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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 104

104 episodes

Classroom of ancient enchantment science.

Sehun Lee and Leah, who were sitting side by side at one desk, looked at the other side with tense expressions.

“… … .”

Rebecca looks at the blueprint without a word while wearing a monocle in one eye. After a while, the mouth slowly opened.

“really… … It’s an enchantment that creates swordsmanship… … .”

Even though I suppressed my emotions as much as possible, my voice is faintly trembling.

The blueprint held in her hand, the enchantment that created the sword, Rebecca was shocked beyond admiration.

‘I was told they were doing strange things in the common studio, so I did something… … I wonder if I was making an enchantment like this… … .’

Enchantment completed by stacking 3 layers of magic, each divided into 10 pieces.

The shape alone was great, but what surprised Rebecca the most was the organic connection structure created in the 30 pieces.

‘The connection structure of each piece changes according to the characteristics of the enchanted object, and as a result, the magic power is compressed to the optimum efficiency.’

An enchantment that changes the structure of a spell so that if you inject more than a certain amount of magic power, it will unconditionally create a sword.

Because the work process was so complicated, its versatility was a little low, but it was great just to have such a complicated method.

‘If you increase the connection pattern a little more, the compatibility rate will increase enough to be recognized as a mass-produced enchantment. In other words… … .’

Her granddaughter will succeed in the great work of mass-producing swords that no one else has been able to do.

Rebecca, who confirmed this, calmed her trembling heart and looked at Leah.

“Are you really the one who made this enchantment recipe?”

“… … Who else would make something like this?”

Leah speaks confidently and nervously.

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Normally, she would have been embarrassed not to be embarrassed, but this time, Rebecca had no choice but to nod her head.

“It is so.”

Aside from the enchantment skills, the perspective itself is different.

An enchantment that he would never have been able to create. Rebecca, feeling Leah’s talent again, asked, returning the blueprint.

“So, what do you want to say?”

“It was very difficult to come up with this… … I think this is enough evidence that the slump has been resolved. So… … .”

Leah, who was watching Rebecca’s eyes, spoke carefully.

“There were no bets related to the Special Student Selection Contest… … .”


Rebecca responds in a succinct way as if there is no need to worry. Leah’s eyebrows twitched at the sight, and then spoke with a smile.

“Don’t say it too succinctly, think a little… … .”

“You mean I said it without thinking?”

“I don’t mean that, I just want you to think about it more carefully.”

“Be careful… … .”

Rebecca, who closed her eyes gently, thought about it for about three seconds, then opened her eyes again and answered.


“… … What can’t be done?!”


Leah got up from her seat and slammed the desk down with both palms and shouted.

“It’s nothing else, it’s a sword! With a little help from a junior next to me, it was possible to mass-produce it, one of the major causes of the armament industry! But how do you compare that to the special talent contest?”

“… … .”

“In the first place, it was meant to test my talents to the limit! You just did a good job because you crossed the limit, you just have to let it go! But why not?”


Leah pounding on the desk as if she was going crazy in frustration. Rebecca looked at him quietly and nodded.

“Certainly, that is also true.”

“then… … .”

“But a promise is a promise.”

Rebecca, who looked at Leia with unshakable eyes, energized the subspace ring on the index finger of her left hand and pulled out an object.


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Neatly coated paper. Sehun Lee, who was sitting silently on a piece of paper that seemed important at first glance, glanced at the contents.


I, Leah Claudel, swear that if I am not selected as a 3rd year special student in this ivory tower special student contest, I will drop out of Babel without making any excuses and return to my hometown.

‘Is it an oath? … It hurts my head.’

An item that is made by applying a curse, and it imposes restrictions if the promise is not kept.

Of course, it was not powerful enough to force actions, but it was at a level that could not be ignored because it affected detailed actions such as magic control.

“You wrote it yourself here. If I am not selected as a special student, I will return to my hometown without making any excuses.”

“So few, but that’s not the context!”

“It’s the context… … .”

Rebecca asked calmly at Leah’s story.

“Then we can change the promise we made when we entered Babel depending on the context.”

“That, that… … .”

