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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 16

16 episodes

early morning.

The freshmen of the smelting department gathered in the classroom to take the major, glanced at one side.

Lee Se-hoon, with his head on the desk, doesn’t even move. His body was drooping and he thought he might have died, but the cadets muttered to each other.

“Did you not make it right?”

“You must be just tired. I made rare-grade weapons, but can’t you do that?”

“Still, it’s a hero grade material, so I don’t know.”

Intermediate smelting was conducted for the first time among freshmen. As the head of the department tried it, there is no choice but to attract attention.

So, everyone was curious about the finished product, but none of the cadets came up to ask.

It was because Lee Se-hoon’s expression when he entered the classroom was so ugly and it was difficult to talk to him because of the unique atmosphere that he couldn’t think of as the same age.

‘If you touch it now, it will explode unconditionally.’

‘Still, I’m the head of the department, so I have to be careful.’

When you are only looking at your eyes and inferring only in your head. Sehun Lee, who had his head banged on the desk, muttered to himself.

‘I’m going to die… … .’

I thought that it would be okay if I woke up after sleeping because I was young, but I guess I overestimated my body too much.

In a state where there was no pain, Lee Se-hoon could not even give strength properly and was droopy.

‘Still, it was worth rolling this much.’

[Lee Sehun]

Strength – E(68) Durability – E(63)

Power – F(47) Agility – E(52)

Unique Skill: ‘Responsible Weapon’

Attribute Magic: Red Flame (F)

Skills possessed: Master of Fire (C), Black Spirit Knight (D)

He hadn’t even started training yet, but his stats went up by more than 5 on average.

Of course, considering the road ahead, it is like new blood, but compared to the past self, it was a very rapid growth rate.

‘And this is the beginning… … .’

The heavy weight of the rosary ring felt on both wrists and ankles and the magical power being sucked into it.

It seemed that the strength that was not there was lost even more, but Sehun Lee smiled again. This is because the greater the pain, the faster the growth of the body.

‘Before the end of the first year, make sure you have a usable body.’

When Sehun Lee is drooping with his eyes twinkling. The sound of the classroom door opening was heard.

‘Is the professor here?’

The class I will be taking this time is ‘understanding tools’, one of the basic majors.

It was supposed to be a class that showed the characteristics of each tool, but seeing that he was asked to wear a gym uniform, he seemed to move his body to some extent.

‘It would be perfect to test the performance of the rosary ring.’

Sehun Lee raised his head and looked down at the podium, and saw a man who seemed to be the professor in charge.

A man with muscular muscles that makes you wonder if he can scratch his back alone. Lee Se-hoon made a puzzled expression on the body that looked like a weapon.

‘Why is such a yangban in the smelting department?’

In addition to the visible muscles, traces that are closer to a warrior than a blacksmith can be seen throughout the body.

In addition, he seemed to have considerable skills, and it was not surprising that he was a professor at Akalkuf instead of the Faculty of Refining.

When Sehun Lee is looking at him with a curious expression on why such a man is here. The professor standing on the podium opened his mouth.

“This is Ricaros Miles, who will be taking the tool understanding class from today. I will take office this year just like you, so please take care of me in the future.”

clap clap.

At the reaction of the cadets who applauded lightly, the professor, Rikaros, continued the story with a bright smile.

“The introduction seems to be enough, let’s go to the training center for class. Let everyone wake up.”


“Isn’t it a theory class?”

It’s a different situation from what I heard from my seniors, like wearing gym uniforms. The moment when the cadets got up from their seats puzzled.

“The one who arrives late is 20 laps of the track.”

Sadism gleamed in Lycarus’s eyes.


Sehun Lee ran out of the classroom at the same time as the shout.

It was thanks to realizing something unusual and preparing for it, but the other cadets came to their senses and followed after them.

“Suddenly what!”

“I don’t know. Run at once!”

The distance from the main building of the Faculty of Refining to the training center is about 2 km. Although they were technical positions, they all had basic stamina, so they ran out in an instant, but one of them was different.

“Whew… … Whoo… … !”

Even though he reacted first, Se-Hoon Lee falls behind in an instant.

It seemed as if the speed was deliberately slowed down, but of course I didn’t mean to.


An ominous sound from the limbs.

As his nerves loosened from moving his body, the suppressed rosary rings began to absorb magical power at a frightening speed!

Like cotton soaked in water, it absorbs magical power and becomes heavier and heavier. In a state where it was difficult to even walk, let alone run, Lee Sehun twisted the corners of his mouth.

