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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 271

There is a new story about Elijah.

That this country called Elia is a city-state with a fortress as its territory.

Also, all the people living in the fortress were engaged in the same occupation.

The above could be interpreted as a high level of solidarity between the people, but to express it a little differently, it was.

Elijah is a villager.

It’s a town where even a small incident can quickly become a buzzword.

In other words, it is not at all strange that the issue that is heating up Elia right now is the strange air current between Lennon and Erines.

Like anywhere else in Elia, Vera’s hut was in full swing at the news.

“Vera, I think Lennon is already old enough.”

“I wonder if it was Lennon. It must have been that boring people made up some nonsense.”

Vera smirked and calmed Renee from the fuss.

Because, Vera thinks, his son is a boy who prefers to play rather than love.

Perhaps the priests who saw the princess who came to study abroad and her son became close, misrepresented the two of them at will.

Vera, who had made an inference close to the correct answer in Elia, said so, and Renee responded with a chuckle.

“Vera doesn’t know what. Is this obviously something?”

If I say that she looks like a girl with her cheeks blushing and exhilarating, would it be covered in bean pods?

Vera only smiled warmly at the sight of Renee chattering close to him.

“Vera, are you listening to me?”

“Yes, I hear every word you say.”

“Don’t try to get away like that.”

Renee’s eyes narrowed.

Even the blunt look on her face is lovely.

Vera continued to reply, recalling a new feeling to a feeling that did not fade even after so much time had passed.

“Won’t Lennon take care of it? I don’t think it’s good for us to meddle in a child’s mind for nothing.”


“Even if children like each other, they are shy and deny it. In the process, they often hurt each other.”

Renee blinked her eyes and made a sound of ‘oh’ and expressed her consent.

“It sounds plausible. What did Vera think of that?”

“It was at the time when I was in the best of friends. I remember seeing some of the kids I used to be like that.”

“Before the legend begins.”


Vera’s body trembled.

His eyes glared at Renee with a hint of resentment.

Renee was poking Vera’s waist with a playful smile.

“From the hunter to the gutter… Puff! to the king… ! If it is published as a book, it will be a must-read that will shake up the entire continent!”

“Lady… .”

“Shall we do something like ‘The Pirate King’s Biography’ by asking Ellen for the second part?”

“Rene… !”

“It’s a joke. Joke, what are you taking so seriously?”

Vera’s face turned red.

Inwardly, shame is overshadowed by the sentimental heart that had been recalled before.

She was a woman who didn’t give her a chance to immerse herself in emotions, how she was trying to torment herself whenever she had time.


Renee rubbed Vera’s shoulder.

Vera sighed and turned away.

“… Anyway, I think it’s better not to interfere with the children’s work.”

These words were spoken because I wanted to avoid the topic of ‘king of the gutter’ somehow.

At that, Renee pouted his lips in dissatisfaction.

“I wonder… .”

“I don’t want to create a shameful past for Lennon.”

“Like Vera?”

“stop… .”

Vera’s fists clenched.

No matter how strong the force was, the back of his hand was full of tendons.

Renee realized that Vera’s patience had reached the limit and kept her mouth shut.

‘Because Vera lasts a long time once it’s spouted.’

It was important to ride the line well.

Renee watched Vera quiver for a moment, then uttered those words.

“Then there is.”

“What is it?”

“Can I just sneak a peek? Lennon and the Princess.”

Vera’s gaze turned to Renee.

His face was frowned in a strange shape.

“… Are you going to do some monitoring?”

“Ah, it’s not surveillance, it’s just watching for a day or so. It’s viewing. Preview.”

Renee placed my hand over Vera’s.

His head rested on his shoulder.

The voice that follows is a form of aegyo.

“I wish Vera would come with me… I haven’t been on a date in a long time… .”

That was the core of the words spoken in a subdued tone.

“The joke is… .”

“Is it okay for a day or so? That’s a workaholic.”

A hesitation crept into Vera’s mind.

Have you ever been so engrossed in your work?

As Vera looked back on the past with a thought that came to him, he realized later that the days he had spent alone with Renee had become few.

‘… I’ve been busy with childcare.’

No matter how smart children are, they are children after all.

Parenting was hell like everyone else, and aside from that, I was so busy with work that spending time with Renee was right.

Maybe it made me feel lonely.

Vera nodded, feeling sorry for himself.

“… So, shall we just watch it for a day?”


Renee’s face lit up brightly.

Vera smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I can leave it to Trevo for a day or so.”

“Wow, it’s a date!”

Should I call this a date?

Vera felt his regret growing at Renee’s bright smile, and he made up his mind to himself.

‘I must go on a trip soon.’

It would be nice to go alone.

Since the weather in the eastern part of the country is good, you can go to Renee’s hometown after a long time.

‘Work… .’

I think I’ll leave it to Trevo.

Vera’s thinking naturally led in the direction of afflicting Trevo.


It was a follow-up performed by using even high-level sacred arts.

The goal is to uncover the truth of the rumors that have arisen between Lennon and Erineth.

It was supposed to be a shameful act, but fortunately, there was no one in Elia to pinch it.

Vera looked at the two children with his arms crossed.

“Lennon, this.”

Erines picks up the cookies.

Lennon took it and ate it with a bright smile.

Erineth’s face brightened.


“Well! It’s not as good as my mother’s, but it’s still delicious!”

