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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 106

106 episodes

[Engraving Words] 『B』

A skill that can imprint words on a target.

The effect and duration vary depending on the image used for the spirit, the amount of magic power, and the material of the object.

Imprints that remain without being removed can be reactivated by enchanting them.

* Depending on the target, the duration of the engraving will vary.

*Deactivated engraving can be activated by supplying magic power.

“her… … .”

Se-hun Lee, who looked at the information window of the newly acquired skill ‘Empression’, made an unbelievable expression.

Perfect upward compatibility with the previously used ‘Eon Spirit: Buyeo’. That alone was surprising, but what really surprised Lee Se-hun was the skill’s name.

‘Eonyeong: It’s not an engraving, it’s just an engraving… … .’

Basically, skills that refer to ‘series’ rather than specific skills were rarely acquired.

In other words, it is not often that a skill such as ‘Swordsmanship: Strike Down’ occurs simply by striking the sword.

However, it was only rare, and it was not without it, but one condition was necessary for such a skill to occur.

‘I don’t think he’s really talented.’

If you look at the swordsmanship analogous to the previous one, it is not strange that even if the ability to hit a hit is recognized as a skill, it is not surprising that such a skill arises when there is not enough talent.

In other words, before the return, Sehun Lee mainly used Buyeo, which is one of the application methods of the Word Spirit, but he received the skill ‘Speech Spirit: Buyeo’ as if praised for being great for that alone!

‘By the way, the skill I learned this time is engraving… … It means that I also have a unique method.’

A new word magic devised by Sehun Lee. In fact, the effect is also made in a form that is just right for you to use.

“<Ignite the Fireworks>”


A light spirit shot out in the air created a flame the size of a finger, and when all of its magic power was consumed, it disappeared as it was.

Originally, the magic ended here. However, Lee Se-hoon’s engraving did not disappear completely, and a small trace was passed.

‘Is it the spirit that was shot in front?’

Several letters are superimposed to look like a flame. Seeing the faded appearance, Sehun Lee immediately reached out and breathed great magic into him.


Then the spirit returned to the flame as if it had faded away. Memories of the past naturally popped up in Lee Se-hoon’s head.

‘why… … Why can’t you do this? Even a 7-year-old can do it, so why can’t he do it? Are you doing this on purpose now? Say yes quickly!!!’

‘There have been a few times in my life when I have felt skeptical… … It’s like half of them are teaching you words… … .’

‘Why are you teaching me such advanced operation methods? Anyone who hears it will know that it is easy to follow. Just shut up and listen if you really don’t want to be beaten.’

The teachings of a gangster that led to anger, regret, and euphoria. How much were you hurt by that abusive language back then?

Like my heart, I wanted to repay him by learning the magic of words, but at that time, I didn’t have the talent, so it was the limit to accept it with abusive language in the same way.

‘It feels like a waste to return for the first time… … .’

When Lee Se-hoon is looking at the fireworks in front of him with a proud but regretful feeling.


Louise, who was in the midst of practicing from the back, approached scratching the back of the head.

“How does it go to spread the word, but it’s impossible to get together again. What are you doing?”

Louise made a mysterious expression as if she couldn’t get a sense of it. Lee Se-hoon, who had seen the bully dog before the return, smiled involuntarily.

“… … what. Why are you laughing all of a sudden?”

“ah. Just thinking about the past. I had a friend who said that I had no talent.”

Louise, who was looking at him wondering if he would laugh at himself, made a puzzled expression.

“You have no talent?”

I hate to admit it, but where else is there a guy who has as many talents as this guy? At the question of Louise, who was puzzled, Sehun Lee laughed.

“I have. such a guy.”

The position was reversed from before the return, but that didn’t change anything.

Like a riotous dog that did not stop teaching even after taking a deep breath and pouring out double lust, he teaches Louise with all his heart.

Lee Se-hoon, who had brushed off his old memories, loosened his neck lightly.

“Did you say it is difficult to spread then? So, after that, I hold the image as if people are flocking to hear the rumors… … .”

After that, Sehun Lee taught Louise the magic of words for a few hours, and at sunset he came out of the main building of the Mathu School.

“Something is going faster than usual… … .”

It seems like it’s been a while, but it’s already dinner. Louise, who looked up at the sky with a confused expression, looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“Are you okay? They say they will build a skeleton by tomorrow.”

“ah. No problem. I thought of a good way while practicing.”

Originally, it was planned to be made with an enchantment, so I expected it to take some time, but this time, thanks to the acquisition of engraving, I have more time.

