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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 264

A nearby beach in the coastal town of Fleur.

Aisha said, frowned at the salty smell that was blowing.

“Wow, how the hell do you live like this?”

The smell of the sea permeates his nostrils.

The salty smell, moisture, and strong winds make me feel worse every moment.

The air of the Ronan Strait was unpleasantly approaching to Aisha, a cat with sensitive five senses.

Aisha sighed and looked at Jenny.

“Aren’t you going?”

“Just a little longer, just read this.”

Jenny was squatting on the floor, reading the letter.

A letter from none other than the Holy Land.

It was the letter that was sent so that he could grasp the trend of the continent during the long-term dispatch.

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Of course, as of today, there was other news in it.

“baby… .”

Jenny’s cheeks turned red.

It was because of the high expectations that Renee had with the news that they had twins.

“Rene-nim’s child, you must be cute.”

Aisha’s expression wrinkled at the laughter that Jenny shed.

“That was the only thing I said ten times.”

The words she spit out because she couldn’t understand Jenny, who never got tired of looking at her letters all day.

Jenny’s head tilted.

“Aren’t Aisha happy?”

“I’m happy, but… .”

Aisha scratched her cheek and spoke less.

His expression was shaky.

“It’s awkward because I think it’s an Vera kid.”

That was the problem.

Being Renee’s child and Vera’s child at the same time, the terrifying gap gave Aisha such a shiver.

It was good enough for her.

why not

Wasn’t Aisha the only disciple of Vera?

That is why he knows more about Vera than others.

All they do is request dispatch to intellectuals, and a human who calls Renee to stand by while on duty.

Being a father for such a human being was too awkward for Aisha.

How Vera Becomes a Father

No, apart from that, if it was Vera’s child, it would be like that human, wouldn’t it?

‘A kid who looks like Vera?’


Aisha felt goosebumps all over her body.

“… No.”

Aisha, who suddenly imagined a newborn baby pointing at her with a sullen expression, wiped out the floating chicken flesh by rubbing her arm.

Then he shouted at Jenny.

“Let’s stop and go, I want to finish it quickly and go back to Elia.”


Jenny got up.

The two looked in one direction.

At the far end of the line of sight is a large coastal cave and the ships built in front of it.

The goal of this dispatch was to have someone who might be an apostle.

Aisha smirked.

“It’s a pirate… .”

Anyway, the apostles are not normal people.

Aisha drew out her sword with such thoughts in mind.


In the deepest part of the cave, there was a woman sitting on a splendid throne with her chin resting.

Red hair and red eyes.

She was an impressive woman with her wildly raised eyebrows and a cigar in her mouth.

Ellen, the Pirate King of the Ronan Strait.

He was now the owner of the cave that Aisha and Jenny had invaded, and was the one who succeeded in Bargo’s footsteps and received the stigma of judgment.


“Yeah, yeah… .”

A middle-aged man in shabby clothes bows his head.

The voice coming out was trembling.

It was not because of the fear of the intruder, but because of the fear of the woman in front of him.

“Two, two… .”

“You can’t catch two people, so what the f*ck?”

“It’s Sungkuk! Eh, it’s from Elia… !”


When Ellen got up, the man shouted ‘Hey!’ He made a sound and shrugged.

Normally, it was Ellen who would have put an end to her impetuous appearance, but now she can’t afford to do that.

“crazy… !”

A cold sweat ran down Ellen’s chin.

His fingertips were trembling and his heart was pounding.

‘You have to run away.’

had to run away

They must have come after their stigmata, so they had to run away and plan for the future.

A faint smile crept across Ellen’s lips.

‘I can’t get it… !’

none other than a stigma

It was a symbol of the miracles that the gods had given to this earth, and it was the best weapon that was promised infinite power just by holding it in your hand.

Ellen, the Pirate King of Ronan, did not want to use such a stigma for a cause.


“Yes, yes!”

“Stop it, block it somehow, so you can’t come this far!”

Having said that, Ellen looked around.

‘Let’s see… What do you have to bring?’

The load should be minimal.

Shelters and ships could also be abandoned.

If you don’t catch them, you’ll get your hands on them again. With these fists and stigmas, you can definitely do it.

Accidents spinning around, eyes rolling in a hurry.

So, while Ellen was thinking about what to take care of for a long time.


The deep door collapsed with a roar.

Ellen’s head snapped! and headed for the door.

There were two women the same age as him.


“What kind of a girl is, being a leading girl.”

The blonde Suin had a thin attitude draped over her shoulders and spoke badly.

The dark-haired woman next to him yawned and said.

“Apostle, right.”


Suin and Aisha smiled crookedly.

Ellen calmed her pounding heart and continued her thoughts again.

‘Two, girl.’

changed the plan.

‘… Kill them and leave.’

I assumed the worst because it was only the two of us.

Humans such as the Guardian Apostle who alone stopped the Alaysia Legion from the war a few years ago, the sword of the oath, or the previous owner of the stigmata he possessed, such as Bargo.

But since they weren’t any of them, they were just two little girls, so the thought comes to mind that it’s worth doing as Ellen as well.

“f*ck, I was just scared.”

Having said that, Ellen raised a bloody divinity.

Together they exercised power.

Shin-an sees the work of the other person.

triggered it

immediately after.

‘… reel?’

Ellen’s body stiffened.

A dazzling light flashed across his face.

