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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 105

105 episodes

The main building of the Mathu Faculty, which looks like a circular dome.

There were more recovery rooms than other buildings here, because of the nature of the martial arts.

Martial arts usually consumes stamina, and magic consumes magic and mental power.

That is why, even if you make a small mistake, your physical strength, magic power, and mental strength will all run out and you will be exhausted in many cases.

“Heh heh… … .”

“professor. One fell!”

“Then someone who is on the verge of exhaustion moves and rests.”

The Mathu School has many cadets who pass out due to exhaustion during training as well as lectures.

As a result, the break room was so huge that it was made into a single room at all, but it was also used as a place for secret conversations among some cadets.

And among the single rooms, the room is located in the most corner.

“So… … Are you going to participate in the Special Student Selection Contest because of that Leah or something?”

After hearing all of Lee Se-hun’s story, Louise looked at him with a puzzled expression.


At the sight of Lee Se-hoon who nodded his head calmly, Louise crossed his arms and looked at him sternly.

“So why are you telling me that?”

“I think it would be nice if you could help.”

“… … .”

Louise looked at Lee Se-hun’s story without saying a word, and then asked as if his thoughts were cleared up.

“Do you know why I got holes in my neck and hands?”

“They said they were checked because of the special talent contest.”

“Do you know that Professor Charles is a judge there?”

“Of course. It has to do with you, but I don’t know.”

“… … Hmmm.”

Louise, who cleared her expression while coughing a little as to whether the planting had become uncomfortable, pondered for a moment and asked.

“Even so, you don’t have to look at me and ask for help… … This time, I’m going to try stabbing it over there.”

“It’s like that.”

Charles Reynolds, a professor at the School of Elements and a member of Dawn, who tried to disable Louise’s magical powers.

In the meantime, I avoided contact because I could receive warnings, but this time I had a natural reason, so I decided to take a look at Professor Charles, to be more precise, 『Dawning』.

“Are you okay? You said they were dangerous back then.”

“That’s the story of an all-out war. It’s okay if it’s just a little poking.”

Basically, the groups that belonged to the observers were of different degrees, but they valued confidentiality above all else.

Unlike Manmajeon, it is deeply rooted in the human side, so if its identity was discovered, it could collapse at once.

“Then, aren’t you getting slapped from behind?”

“That’s what you do when your opponent is insignificant. Am I doing well these days?”

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Not only Ludwig, but also Ryu Eun-ha, Ma Kwang-soo, and Kassar are not just one or two connected giants.

I don’t know if they’re just going out like Manmajeon, but careful guys like the watcher will never use their hands hastily.

“… … No luck.”

Sehun Lee continued to explain without even pretending to hear about Louise’s disgusted look.

“Anyway, if we accidentally find a criminal and pretend to be a target, we will cut off our tails and run away rather than try to fight over there. Because it is safer and more profitable.”

“Hmm… … It’s plausible.”

“Of course, that doesn’t mean we just stand still. Perhaps there is a countermeasure that Charles can do without his identity being discovered. What I’m trying to do is figure out that ‘limit’.”

The value placed on Louise and herself in 『Dawn』. And the power that Charles has.

If we could figure out just how much it was, we could remove any number of tails that were exposed.

After listening to Sehun Lee’s explanation, Louise pondered for a moment and then nodded.

“great. If that’s the case, then you absolutely have to. What are we going to do?”

Maybe it’s related to revenge, so Louise’s eyes are shining and her motivation is burning. Sehun Lee checked the time.

“Then let’s check our skills after a long time.”

“Why all of a sudden?”

“The special talent contest is an individual competition. So, I’ll make things related to speech magic, and I’ll have you join as a helper.”

If Louise participated separately, it would be difficult to respond to the feats like in Muhakkan, so it was good to be able to stick around as much as possible.

“It’s a skill… … Then come this way.”

Lee Se-hun, who came out of the break room with Louise, followed him.

