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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 272

Two months have passed since Erineth stayed in Elia.

The saying that happy times pass quickly still applies to the young girl, and now and in her, something called impatience is blooming.

‘I have to go home in a month… !’

It’s over in a month.

When that day came, he had to part with Lennon and return to the Empire.

I haven’t been able to convey this feeling properly yet, but like this, I can’t even promise when we will meet again.

In Erineth, what comes to mind is nervousness and anxiety.

When she first came to Elia, she chewed on her fingernails with emotions she couldn’t even imagine when she came to Elia.

‘how… .’

How do I convey my feelings to Lennon?

How to defeat the evil pirate king?

Erineth’s troubles deepened.

However, there was no way that an answer would come out of that.

why not

Even Erineth, who had only met Lennon for two months, knew that he was a boy who could not even notice.

In addition, to separate the Pirate King, the feelings the Pirate King has for Lennon are just looking at his younger brother.

For Erineth, there was no reason to separate Ellen from Lennon.

“Profit… !”

Erineth trembled.

All of a sudden, Erineth’s thinking has changed from ‘how do you convey your feelings to Lennon’ to ‘how to get rid of that fire verse from Lennon’.

A pirate king who is like a fire lover who raises and releases Lennon on a subject that has no heart.

While Erineth was spitting out such swear words inside her.

In fact, he was lying on the dance floor, sweating profusely all over his body.

“More, more should I do… ?”

Ellen collapsed, breathing heavily.

In front of her was Vera, who looked down at her with a cold gaze.

“Is it spreading already? It looks like you haven’t put much effort into your training.”

If it spreads like this, it was a strong word to mean that it would not be left alone.

Ellen gritted her teeth and energized her body again.

‘It will rot… !’

It’s been a month already.

Ellen’s heart was filled with resentment against Vera, who suddenly called and used violence every day.

there’s nothing wrong with it

It’s not like Trevo, the twins, or Rohan had an accident, nor did he fail to do what he was told to do.

But why do you have to be like this?

Why do I have to be beaten like this for no reason and receive those cold eyes?

His eyes, full of resentment and resentment, turned to Vera, but Vera only snorted.

“Get up.”

Vera’s purpose was clear.

To keep Ellen from messing around with my son.

Preventing a future where Lennon says, ‘I want to marry Ellen!’

… It was not a funny thing to worry about, but it was unavoidable.

Isn’t that what parents think?

No matter how low the possibility, if a child tries to go the wrong way, it will pull him from the backbone and make a fuss.

In this regard, even Vera, who has the status of prosperous status, the singularity of the body of an ancient species, and the strongest force on the continent, is no different from ordinary parents in this respect.

‘never… !’

Absolutely not.

Even if dirt got into her eyes, Ellen couldn’t allow it.

The age difference is more than double.

Also, since Ellen is a severe tobacco addict, it might have a negative impact on Lennon’s view of women.

Vera looked at Ellen with red eyes.

Ellen trembled at the sight, and immediately began to shed tears.

‘Why are you doing this to me!’

Ellen was on the verge of death.


The hut north of the Great Hall.

Lennon had been spending time with his sister in a very long time.

“sister! My mother has been baking cookies… !”

“Put it away.”


Lennon shoved the cookies he had brought into his mouth and looked at Lenny wielding a wooden sword in the yard.

It was really cool to see him swinging his sword while sweating profusely.

A thought ran through Lennon’s mind.

“I really respect you.”

Words that come naturally are like that.

Lennie stopped swinging her sword and looked at Lennon.

His brow was slightly frowned.

“What kind of compliment is it all of a sudden?”

“That’s what I always thought!”

Lennon smiled broadly.

“Isn’t your sister diligent and tenacious? Every person I meet is like that! Even though she is young, she is really amazing.”

Lenny’s body trembled.

His face was slowly turning red.

“Wow! Well, of course, you’re doing what you’re supposed to do.”

Have you ever judged yourself that much?

Lenny began to look into the distance, feeling embarrassed for nothing.

Then, he raised the corners of his lips.

Lenny, an old young man who ignores most situations.

There was something she couldn’t just let go of, and that was the compliments of those around her.

Lennie, a 7-year-old girl who was hungry for praise, struggled to control her expression for a long time, but only managed to clear her emotions and glanced at Lennon.

There were white hair that resembled his mother and gray eyes that resembled his father.

Gray eyes might give a cold impression, but Lennon only had a bright impression due to his unique bright color.

Lenny looked at her face for a moment, recalled a story she had heard during training recently, and opened her mouth.

“By the way, how about that little boy?”



“Ah, Princess! The princess is a fun person! It’s fun to watch as you tremble, cry, laugh and act on your own!”

“Ugh… .”

Lenny’s eyes narrowed.

It must have been clear from the rumors that the two were dating, but for that reason, Lennon’s expression was just like treating a friend.

‘Are you ashamed?’