In response to that question, Louise glanced at the time.

“okay? Then what… … Shall we eat together?”

Louise, who is not used to making such an invitation, is making a playful expression on her face. Seeing that, Sehun nodded his head.

“What is it?”

“okay? Then the restaurant you saw before… … .”


A loud cry from far away. Naturally, the two of them turned their heads, and I saw a man running from afar.

“Huh… … Huh… … .”

Her hair was torn from how many times she had been ripped off, and a white gown that was rolled up and hung around her elbow.

The cadet uniform and face were all messed up with magic stone powder as if it had been lying on the floor.

‘Did the workshop even explode… … .’

When Se-Hoon Lee is absurd at the sight of him becoming a huge figure in one day. Leah, who had come right in front of her, spoke while panting.

“sleep… … help… … class… … Whoops!”

Leah coughed as if she was about to run out of breath because of how much she had run. Seeing this, Sehun sighed and put his hand on his back.


Lee Se-hoon’s blood tactics stimulated Leah’s body all over her body and naturally corrected her disturbed breathing.

“Whew… … thanks I think I’m going to live a little… … .”

“So what’s the fuss all of a sudden?”

“ah. okay. I have a request for you regarding the submissions to the contest. Is the time okay?”

“hour? Well, the problem is… … .”


A cold voice interrupted Lee Se-hun’s answer, and Louise looked at her with her eyes narrowed.

“Aren’t you eating?”

The sudden intrusion of Leah looks quite uncomfortable to plant. In response, Sehun Lee put on a puzzled expression.

‘This guy lasts a long time when he’s pissed off.’

I don’t know what the request is, but it would be okay to do it after eating. Sehun Lee, who changed his mind, opened his mouth.

“then… … .”


But this time, a cold voice interrupted the conversation, and Leia, who was looking at Louise, turned her head and asked.

“It motivates me. Are you sure you didn’t lie?”

“It’s not a lie… … .”

“What are you, you keep interrupting people talking to you?”

At the nervous Louise’s question, Leia turned her head again and snorted.

“Can you intervene or I can’t? He’s a funny kid.”

“The funny thing is that you’re on your own right now. He’s getting old and getting his clothes dirty, he’s a spectacle. It’s a spectacle.”

“Then you are a spectacle when you talk about your age. Is it something you’re proud of when you’re swearing at people around you?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

The two men, who were staring at each other, moved in stride, and Sehun Lee, who understood the atmosphere, naturally fell back.

Louise looking down with both eyes glowing blue and Leah looking up with hazy eyes covered with dark circles.

The two of them looked at each other for a long time and spoke in a subdued voice.

“go away.”


A fierce confrontation with neither side backing down. Sehun Lee, who had fallen behind the scene, made a serious expression.

‘Aren’t these two incompatible? … No, if you look at the resemblance of cursing, it seems that there is something that works.’

He is growling because of the current situation, but unexpectedly, if he gets a chance, he might get hit.

When Lee Se-hoon was judging the two people’s compatibility.



Louise and Leia looked at each other and asked.

“You decide which one you want to follow.”

“I believe you will make a wise choice.”

The choice was passed on, but the aftermath of the storm had to be dealt with by himself. Sehun Lee pondered for a moment, then pulled out his cell phone.

“Hmm… … Hmm… … .”

Lee Se-hoon looks at his phone calmly and taps him. Seeing that, Louise frowned and looked back as if frustrated.

“So what are you doing?”


“… … What?”

Leah asked with a bewildered voice at the unexpected answer.

“I’m going to go to the workshop to eat.”

Sehun Lee passed the two and headed to the store where they ordered.


“… … .”

“… … .”

Pizza, chicken, and pasta are all laid out on the desk that has been cleaned up. Louise and Leia, who were sitting opposite each other with the food in between, made strange expressions.

‘How come this… … .’

‘It’s not something… … .’

Isn’t it normal to choose one or the other and say that you can’t?

When the two of them are strangely offended by the feeling of being teased by Sehun Lee.

“Why don’t you both eat?”

Se-hun Lee, who came back after washing his hands, sat in the chair and looked at him curiously. Louise and Leia were trying to say something at that carefree appearance, but they looked at each other.



For fear of overlapping words, the two implicitly decided the order, and Louise spoke first.

“Even though you’ve come all the way here, why do you choose rice as you like?”

“You asked to eat, and he asked to come here, so of course I have to choose the menu. Wouldn’t that be fair?”

“… … .”