“It will pass… … .”

“Uh… … .”

They walk carefreely carrying exhausted cadets. Sehun Lee made a strange expression on the face he had been seeing since he came in.

“Even when the grades get higher here, you’re exhausted.”

At first, only the first year students were taken, but when I looked closely, the second and third year students seemed to be bored.

It’s a different scene from other faculties, where the higher the grade, the more polite they pretend to be. Louise, who looked at it, explained with a smile.

“It is the professor’s credo that one exhaustion during practice saves one life during battle. So no matter how many years you roll, die.”

“Hmm… … They know something.”

Sehun Lee, to be more precise, was the master’s theory that the more exhaustion you experience during practice, the more it helps you grow.

It was because he was able to accurately grasp his own limits and grew stronger the more his body was pushed to its limits.

‘If it’s twisted, it’s a harpoon, but… … Since it’s a barbell, he must be in control of that part.’

I hadn’t heard of it before returning to school, so I thought it might be a pretty good place to be.

‘Maybe I just didn’t hear it, but it may have been active in the war against the demon god.’

While seeing the Martial Arts Club again, Sehun Lee is looking around. The two entered the new compartment through the automatic door.


“Magic Control Room. It’s a place I use often these days.”

A pure white hallway that stretches out in a straight line and doors placed at regular intervals on both walls. Among them, Louise went to the door marked as an empty room and took out her cadet ID.

“Take a picture and come in.”


The door opened when I stamped my cadet ID on the terminal, and Lee Se-hun followed, took my cadet ID and went inside.

Ceilings and walls painted in dull gray. And a white floor with a grid pattern painted on it. Louise, who walked into the center, relaxed and looked at him.

“how will we do it. As usual?”

“That would be good.”

“OK. Then set 60%.”


According to Louise’s setting, magic was sucked into the gap in the wall, and after a while, the concentration of magic in the atmosphere was set to 60%.

The air feels a little stiffer than usual. Sehun Lee made an interesting expression in the environment he had not felt in a long time.

‘By the way, this is the first time I’ve run into an environment that lacks mana.’

Since this is a phenomenon that only occurs when special dangerous areas or high-ranking heroes fight for a long time, there is little to experience without separate training.

When Sehun Lee is gradually adjusting to his surroundings. Louise took a breath as if she was used to it, and prepared a magic spell.


A blue magic circle the size of a human head drawn in the air.

The number started to increase one by one, and after a while, a total of 13 magic circles were completed over Louise’s head.

And the moment when all magic circles were filled with magical power and shined.

【Lightning Vortex】

A white flash of light covered my eyes.


Thirteen lines of lightning simultaneously emitted from the magic circle intertwined and swirled around the walls and floor of the training room.

Sehun Lee was slightly admiring the power of the pouring magic magic as if it would completely crush the enemy.

‘I do quite a bit… … .’

As the magic concentration decreases as the concentration of magic power decreases, it is affected in various ways, such as power, activation speed, and control.

However, Louise naturally unfolded the spell magic as if unaffected by it, thanks to the ‘domination’ over the magical powers.

woo woo-

Unlike herself, who maintains the surrounding magic concentration at 60%, Louise maintains it at almost 100%.

Just by making a decision to use magic, the surrounding magical powers ‘assimilate’ to that thought, creating an optimal environment.

‘Before the return, there were a lot of guys who were attacked by a gangster because they didn’t know this.’

This is also because the unique skill ‘Magic Assimilation’ has not yet been awakened, so if it was a dog like this before returning, he would have created all the magic in the training room as his own.

“Whew… … What do you think?”

“It has grown a lot. Is the power greatly maximal?”

“If you give up control, you can increase it a little more, but you might get hurt, so I’m just using it up to this point.”

“Hmm. Control is… … .”

Power can’t have that much of an impact because the user’s image is more important, but it’s not that difficult if it’s to help control.

