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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 273

It was the first crisis that came to Lennon’s life.

Why did he feel this situation as a crisis?

The reason was simple.

“Ugh… .”

It was because of the tears welling up in Erineth’s eyes.

It is because someone shed tears for their actions now.

Again, Lennon was a boy who loved people’s smiles.

It is natural for Lennon to come as a great shock that someone sheds tears for him.

“Ugh… .”

Erineth’s body trembled.

Her impression, reminiscent of a noble hawk, was that of a wounded girl for this moment.

slow down.

Lennon stepped back.

I couldn’t find anything else to say, and I licked my lips, turned around and ran away.


In the moment of crisis he faced for the first time in his life, the boy threw away all his special appearance and ran away as a child.


The night in the hut was quiet.

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Only the pale starlight that illuminates the night sky and the moon sticking out its head in between, illuminate the world.

Under such a night sky, there was a boy looking at the sky with a blank expression.


Vera called the boy, his son.

Lennon shuddered and turned his head back.

The corners of his reddened eyes and tears that could not be wiped away were smeared on his face.

Vera laughed bitterly.

‘I made the princess cry.’

Vera knew what my son was.

So I found out that the reason the child is sad now is because he cares about it.

“father… .”

Lennon’s head shook.

And the sullen eyes were a sign that he was about to cry.

Vera approached Lennon and hugged him.



patted his back and asked.

“Can you tell me why you are so sad?”

Words spoken in a muffled tone.

Hesitation crept over Lennon’s face.

In my mind, I wanted to be honest.

Now, I wanted to tell you all the reasons I was sad and ask for help.

Lennon couldn’t open his mouth because he thought he might be disappointed if he did.

“Ugh… .”

voice is trembling

His gloomy look grew even stronger and he was now approaching the point of depression.

Vera let out a short laugh at the pitiful and funny look.

“Isn’t that a concern that you can’t tell your father?”

Words that were intentionally added with a hint of disappointment.

Lennon flinched at it and shook his head.

The voice that came out was full of power.


Lennon felt an ‘Oops’ feeling behind the words that seemed to be uttered in a bewildered way.

Vera chuckled.

“okay? Then can you tell me?”

Lennon’s lips twitched.

Vera gave Lennon a bit of courage.


“… Yes, Father.”

“Are you afraid that I will be disappointed?”

“… .”

“Did this father seem so narrow-minded?”

Lennon stopped to nod his head.

If you think about it, it’s because Vera was a really petty person when he was with Renee.

A hesitation floated over Lennon’s face.

Vera smiled shyly as he read the whole thought from Lennon’s expression.

“… Please think about it without working with your mother.”

“Well… Then you are a wonderful person.”

He was a genuinely honest child, wishing that even if he said empty words, he would say that he was a big person in front of his mother.

Vera struggled to suppress his bitterness, and asked again, with a smile on his face.

“Okay, then there is nothing to worry about. Your father is a person who can laugh at almost anything.”

Lennon’s cheeks reddened slightly.

Strength entered the hand that was holding Vera’s collar.

Vera’s words didn’t sound like much, but the original child was a creature that was greatly encouraged by the small kindness of his parents.

“I… .”


“… I made the princess cry.”

Lennon’s lips clenched tight.

Vera patted Lennon on the back and asked the question again.

“Hey, how did that happen?”

how about

Lennon pondered the question briefly.

It was because Lennon was not sane enough to know for sure why this happened right away.

So Lennon started the story from what he knew.

The emotion she felt the moment she found out about the rumor that she and Erineth were dating.

The thoughts that came to my mind afterward and the meeting with Ellen while I was with Erineth.

Vera listened to the boy in silence.

He smiled when he said that he was embarrassed by the rumor that he was dating Erineth, and widened his eyes at the thought that it reminded him of Ellen.

I just listened to the emotions that came to mind so that the child could tell his story honestly.

So the story ended.

“… So, I threw away the princess’s hand. And he ran away.”

Lennon’s expression at the end of the story was not good.

The gloomy look was so great that when I looked at it, the first thing that came to my mind was pity.

Vera patted Lennon for a moment, choosing what to say.

“Hmm… .”

It has been 7 years since I had a child, but the role of a father was still difficult.

If you listen carefully to your child’s concerns and give wise answers to them, these moments of trouble will come.

A series of short-lived worries.

At the end, Vera smiled.

“You really do care right.”

“… yes?”

Lennon’s head tilted.

Vera laughed briefly and continued to Lennon.

“Aren’t you worried about your partner? Also, aren’t you trying to understand your own faults? It’s really difficult. It’s something that even grown-ups can’t easily do.”

Vera sat down, placed Lennon next to me, and patted his head.

“But you did it. You already know how to care for others, so this father is so proud of you.”

Lennon’s eyes widened.

His face was blushing in a different color than before, and his head turned downward as if embarrassed.

“… But I made a mistake.”

“It is enough to know that.”

It wasn’t just words of comfort.

Indeed, Vera was pleased with Lennon’s troubles.

“I know what I was doing wrong, and I also have the idea that I need to fix it. Then, the only thing left to do is apologize. You have already crossed one of the great ridges needed for apples.”

“What should I do… ?”

“Tell me the truth.”


“Yeah, seriously. It’s the most important thing in apology.”

Suddenly, Vera had an idea.

It was the idea that Lennon was a child who knew how to be considerate of others differently from himself.

