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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 103

103 episodes

A common studio created inside the Enchantment Faculty’s main building.

When the cadets are engraving the enchantment technique on their canvases, sharing their opinions with others, and concentrating on their work. There was only one person sitting alone in a corner.

“… … .”

Leah looked at the blank canvas with her arms crossed.

Except for the slowly blinking eyes, there was no movement, and the figure looked as if a stone statue had been brought there.

The cadets of the Enchantment Faculty, who were using the common studio, shuddered at the strange sight.

“How many days has it been now?”

“I think this week has passed.”

“There’s less than a week left until the pre-submission, but it’s a shame to see him in that state.”

I was amazed at being able to stand still like that every day, and I was pathetic about not doing anything like that.

A completely different perspective from the past, when he once looked up to him with respect and jealousy as the head of the department.

If it was Leah before, she wouldn’t have appeared in the common studio because this atmosphere was disturbing.

‘ruined… … .’

Right now, my head is full of other thoughts, so I didn’t even pay attention to the mucus of my eyes.

‘I thought something would work out… … Had I known this would happen, I wouldn’t have touched his sword sword mass production… … !’

In hindsight, it was his own gain that he wanted to conduct the ivory tower special student contest and the mass production of swords at the same time, but there was one excuse for this.

‘Even now, in the submissions… … Wait, if you’re going to stack enchantments on top of each other anyway, if you configure them on both sides to increase the power of magic… … no. From submissions… … right! If white light enchantments collide with each other to refine their magic… … Aaah!!’

In my head, I know that the submissions for the Special Student Contest come first, but my mind only thinks of honing and polishing the enchantment of the mass-produced swordsmanship.

When Leah was staring at the white canvas with her eyes trembling in a situation that could not be resolved.

“Are you white again?”

A worried voice was heard next to him.

He was tall and had blue hair. Howard Grant, a young man who gives a mature yet cool feeling, looked at the canvas in front of Leah.

“If you are having such a hard time, why don’t you discuss it with those around you? The common studio was created with that intention in the first place.”

“… … .”

“If you tell me where you are troubled, I will help. If it’s a special talent contest, there’s nothing wrong with getting advice.”

“… … .”

Howard is talking softly and Leah is still looking at the canvas and blinking her eyes.

The other cadets looked at him fiercely at the sight of not even looking at him, let alone answering.

‘If that’s the case, why the hell did you come to the common studio?’

‘I still know that Ji is the head of the department… … .’

Leah is not very sociable. And Howard, who is the head of Borsippa’s 3rd year department and is proud of the Enchantment Faculty.

It was clear which of the two people favored, and a hostile atmosphere naturally formed.

Howard, who was talking to Leah in that situation, sighed inwardly.

‘Now I’m getting tired of this.’

Except for major classes, Leah, who had always been confined to her workshop, appeared in the common studio and came to visit her, but there was no response, so there was no fun in doing anything.

Howard was contemplating how to touch it, and then opened his mouth slowly with his eyes shining.

“Is it because of that ‘accident’ in the past?”

“… … .”

“It’s all over now. Now focus on your work… … .”

“ha… … .”

A sigh escaped Leah’s mouth. Howard watched with anticipation at his first reaction.

“I haven’t done anything, but I’m hungry.”

Leah grunted dissatisfied, shoved the canvas into a subspace pocket and passed Howard.

The gaze that touched him for a very brief moment. However, it was no different from looking at the surrounding scenery and avoiding the stones on the side of the road.

Beyond being ignored, it wasn’t even recognized properly. Howard’s eyes frowned at that fact.

‘Bad boy… … .’

An attitude as if he had no interest in anything except for enchantments.

It was always unpleasant, but at the same time, the response was also a little satisfying.

‘I thought something had changed because I was hanging out with a guy named Sehun Lee, but it was just the same.’

Maybe it was something related to the enchantment, so we only met a few times. Leah’s essence would still not have changed.

When Howard was relieved.


A young man appeared at the entrance to the studio.

A ferocious impression on the black hair. The cadets in the common studio widened their eyes at the face that they could no longer recognize.

“Lee Se-hun… … ?”

“What is he doing here… … .”

“There were rumors that you were close with Leah. Isn’t that why?”

