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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 262


A languid voice echoes through the parade ground.

Aisha raised her head and headed in the direction the voice came from.


What came into view was a drowsy woman with her dark hair hanging loosely.

If I had to pick a peculiar thing, it was Jenny, who turned 18 this year, who could hold a rag doll in her arms.

Aisha wiped the sweat from her face and said.

“What’s up?”

“The Holy Spirit is looking for you.”


Aisha’s expression wrinkled.

The now prosperous teacher Vera.

It was because there was only one thing he could call himself out of.

“Are you dispatched again?”

Jenny nodded her head as she spoke with a tired face.

“Yeah, this time with me.”

Jenny’s cheeks reddened slightly.

Aisha knew it was her way of expressing anticipation.

This was surprising even for Aisha.

Perhaps that’s why Jenny, who suffers from chronic cynicism, showed a positive signal for going out.

The answer as to why he had such a reaction immediately came out.

“Cradle, this dispatch.”


You’re excited to go home.

Aisha, who was immediately convinced, nodded her head and answered.

“Tell me I’m going to wash up. I sweat a lot.”


Aisha continued to stretch.

Her blonde hair, which had grown over her shoulder, swayed to and fro as she moved.

The body had strong muscles made from constant training.

The tail and ears stood up as they stretched.

Jenny looked at her, thinking that she was cool when she was full of health.

[I don’t know if that’s how you become like the gatekeepers.]

Annie’s murmur.

Jenny pinched the rag doll’s cheek.


“Bad words, no.”

Jenny’s expression darkened.

The thought of his only friends becoming like Krek and Marek gave him goosebumps.

‘… I like it now.’

Jenny wished.

Please don’t let Aisha’s muscles grow any bigger here.


“Go in!”

Daeshinjeon’s office.

Vera raised his head at the voice he heard.

Before she could even utter an answer, Aisha with a sullen face came in through the open door.

A sigh escaped Vera’s mouth.

“I don’t remember telling you to come in.”

The voice that comes out is full of dissatisfaction.

It was because of Aisha’s attitude, which was losing her frizz as the days went by.

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Of course, Aisha wasn’t a person with such a small wall that she was terrified of it.

“why? Do you want me to do anything harsh in the office?”

Vera’s eyes widened as he spoke with a smirk.

His cheeks were red from shame.

There was no other reason.

As I said, while kissing Renee in the office, she had a history of getting caught by Aisha.

“The bullshit… .”

“It wouldn’t be nonsense.”

Vera’s fists clenched, and the pen split in two.

Aisha’s smile deepened.

Aisha walked in and sat cross-legged in a chair, then spit out a word.

“Do I have to go to the cradle?”

What pops out is the story of dispatch.

Aisha, who knew that Vera would be offended if the story continued here, turned away.

Vera replied with a smirk at his increasingly slender pupil.

“Yeah, come look around the cradle and the orcs.”

“Is that over?”

Aisha said so and waited for an answer.

He did it because he knew very well that he couldn’t commit himself to anything more than reconnaissance.

Vera chuckled at Aisha’s witty attitude.

Then he leaned back on the chair.

“… Ronan Strait, I need you to visit there.”

“Ronan? The one above the academy?”



Aisha’s head tilted.

Because the strait Vera speaks of was literally a corner of a village, with nothing but a few fishing villages.

“There is someone to find.”



Aisha’s movements stopped.

Vera looked at Aisha like that, and tapped the desk with her index finger.

“Perhaps it will be there.”

“If Apostle… .”


Vera said as he recalled.

‘Three years after the war.’

In my last life, right around this time, after Bargo died, something happened.

It was the appearance of a new Apostle of Judgment.

In terms of timing, it was at the time when the decisive battle with Alaysia was in full swing.

‘It’s definitely in my memory. A girl about the same age as Aisha now.’

I remember that he was less talkative and had a rough appearance.

At that time, Renee was the person who brought him directly, and in the war, he was active among the forces that penetrated the gates.

“… Are you sure the apostle?”

Aisha’s words handed to him while he was thinking.

Vera replied by shaking his head.

“Not sure. One, as it is a matter that needs confirmation, it is telling you to go directly.”

“What… .”

“There is nothing wrong with doing it for sure.”

Unlike the previous life, in this life, Bargo is alive.

Also, the threat of Alaysia has been resolved.

However, now that the stigma of the referee has left Bargo, it is necessary to be prepared in case.

At least Vera judged so.

“It must be a girl your age. It’s a rare trait, so it’s easy to spot.”

Vera said so and waved her hands, and Aisha frowned and stood up.

“I’m the only one who bothers you again.”

“I definitely want to.”

“It doesn’t matter if I praise you.”

Aisha ‘be’ and sticks out her tongue.

And then he left the office.

Vera thought with a sigh.

‘I don’t think I’m so fussy because I resemble someone… .’

That’s why young people don’t.

Vera murmured inwardly, who could not even remember the attitude he had shown Bargo.


In the northern part of Elia, there is the only place with a different light in the all-white fortress.

Right in the forest where Vera’s hut is.

The tiny hut that exists among the thick trees was still billowing with white smoke.


A sharp scream rings out

At the same time, there is the sound of something falling to the floor with a ‘thump!’

The true identity of the sound that resonated almost every day of the year was the sound Renee made while he was cooking.

The kitchen was a mess.

A pot rolling on the floor, something black and ominous dripping down.

And Renee with a sad face.

“In addition… !”

It was a failure again.

The routine I started with the thought of feeding the returning Vera myself has failed horribly today.

Renee felt a choking feeling in her stomach and began to bend over and clear the floor.