Leah, who had reacted violently, was speechless for the first time, and her hands that were beating the desk were clenched and trembling.

And after wanting to lick his lips for a while, he contorted his eyes and shouted.

“I don’t know either!!”


Leah runs out of the classroom as if she can’t take it any longer. Rebecca looked at her back and sighed.

“ha… … .”

What would have been a normal joy at any other time, how did it happen? Rebecca, who had her fluttering hair and caressing her eyes, looked ahead.

“Aren’t you going after me?”

“I must say, it must not be a barbell. What?”

Running away from Babel is in a sense Rebecca’s will, so there’s no way.

Rebecca put on a slightly perplexed expression at Lee Se-hoon’s sullen answer.

‘I’ve felt it before… … Some kind of weird kid.’

The fact that we are preparing for the mass production of swordsmanship together, and that he took Leia out of a slump to make such an enchantment, it is not unusual no matter how you look at it.

When Rebecca is looking complicatedly at her grateful but resentful behavior.

“There is one thing I would like to ask you.”

Sehun Lee asked with a curious expression.

“Are you going to send Leah back to her hometown because she’s so talented?”

“… … .”

Rebecca’s eyes widened at the unexpected question, and after thinking for a while on how to answer her, she sighed.

“Are you that hot?”

“I recently realized that living too good is tiring.”

Getting global attention is the same as getting attention from Manma War, so family members and anyone who has ever worked as a hero have no choice but to worry.

‘There seems to be more to this than that.’

When looking at the data that Binggyeon had previously accumulated through Monghwangyudo. Sehun Lee also found information related to Leah.

[Lea Claudel, president of the Galaxy Company. Among the ten evils, there is a relationship with the puppeteer and Eunwon. Details need to be confirmed.]

Leah suddenly disappeared one day before returning.

At that time, it was assumed that it was a common assassination of Manmajeon, but if the information obtained from Monghwangyudo was true, a new guess was possible.

‘If Leah’s reason for clinging to the enchantment was to take revenge on the puppeteer… … .’

To some extent, Rebecca’s desire to send Leah back to her hometown explains why she’s so nervous now.

When Sehun Lee is somewhat certain. Rebecca pondered for a moment and asked seriously.

“Student Lee Se-hoon. Can’t you convince Leah?”

“Hmm… … .”

“I am not trying to prevent the mass production of swordsmanship or anything like that. just… … Until Leah can be self-reliant, until then, I want to keep it hidden and protect it.”

A voice that feels as deep as fear.

Sehun Lee pondered for a moment at Rebecca’s impatient appearance, then shook his head.

“I want to respect Leah’s will.”

“… … okay.”

Rebecca, who muttered bitterly as if she had expected it to some extent, looked at her with more calm eyes.

“Until there, I won’t stop. But if you want to help Leah break her promise… … I will not stand still.”

“I will respect that. then… … .”

Sehun Lee, who took the blueprint that Leah had left, nodded and went out of the classroom, and Rebecca, who was left alone, leaned back on her chair and closed her eyes.

And in a voice full of fear and longing, he mumbled very softly.

“Raina… … .”


“Where are you bringing the story from a long time ago? And my grandmother said she would send it back because she had no talent, but I never said that before!!”

Puck puck!

Leah is lying on the bed as if she is despondent and is about to die, pounding the mattress with her fists.

Sehun Lee, who sat on the chair and looked at him, made an absurd expression.

“Then you should have said that right away.”

“… … I don’t know!!”

Puck puck!

Leah beats up only the mattress she loves. Seeing that, Sehun shook his head and looked around.

‘I thought it would be dirty because it was a workshop… … It’s cleaner than I thought.’

A small house adjacent to Borsifa’s shopping street.

The house made for home use was converted into a workshop, and it was cleaner than Sehun Lee thought.

On the desk, various blueprints and books were piled up like a mountain, but there was space for the arms to be raised, and the floor was littered with all sorts of clutter, but there was still space to walk.

‘It’s messy, but… … I have a feeling it’s not dirty.’

When Sehun Lee is carefully examining the inside appearance that is different from what he expected. The frame on the table caught my eye.

