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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 102

102 episodes

“Hmm… … .”

Sehun Lee, who was browsing news sites in training clothes, read the screen that popped up on his cell phone.

[Yeomhwamun, announcing a new cooperative system with the Seraphim Guild.]

[Seong-ha Yeom, the youngest teacher in Yeomhwamun, subdue the A-class wanted bounty]

[Lee Won-ryong Moon Ju. ‘With this innovation, a new heyday of Chloridemun will unfold.]

A brief intervening article among the news related to the Chloride Gate.

Ahn Gil-hyeon didn’t get much attention because he wasn’t famous, but Lee Se-hoon thought it was positive just that this news was posted.

‘Because it means that the level of attention has risen to the point where it is impossible to cut all of the hwamun in advance.’

If this happens, Won-ryong Lee will not be able to use the same blatant aim as before. In this state, if you gradually build up your skills and spread your reputation, you will be able to gradually approach the position of the munju.

‘I’ve asked Kassar, so I think he’ll be fine for a while… … I’m a little concerned about this.’

Sehun Lee, who clicked on the article that received the most attention, looked at the contents.

[The Seraphim Guild, which is selected as one of the world’s top 100 guilds and is famous as a sponsor of S-class hero weapon eater Ryu Eun-ha, announced that it will create a new cooperation system with Chromium.

The Seraphim Guild’s Guild Leader Yuriel Oppenheimer said, ‘The Flame Moon has an excellent technology called the Flame Remnant Spear, but the weapon system was not properly established, so it suffered a great loss,’ and reorganized all systems… … .]

The Seraphim Guild announced that they would create a new armed group in support of the Chloride Gate.

Lee Se-hoon, who read the contents, traced his memory.

‘This must have been Eden, perhaps.’

‘Eden’ was operated as a nursery school and a hero nurturing institution.

It is now closed due to financial difficulties and has been reorganized into the Seraphim Guild, but it was once one of the most recognizable institutions in the world.

And there was a person who grew up as a child and became the youngest S-class hero, and that was Ryu Eun-ha.

‘I told you that Yurial Oppenheimer recognized his talent and invested it in him.’

She looks like she’s in her early 30’s despite being in her 50’s with reddish brown hair. Since I am an A-class hero, aging was slow, but maybe it was because of the color of my hair, but Ryu Eun-ha and I looked like family.

‘Actually, there was no such private exchange.’

Yuriel has only invested in Ryu Eun-ha’s talent since she was the chairman of Eden, and Ryu Eun-ha only grew up with that support.

And the clerical relationship ended in about five years from now, without a contract renewal.

‘After that, the seraphim guild disappeared due to financial difficulties… … When I met you, the relationship was completely cut off.’

In short, people who have heard of stories but never met in reality. So, Sehun Lee was concerned about how they would move in the future.

‘If I have a cooperative relationship with Hwa-moon Yeom, it would be quite uncomfortable for me to be close with Eun-ha Ryu.’

A basic response would be to ask him to respect his meeting as a sponsor, but will Ryu Eun-ha, who has had a taste for his weapons, quietly grant that request?

That time when Sehun Lee decided to ask Eunha Ryu about the Seraphim Guild next time he had time.

“Lee Se-hun.”

Professor Ricaros, a large and muscular man standing in the dungeon, called out Sehun Lee.

“It’s your turn. to come up.”

“All right.”

Lee Se-hoon, who roughly put his cell phone in the subspace pocket, climbed up the dungeon and looked at his opponent.

“… … .”

The blonde, all-white hair, holding the blue rapier and looking at it with a nervous expression. Sehun Lee glanced up and down lightly at the appearance of Hans Barmut, the third son of the Barmut family.

‘It’s normal.’

It’s neither good nor bad, just the basics.

Seeing this, Sehun Lee lightly turned his right wrist holding the hammer of Sogwang and waited for Ricaros’ explanation.

“If one side is subdued or surrenders, stop immediately. If you fall out of the dungeon, be sure to keep in mind that it is an over-the-counter fan.”

After a brief explanation, Lycaros stepped back and Hans took a stance, pointing the rapier forward.

An explosive momentum that would not be strange even if he ran forward and pierced his chest at any moment.


However, Sehun Lee stayed still with Sogwang’s hammer hanging down even when he saw that posture, and Hans’s eyes frowned at the sight that looked full of gaps.

‘This child… … .’

He was holding that strange hammer as a weapon, and how on earth would he ignore himself.