Lennon’s answer.

Renee responded to that.

“Vera, did you hear me? Lennon said the rice I made was the best!”

Renee covered her mouth with her hand and rejoiced, but Vera was not happy with it.

‘Yes, only Lennon in the world would think so.’

Even Vera, who was determined to love everything about René, couldn’t love her cuisine.

It is a dish that only Lennon in this world can enjoy.

Is it fortunate that Lennon inherited that taste?

Vera pondered it for a moment, then shook his head.


Lennon’s bad taste was poisoning Renee.

It was an opportunity for René to think that his cooking was not wrong.

A time of past contempt flashed through Vera’s mind.

– Don’t be picky eaters! Lennon eats it too!

-Lennon eats it too, but can’t grown-ups eat it?

-If you don’t eat this, you’re going to tell Lennon the ‘king of the gutter’?

trembling body.

A dark, dying complexion.

Vera felt gloomy at the sudden recollection of the past.

In the meantime, the conversation between the two children continued.

Vera was convinced as he heard the story.

‘Also… .’

It is the one-sided interest of the princess.

Lennon doesn’t feel any rational attraction to that princess.

If it was such a blatant reaction, Renee would have noticed too.

Having judged that, it was Renee who was chirping with twinkling eyes and liked to enter the place where Vera turned his head.

“… Ren?”

“Oh my gosh, they fit so well!”

A word that is spit out as he slaps his shoulder.

Vera then recalled an overlooked fact.

‘… Yes, how can you make a rational decision with your children in front of you?’

I love you so much that I’m sorry to tell you the truth.

Vera clenched his tender lips, letting Renee rejoice a little more.


Meanwhile, Erineth called Lennon out loud.

Renee’s face turned even redder at that.

“You must say something!”

Behind Renee’s exclamation full of anticipation, Lennon tilted his head.

“Well? Why are you calling me?”

“Lee, what is Lennon’s ideal type?”

Vera’s body trembled.

Renee exclaimed, ‘Aww!’ and cheered.

What appeared on Lennon’s face was a sign of concern.

Lennon answered after thinking for a long time while Erinez swallowed dry saliva and waited for an answer.

“Your age is good!”


Erineth’s movements stopped.

Renee’s movements also stopped.

An equal shadow fell over the faces of the two women.

Erineth remembered Ellen and Renee thought of Anilis.

‘It’s old… .’

In the meantime, only Vera, who had no idea, seriously thought about Lennon’s taste.

‘It’s not bad to be tolerant. Lennon tends to lose his attention quickly, so it would be good to have someone who guides him well.’

was it intentional?

From https://noblemtl.com

Or was he instinctively aware of it?

Vera grinned and continued his thoughts, trembling at the sudden feeling of life.

“Rene… ?”

“No, no. I just remembered something I had to do.”

Renee raised an empty smile.

Vera shivered, feeling a chill for some reason.

I had an idea that came to mind.

‘I don’t know who it is… .’

Please, I hope you stay alive.

“Woah, except for older people?!”

Erineth’s words echoed through the space again.

At that, Renee trembled and regained his composure.

… No, unlike before, he began to express his strong will of support.

“okay! Push more! Don’t even think about being older!”

Clenching both fists and cheering.

However, Renee’s support did not reach him.

“I like tall people! I wish the corners of my eyes were raised… Well! Red hair looks attractive!”

It was Ellen’s appearance that borrowed Lennon’s mouth, and at the same time, it was the appearance of Annielis while alive.

Blood was standing on Renee’s white.

Erines wept and vomited out anger.

“Why, why… !”

“ah! That’s important, but there’s also the most important thing!”


Erineth stopped crying.

Lennon spread his shoulders and smiled brightly.

“I like people with a pretty smile! A person who smiles pretty enough to make you happy just by looking at your smile!”


Vera and Renee froze.

At Lennon’s last words, he erased all the signs he had remembered before and made a blank face.

They both felt the same emotions at the same time.

It was a feeling of indescribable emotion.

“… Lennon knows what really matters.”

“Yes, she is very straight and pretty.”

A gentle smile comes to mind

The couple holding hands embraces the warmth of warmth.

“There is no need to worry. The two seem to get along very well. That’s all I have to say, shall we go now?”

Vera nodded in response to Renee’s proud smile.

“Yes, I will go back.”

Isn’t this a pretty good entertainment?

I saw a different side of my son than usual, and I came to realize the goodness of my son again, so there is no better outing than this.

The moment Vera remembered that thought and was about to leave with Renee.

“Pirate King!”

Lennon caught their footsteps.

The two of them turned their heads back.

What was reflected in his vision were Ellen, who suddenly appeared, and the children who had opposite expressions on their faces as they looked at Ellen.

For a moment, Vera had to doubt his eyes.

‘Lennon’s expression… .’

red face.

hazy eyes.

And lips that murmur in shame.

It was because of the thought that it was like a face in love.

“Kid, what were you doing?”

“I was playing with the princess!”

“okay? great.”

Ellen brushed Lennon’s hair, and Lennon started to laugh badly.

Blood stood in Vera’s eyes.

His hands were full of strength.


“… no.”

Vera hid himself in the veil, and began to engrave on his retinas every move Ellen did.

and muttered

“There is more work to be done.”

Vera’s thoughts were filling Vera’s head, saying that he had to finish the training that he had not been able to do because he was busy recently.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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