It was great.

It was too big.

From those two more than anything I’ve ever seen… No, even the doll that the dark-haired woman was holding was more uplifting from the three.

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Of course, an idea came to mind.

‘I’m sorry… ?’

These are never opponents they can defeat, they say that even if they die and wake up, they will not be able to reach even one fingertip.

The blonde beast fixed the sword and held it.

At that moment, what Ellen saw was a far-off sword strike with a speed that could not be traced with her eyes.


From the Strait of Ronan at the northeastern tip of the continent to Elia at the southern tip.

The journey of about a month has come to an end.

Ellen, who had been dragged with her whole body bound, felt like she wanted to stop crying.

‘f*ck… .’

it came

finally came

It was only then that I realized that the pure white fortress over there, which seemed to have a mental illness, was disturbing my vision.

“Is it your house… !”

The dark-haired woman, Jenny, the apostle of rest, who learned her name later, says:

After that, Aisha, the blonde beast, answers.

“I’m not going out for a few months now. I beat him to leave and he doesn’t even get out.”

Words muttering with a tired face.

At the same time, a rope that pulls rough.

Ellen was dragged helplessly and bowed her head.

As he was being dragged along, he trembled at the sound of two heavy voices.

“Jenny, I’m here.”

“Aisha is here too. I brought a woman.”

Ellen’s head creaked.

In her eyes, they were twins with stupid expressions.

‘Apostle of the Guardian… !’

Aisha said while dry saliva was dripping down the back of her throat.

“Son, the apostle of judgment.”

“I am the successor of His Holiness.”

“It’s our junior. Marek, give your junior a cookie.”

Marek put his hand through the armor.

Cookies that pop out of the inside are already half eaten.

Marek blushed and brought it to Ellen’s mouth.

“Come on, eat.”

Ellen was perplexed.

‘Food torture?’

is this a gossip

Are you trying to punish me for using the stigmata arbitrarily?

Ellen’s body trembled.

Marek’s smile widened.

In an instant, Aisha slashed Marek’s head with her scabbard.


There was a dull sound that would never come out of a human head.

“Open the door.”

The twins’ faces turned pale.

“Aisha, you look like Vera.”

“right. Aisha is Vera the girl.”

As they grumbled and headed towards the door, their muscles inflated, the door opened with a gurgling sound.

“let’s go.”

Aisha pulled Ellen.

Ellen had a blank expression on her face, realized the situation later, and looked at Aisha with emotion.

‘Did you help me?’

It is clear that it is the guardian apostles who are guarding the gate.

Also, the name Vera is the name of the Holy Emperor.

They called Aisha a disciple of Vera.

‘this… .’

If I want to live, I have to stick with this woman, and this is a golden rope.

Ellen thought so.


Daeshinjeon, which arrived through the all-white streets, was quiet.

As soon as you enter, you can see the murals of the nine gods.

A mysterious and warm light that you do not know where it is coming from.

Ellen looked at it blankly and thought.

‘How much would you like to sell if you take it? .’

Eyes, who had plundered all kinds of treasures, could accurately grasp the value of the mural.

Accidents that follow quickly the moment you see the treasure.

Just as Ellen was about to forget where she was right now, two footsteps rang out from the Great Hall.

Ellen shook her body.

His gaze was directed in the direction of the sound of footsteps.

Ellen swallowed the tension.

‘Successful… !’

and virgin.

It was the two of them walking hand in hand.

A man with dark hair and gray eyes stares at him.

A white woman with a full stomach next to her smiles softly.


Aisha smiled brightly and approached Renee.

Then Renee gently hugged Aisha.

“great job.”

“no! It was good because it was easy!”

Ellen’s expression became strange as she was dragged and rolled on the floor following Aisha’s movements.

‘What is it… ?!’

He grunted all the time, then why did he suddenly turn bright?

Why are you acting like a girl who knows nothing!

Ellen’s expression wrinkled at Aisha’s incomprehensible behavior, and in the meantime, the two of them… No, the conversation between the three of them continued until Jennie, who had already joined.

“Is the baby here?”

“Would you like to touch me?”


Aisha and Jenny’s hands touch gently on Renee’s swollen stomach.

Blush rises over their faces.

“ah! I just kicked it!”

Aisha is not sure what to do and admires it.

Ellen felt like she was going to vomit at the abominable sight.

-Damn disease, do you still have two more weeks to go?

-Ah~ I don’t want to work-!

-I’ll definitely kick Vera in the crotch when I go back. No matter how I think about it, he’s the biggest problem.

The words and deeds he had heard over the past month were replaying in Ellen’s mind even at this moment.

In the midst of the confusion, Vera spoke.

“Is this?”


Ellen trembled at the words uttered in a tone that looked like a bug.

It was brutal and it was brutal.

It was a tone that seemed to kill people just with the hints in his voice.

“this… .”

elongated words.

At the same time, Vera’s two fists clenched.

“Are you the pirate king?”

After that, Renee’s laughter-filled voice continued.

Ellen and Vera pursed their lips at the same time.

Meanwhile, Vera blushed.

“Wow, the Pirate King… !”

A smile appeared on Renee’s face as if he was holding back a smile.

No, it was right to hold back my laughter when I saw my trembling body.

Renee spoke again.

“please… Who are you like?”

Vera’s face contorted like a ghoul and turned to Ellen.

Ellen wanted to cry.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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