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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 265

Ellen’s handling was simple.

Vera’s power was to use it as a leash to bind her.

“Swear. Never run away from Elia, never wield power for personal gain.”

Vera’s biceps shone.

Ellen nodded her head with trembling eyes, as if there had been an earthquake.

A golden divinity flew between the two of them, and then they collapsed.

A dry saliva ran down the back of Ellen’s neck.

Vera looked at her like that and continued, smirking and kicking his tongue.

“If you faithfully keep your promises, you will be able to grow at a different rate than ever before. Your stamina will be strong enough to withstand the night, and the total amount of power and speed you can wield will increase.”

“That, that… .”

“Instead, if you don’t keep your promise, your heart will break.”

Ellen’s expression, which had brightened for a moment, hardened.

Vera nodded away from Ellen and took Renee’s hand again.

“Go. Theresa is waiting for you.”

“why? stay a little longer I want to talk more with ‘Pirate King’.”


Vera’s body trembled.

His eyes filled with resentment and were shot at Renee.

However, it was not Renee who would stop just because of that.

why not

Isn’t this a chance to make fun of him after a long time?

Besides that, she didn’t have to worry about a counterattack as she was pregnant now.

“You hate Vera? You are the same ‘king’.”

The series continued without a break.

Wrinkles appeared on Vera’s face as he asked with a grin.

It was unfortunate for Ellen.

Vera, now unable to resist René’s heart, had no other place to express her wrath.

‘Mister, f*ck you… !’

How can a person’s face be so ugly?

Even when their eyes met, the goosebumps that grew all over her body made Ellen’s head lower even further.

“Tt… .”

Even the sound of the tongue squeaking stands out.

Vera leads Renee away.

Aisha and Jenny then regain their usual appearance.

Ellen hung sparkling dew from the corners of her eyes.


“Yes, have you met the new baby?”

Rene responded with a satisfied face to Teresa’s unkind words.

“Yes, he was a fun kid.”

“You pirated.”

“Yes, it’s called ‘Pirate King’?”

A laugh escaped Teresa’s lips.

“I think the judges have the same taste. Everyone who picks it up is so fussy.”

“Ah, the Holy Ghost was also a knave.”

“Cancer, when I think of that human being young, my back aches. How unheard of you.”

Renee’s smile deepened at the words that he spit out with a smirk.

“I want to see you once. The Holy Spirit of that time.”

“You don’t have to look. He was just like a bastard, and now he’s not even His Highness, is it?”

“It’s Sungha to me.”

“Who is your father-in-law?”

“Vera is just Vera. When I see ‘Pirate King’ flinching and arguing for nothing, I’m just a child.”

Renee said while waving her hand, then picked up the wad of hair that had been placed on the desk.

“Then shall we continue making it?”

“Ah, yes, let’s start with that.”

The two began to play hands.

It is made of socks that the child in the stomach will wear.

Theresa said in a tone of laughter, teasing her hand.

“I think it will be out in five months.”

“Yeah, really… .”

Renee’s eyes reddened.

It was due to the throbbing emotion and the inflated anticipation.

“… I want to see you soon.”

A hand that stopped stroking my stomach.

The mischievous pranksters who had tormented my father all day were starting to appear, showing signs of trouble already.

“Come out in good health.”

At the words spoken in a tone full of love, the child filled his stomach with a ‘tock’.


As Renee was knitting with Teresa, Vera was chatting with Trevor in his lab.

Vera’s look was quite serious.

Trevo, who was facing him, also had a serious expression.

“Five months. I haven’t seen any changes yet.”

The conversation we’re having is about Renee and the fetus.

It was definitely a story that should have been told with a smile, but there was a serious reason for their expressions on their faces.

“… That means the saint’s divinity continues to deepen.”

This is because René’s divinity during pregnancy has grown to a level beyond the normal range.

This could be problematic enough.

Renee’s body was different from that of ordinary people.

It is the body of a god-man made by weaving the divinity of the divine world into matter.

How about Vera, who will become his father there.

Even if all the souls were destroyed, the vessel belonged to Ardain.

Variables that cannot be judged within common sense may lie in his body and seeds.

Trevor said.

“… Let’s watch the progress first. We need to know whether the thickening divinity belongs to the child or the saint.”

An eight-year-old boy scribbles text on parchment.

A series of formulas that Vera could not understand at a glance.

It was a calculation that Trevor continued with his powers.

“If it’s a child’s thing, it’s definitely a boon. It is because they have a body that embraces the divinity of heaven. Perhaps there will be a hero who can rival the Holy One, Bargo-nim, only with talent.”

“If not… .”


Trevor’s hand stopped at Vera’s swallow.

His expression was a little blurry.

“… The saint or the child to be born may be in danger. If the child is not born with divinity, the divinity overflowing from the saint’s body will become poisonous and choke him.”

Vera’s fists clenched.

The eyes were sinking.

“… Yes, will you continue to work hard?”

“Of course.”

The atmosphere subsided.

Vera stood up and left the lab.


Renee has plenty of time to finish her work.

Vera walked through the Great Temple without hesitation and arrived at the chapel.

Five colors of light permeating through the stained glass.

And the stillness that descended heavily.