The faint fear of having to deal with Lee Se-hoon quickly disappeared, and anger and greed settled in Hans’ eyes.

‘I don’t know what’s going on, but my father’s attitude toward Bier has become very cold lately. At a time like this, if I could give him a shot… … .’

Your father may think again about himself. In the hopeful future, Hans squealed and grabbed his rapier.



At the same time as Lycaros shouted, he slammed into the floor.


A body that rushes forward as if a spring that was pressed firmly springs up. There, Hans immediately activated his main skill.

‘Double Accel!’


At the same time as blue magic wrapped around his body, his movements were further accelerated, and the distance with Sehun Lee was shortened at once.

And looking at Lee Se-hoon, who was still unmoving, he activated the rapier’s armor skill.

“Icing Needle!”

At the same time as Hans shouted, a blade of ice erupted from the tip of the rapier. With the combination of the two techniques, the remaining distance was reduced in an instant, and the blades rushed into Lee Se-hun’s mite.

‘done… … !’

A technique that was praised even by the seniors of the Swordsmanship Faculty.

Hans’ eyes twinkled at the sight of Lee Se-hoon, who would pay the price for his carelessness, and he was sure of his victory.


The hammer of extinction lightly struck the blade of ice.


A blade of ice that shatters in a single blow and scatters in the air. Hans’ eyes widened at the sight.

‘What… … .’

How did you resist the attack that was just before it reached, and why did the blade of ice that pierce even steel break so easily?

Hans, not realizing that Se-hun Lee exquisitely took a half step back, widened the distance, and slapped him at the gap in the ice created in a hurry, just stared blankly in front of him.


Sehun Lee’s fist smashed into Hans’s face.

“Ugh… … !”

If it had been a real battle, it would have crushed all the teeth as well as the bridge of the nose. However, thanks to the defense facilities of the dagger, Hans stood up without a single wound and regained his posture.

“Lee Se-hun wins.”

The victory was declared by Sehun Lee of Lycaros.

“Come on, wait! I can still do more!”

It’s over with just one punch. Seeing Hans’ resentment, Lycarus asked with an absurd expression.

“Are you going to fight with your bare hands?”

“Yes? what is that… … uh?”

I can’t see where the rapier, which should have been held in my right hand, went. At that, Hans reflexively looked straight ahead.

“Hmm… … I think it’s a little bent… … .”

I found Lee Se-hun, who was looking at the rapier with undesirable eyes.

“… … lost.”

Hans, who received the rapier back, went down to the bottom of the dungeon, and went down first and sat down next to the dead cadets.

All of them were cadets who were suppressed by a single blow in a battle with Sehun Lee, but they are the only ones who are depressed as they catch up with their superior physical abilities.

‘Is this the smelting department or the weapons department… … .’

When Sehun Lee is absurd at the appearance of the cadets who are obsessed with useless things. Lycarus approached him and smiled bitterly.

“You seem to have learned well from Professor Ma Kwang-soo. I hope my skills have improved this far… … .”

“Yeah, it’s like self-defense. By the way, would this be enough?”

Ricaros pondered for a moment in response to Sehun Lee’s question and then nodded.

“At this level, there is no need to take classes in the first semester. I will report it to the faculty, so feel free to report.”

“thank you.”

Understanding tools, one of the major classes. Sehun Lee, who was exempted from class there, greeted Ricaros and then went out.

‘Is the tool understanding class going forward with this?’

Since I had submitted all assignments before the metal smelting class and had been exempted from the class, there was only one remaining major class, mineral analysis.

Other than that, there are minor classes, but the frequency of classes here is low, so the free time has increased a lot.

‘I think it would be better to deal with the things that were pushed back in this gap… … .’

What should I do first? When Sehun Lee is deeply immersed in thought.


Vibration from your pocket.

Sehun Lee pulled out his cell phone and looked at the name of the person calling.

[Aria Myers]

“Well… … .”

I felt it was time to get the call, but when I got it like this, I didn’t feel good at all.

Sehun Lee, who was looking at the phone vibrating continuously, sighed and answered the call.


-long time no see. How have you been?

Aria’s soft voice came through the phone. To that awkward greeting, Sehun Lee calmly replied.

“Hey, I’m doing my best as usual. How is your senior? When I asked Jake, he said he was on a rather difficult mission.”

-The target was tamed with three A-class beasts, so it took a little while, but it ended well. I’ll go back to Babel if I just do the rest.

