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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 14

14 episodes

The smelting room of the smelting department can be used freely by any cadets, but there are safety rules that must be followed instead.

Most of them were simple rules, such as writing and submitting materials before use or recording usage time.

[Workshop Safety Rules Eighth – When using Hero-grade or higher materials, be sure to proceed with a supervisor.]

Even if a problem occurs during smelting up to rare grade materials, you can respond with safety devices in the workshop, but from hero grade materials, the potential of the materials increases and it becomes difficult.

Therefore, for safety, it was necessary to smelt it with a professor or assistant, but due to the price of the material, there were hardly any requests from new students who had not yet received a budget.

[An application for intermediate smelting has been received from 1st year cadet Sehun Lee. If you would like to be a director, please contact us.]

But today, for the first time in several years, the exception appears.

‘How many minutes are you going to come out this time? … .’

The administration and staff, who sent messages to all the professors in the smelting department, looked at the panel with a curious expression.

Among professors, smelting supervision is basically a cumbersome job. In case of an accident that you don’t know when and how it will happen, you have to watch it for hours and hours next to you.

Therefore, assistants under their subordinates are usually more in charge than professors, but the story is different for cadets with high grades and no ‘affiliation’.


“Wow… … He came right away.”

A reply returned less than a minute after sending the message.

Even the person who sent me a reply was Professor Kim In-cheol, the advisor of the smelting department and the most powerful person yet.

“Are you also the head of the department? … .”

The power of those who teach someone, like a professor, comes not only from themselves, but also from the students under them.

In that sense, Se-Hoon Lee, the head of the department produced by the Faculty of Refining for the first time in 12 years, was a cadet that the professors wanted to ignite and recruit.

Tiling! Tiling! Tiling!

As if to prove its popularity, replies began to arrive, and it became faster to count the professors who did not send it.

‘He didn’t send a single line to the Vice Dean, Michael.’

He said that his son was pushed to the car seat and the atmosphere was not good, but it seems that what he said was true. Judging that all the replies had come, the administration department staff looked at the professors who had sent their intention to participate.

‘It would be better to choose randomly this time.’

If there is no professor specifically requested by the cadets, they will be placed in a fixed order to give equal opportunities for recruitment.

But this time, there are many professors who participated, and they are all greedy, so it would be better to select completely randomly.

The moment the administration and staff who made the decision were about to enter the ladder-climbing site.

[The head of the department says he is looking at the intermediate smelting of cadet Lee Se-hoon himself.]


An irrational power came upon the professors.

* * *

“Long time no see. Sehun Lee’s cadet.”

“… … .”

Lee Se-hun, who arrived at the workshop with the ingredients, made an absurd look at Ryu Eun-ha, a woman with red hair, who was waiting for him.

I thought that any one of the professors would come, but I don’t think Ryu Eun-ha would come as the smelting director.

‘Once and now, once it’s plugged in, there’s nothing to hide it… … .’

It’s the beginning of the semester and this year is the first inauguration, so he must be very busy, but seeing that he came as if he had been waiting like this, he seems to be expecting quite a bit of himself.

“You must be busy, but what the hell… … .”

“It wasn’t that busy. And as the head of the department, I need to check the skills of cadet Lee Se-hoon.”

He was just curious about the taste of the armor he made, but Sehun Lee nodded his head saying yes.

“If that’s the case, I’ll have to work hard.”

“Well. If you feel burdened… … .”

Ryu Eun-ha, who said something out of consideration, but could not keep up with the idea that she would call someone else.

Seeing that regret dripping down, Sehun Lee replied with a grin inside.

“No problem. I think it would be better for you to look at it.”

If the infamous ‘gourmet’ watched from the side, most blacksmiths would hate it, but Sehun Lee was okay with it, as it was a common occurrence before his return.

On the contrary, if Ryu Eun-ha watches from the side, there will be moderate tension and concentration will be better.

“… … .”

In response, Ryu Eun-ha looked at her with a slightly surprised expression.

Wouldn’t it be more helpful to watch from the side? For Ryu Eun-ha, who only heard a voice telling her not to even go near the studio, there was no such strange answer.


Ryu Eun-ha, whose expressionless face was slightly relaxed, looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“If there is anything you want to do, do it. As long as I’m by your side, you’ll never get hurt.”

“Then I will trust you.”

If it’s not another professor, but Ryu Eun-ha, she will definitely be able to protect herself perfectly no matter what happens.

‘It’s not going to happen.’

Sehun Lee went to the front of the workbench and took out the ingredients he had brought one by one.

‘Mukjungam’ received from Ludwig and ‘form’ made in advance. After examining the two ingredients, Sehun Lee pondered the production process.

‘First of all, material distribution.’

