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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 263


There was no better word to describe Elia’s mood these days.

A smile bloomed on the faces of the apostles.

Whispering words continued nonstop in the temple, which had always been quiet.

What about the Holy Knights?

The elite of each unit gathered and were arguing to join a unit that had not yet been formed.

It was.

All of this happened as rumors spread that René had a child.

“Twins, twins.”

The garden of the great temple.

Theresa said with a smile brighter than any face she had ever seen.

Renee blushed and nodded.

“Yes, they are twins.”

The pure white hands write the belly.

Although it was not yet sung to the extent that it could be seen with the naked eye, he could still feel the birth of life in it, so the smile on René’s face did not stop.

“What kind of child are you?”

Words full of anticipation.

Theresa replied by placing her hands on Renee’s stomach.

“Any child would be pretty. Well, I hope there will be a child who looks just like the saint.”

In the eyes of the old woman, there was an infinite love for a life that had not yet bloomed.

His wrinkled hands were full of warmth.

Theresa’s head lifted.

What you see in front of you is Renee with a red face and a smiling face.

‘When did you grow up? .’

There was a feeling of tightness in her chest at the new emotion that came to her.

“I think you are really grown up now. The saint has become a mother.”

“I am no longer a saint.”

“You are forever a saint to me.”

Theresa grabbed Renee’s hand.

Renee licked her lips, then giggled.

The twins, Krek and Marek, who had been listening to the conversation until then, said:

“Twins, congratulations.”

“right. I have younger twins.”

The twins’ faces were bright.

“Crek, congratulations.”

“Marek also blesses you. Saint child, you grow up just like us.”

Both hands reached out.

The place he’s heading to is the direction where Renee’s ship is.



Renee’s hand smashed them away.

“… ah.”

A belated look of disappointment appeared on Renee’s face.

Where Renee looked with squeaky heads and an awkward smile, there were twins with shocked faces.

‘even I did not know!’

My body reacted first to the word that I would bless them to grow up like them.

“Mi, I’m sorry! Trying to stretch!”

It was an absurd excuse, but fortunately the twins believed it.

For Renero, it was a moment of gratitude for their beast-level intelligence.

“you’re right. Lady, we love you.”

“right. Unlike Vera.”

nod nod.

Renee’s heart began to fill with guilt as the two men shook their heads and clapped.

‘I like it, but… .’

But I don’t want my child to grow up like that.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it.

Rene began to rationalize her heart as a result of ‘maternal love’ between the rising guilt and realistic worries.

… Elia’s garden was peaceful today.


“Are you going to become an Abby?”

The flower bed of Daeshinjeon.

These were the words of Bargo, who was taking care of flowers today.

Vera replied with a smirk in the distance.

“It happened.”

“Your guy?”

Vera’s body trembled at the sarcastic tone that was fired again.

There was no other reason.

It was because Vera himself felt that he was not a good fit for his father.

I was happy

It was also overwhelming.

However, before that, it was the anxiety that settled in Vera.

Vera became a coward in front of the fact that he was a real child.

Vera’s hands became fist-shaped.

“… I don’t know if I can do it well.”

It was a weak word.

Vera, who was always full of self-confidence, was an understatement to say it was uttered.

However, it was not so unfamiliar to Bargo.

“… Fresh guy.”

Bargo, who had seen Vera from the day he first came to Elia, knew.

The reason Vera, acting as if he’s confident, looks so weak is because he truly considers himself a teacher.

“You’re talking nonsense.”

The grunts were right, and there was love in them.

Bargo continued, hoping that the disciple could simply accept the miracle that was approaching with joy.

“Do it like yours. The saint will do enough to care for you, so why not just play the role of admonishing the children not to go astray?”

He is a disciple risking his life for his chivalry.

He is also a disciple who knows how to be serious in everything.

As such a disciple, he must be a great father.

Vera’s eyes widened.

Then he answered with a weak smile.

“Are you cheering for me?”

“A doghorn.”


As Bargo’s hand touched the red petals, what had been wilted bloomed again.

“… Even if you are still not sure.”

Bargo’s gaze was towards the red flower.

It was such a flower that I could not take my eyes off of it for a moment because it was a young and fragile life.

“Let me help you a little.”

Words that were spit out.

Vera nodded, feeling a tickle in his stomach for some reason.

“Then I will take care of you.”

“Pretend to say no.”

“I knew it was not polite.”

“A guy with no frills.”

A smirk escaped from Bargo’s lips.

Vera smiled after him, and then spoke as he recalled one thing he had forgotten.

“That’s how I see it.”

“What else?”

“A letter has been sent to Master from Oben.”


A playful smile formed on Vera’s lips.

It was done because he thought he would feel the absurd feeling he felt the moment he heard the report.

“Half a year later, it is said that a muscle beauty contest will be held in Oben. He said he wanted to invite Sung-ha there as a judge.”