Aria succeeded in tracing and dealing with the original targets, the Class A Magician and the three Grade A Demonic Beasts.

Seeing that it took a long time, it must have been evident that he was desperately running away from the main side and eventually got into a corner and his neck was blown away.

‘That’s about it, and I think it’s already at the top of A-class.’

If you succeed in climbing the Hero’s Tower a few steps, you can aim for an S-class. Lee Se-hoon was tongue-in-cheek at his unbelievable ability for a 4th grader.

‘In a year or two, the youngest S-class hero record will also be broken.’

Ryu Eun-ha’s personality doesn’t really pay attention to such a record, but I was a little curious about how she would actually react.

When Lee Se-hun was imagining Ryu Eun-ha’s reaction in his head.

– I’m not very interested.

A quiet voice echoed through the phone.

At that chilling sensation as if a knife had been pointed at his neck, Se-hun Lee answered with a cough.

“Hmmm. It wasn’t that, but I had something to think about for a moment.”

-okay? I’d love to hear what you were thinking… … After this, the schedule is tight, so I’ll just move on to the main topic.

Rather than being angry, Arya answered as if she didn’t really care, brought up the main point.

-Thanks for helping Jake last time. Listening to it, it seems that my younger brother grabbed my ankle.

“I got a lot of help from Jake, so don’t worry about it. So, can I think of the previous quest as being resolved?”

I think that’s perfect, but it may not be enough in Arya’s eyes, so be sure to check it out.

Aria responded with a slight smile to Lee Se-hun’s question.

-Sure. If that coward transferred to the Swordsmanship School, it would mean that it was completely resolved. I won’t say anything else later, so don’t worry.

“… … .”

In response to Arya’s response, which shows her trust in Jake, Sehun Lee made a strange expression.

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Normally, it’s full of twists and turns like before the return, but every time the story about Jake comes up, I can feel a little bit of humanity.

‘Still, the younger brother is the younger brother.’

When I met Arya before returning, I had never heard of Jake’s relationship since it had been dead for a long time and what he thought about it.

That’s why I thought that Jake was of no particular value, but maybe he was thinking too hastily.

‘I’ll have to look this way too.’

After confirming the new observation distance, Se-Hoon Lee asked after thinking about it to some extent.

“Then the reward… … .”

– As I said before, I will help as much as I can as much as I can this time. Think carefully about what to ask for.

Although strong, Arya has not yet reached S-Class. There was an element of anxiety to use as an escort, but it was very suitable for ‘secure’ an item.

‘It was useful even before the return… … I’ll have to find out where it is first.’

When Sehun Lee is thinking about where to find out.

-ah. right.

Arya, who remembered something, asked curiously.

– How is the mass production of swords going?

“ah. that… … .”

Once upon a time, the preparations were all over for me, but I don’t know if Leia, my partner, was all over.

Se-hun Lee was worried for a while, fearing that Leah might catch fire, and then Arya continued.

– I don’t mean to rush, but I got a call from my father.

“If you are a father… … Are you talking about Aaron?”


Aaron Myers, the current head of the Myers family and the ‘Light Dragon Sword’, is an S-class hero.

Lee Se-hoon made a curious expression on the fact that a tycoon whose strength as well as influence cannot be ignored has shown interest in him.

“What did you say?”

– There is an event the family is preparing for around the summer. Before that, I would like to secure a production line and start manufacturing… … do you think you can fit it?

“Hmm… … It’s a little ambiguous.”

In fact, if you want to, you can proceed right away, but Lee Se-hun decided to blur the end of his speech a little.

If I spoke too strongly and had a setback, I was at a loss, and above all else, I wanted to hear what additional conditions the other side would suggest.

-If you can match the schedule, your father said that he would give you one benefit apart from the pay, so try your best.

“What exactly is that benefit?”

How big is the Myers family? In response to Lee Se-hoon’s question, Aria smiled lightly.

– It’s a warehouse.

“… … storage?”

– He lets you pick one from the family’s warehouse.

He rose to the rank of a swordsmanship master for several decades, resulting in enormous wealth and fame. And the storehouse of the Myers family, which has accumulated a lot of hidden wealth.

Sehun Lee’s eyes twinkled at the ticket to use the secret warehouse he had visited before returning home.

“First, we will finish the prototype and show it to you.”

I quickly moved towards the main building of the Enchantment Department.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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