Everyone looked at the rumors with an interesting expression, and Sehun Lee, who was looking inside, found Leah and called her.



Leah, who did not respond to anyone talking to her, immediately raised her head, found Lee Se-hun, and widened her eyes.

“uh… … Well… … that is… … .”

trembling eyes and a stiff face. Sehun Lee, who looked at him quietly, nodded as if he understood everything.

“Let’s go out and talk. Seniors.”

“… … yes.”

Leah bowed her head and went out with Se-Hoon Lee, and the remaining cadets in the common studio showed interesting expressions.

“what. Do you think we are really close friends?”

“He said he wasn’t joking these days… … Leah, she has good skills.”

“I guess I was tempted to say that I was the head of the department in my old years. Wouldn’t it be the end if all the bottom lines were exposed?”

How long can a straggler stand by the side of a genius? So everyone laughed at Leah and talked.

“… … .”

Howard looked silently at the door they had left.


Sehun Lee, who came to Café Lilac with Leah, ordered a sandwich and drinks and sat down.

“ruler. Let’s hear how much progress has been made.”

“that is… … .”

“Aren’t you trying to say that there was no result after scratching over 800 million won?”

A card that was handed over to Leah to use as a research fund. Meister replenishes me every month through Zangoya Kim In-cheol, but it was not a small amount anyway.

‘Just say no.’

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend as long as you’re not in debt, but you can’t forgive yourself for doing so and not seeing results.

Leah responded quickly to Lee Se-hun’s unusual gaze.

“All right, of course! What are you looking at me for!”

“Then show me. Or let me explain.”

“that… … raya. That should be it… … .”

Leah, who was rolling her eyes and wiggling her hands, took a deep breath and took an object out of her subspace pocket.

A black ore about 30 cm tall. Sehun Lee looked at the information window with an interesting expression in the shape of a short club.


[Rating: Heroic] [Quality: Best]

A fragment of darkness that contains magical power.

The power stored inside can be reproduced, and the number of uses varies depending on the structure.

*The power stored inside can be reproduced.

“When I asked where the money was spent, it was because of this.”

“Because it’s best to experiment with mass-produced enchantments.”

When any technology is premised on mass production, the focus is on versatility so that many people can use it.

In particular, since enchantment is a magic trick, there are many things to consider, such as the nature of the material, the magic circuit of the weapon, and the characteristics of the user.

“If the given spell is activated twice, the compatibility rate is 50%. Was it 70% when triggered three times?”


A verification method that utilizes the characteristics of chalcedony, which is not compatible with other powers and has a lower reuse frequency as it has a unique structure.

Usually, in order to be recognized as a mass-produced enchantment, the compatibility rate had to be at least 70%, so it had to be activated more than three times with the Holy Lambstone.

“So how many times did it trigger?”

“… … once.”

Less than 50% compatibility. In fact, after thinking about it for a while, Lee Se-hun asked about the fact that it could not be used in mass production.

“Did you put the enchantment inside?”

Leah looked into her eyes and nodded, and at that sight, Sehun Lee immediately injected magical power into the interior of the Seongranseok.

woo woo

As Sehun Lee’s magical power melted into the stone, the enchantment technique stored inside was reproduced and started to be activated.


The pure white light that surrounds the outer surface of the chrysanthemum stone.

Unlike the time when the outline was blurred, this time the border was clear, but Lee Se-hoon’s eyes lit up.

‘It’s really Geomgi.’

Since it was a mass production type, the level was much lower compared to the swords created by the heroes themselves, but even if they collided with the swords, they were able to withstand it several times.

An enchantment that can break the absolute opposite of swordsmanship. When Sehun Lee was interested in the technology that was made much earlier than before the return.


The enchantment evaporated and disappeared from the Seongran Stone, and Sehun Lee, who saw it, put it down on the table.

“… … .”

Leah was nervous as if waiting for the referee. Sehun Lee, who had been watching the scene, slowly opened his mouth.

“Well done.”

“I’m sorry… … What?”

Leah, who was about to apologize by bowing her head, came up as if her neck was being plucked and looked at Lee Se-hoon with a puzzled expression.

“What did you just say… … .”

“Well done. The sword is properly made.”

“No, that’s the case, but you only activated it once with the Holy Crimson Stone.”