From https://noblemtl.com

One day, a muscle beauty contest created as an excuse for Renee’s coming-of-age ceremony.

The former Prince Caldern, who was obsessed with it, had to do this.

Bargo’s expression hardened.

If I had to express the expression that appeared on my face, I would have to say that it was a feeling of embarrassment and rejection.

“… Do you think I will go?”

“Aren’t you going?”

“Don’t say anything that doesn’t sound like a word. No, I mean, in the first place, I don’t want you to hear that kind of thing even to my ears.”

He had a harsh look on his face, but Vera’s smile was getting stronger.

“Keep that in mind.”

“Things that don’t get ripped off.”

Vera did not know.

The way she enjoys making fun of her teacher is similar to that of Aisha.

I wondered who Aisha grew up looking at.


The hut north of the Great Hall.

Returning from work, Vera paused and stopped.

“Are you here?”

It was because of Renee who looked at herself and smiled brightly.

It was to herself and her child to be in her womb.

something to keep for the rest of your life.

You can feel its weight again.

Vera laughed as it was a feeling of pressure all over his body, but he didn’t like it that much.

and took a step

“I’m home.”

Renee hugged her tightly.

Laughter echoed in the space.

Also, a warm feeling came to mind.

“You went to see Theresa today.”

“Yes, there are also Krek and Marek.”

It was nothing special, but nonetheless, it was a special conversation above all else.

Sharing each other’s day was invaluable.

“I want my children to be like them.”

“You are casting a curse.”

“It was said in a good way. But without realizing it, my heart was pounding.”

“It’s a natural reaction.”

The two began to giggle.

The place where the footsteps that moved naturally arrived at the table.

“Mary-sama wrapped up food to celebrate. I was waiting to eat with Vera.”

The words heard were a form that broke Vera’s sentiments.

Vera’s eyes dimmed.

“… Thank you, I have to tell you.”

He said in a tone of no gratitude.

However, Renee didn’t know.

The joy of having a child, the happiness of the day, and the anticipation for Marie’s meal to be eaten now, there was no time to worry about Vera’s expression.

A table where two opposing emotions intersect.

Vera was still suffering from the torture that would last to the end of his life.


Having a child is truly a joy.

However, the reality that accompanied him was not very romantic.


Late at night when everyone is asleep.

Vera jumped out of bed and looked at Renee.

“… Yes!”

Rene, who was in tears, said in response to the vigorously spewing out in a voice that had not yet slept.

“I want to eat something fresh.”

A face that looks like it’s about to cry.

Vera squeaked at the words he said with a face that looked like he had suffered all the unfair things in the world.

“Wait, wait… I’ll be right back.”

Vera got up from his bed and put on his coat.

In the meantime, Renee was crying while hugging a pillow.

“Quickly… .”

Vera left the hut, kissing Renee whining on the forehead.

And he began to run with the divine all over his body.

It’s been a month already.

It was a daily routine, every other day, at this point in time when Renee’s pregnancy was well over two months.

Vera thought as he ran down the street with a face with deep dark circles.

‘when… .’

When will this pain end?

When will I be able to sleep comfortably?

Even with a superhuman body, limits existed.

Vera, who had not slept properly for almost a month, was pushed to the limit, and felt like crying like a child, and reached the neighboring village.

fresh thing.

Something Renee would like.

Thinking only of that, I staggered to the place where there was a fruit vendor that I became close enough to talk about privately.

As I entered the entrance of the shop still lit up in the dimly lit village, a middle-aged man walked out from inside.

“Are you here?”

Seeing the fruit vendor smiling with a weary face, Vera held out the gold coin without hesitation.

“… Give me what you always ate.”

“I knew you were coming, so I prepared it in advance.”

A well-packaged strawberry fell before Vera’s eyes.

Vera accepted it with a grim face.

“… Thank you.”

“I am not in a business position. The Holy Spirit is suffering.”

There was a hint of pity on the face of the fruit merchant.

Vera sighed and shook his head.

“Of course you have to do it.”

“Even so, it’s not something everyone can do.”

short conversation.

The middle-aged fruit dealer, already well aware that Vera wasn’t in a position to speak at length, lowered his words with a smirk.

“It looks like a healthy child is coming out. You can see there is a riot in the early morning.”

healthy Ira.

Vera laughed weakly, thinking that he was right.

“It looks like there is going to be an accident.”

“Good. Having a lively child brings life to the house.”

With a grin, Vera felt his tiredness slowly fade away.

“… I’ll have to go slowly. suffer.”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

For a moment, I thought I didn’t want to see it.

However, I knew even Vera who thought like that.

“Not like that.”

That he would see him in less than two days.

Vera turned.

The light on the fruit table was finally extinguished.

After running for a while, Vera returned to the hut.

… It was Renee who was sleeping soundly to greet Vera’s return.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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