Louise’s mouth shut at the strangely convincing answer, and then Leah asked.

“Still, there is usually only one choice… … .”

“Then I will be the bad guy. As soon as they saw each other, the two of you were bickering and fighting each other, so why am I wearing it?”

“… … .”

Leah’s mouth shut quietly, and Lee Se-hun, who was looking at it, clicked his tongue.

“Tttttttt. Anyway, both of them are temperamental… … I’m hungry, so let’s eat first.”

Sehun Lee picks up the pizza and starts eating it as if he has nothing more to say. At that sight, both Louise and Leia’s eyes were distorted at the same time.

‘Just slap that guy… … .’

‘I have no luck even if I say the right thing.’

The two of them, who were staring at Lee Se-hun, suddenly noticed each other’s expressions, and then made a funny expression and avoided their gaze.

And while awkwardly picking up food. Louise looked at Leia first and asked.

“Is that Leah Claudel? When I was in my first year, I was the head of the Borsippa department.”

“Ah, yes. Did you know?”

“I was also enrolled at that time. I’m still in 2nd year because I’m on a leave of absence… … I am Louise Valente.”

Leah frowned for a moment at the awkward introduction of Louise, and then opened her eyes wide as if she remembered something.

“ah. Did you say that Gerwin smashed that wretched bastard?”

“right. But do you know Gerwin?”

“I know. You’re a trash bastard who trusted the family and played chess since 1st grade. They smashed it really well.”

“… … Hmmm.”

When a common topic came up, the atmosphere between the two relaxed slightly, and they exchanged conversations naturally, one or two words at a time.

Lee Se-hoon, who was eating food without a word, smiled lightly.

‘Because empathy is also important.’

Whether it’s anger against someone or a specific topic, if you get one right, you’ll get to know each other quickly when you’re young.

After confirming that the atmosphere was somewhat relaxed, Sehun Lee ate the food with satisfaction.

“Sometimes when you’re having a blast, don’t you really want to beat yourself up?”

“What my juniors say is not cheap. I do too often.”

Louise and Leia poured out their dissatisfaction as if they were waiting.

“Because you don’t explain what you are doing. Anyway, if we’re going to eat together with rice, they’ll make the menu a bit more even. It’s getting really frustrating… … .”

“Ahh. I’m going to do some enchantment the day before, and I’ll say it out loud, but at that time… … .”

Complaints that seem to come up incessantly as if there was a lot of piled up. Sehun Lee coughed in vain at the sight of the two talking to each other excitedly.

“Hmmm. So, what do you want to ask?”

“You are eating. I can not see?”

“I write when I talk about work at a meal.”

“… … .”

Lee Se-hoon narrowed his eyes at the sight of the two longing for themselves as if they were united.

‘I didn’t even know the grace they helped me and I just… … .’

When you’re thinking about what to do with those ungrateful bastards. Louise and Leia exchanged glances and grinned.

“It’s a joke, it’s a joke.”

“It’s okay to play around with something.”

“… … Alright, tell me the gist of it quickly.”

Leah grinned at Lee Se-hoon’s harsh reply and brought something from behind.

“This is it.”

“Hmm… … .”

An object with four rings intersecting each other.

It was similar to the ‘Honcheonui 渾天儀’ that was used as an astronomical instrument in the past, but it was charred and slightly dented.

“Is this what exploded?”

“right. I engraved a newly created enchantment this time, and it exploded right away. There must be something wrong with this thing.”

“Hmm. First of all, I need to know what exactly this is.”

“ah. Wait a minute.”

Leah, who turned back again, rummaged through the cracks and came up with a blueprint.

“This is it.”

A blueprint depicting something similar to the ring you just handed over. There were a lot of parts that were erased or not clearly written down here and there, but just looking at them, it looked unfinished.

‘Produced by Dane Claudel… … Is it Leah’s father?’

Lee Se-hoon read the blueprint that had a story just by looking at it.

‘It is a control device that artificially creates resonance through simple enchantment. A pretty good idea… … Well?’

A tickling sensation in the mind. Sehun Lee squeezed his head in the hazy memory, and a story immediately came to mind.

‘Don’t talk. At the end, the dolls suddenly resonated with each other and their power was amplified… … If Ryu had not arrived on time and destroyed the device, it would have been annihilated.’

Ma Gwang-soo, who participated in the puppeteer’s subjugation before returning, and talked as if complaining. Sehun Lee looked at the blueprint again.

“… … this.”

The puppeteer’s secret weapon was contained within it.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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