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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 107

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After a noisy dinner.

Returning to the dormitory, Se-hun Lee sat at the desk and looked at the two blueprints borrowed from Leah.

“Uh… … .”

The unfinished blueprint left by Dane Claudel, Leah’s father, and the blueprint for the enchantment Leah created this time.

When these two are perfectly combined, the item that Leah will submit to the special student contest is complete.

‘The problem is that it’s too dangerous… … .’

before return. As the casualties caused by the puppeteer became more severe day by day, the Heroes Association publicly declared subjugation and destroyed numerous hiding places and puppets.

And finally, after locating the body. The Heroes Association mobilized all their might to form a subjugation squad.

‘Only 8 S-class heroes, 21 A-class recognized as semi-S-class.’

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None of the top finishers participated because the president at the time judged that there was no need to receive their help.

In fact, it was a force that could not be easily dealt with, no matter how ten evil, but the result was not so overwhelming.

‘S-class death 2 people, retirement 2 people, semi-S-class death 9 people, probably 8 people retired.’

In fact, 4 S-class and 17 semi-S-class were incapacitated, a disastrous result.

Ma Gwang-soo, who participated in the subjugation at the time, cited three reasons for this.

The first is that the president of the association did not seek any help from the top performers due to the wrong decision.

The second is that, despite being defeated, there were five automatic dolls, single numbers comparable to S-class, left by the puppeteer.

And the third one was because of the last device used by the puppeteer, the finished product combining the two blueprints in front of him.

‘The first and second are just disappointing things… … Actually, the third is the real culprit.’

Considering the risk, it would be right not to make it at all, but it wasn’t easy either.

‘If you say no, Leah will react or you will be expelled… … But I can’t convince you by saying you’re a regressor.’

And above all else, it didn’t fit Lee Se-hun’s temper to discard without even thinking about using such a powerful weapon.

‘Ultimately, how do you control this… … .’

With a thought that never came to mind, Sehun Lee looked at the two blueprints again.

‘The user has to handle everything from simple enchantment designation, resonance adjustment, and effect adjustment.’

Just using this is tight, but if you consider the variables that will happen to the target to be applied, some people will not be able to use it properly.

‘Puppets can pass the calculations to other dolls, so in a way, it’s a perfect item.’

Something I think was really made for the puppeteer.

Sehun Lee, who had been revising or redrawing the blueprints for a long time in his head, boldly blew everything away.

‘Let’s think about this later.’

It’s something I’ve only heard about before returning, and the blueprint I have is also incomplete, so there are a lot of things I’m lacking in thinking of a solution.

Se-Hoon Lee, who decided to take care of other things first, put the blueprint aside and took out his submission, materials for making a new weapon for Louise.


A white lotus petal large enough to wrap around a fist.

It was obtained only from the white part of the leaf that was attached to the nucleus of the divine tree, and its performance was quite unique.

[Petals of the Divine Tree]

[Rank: Heroic] [Quality: Medium]

The lotus petals wrapped around the core of the divine tree.

It has the effect of combining the properties of the absorbed magical power with the role of protecting the nucleus and accelerating evolution.

* Combines the properties of the magical power given inside into one.

The effect of merging the various elements given to the lotus petal into one.

The structure was very different from the by-products of the divine tree that had been used before, because this was the part that supported the evolution of the nucleus.

‘That’s why it’s good to use with difficult ingredients.’


An ore whose surroundings are distorted like a haze in a muted color without a single luster. The hero grade material ‘Mukjungam’ that was left after making the Rosary Wreath.

And Sehun Lee, who took out the projection alloy he had used before, closed his eyes to take out the last material.

‘A cunning personality who thoroughly scrutinizes profit and loss, hiding one’s own secrets and trying to reveal the secrets of others. And a heartless temper that doesn’t hesitate to kill blood… … .’

It was only one day on the day of the exchange meeting that we met in person, but as I peered into memories of the past, I was able to understand to some extent what kind of person Erika’s older brother, Ren Inoue, was.


As if to prove his deep understanding, something sticky ran from Sehun Lee’s chin and flowed through his right hand, and then it was made of ore the size of a finger.

Rectangular neat shape in dark black. Sehun Lee looked directly at the information window to see the undistorted appearance as if it had been processed.

[Relationship – Mukheunseok]

[Rating: Advanced] [Quality: Low to Medium]

Undyed ore.

It does not mix well with other ore and can be used as a conductor to connect magical powers.

*It can be used as a magic conductor while its properties are preserved.


It came out better than he expected, in a sense.

After taking out all the ingredients and completing the verification, Sehun Lee began production in earnest.

