tried to look again just in case, but as it began to fall, it was obscured by other buildings.

Lee Se-hoon recalled the scenery he had just seen, and quickly brushed off his thoughts.

‘Maybe it’s Erica.’

I’ve taken all the barrier composition tests, but why are you chasing me and waiting in front of the main building for hours?

Se-hun Lee, who thought he had seen it wrong, immediately erased the impression from his mind, and Eun-ha Ryu landed in front of the dormitory building.


A soft landing unlike the height of the jump.

The tip of her hair, which had just shone in a scarlet red as if she had just run out of energy, returned to her original state, and Ryu Eun-ha also immediately lowered Lee Se-hoon to the floor.

Then he grabbed Lee Se-hoon’s shoulder again and spoke in a stern voice.

“I said it before, but today I’m completely… … .”

“… … .”

“… … I’m going to rest, so I won’t say any more.”

Ryu Eun-ha cut off her words when she saw Lee Se-hoon’s expression, then released her shoulder and said something else.

“Smelting today. It was great.”

A compliment that brings back old memories. At that, Sehun Lee laughed, hiding his bitterness.

“thank you.”

“Then I’ll just go.”

Ryu Eun-ha, who had said hello, returned, and Lee Se-hun, who came up to his room, roughly washed himself and threw himself on the bed.

“Ugh… … .”

Even though I was lying on a soft bed, my whole body ached.

Why did Ryu Eun-ha leave the fuss like that, but it seems that she overestimated her body too much.

‘Today, I must really rest.’

Leaving himself half-entrusted to the rushing sleepiness, Sehun looked up at the ceiling quietly.

I was tired as if I was going to sleep at any moment, but surprisingly, my mind became clearer after lying down. And what comes to mind in the meantime is the memories before the return.

‘Is it because I met Ryu Eun-ha… … .’

Although he was stuck in the studio all day, Lee Se-hoon knew many things compared to the general public.

In the later years, it was also the backbone of the Humanity Alliance, and among the three dogs, Amir, an intelligent ice dog, bragged about how he looked.

‘But most of the things I’ve heard from him are events after a long time.’

Of course, there are still some cases that are still going on secretly, but it is difficult to respond with only a few pieces of information.

‘What… … For now, let’s start with what’s possible in Babel.’

And now I already decided what to do first. Sehun Lee took out his cell phone and read the news he had been looking for in advance.

[Crisis of cancellation of designation of intangible cultural asset ‘Yeomryun Remnants’. Controversy over lack of qualifications of current Moon-ju.]

[Hwamoon Yeom, “It will be proven through performance soon”. Is there a successor to end the hiatus?]

[A prospect who will take charge of Korea. Who is ‘Seong-Ha Yeom’ in the doorway?]

Unlucky tops that can be seen everywhere. Lee Se-hoon, who was still looking at the young wild dog, smiled involuntarily.

‘Just wait.’

This time around, I’m going to hold on to my discipline very tightly so I don’t do nonsense. With that decision, Sehun Lee closed his eyes.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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