‘Performance once… … I’m sure… … !’

How can you push yourself this much in the middle of a normal run? It’s the way he wanted it, but if it stays like this, he collapses before class is over.

Therefore, Sehun Lee used the other functions of the Rosary Whan.



The magical power stored in the rosary ring was released and permeated into the body, and the body that had been on the verge of collapse was restored to a little bit of vitality.

In a life-threatening situation where it looks like it will fall but does not fall, the body is overused to its limit, and magical power seeps into it to promote growth.

‘very good… … .’

When Sehun Lee is giggling as he casually unfolds a training method that would be terrifying to hear from others. Lycarus looked at him from behind and gave a trembling expression.

‘… … I hope it will be like this.’

I had heard from Professor In-cheol Kim that his physical abilities were on the weak side, but I did not know that the head of the department would be this high.

Lycarus, who did not know about the rosary ring, looked at him with an absurd expression. The two arrived late at the training center.

“Whew… … Whoo… … .”

Sehun Lee arrived 5 minutes later than the other cadets.

This was also confirmed as last place and the cadets were running slowly, otherwise it would have been 10 minutes late.

‘I’m going to die… … .’

Even if the effect of the Rosary Hwan is good, it is very good.

When Sehun Lee is breathing heavily in his body that is already pushed to the limit. A thick hand grabbed her shoulder.

“Twenty laps.”

“… … Yes. going.”

Lee Se-hoon, who quickly regained his breath, started running on the track again, and some of the cadets who watched it laughed lightly.

“My stamina is really low.”

“I know. The battle is going to be absurd.”

Seeing Se-Hoon Lee, who had such a great presence as the head of the department, felt a little closer, and some found it funny.

Yes, cadets like themselves. That fact popped into their minds again.

“now. fist.”

Ricaros, who drew the students’ attention with a light applause, began the class with a loud voice so that Sehun Lee could also hear it.

“Originally, the tool understanding class was a theory-based class to study the structure of weapons, but recently, there was an opinion to change the teaching method due to the ongoing ‘salinity hunting’.”

When Lycaros mentioned ‘salinity hunting’, the cadets murmured. A series of incidents that attack and rob the blacksmith who created a sword with a fire attribute higher than that of a hero.

There have been no deaths yet, but it was a controversial case because the blacksmiths who were victims lost their ‘hands’ along with their swords.

“Even as a blacksmith, basic combat skills are necessary. Of course, there were opinions that were against it because it could be satisfied with a minor, but it was decided that there should be no exceptions because there are things like salt hunting.”

Lycarus looked at the cadets and made a serious expression.

“No matter how much defense you have, in the end, you are the only one who will protect your body. So, through this class, improve your understanding of tools and at the same time find the right technique to protect yourself. Do you understand?”


“great. So, let’s talk about the sword today. There’s a training sword over there… … .”

Ricaros started to teach, and Sehun Lee, who was listening to the story as he walked around the track, made a strange expression.

‘It’s salt hunting… … Then I saw something like that.’

It was a long time ago, so my memory is hazy, but I remembered it relatively well compared to other things.

This is because the hunt for salt before the return ended as an unsolved case without even finding out the identity of the criminal until the very end.

‘The last thing that was stolen was Hwanyeomguido, probably.’

I can’t remember who made it, but I remembered that it was an item of considerable perfection as a legendary-grade weapon.

Lee Se-hun, who had been thinking about salinity hunting, was awakened again by his awareness of his own body.

‘I’ll have to be more careful this time too.’

If you are the head of Babel’s department, even if your skills drop right away, you are regarded as a future craftsman and set him high to a certain extent.

You never know when you might get involved in some kind of accident, so it would be better to be prepared in case of an emergency. With such thoughts in mind, Sehun Lee suddenly looked at the class in progress.

“ruler. It’s possible to run an attack like this.”

Kaga River!

Lycaros simply sheds the sword wielded by the cadet. Lee Se-hoon watched carefully at the frivolous movement.

‘I can handle swords well, but I don’t think it’s my main skill… … what?’

Usually, a person who has mastered a certain skill intensively will be able to see a part of it even if he wields another weapon.

However, only traces of ‘swordsmanship’ were clearly visible in Lycaros’s movements, but the level did not match his own strength, so it felt quite foreign.

‘Hmm. Where have you seen it a lot? … .’