‘First, from Mukjungam.’

In the past, Mukjungam was smelted by putting it in a furnace and impacting it with a hammer and chisel to accumulate heat little by little, but now there is no need to put in such trouble.


A hammer of extinction that lightly beats Mukjungam with flames wrapped around it.

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Normally, it is normal that no change occurs, but each time the hammer strikes, the Mukjungam is crushed a little and begins to unfold.

‘After all, a craftsman must have good tools.’

Mineral flame, the flame of a dragon blast furnace specialized in melting ore.

That ferocious flame was reproduced through the weapon skill ‘Extinguish’, and the time it took to smelt Mukjungam was shortened at once.

‘If you make a mistake, you just blow away the ingredients.’

Even if the contact time with the flame exceeds even a little, the characteristic itself may disappear. Therefore, Sehun Lee paid attention and made Mukjungam into a thin plate.

“Hmm. The shaping was like this… … .”

After checking the blueprint in his head, Sehun Lee started working on the outermost part.


“<Shape Memory>”


“<Drunk Projection>”

Each time it was struck with the hammer of extinction, the engraving of the Unryeong engraved inward, and after a while, changes began to occur in Mukjungam.


Characters appearing clearly on the surface of Mukjungam.

The engravings were left without being absorbed by Mukjungam, but Lee Se-hun immediately injected magic into it.


Then, some of the magical power absorbed in Mukjungam moved to Eonyeong engraving and activated the function, and Sehun Lee smiled at that.


After that, it was a simple repetition of work.

Beat it with the hammer of Sogwang and engraving Eonryeong engraving inside Mukjungam. After examining the engravings engraved like a magic circuit, Lee Se-hun cut Ren’s mortal stone, the mukheun-seok, with a white dagger.


Mukheun-seok was cut like a wire, and Se-hun Lee placed them all over the engravings in Mukjungam and then lightly tapped them with the hammer of Sokwang.


Mukjungam is neatly adhered to the surface of Mukjungam as if it had been soldered.

After two hours of fighting, Lee Se-hoon, who finished all the preparations, covered Mukjungam with petals of the divine tree for the final finishing touches.

And finally, I refined my image and magic.

“<Characteristic Combination>”

The last engraving of the sage permeated the petals of the divine tree.


The petals of a divine tree that give off a soft glow while wrapped around Mukjungam. Seeing that, Sehun Lee continued to infuse and activate the magic so that the effect of the engraving did not end.

And the moment when the petals of the divine tree shrank little by little and finally cracked.


The petals crumbled like an egg cracked, revealing the finished weapon.

[The weapon ‘Hearty’ is complete!]

[Artistic innocence created by a blacksmith who is not afraid of new challenges! The delicate structure, which has been refined to the limit using the performance of the material, will thrill everyone.]

[As a result of the judgment, the grade of ‘Hati’ is ‘Hero’.]

‘What is the precious… … .’

Se-Hoon Lee kicked his tongue at the contents of the account window that trembled at Yunan and looked at the completed weapon, Hati.

Hati in the form of a choker just like the Barg I made before. Instead of a silver buckle, an X-shaped pattern was closely engraved, but this one looked cleaner.

“Scars won’t be a problem… … What is the next function?”

Sehun Lee, who picked up Hati, looked directly at the information window.


[Rating: Heroic] [Quality: Severe]

A special weapon made for the human ‘Louis Valente’.

You can store the magic inside, and it absorbs and stores all the magic that is out of shape.

The stored magic can be re-supplied to the user or the recipe being prepared.

* Assists in the activation of stored magic and absorbs and stores wasted magic.

*Resupply the stored magic power back into the body or the recipe being prepared.

*You can use the skill ‘Memorize’.

‘It came out just as I thought.’

If the user fails to control the magic and the magic is disturbed and runs away, the surplus magic is absorbed and forcibly stabilized.

And it was a structure that made it possible to try again by supplying a recipe or a user again.

‘Not only does it forcibly stabilize the spell until it goes out properly, but it also returns the magic power.’

A perfect safety device for wizards who are always focused on controlling their magical powers.

After confirming that the intended performance was reproduced, Sehun Lee put Hati down again.

‘Is the next hidden function?’

Sehun Lee, who looked down at Hati, immediately snapped his finger with magic power.

damn it!

A wave of magical power spread out from the tip of her finger, and immediately, patterns appeared all over Hati and responded.


A mask made by unfolding compressed iron armor.

Sehun Lee snapped his finger once more at the appearance of a large X engraved.

damn it!

Then Hati quickly returned to the form of a choker, and Sehun Lee, who saw it, made a satisfied expression.