‘what is the problem?’

I just boiled cream with noodles, sugar and salt, and the result was amazing.

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Obviously, when Marie made it, it turned out to be a wonderful dish, but when she tried it herself, it didn’t taste the same.

‘Boiling time? material mix? Or do you need a secret sauce?’

Renee was worried.

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Of course, it was a no-brainer.

It’s because Renee doesn’t know that Vera will never like Renee’s food no matter what he cooks.

Renee herself has yet to realize her own bizarre taste.

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Only Renee and her culinary teacher, Marie, knew it was the problem.

A deep sigh.

In an instant, the door to the hut opened and Vera entered.

“I have come.”

Renee’s body trembled.

It was because he did not want to find out about this tragedy.

Cold sweat flowing.

Accidents that are sharpened.

Renee quickly awakened the divine and began to weave the magic.

A six-sided cube drawn by the pure white divinity.

It was an advanced extinction technique [predation].

The pot, the black matter, the stains and the surrounding odor were all gone.

Renee, who had done the job in an instant, got up and ran to the entrance of the hut.

He smiled brightly and hugged Vera.

“Come on!”

The cunning look was as if he was saying, ‘Nothing happened!’, but Vera knew.

‘… Drink.’

The flow of divinity she felt the moment she entered the hut and her unstable heartbeat were sufficient clues to infer what had happened in the hut just before.

Vera felt a sense of urgency.

‘Is it cooking? .’

Have you not given up yet?

Are you trying to feed it to yourself?

Vera looked at Renee with trembling eyes.

Her brightly smiling face, her white-blue eyes looking at her with love, and her hand slowly leaning towards her hip.

‘why… !’

It was time to give up after a year, but why is she so obsessed with cooking?

It was embarrassing.

I was also afraid.

As soon as her cooking skills get on track, anxiety rises at the thought of what might happen to her every day.


“Yes… ?”

The answer came a step late.

Renee tilted her head at that, then lifted up her feet, brushing off her thoughts.

and said

“If you go, there are things you need to do.”

He closed his eyes and licked his lips.

Vera felt a cold sweat run down the back of his neck and gave Renee a brief kiss.


There was a sound, and then their lips parted.

Vera smiled as Renee blushed shyly, brushing aside his thoughts.

‘… Yes, it hasn’t happened yet.’

Worrying about things that haven’t even happened is something that only the minions do.

Vera decided to take it easy.

“What did you do today?”

“Well, it just was. In the morning, after talking with Marie-sama, let’s go see flowers with Bargo-nim in the garden… .”

Vera’s countenance calmed as the laughter continued.

After returning, Renee, who came down from the position of a saint, was so glad that she was having a peaceful time.

‘If you don’t cook… .’

That would be great.

“… Oh, I also saw Bong Ma-jin for a while. Is that the end?”

“I am glad that you are at peace.”

“Vera did a great job too.”


Renee patted Vera’s ass.

Vera stopped laughing.

“Are you that good?”

“Yeah, it’s firm and tastes good to the touch.”

Renee grinned.

It was a strange smile like a newlywed in the first year of marriage.

“There it is.”

“Yeah, the kid would love to have one.”

“Hehe… .”

Renee hugged Vera again.

Vera also hugged Renee.

It was a smiling face, but there was a slight bitterness inside.

“… It seldom happens.”

It was six months ago that René wanted a child, and it was four months ago that he started planning in earnest and started working.

The child hadn’t come yet.

It could be said that it was a little premature, but it was a big problem for the two of them.

“Is my body the problem?”

“Is that possible?”



It was Vera who patted Renee on the back to reassure him, but he also had something to point out.

‘A body built in the new world… .’

Renee’s body is a body reconstructed from the divine realm.

As such, there was a fundamentally different part from the normal human body, which could be a problem in relation to pregnancy.

However, Vera wanted to believe.

‘… no.’

the child is sure to come.

The heavenly gods would also be considerate to that extent.

Vera said to Renee, wiping away the anxiety that had arisen.

“Let’s try harder. Isn’t it four months yet?”

“effort… .”

Renee’s head nodded slightly.

“… Yes, let’s try.”

It’s too early to give up.

Rene thought about it and began to brighten her complexion.

‘right. Negative thoughts are not allowed.’

Rene, who made up her mind to think positively, raised her head.




Vera’s head tilted at the resolute gleaming eyes.

“… Yes?”

Where do you want to go all of a sudden?

Renee answered the question posed to him with a sense of dread.

“Let’s go try!”


Renee took a big step and led Vera.

The one in the walking direction is two people’s bedroom.

A laugh escaped Vera’s mouth.

‘… Was it that effort?’

Rene’s face was already red when she turned her eyes away.

His face was a mixture of excitement and shame.

“I only do it three times today. Vera has to work tomorrow!”

three times

Vera said with a smirk.

“Are you confident?”


Renee stopped walking.

His face began to turn red in anger.

There was no other reason.

It was because Renee always suggested the number of reps, and he fell out because he did not do that.

Vera continued, holding back a burst of laughter at her reaction.

“Maybe we can see how much we can survive today.”

“Hey, Vera has to work too… .”

“I can’t stand it.”

Dry saliva ran down the back of Renee’s neck.

Vera hugged her.


Vera’s gait, moving with a large stride, was quite imposing.

“Let’s go. to try.”

Elijah’s night was coming.

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One and two people’s hut had been lit for a long time.

It’s the one year anniversary of the two of them getting married, and the same day that four months have passed since they wanted to have a child.

Rene succeeded in having a child after seven unintentional efforts.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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