‘A weapon that aids in the perfection of the rite… … If this is the case, it will work quite well in the special student contest.’

It was something that wizards could not help but be interested in, not to mention the 『Dawn』 who was completely crazy about magic.

Sehun Lee, who had a certain amount of strands, smiled as he organized the blueprint in his head.

“Looks like it’s pretty much settled. I’ll make a skeleton and bring it to you tomorrow.”

“… … So is this the end?”

“right? Why do you have more to show me?”

Louise flinched slightly at Lee Se-hoon’s question, then grunted in response.

“It’s not… … I’ve only seen it once, so I’m wondering if it’s right to be so sure.”

“Once you see it all, it remains. who am i The cloth of undisputed money that appeared in the smelting department… … .”

“Oh, okay. If you’ve seen it all, just go.”

Louise grabs Sehun Lee’s shoulder and pushes it toward the door of the training room. In response to that harsh reaction, Sehun Lee made an absurd expression on his face.

‘I thought I was worried, so I pretended to be good-looking… … ttt.’

I don’t know why my emotions fluctuate like this, like the gangsters of the past. When Lee Se-hoon, with his tongue in his mouth, is pushed straight towards the entrance.


I paused, thinking of something.

“Wait a minute. I remembered what I was going to do.”


“Let’s use some word magic too.”

Unlike before the return, it was confirmed that he had the talent for magic magic, so it is necessary to check to what extent it is.

The concentration of magic power can be adjusted and it was just right, so Sehun Lee immediately turned Louise’s body and grabbed his shoulder and pushed him back into the center of the training room.

“Now that I’ve been thinking about it, I’ll take a look at the word magic. Looking at it earlier, I thought it would be okay to learn a new application method.”

“… … Hmmm. I was going to go back and rest, but it annoys people.”

A behind-the-scenes look that looks excited while pretending not to like it. In response, Sehun Lee narrowed his eyes.

‘Are you sure you got a vase like before you returned?’

It looks like he’s in a very bad state as his emotions change and come and go as if he turned his palms over like a dog.

Promising to catch up on the next day and have an in-depth conversation, Sehun Lee put Louise behind and stepped forward.

“Let’s see… … First, with the 30% setting.”


The concentration of magical power in the training room fell in half in an instant.

Louise had a trembling expression on the barren magic concentration that looked like dry land.

“Can you really do it here?”

Up to 60%, even a little bit of consciousness gathered magic, but when it dropped to 30%, the magic was hardly gathered.

When Louise wondered how the hell he was going to use the Spirit Magic here. Sehun Lee shrugged.

“It may fail. I just want to see how far it can go.”

An environment that would have been absolutely impossible for you before your return. Se-Hoon Lee, who decided to check by increasing the concentration of magic every time he failed, refined the magic in his mouth.

And before capturing the image. I recalled the advice I had given to the gangster again.

‘I’ve said it many times, but it’s not difficult. I’m just imagining how rumors spread. Then like this… … No, why can’t you?

An applied technique that I barely learned while grinding a few teeth of a gangster, but I could not use it properly in practice.

Recalling the teachings of that time, Sehun Lee put the image inside the magic.

“<Speech Spread>”

A wave of words struck the entire training room.


A strange echo inside the training room. At the same time, a small amount of magical powers fluctuated at the same time, creating a flow that connected in front of Sehun Lee.

“This… … .”

Just like those who gather after hearing rumors floating around the world, the few magical powers of the training room gather in front of Sehun Lee.

To that huge inflated magical power, Sehun Lee was given the magic spell that he had prepared in succession.


A huge lightning bolt shot out in front of Sehun Lee.


Blue lightning strikes the walls of the training room as it is.

The momentary firepower seemed to be stronger than her own, and Louise had a blank expression on her face.

[Skill ‘Spirit: Buyeo (C)’ has been upgraded to skill ‘Engraving Spirit (B)’.]

“… … You have talent.”

Sehun Lee muttered with a confused expression.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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