‘It worked well.’

External intervention function created in case of emergency. If this is the case, if there is a problem with Louise, he will be able to intervene and block it.

‘You can even cover your mouth when you’re babbling.’

When Sehun Lee is satisfied with a well-made function. A sudden thought popped into my head.

‘The fact that a puppeteer is a weapon that has no choice but to pay attention to… … On the other hand, isn’t it a trap that can only be caught at least once?’

A trap that does not appear in the information window and is known only to the creator. Sehun Lee pondered the possibility in his head for a moment.

‘… … Good?’

Unknowingly, he twisted the corners of his lips.


“Today’s class will end here. Everyone worked hard until late at night.”

After finishing the class, the old professor stepped out of the classroom and slowly walked down the hallway.

“oh. Be careful!”

“You did a really good job!”

The cadets passing through the hallway greeted the professor politely, starting with a small bow, whenever they encountered the professor.

voluntary rather than coercive. It means that the professor has a good reputation in this building, and at the same time has a strong influence.

“The freshmen have already been so respectful… … Every year, I have to say, it’s amazing.”

“That’s it. It seems like it would be tiring to accept that every cadet I meet greets me.”

The old professor, Charles Reynolds, smiled softly at the stories of fellow professors who were leaving work together.

“What are you tired of? Thank you for recognizing me.”

“It is wonderful to say that. I am cadets… … Especially when I see stupid people how angry I am… … .”

“I mean that. Babel’s quality is too low these days… … .”

Charles stopped walking as he listened to the stories of his fellow professors who were talking nonsense.

“ah. this… … I’ll go to the lab for a while.”

“Are you missing something?”

“I left one paperwork to bring home. I’ll stop by for a while, so the two of you should go to the store first.”

“Ahh. All right.”

“I’ll be waiting for you, so please come slowly.”

The fellow professors first headed to the household where the evening meeting was scheduled, and Charles, looking at the scene, turned and headed to his laboratory.

The largest interior of the research labs of the Faculty of Elements professors. Charles went to his seat, picked up the papers on the desk, and naturally poured magic into it.


The contents of the paper changed as blue magic passed through the paper.

A photo of the cadets secretly taken from various places in Babel. Next to it was written their daily routine and a brief report, which was quite meaningful.

[The frequency of use is increasing due to the ‘amplification’ phenomenon of the magic purifier. Recruitment feasibility review.]

[The ‘offset’ phenomenon of the magic purifier caused a magic disorder, and failed 2 times. Black market inquiry.]

[Extension of hospitalization period due to ‘offset’ of the magic purifier. Depression and self-harm.]

… … .

The magic purifier, Se-Hoon Lee, writes down the progress of the device he called the magic erosion device and the changes resulting therefrom.

Charles’ hand, who was flipping through the documents while examining the contents one by one, stopped in front of a photo.

“… … .”

Lee Se-hoon carries a plastic bag with food wrapped in it, and Louise and Leia follow them reluctantly. And below it were a few lines of text.

[The ‘assimilation’ phenomenon of the magic purifier completely disappears. It becomes difficult to approach prematurely due to the heightened level of Babel.]

[Confirmed that the slump has improved as the amount of activity has increased compared to before. All plans for the supply of magic purifiers are put on hold.]

[The potential is great, but the interest is too high. Do not approach prematurely.]

“Tt… … .”

Charles clicked his tongue involuntarily at the contents of the document.

There are so many talented people right in front of you, you just have to keep an eye on them. He wanted to kidnap the three of them, especially Louise Valente, right away, but Charles calmed his mind.

‘You have to calm down… … .’

If you try now, you will lose the opportunity forever, and if you wait patiently, the opportunity will come again someday.

Charles, who muttered those thoughts to himself like a spell, then read the explanation below.

[Securing the news of participating in the Ivory Tower’s Special Student Selection Contest. Take appropriate action according to the situation.]

‘I knew you weren’t interested in special students… … It wasn’t.’

Louise, who said that he would confirm him as a special student of the Ivory Tower if he returned to the School of Elements, refused and went to the School of Martial Arts.

How disgruntled was the fact that such a talented person had been taken away by garbage who didn’t even know about magic at that time.

‘If those two come there too… … It would be ok to work a little bigger.’

After examining the plan in his head, Charles went through the documents and harvested the magical energy he had put inside.


Blue powder flying in the air.

After checking that he had returned with normal documents, Charles packed it in his bag and left the lab.

“ah. you worked hard.”

“It’s a lot of trouble.”

He greeted the teaching assistant with a soft smile and headed to the store where his fellow professors were waiting.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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