When Sehun Lee, with his eyes narrowed, was running while watching closely the movement of his sword. Recognizing that gaze, Lycarus exclaimed.

“Stop running and come here!”

At that call, Sehun Lee immediately turned and headed forward.

Sehun Lee, whose body is drenched in sweat. It was so messed up that I wondered if it had been so difficult to run, but Lycaros looked at the condition with an unexpected expression on his face.

‘Still, it’s not that bad.’

Even while panting, the body’s center of gravity is not disturbed. Aside from his poor stamina, he seems to know how to use his body properly.

Rikaros looked at it with interest and handed Sehun Lee the training sword he had taken out beforehand.

“Did you hear about the purpose of the class I mentioned earlier?’


“I’ll see if the swordsmanship is right for you, so swing it once.”

Sehun Lee, holding the training sword, reflexively scanned the situation.

‘It’s sloppy.’

It’s not to the point of saying it’s the worst, but it’s at a level where you can’t even say it’s okay with empty words. It was used for training, so there was nothing I could do about it, but I didn’t like it very much.

‘Let’s see. With this balance… … .’

Sehun Lee slightly changed his grip to match the sword, and Ricaros’s eyes narrowed when he saw that.

‘It was just… … .’

The movement was so natural that the other cadets didn’t notice the oddity, but Lycarus immediately noticed the change caused by the gripping method.

This is because Lee Se-hoon’s posture, which had just been loosely released, was captured perfectly like anyone else in an instant.

‘I don’t think I learned swordsmanship separately… … Maybe it’s talent?’

When Lycaros was watching with a strange expression at the dramatic change that he thought he had seen it wrong. Sehun Lee checked his posture.

‘It must be difficult to move properly because of the rosary ring.’

If you recklessly swing your sword here, you will only burn a thousand fire inside because of the slow sword.

‘Hmm. Yeah, let’s try that.’

It’s not a very good technique, but I think it’s plausible at first.

Sehun Lee, who had decided in his head how to move, swung his sword forward, and Ricaros lit up his eyes.

‘Your posture is not bad.’

However, because I had just been running, my strength is too low. It could have been knocked out right away, but the goal was to explore the potential, so Ricaros responded at Lee Se-hoon’s pace.


The swords of the two men collided rather slowly, and the cadets who were watching it chattered with each other.

“It’s really slow. Are you tired of running like that?”

“Still, it looks a little off.”

“If you swing it that slow, I’ll do it that much.”

It looks like Lycaros is adjusting for Lee Se-hoon, who can’t be seen by anyone. However, the person facing the sword had a different opinion.


Unlike the other cadets whose sword was bent in all directions, Sehun Lee’s sword was swung without shaking along the set path.

In order to wield a sword like this, proficient in swordsmanship or an excellent sense of controlling one’s own body was required.

‘There is a reason why I was chosen as the head of the department.’

Right now, my physical ability is low, so I can’t help it properly, but if I take time to grow it, I will become a completely different person.

When Lycarus, who had developed an interest, was swinging his sword face to face with all his heart. The atmosphere between the two of them changed in an instant.

‘this… … .’

Unlike the past, which was well blocked in its own way, it was an open loophole.

It was a mistake in adjusting the stride length, but Lee Se-hoon’s bad habit, which he had seen little by little before, was revealed in conjunction with the limitations of his physical strength.

‘I’m going to have to point this out.’

You may not know it in Dalian, but if you make a mistake like this in real life, your head will be blown away in the blink of an eye.

The moment when Lycaros, who had decided to end the match with this attack, was about to dig into the gap at once.

“… … ?”

Lee Se-hoon’s eyes, which he saw without knowing it.

Lycaros’ thinking accelerated as he looked so calm that he couldn’t even think of a man’s eye pierced through, and his gaze moved toward the tip of Sehun Lee’s sword.

And at the trajectory drawn by the tip of the sword, both eyes of Lycarus were dyed with astonishment.


A sword flew through the air with a sharp sound of iron.

“… … .”

“… … .”

A strange stillness drifts between the cadets.

In it, Lycarus looked down at his hand and found the sword still in his hand.

And remembering what he had done, he put on an unbelievable expression on his face.

‘I… … You didn’t believe me?’

Did you think that he might have missed the sword because he couldn’t stop the one sword of a cadet, not even Akalkuf, nor the technical cadet of Borsippa?

Lycarus stood there with a shocked expression on his face.

‘… … Why did this happen?’

Sehun Lee also looked down at his hand with a shocked expression.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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