‘That’s… … .’

A photo of a young man and a small child.

At first glance, it looked like a family photo that Leah had taken when she was young, but Sehun Lee looked at the shoulder of a man who seemed to be his father.

‘It looks like a mother’s hand… … Why did you keep it invisible?’

Was it the only picture like that, or was it that I didn’t want to see it? When Sehun Lee is looking at the picture carefully.

“… … what.”

Leah turned her head and narrowed her eyes.

“Looking at someone else’s room like that… … Aren’t you too rude?”

“Isn’t it a bit disrespectful for the person who invited you to say something like that?”

“You called me to comfort you, not to look around, did you? Even when he ran out earlier, he didn’t follow me right away, so I have no sense.”

“Watch a little drama.”

Leah buried her face in the bed again with a dissatisfied expression in response to Lee Se-hoon’s dull answer, and after a while she quietly opened her mouth.

“There are people who want revenge.”

“… … .”

“My grandmother was afraid of that person, so she tried to hide me at home, but… … I don’t want to hide like that.”

Leah, who grabbed the sheet, spoke in an angry voice.

“Give me your name… … earn money… … I want to get fame and let him know. I am chasing you now.”

“Hmm… … .”

Words fit into Sehun Lee’s mind with Leah’s story.

someone who wants to take revenge. A picture of only the mother cut off. Eunwon relationship with the puppeteer. And the existence of a father I had never heard of before or now.

‘Is that so… … .’

It’s only speculation, but if that’s true, it was understandable that Rebecca would rip Leah out.

What could be more tragic and dangerous than trying to kill the puppeteer, the mother who left after killing her father.

‘Then, before the return, it ultimately failed.’

Leia disappeared and disappeared, and the puppeteer was subjugated by the heroes.

It is unknown exactly what happened, but it must have been the worst ending for Leah in that she could not get revenge.

‘Then what about this… … .’

what you can do Sehun Lee, who had been thinking about him, slowly opened his mouth.

“Then you should be selected as a special student.”

Before returning, Sehun Lee had heard several stories about Leah, but none of them were related to Babel.

In other words, there is a high possibility that he could not overcome the slump before returning, so he dropped out of the special talent contest and dropped out.

‘Then you must not resign this time.’

For revenge, and to walk a different path than before the return, he must remain at Babel this time.

Leah trembled at Lee Se-hoon’s story, then drooped and muttered in a weak voice.

“However… … I’m not motivated… … .”

When I made the enchantment for mass production of swords, my head flashed like that, but now it doesn’t seem like something is clogged up.

At Leah’s lament, which even felt a sense of shame, Sehun Lee asked calmly.

“The special student selection contest. Is there an application period or qualifications?”

“no. If you are from Babel, you can submit a rite or item using magic, or magical power, within the time limit.”

“great. Then I leave too.”

“… … What?”

Leah, who was startled, looked up from the bed and looked at it, and to that, Sehun Lee answered calmly.

“I’m leaving too. Then you won’t be motivated either.”

“no… … What does that have to do with my will?”

“You said confidently last time. I will make you cry and give me a standing ovation.”

A relationship is created by establishing a relationship. On the surface, it may seem like it’s just a relationship with yourself, but there’s one more element.

“Because that means going beyond me… … Wouldn’t that be the case if you got a higher score than me this time?”

A ‘motivation’ that moves a person’s heart, whether positive or negative. That is the relationship between the self and the object that the blacksmith of ties represents.

“… … I am.”

Leah sat down on the bed with a smile at Lee Se-hoon’s story.

“Do you think such a pun like that will simply motivate you? I’m not a three-year-old kid or anything… … what? No, that’s absurd… … that is… … .”

Leah, who had been stuttering with a puzzled expression, immediately trembled with both eyes.

“Such crazy… … !!”


I jumped out of bed and turned over a blueprint on my desk and started talking like crazy.

Leah, who can’t even think of sitting at her desk, starts to draw inspiration while standing haphazardly. Seeing that, Sehun Lee stood up from his chair.

“Simple is… … .”

He shook his head and quietly walked out of the room.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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