Am I trying to pretend that nothing is wrong?

Lenny, who doesn’t care more than a certain amount of attention for his younger brother, like any other brother or sister, judged him based on the rumors he had heard, and continued talking indifferently.

“Good job, girlfriend.”

Having said that, Lennon, who shook his head and raised his sword again, widened his eyes and asked.

“yes? girl friend?”

“Everyone says that you and the princess are dating.”

Lennon’s smile hardened.

It was very rare for him to elevate the feeling of embarrassment.

‘Are you dating? Me and the princess?’

Such rumors spread all over Elia.

When he heard that, the first thought that came to Lennon’s mind was none other than Ellen.

‘I hope the Pirate King knows… ?’

Ellen may know that she and Erineth are dating.

The moment he remembered that thought, Lennon’s heart pounded! and I felt it fall off.


Lennon got up.

My head was full of unexplained thoughts that I had to explain this to Ellen.

“sister! I will go out!”

Lennon hurriedly ran towards the Great Hall.

Lenny tilted her head and looked at her back, then turned her attention away from him.

‘Are you going to see your girlfriend?’

He said he wanted to see him just because he talked about his girlfriend.

Lennie, not thinking deeply about Lennon, was coming to that conclusion.


Lennon ran.

He was running in a hurry, throwing away all of the relaxedness and smile he had always worn.

The fastest run in my life.

The purpose of the run, which continued around the whole body to the divine, was one.

Saying to Ellen, ‘I’m not dating the Princess!’

There was no reason for that action.

No, it would be correct to say that even Lennon himself doesn’t know exactly why he does it.

Lennon, not yet fully aware of how he felt, was just running around, thinking that he should explain it to Ellen.

There wasn’t one more run that followed.


While running around the central hallway of the Great Hall, Erines found Lennon and called him with a bright smile.

Lennon stood tall and looked at Erineth creakingly.

A pretty girl with gorgeous blonde hair and a hawk-like impression.

She looked at herself and her cheeks were blushing.

For a moment, Lennon’s words replayed in Lennon’s mind.

– Take care, girlfriend.

girl friend.

Erines is my girlfriend.

Lennon felt an awkward feeling that shook his whole body at the thought of such a rumor going around.

So, I gave him an awkward greeting.

“Wow, Princess… ! hi… !”

“Yes! Hi! Where were you going?”

At Erineth’s question, which approached with a few steps, Lennon burst into even greater embarrassment.

There was no other reason.

Intuition not knowing why.

It was because of his intuition that something big would go wrong if he told Erines, ‘I’m going to find the pirate king’.

It could be said that it was an intuition that was worthy of the word ‘God-man’.

“Hey, just exercise… .”

“Exercise? Lennon says he doesn’t like running. I think I will pass the flowers on the roadside.”

“relaxation… ! Yes, it is a diversion!”


A cold sweat ran down Lennon’s back.

Fortunately, Erineth did not doubt Lennon’s words.

“Um, that’s right.”

Lennon sighed in relief.

Then he started weaving words to shake her off.

“Then I’ll go run again… .”

“I want to run too!”

“… yes?”

“Let’s run together! At Elia, I just studied every day, so I want to move!”

The pure girl’s heart began to dig into Lennon’s conscience.

Lennon’s pupils trembled and his mouth clenched as if an earthquake had occurred.

Chimi had an idea.

Maybe the princess likes herself?

Maybe the rumors aren’t just rumors.

There was a feeling of pressure that weighed on my heart.

Lennon, who is still ignorant of the feelings of love and romance, felt the burden first of all at the sincerity that came face-to-face.

“Uh, uh… .”

Lennon’s hesitation deepened.

In the midst of that, Erines chin on Lennon’s hand! I grabbed him and stood next to him.

“I’m slow, so do you have to run to me?”

Lennon’s eyes twinkled.

Recognizing Erineth as a ‘woman who likes herself’ rather than a ‘friend’, this act felt like a manly thing.

“let’s go!”

Erineth led Lennon and started running.

Lennon began to be dragged badly by it, and the two of them ran around the Great War for a long time.

“… Uh, little one.”

Ellen, who was returning to her dorm after finishing training, found them.

Erines, startled, stiffened her body.

Right next to him, Lennon, who had been dazed until then, widened his eyes.

He had a thought that came to mind without being aware of it.

It was the thought that the fact that she and Erineth were holding hands here might mean something different to her.

The next action is a form of naturally slashing Erineth’s hand.


The hands of two fell apart.

Erineth’s face became blank and Ellen tilted her head.

As soon as all of that came into view, Lennon remembered a belated ‘Oops’ heart.

“Lennon… ?”

Erineth’s voice called out to her as if she couldn’t believe the current situation.

Lennon felt her heart tighten at the sight of her empty expression.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold hands again.


Sweat dripped down Lennon’s body.

Right now, it was the moment when the first page of the chaos that was to follow in his life was opened.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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