After estimating how much Mukjungam would be used, Sehun Lee immediately took a water bottle, put it in it, and closed the lid.

A method quite unfamiliar to the general method. Ryu Eun-ha looked at it with surprised eyes.

“Have you dealt with Mukjungam?”

“I just knew how. It’s my first time doing it myself.”

In response to Lee Se-hoon’s calm answer, Ryu Eun-ha put on a mysterious expression.

‘It’s my first time using that method… … .’

There are several methods for distributing Mukjungam, but the ‘blackout process’ was the most difficult method among them.

‘Put Mukjungam in a space where a single point of light does not penetrate and separate it using only magic power… … .’

It’s easy to say, but Mukjungam, immersed in darkness, spreads like water, so it’s virtually ‘reconstructed’ from start to finish.

A very difficult method that may reduce the quality of Mukjungam if a beginner tries it hastily.

Two woong two woong two woong two woong.

However, Sehun Lee casually tapped the barrel with his hand to let the magic flow out, opened the lid and took out the Mukjungam from the inside.

“… … !”

Square Mukjungam precisely cut to the size of a golf ball.

Ryu Eun-ha couldn’t say anything to the shape that looked like there was no error, and Lee Se-hun looked at it as if it was natural.

‘A total of a quarter.’

To be honest, this is a waste, but if you reduce it more than this, you won’t get the performance you want, so there’s nothing you can do about it.

Lee Se-hun, who took the remaining Mukjungam to the side, immediately turned on the fire and then grabbed the ignition stones in his hand and collided them.

Tap tap!

The ignition stones start to heat up by bouncing the fire.

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Normally I would have put it right here, but you need a more usable flame to melt Mukjungam.

‘Red salt.’


Sehun Lee’s fire-property magic, red flame, wrapped around the ignition stone, and then its shape began to change gradually.


A flame that reflects the nature of the prominence and flows like a stream of water following a gesture. Sehun Lee, who was looking inside, immediately put his left hand in and began to retrieve flames of different colors.


Keep picking the flames as if you were separating the whites and yolks from an egg. Then, at some point, the internal balance tilted to one side, and the flame instantly turned green.


Unlike the first time when it was burning fiercely, a flame burning quietly. Ryu Eun-ha asked with an interesting expression.

“It’s an unusual flame.”

“It is a fire called Hoyahwa (濩𡌛fire). Features… … .”

At the hands of Se-Hoon Lee, the Hoya painting is thrown into the hearth, quickly coloring the interior. It looks like a fire that spreads across the field.

Sehun Lee, who confirmed that the entire furnace was burning in green, continued the explanation calmly.

“It has a tendency to maintain the temperature at which it was constructed. It’s a useful spark for applications where temperature control is important.”

However, there was a limitation that it could not produce a temperature above a certain level, but Mukjungam was perfect because the temperature was not so important.

“… … Sehun Lee knows a lot of different techniques.”

Who the hell would think this is the skill of a freshman who entered this year? In the eyes of Ryu Eun-ha full of curiosity, Se-hun Lee brought out the all-round word.

“It’s thanks to the skill.”

“… … okay.”

Thanks to his skills, he eats the railroad tracks, so you won’t have any doubts. Sehun Lee, who was completely surrounded, looked at the Mukjungam rocks that were starting to heat up in the furnace.

woo woo-

Faintly distorted flames around Mukjungam. Seeing that the area gradually widened and the heating stopped, Sehun Lee grabbed the hammer and long chisel that was left next to him.

Kaang! Kaang!

First, in the order in which they entered the furnace, apply the impact through the hammer and chisel.

Then, I wondered if the color of the beaten area would fade a little, and the area that distorted the fire shrunk.

Absorbing flames was reduced to absorb the shocks Lee Se-hoon gave.

‘shall we start.’

Repeating this process is the way to smelt Mukjungam.

Sehun Lee, who had bright eyes, took the position with the least stamina and then began to repeat the task.

Kaang! Kaang!

The smelting of Mukjungam was quite dry.

It continuously heats Mukjungam by hitting it with just the right amount of power and magic power at the moment it is needed. It could be said that it was quite boring, but Ryu Eun-ha couldn’t take her eyes off of it for even a moment.

‘It’s moving like that right in front of the furnace, but there’s no reaction… … .’

Anyone who is not pain-free will react to pain. However, Sehun Lee takes such pain for granted and moves.

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Not talent, but only those who have been slashing themselves in pain for a long time. At that age, what kind of time have you already had?

“… … .”

Recalling the family history of Lee Se-hoon, who was murdered by Ma-in, Ryu Eun-ha looked at the back with heavy eyes.

Refining continued in such a solemn atmosphere, and around the time Lee Se-hun’s body was drenched with sweat and his arms began to tremble.