Vera sat down in a corner of the chapel, which, despite being prosperous, was not visited often, and was still awkward.

Then I looked at the cross in front of me.

‘… What do you want?’

I asked the person who was listening to his voice inside.

It was a question I asked for an answer as to what these signs were, but Vera knew as well.

No answer will come back.

They are questioners, not givers.

Because they are just asking for answers to difficult problems.

Vera’s expression clouded.

‘I… .’

The father’s name is still heavy.

Even though I’m trying hard to do well, I’m starting to get scared.

However, when those gods add one more worry to this situation, it makes my stomach feel cramped.

After staring blankly at the cross for a long time, Vera closed his eyes and bowed his head.

Bring your hands together in front of your chest.

He prayed to the gods after a long time indeed.

The chapel becomes silent.

Even the slight rustle of Vera is gone, leaving only the faint sound of his breath.

The prayer that had continued for a long time came to an end when Vera felt a familiar sign approaching.

“What is it? I even prayed.”

It was Renee’s voice.

Vera raised his head to find René smiling as he looked at him and smiled.

“… I thought it was like I didn’t pray too much because it was so successful.”


Renee sat down next to Vera.

Still, his eyes were staring straight at Vera.

“I hate everything that is a lie. Vera wouldn’t pray if the world were to fall tomorrow.”

Words that are spit out as if to be honest.

Vera let out a smirk.

“I am a person of my own faith.”

“Hmm… .”

A mischievous smile appeared on Renee’s face.

It was a smile he knew well enough that there was only one reason for Vera to do this.

“… Is it because of me and the baby?”

Vera’s smile hardened.

Renee smiled and said, seeing Vera like that.

“That’s right.”

stretched out his hand

He added strength by placing his hands over Vera’s wriggling hands.

and said

“My divinity, that’s the problem.”

“… Did you know?”

“It’s my body, and I know it best.”

Renee’s eyes were on the clasped hands.

It was a hand that was much bigger and thicker than his own, full of small cuts and calluses.

After looking at it for a moment, Renee lifted her head and made eye contact with Vera, then said.

“It will be fine.”

“One thing just in case… .”

“It will be absolutely fine.”

Vera’s expression turned strange.

Renee could capture the anxiety and doubt from that expression.

Perhaps it is anxiety about the worst, and doubts about one’s confidence.

Renee spoke again to turn Vera’s feelings into reassurance.

“There is. Remember Vera?”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s what I said before. I want to have one son and one daughter and live like that.”

In an instant, something flashed in Vera’s mind.

These were the words of a woman who did not know anything about the world, drank alcohol, sat down and cried.

– One son… one daughter… You’re going to give birth… ! Heh heh heh!!!

Unbeknownst to me, a ‘puffy’ sound comes out.

Renee’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No… big… !”

A smile that once erupted never fades away.

As Vera dragged it off and tried to put the laughter back on, Renee sighed and smiled in dismay.

“Yeah, anyway, as they say, we have one son and one daughter.”


Vera’s laughter stopped.

A surprised expression appeared on his face.

Renee looked at Vera’s wide-eyed face and said.

“I have one son and one daughter. The child in the belly.”

A word to say again with certainty.

Vera felt confused.

“how… .”

“Well, I know because you taught me.”

“who… ?”

Rene’s hand reached out and headed towards the cross.

“It is them.”

It wasn’t exactly what he was referring to, but it was a word that could clearly identify the subject.

Renee spoke to Vera with a blank face.

“It came to me in a dream. children faces. The sensation was too vivid to be a simple dream. My body was overflowing with divinity.”

“ah… !”

“These are children’s divinities.”

Concluding words with a smile.

Vera’s eyes trembled.

Renee giggled at Vera, who was now showing signs of relief.

“Stop worrying.”

Renee’s gaze turned to the cross.

“I was going to keep it a secret until the very end, but I wanted to surprise Vera.”

Words spoken with pouting lips.

However, it wasn’t that bad.

“Stupid Vera.”

The selling word came out.

However, Vera didn’t have time to care about it.

why not

Aren’t her words so shocking?

From https://noblemtl.com

One son and one daughter.

Children born with the divine nature.

Thinking of his children who suddenly began to take on concrete forms, Vera felt a feeling that was indescribable.

“I… .”

Vera’s fingertips twitched.

Renee giggled and said to Vera.

“Kids are good. Because my father is the strongest man in the world.”

White-blue eyes filled Vera with a warm light.

The pure white eyelashes that were set down neatly were curled in accordance with the smile she made.

“You have a lot to teach me, right? Swordsmanship and divine magic.”

Vera’s lips clenched tight.

It was due to a rush of excitement.

Vera, who was unable to fix his expression and frowned, answered with a weak smile.

“… Yes, there is also a need for character education.”

“Wow, I have to do that.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“why. Isn’t that what the king of the gutter would do?”

“until when… .”

“Until the Pirate King comes to his senses?”

A giggle of laughter echoed through the chapel.

It was the laughter of Vera, who finally let go of his heart, and Renee, who embraced Vera.

everything will be fine

The two spent a long time in the chapel, comforting each other.

After 5 months without problems, I finally got my birth day.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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