The purpose is to mass-produce swords, but what does it mean when mass-production is not done? In response to Leah’s question, Sehun Lee made an absurd expression.

“That would be a problem if you were thinking of selling the mass-produced sword ‘Enchant’. The one I asked to make was the mass-produced sword ‘Mugu’.”

The purpose of the enchantment from the beginning is to create a sword. The rest was all he needed to create a blueprint that could be mass-produced.

“ah… … Ugh… … ugh… … .”

It was then that Leah realized what she had made a mistake and her expression changed moment by moment.

The futility of the act of tearing up dozens of blueprints to increase versatility. He lamented over his past self, who had reduced sleep at night and drank coffee like water.

And the anger, resentment, and embarrassment towards that rotten junior who only tells me all this now.

“Then I should have told you before… … .”

“It’s me, I thought I would report once the sword was made. Who would have known that collaborators wouldn’t have this kind of interim report?”

“… … .”

Leah’s mouth shut again at Lee Se-hun’s answer. I wanted to complain about something, but they were all right, so I couldn’t figure it out.

“ah… … Ah… … Ugh… … .”

I couldn’t do this or that, I wondered if Leah would make a strange noise in agony, and then she banged her head on the table.


Leia didn’t even move as if she had fainted.

Lee Se-hoon smiled involuntarily at the sight that felt a lot of weirdness.

‘Who sees that life is ruined.’

There was no need to do it, because if you increase the compatibility rate of the enchantment, it will be easier to make the blueprint.

‘As it is now… … Not bad. It’s a little disappointing, but if the enchantment is improved, I’ll have to modify it gradually according to it.’

It’s a prototype anyway, so there’s no need to try to make it too perfect from scratch. Lee Se-hoon, who had organized his thoughts, looked in front of him.

‘Then the remaining question is this guy.’

Leah still bowed her head and didn’t move. Sehun Lee looked at him without saying a word and returned to his seat with the sandwich and drinks he had ordered.

“Stop worrying and eat a sandwich.”

“… … .”

Leah looked up and looked down at the sandwich with an expression like a deflated balloon.

“… … I’m so relaxed, I have no energy.”


“Feed me.”

“… … .”

I thought for a while whether I should just grab a sandwich and coffee and get up, but it didn’t seem like a joke, so Sehun Lee sighed and took the knife and fork.

“Open your mouth.”

Lee Se-hun, who cut the sandwich into bite-sized pieces, fed it, and Leah slowly chewed it and ate it.

Strange glances were pouring in from those around him, but Sehun Lee did not care and asked Leah.

“So what are you so worried about?”

“… … What worries.”

“There’s no way you can make such a fuss over something extra. Isn’t there something else to worry about?”

To Sehun Lee’s question, Leah swallowed the sandwich she was chewing and answered with a weak voice.

“Did you know it’s a special contest for the ivory tower?”

“I know, you know.”

A contest to select a cadet in the field of magic to be sponsored by the ‘Ivory Tower’, the owner of a 30-story building in Ur.

I couldn’t figure it out because Louise suffered a magic burn after being checked by Gerwin Kruger, who was aiming for this special student position in the past.

“This time I am going to participate, and now I have to submit it in a week… … .”

“You haven’t made one yet?”

“… … right.”

Leah is dying of grass again. Sehun Lee looked at him with a puzzled expression.

‘Can’t we just not participate?’

It should be nice to receive support from the Ivory Tower, but is there any reason why you should receive it unconditionally?

A conversation he had heard before came to mind naturally in Lee Se-hoon’s mind, who felt doubts about it.

‘No matter what you do, I won’t interfere, but don’t forget your promise. Do you understand?’

The story told by Leia’s grandmother, Professor Rebecca, when she was making the dream dream before, referring to the special contest.

Only then did Se-hun Lee, who understood what had happened, looked at Leah.

“What did you promise with Professor Rebecca?”

“that is… … .”

After hesitating for a moment, Leah answered bluntly.

“If I couldn’t be selected as a special student, I decided to drop out.”

“… … resign?”


“… … .”

In response to Leah’s answer, Sehun Lee drank a sip of the lemonade in front of him, and muttered while squinting his eyes at the sour taste.

“I’m tired.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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