Mukjungam, which had not changed a single color in the meantime, melted little by little, and the phenomenon of distorting the surroundings disappeared.

It’s been 4 hours since smelting started.

Finally, the shape of Mukjungam began to change.

‘This is the beginning, though.’

If there is any hesitation here, Mukjungam will return to its original form, as well as to its poor quality.

Smelting fails and quality deteriorates? Sehun Lee moved quickly because his stomach was twisted just by imagining it.


With tongs, take one of the containers containing Mukjungam out of the furnace and head to the mold prepared in advance.

Ryu Eun-ha, who saw it from the side, looked at him with surprised eyes.


A crafting method by pouring minerals into a mold engraved with the shape of the object to be manufactured.

It can be made simpler than forging, but there are also disadvantages. Due to the lack of work to adjust the magic arrangement, the durability and performance will decrease.

‘It’s nothing else, but this method with Mukjungam… … .’

There are materials that can be used for casting, but Mukjungam has a particularly bad compatibility.

When Ryu Eun-ha is contemplating whether to dry this or whether to trust it and leave it alone.


Sehun Lee poured Mukjungam into the mold.


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Now I can’t turn back anymore

If there is no hesitation to that extent, it must mean that there is a way. Ryu Eun-ha looked at him with a curious expression.


Lee Se-hun, who was excited, shoved his right hand into the inside of the mold.

“for a moment… … !”

Ryu Eun-ha jumped up in surprise at Lee Se-hoon’s behavior that exceeded her expectations.

I know that Sehun Lee has resistance to flames, but the heated Mukjungam is different from him.

It was because the flame that had absorbed to the limit overflowed and changed its shape, so it boasted an incredible temperature.


As if to prove that fact, smoke rises from the inside of the mold with a vicious sound.

I don’t know about other places, but for the blacksmith, the hand should never be hurt. Ryu Eun-ha, who could no longer be seen, was about to move to get Lee Se-hoon’s right arm out.

woo woo-

Sehun Lee’s magic flowed out first.

The reason that Mukjungam is not suitable for casting is that the character changed in an instant due to the ‘darkness’ inside the mold before the magic circuit is engraved.

So, what is needed to make casting successful is something that can slow the change.


Simply put, it was an adhesive.

The mold supplied with magical power shone pure white, and the enchantment engraved on the surface was immediately activated.

The breakup that broke Robert’s barrier in the School of Shamanism. That power vomits heat and catches Mukjungam, which is about to return to its original state.


As a result, the temperature of Mukjungam, which should have dropped gradually, was fixed at the highest point and, naturally, severe pain was felt in Sehun Lee’s hand.

But even in that situation, Sehun Lee smiled rather. This is because the fact that heat is maintained means that he succeeded in maintaining the characteristics of Mukjungam as he thought it would!

‘Shall we do the rest… … !’

You can’t break your clean hands again.

Recalling the drawing he had drawn in his head, Sehun Lee quickly began to engrave the inside of Mukjungam.

Sehun Lee’s magic powers to build a circuit by digging into the inside of Mukjungam without wasting any waste.


As his presence was about to be erased, Mukjungam tried to absorb the surroundings more violently as if struggling, and the enchantment engraved on the mold was sucked in by the strong attraction.

And the moment when the circuit engraved by Lee Se-hoon and the magic ceremony interlocked as if they had made a promise.


The formwork was shattered and the finished weapon was revealed.

[The armless ‘Rosary Ring’ is complete!]

[In order to break the prejudice, you need an unconventional challenge that does not spare your own body!

Although the potential of the material could not be fully exploited, the skill of the blacksmith who forged new possibilities would not be insufficient to call it first-class.]

[As a result of the judgment, the grade of ‘Rosary Ring’ is ‘Rare’]

[You have acquired the skill ‘Black Spirit (D)’.]

A bracelet engraved with a spider web-like pattern on a matte black like Mukjungam. It looks like it was made properly as well as the grade, but you have to see the performance to know it.

To take a closer look, Sehun Lee raised his right arm.


But what I felt was a strong resistance, as if someone was pulling my arm down.

It is said that the whole body was worn out from the previous smelting, but that alone cannot explain the weight.

Lee Se-hoon, who lit up his eyes, forcibly lifted his right arm and checked the information about Rosary.

[Rosary Ring]

[Grade: Rare] [Quality: Medium]

A bracelet made by smelting Mukjungam.

It has the property of absorbing the wearer’s magic, and the weight increases according to the amount.

* Absorbs and stores the wearer’s magical power.

*You can use the skill ‘Explosion’.

‘… … done.’

A weapon made exactly as it was intended.

When Sehun Lee is looking at the contents with a satisfied smile.


“… … .”

“… … .”

An embarrassing sound came from the side.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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