He is a boy who can think of others from such a young age, and when he grows up, he will surely become a wonderful person.

Vera continued with that conviction.

“Now there is only one wall left for you. Letting go of your self-esteem.”

To be honest, Vera was still not very good at it.

“Apologizing is the act of moving to a lower position than the other person. In the meantime, the sincerity in the apology will fade if you show your pride. So, for a sincere apology, you need to let go of your pride.”

Lennon’s eyes twinkled.

It was the same color as his own, but at the same time, the eyes had a completely different light.

Vera asked, facing it right away.

“How can you do it?”

Lennon stared intently at Vera and pondered.

Are you ready to apologize, if you are ready to let go of your pride?

Anxiety that lasted for a short period of time.

At the end of it, Lennon uttered these words.

“I don’t know what my father said. However… .”


Lennon licked his lips, picked a word, and spit it out.

“… I want everyone to be funny. If possible, I want to make you laugh.”

A determined light appeared on Lennon’s face.

“So, I don’t want anyone to cry because of me. If someone is crying because of me, I want to make sure to apologize properly and make that person laugh.”

Lennon clenched his fists.

Vera just laughed as he saw his son finally made up his mind.

“Yeah, that’s great. Please don’t support Abi.”

“yes! thank you!”

Lennon jumped up.

His face had returned to his usual bright look as if he had become pale.

“Then right now… !”

“Isn’t it too late now? Go to sleep and wake up.”


Lennon walked out of the hut, then turned back and entered the house.

Vera then smiled comfortably and looked at the closed door of the hut.

‘Well… .’

The only reason he’s worried about whether he’ll do well is probably because he’s Lennon’s father.

… really.


The flower garden of Daishinjeon where the sun is warm.

There was a white boy and a golden girl, and there were a couple of pairs of eyes looking at them while hiding.

“Vera, can you do it? Yes? Lennon wouldn’t make mistakes, would he?”

“I’ll be fine… You will be able to.”

“Why are you stuttering? Makes me anxious too… .”

“Take it easy, both of you.”

Conversation between Renee and Vera.

It was mediated by Theresa.

However, even Teresa had a tense expression on her face for this moment.

Bargo narrowed her eyes and said to the restless Theresa.

“You don’t seem to be very calm either.”

“Hey, why are you here? Are you free?”

“It’s not worth it. And where would I be if I wasn’t a gardener?”

Bargo’s face darkened.

Naturally, the reason was that they were kicked out of their positions under the pretext of creating a place for the two of them to apologize.

Even so, he wasn’t feeling too bad, which was why it was Lennon, whom Bargo cherishes like his grandson, who stole his seat.

“Hey, what’s that little boy even apologizing for?”

Lennon’s apology was utterly dissatisfying.

However, no one was here to respond.

Because everyone in the room had an idea.

It was such a thought that the children would grow up spoiled if Bargo only asked if they were coming or going.

“It seems to be starting.”

Vera’s simmering.

At it, the eyes of the four men turned to the boy and the girl at the same time.

His expression hardened with tension.


Lennon called Erineth with a serious face.

Erineth answered the call with her head bowed down.

“… What.”

The words that came out were blunt.

The wounded girl’s heart was the reason why she didn’t allow her to smile.

What was the feeling left behind after Lennon ran away?

Also, how did it feel to be comforted by Ellen, whom you thought was your relationship?

For some reason, he felt like he was the only fool, so he even felt miserable.

Erinez just looked down at the floor.

Lennon’s tension intensified.

Lennon reflected in his mind the advice Vera had given him the day before.

‘Sincerity… !’

You have to face the truth.

You have to let go of your pride.

You should only speak for the other person.

In a tense atmosphere, Lennon swallowed dry saliva and opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry!”

Lennon bowed his head 90 degrees.

The shouts that came out were loud enough to be called shouting.

Erineth shook her head and raised her head.

Then, suddenly, I trembled! and looked away from him.

“Wow, what are you talking about… !”

“I’m sorry for making you cry! I must have been sad that I ran away alone!”

With Vera’s advice engraved in his arms, the words he uttered were absurd, what a fool would say.

However, it was a statement full of sincerity.

Lennon’s head was raised.

The expression on Erineth’s expression on Lennon’s exposed face was very disturbed.

The eyes that looked only at themselves, without realizing it, my mind was released.

I wanted to show off a little more pride.

I remember thinking that it would be impossible to accept an apology so easily.

However, they were just accidents.

Erineth was just a girl who was not good at hiding her feelings.

His face turned red little by little, and his expression softened.

Erineth licked her lips without saying a word, then stretched out her hand and said so.

“… ruler.”

meant to catch it.

It was a blatant signal that even ignorant Lennon could understand.

Lennon said, holding his hand tightly with a brightly bright face.

“Thanks for the apology!”

“Don’t let go this time.”


Lennon, shivering, smiled shyly, then nodded his head broadly.


“Okay, then let’s go.”


Lennon’s head tilted.

Erineth continued to speak while glaring at Lennon with fresh eyes.

“I didn’t go for a walk yesterday. I will do it.”

Having said that, he turned his head toward the front again.

took a step forward

Erineth had turned her back, so Lennon could only see her red lobe.

a little far away.

The four pairs of eyes that were watching the two of them began to fold in a warm light.


“Yes, I am very happy.”

The accident ended safely.

Reckless adults recalled a full smile from the bright smile of a girl that could only be seen from the angle they were hiding.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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