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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 261

It’s sunny today, Elia.

However, the atmosphere there was frozen like a thin ice sheet.

There was no other reason.

“Did the Holy Father grumble again?”

It’s Elia’s ‘before’ boom.

It was the atmosphere that came to mind when he returned to work.

Trevor laughed awkwardly at Teresa’s question.

Theresa sighed as she scratched her cheek and nodded her head.

“Hey, I guess I’ve been eating in vain.

Even after Renee returned, Vera, who had gone on a trip for half a year, and Bargo, who returned to work because of Renee, were getting more and more dissatisfied day by day.

It wasn’t incomprehensible.

He was spending a happy time taking care of the flower bed in the neighbourhood, so it is quite possible that he does not like this situation.

However, even the grumbling for such a reason came to me as fatigue as the time went on.



Heavy footsteps echoed through the hallway.

What was reflected in the sights of the two with their heads turned to it was the sullen Bargo.

Theresa’s eyes narrowed.

Bargo saw it and said.

“What are you looking at?”

“How old are you, how do you walk like that? Can’t you keep your dignity?”

“Heng! Someday, I asked about that.”

Bargo’s beard was swept away wildly.

What followed was another murmur.

“Is he going to travel for the rest of his life? What the hell is it that you can’t come back for half a year… .”

“Leave it alone. It must have taken time since we met again after such a difficult time.”

“I’m very old and I say stay here until I die.”

Rub and bang the waist! bang! knocked

“No, why me in the first place? I don’t even have stigmata anymore. I am not an apostle.”

Trevor’s lips, who had been standing still, clenched tight.

It was because, as he said, shortly after Vera’s departure, the stigma disappeared from Bargo’s arm.

Even Vera, who returned, did not know the reason.

He left only those words.

-There was no conversation, but the meaning they showed was clearly permissive. It must have been the fulfillment of what the Holy Spirit wanted.

They say that the heavenly gods are watching them.

Trevor, who was trembling at the words full of grace, had no words to say now.

Meanwhile, Teresa looked at Bargo with a pitiful look and said:

“Go and do your work. Children will come back when the time is right.”

He rubbed his lips and turned around, kicking his tongue.

“Just try to come back. I am very… !”

Even today, despite the disappearance of the scars, he is still strong, waiting for Vera to return, burning his anger.


There were people who lived in dreamy moments.

They were the ones who finally reached each other after going through a very long adversity.

Vera and Renee went on a trip.

Just holding each other’s hands, they started looking around one by one of the places they had stopped by.

So relived the memories.

In the happiness he finally achieved, Vera became the most talkative person in the world.

Every time I visit a place, I am constantly talking about how it was then and how it is different from now.

Seeing the greenery of the Great Forest, seeing the mountains somewhere in the Union, stopping by the Empire to see its founding father, and visiting the Academy.

He was a gossip until the moment he stopped by the Orc Lands to fight and chat with Hodric, who became King of Cradle after a long time.

Renee heard it all with a smile.

He engraved the voice he had been waiting for for so long, the lips that vomited it out, and the expression he had when he spoke out.

So they arrived at a place of unforgettable memories.

Erne, a trading city at the entrance of Oben.

At the very place where the two of them had once joined, Vera and Renee moved on.

Lake Tenerne, where winter breaks, shone dazzlingly today.

The two of them got on the ferry with their hands on each other and began to leisurely head towards the middle of the lake.

Renee looked at the unfolding view and smiled.

“It was here.”

White-blue eyes capture the lake.

It contains the dazzling snowy field beyond it.

In doing so, memories are embedded in this landscape.

-good… ah

-a lot.

– A saint.

I recall the sweet whispers he gave me.

The tip of Renee’s nose was red, either because of the cold wind, or because of the overwhelming emotion.

Vera carved a figure of such a Ren while rowing.

It’s been half a year now, and even though we’ve been traveling together without leaving a single day, there was something awkward about it.

That was the reality of meeting again and being together.

‘… stigmata.’

Now she had no stigmata.

She was no longer an apostle of the Lord, nor was she blind.

It was only later revealed that her sight had disappeared in return for the power of the Lord.

“Isn’t it cold?”

“Yes, I like it.”

Rene reached out of the ferry and tapped the water surface with the tip of her index finger.

“This is a ripple.”

He said so with a bright smile.

It was still awkward.

Since childhood, when I was not growing up, I lived only in the dark throughout the long regression, so this visual information only came to me in a strange way.

‘Well, after all, it is not the time of the return.’

The memories of that time now remain only as a recognition of ‘that kind of thing happened’, and I can’t even recall it properly.

‘By the way… It was.’

All the memories of that moment were sealed away to sharpen the worn-out mind again, Vera apparently said.

In addition, it was said that the body we are wearing now is a new body created by the divine in heaven.

Renee looked at Vera.

A handsome man with dark hair, gray eyes, thick lines and a masculine impression.

Every time I saw him, there was a face that was awkward and made my heart flutter.

Renee’s cheeks turned red.

‘You look good… .’

lips shut.

This is what I found out when I opened my eyes.

She was a woman with a weak face.

I have no choice but to say that, because even after seeing Vera’s face for half a year, my heart still flutters when we just look into each other’s eyes.

If we were to put it in a phrase that was very popular in the Academy Middle School, it was.

Renee was a severe ‘Ulpa’.

Should I call it a virtue?

Vera gained the uncanny ability to dispel her anger just by putting her face in her face.

… Of course, Vera was unaware.


Vera raised his head and looked at her.

Again, in the blurry focus, the slowly blushing face and slightly wide lips raised concerns.

‘You haven’t adjusted to your body yet.’

It is a human body, not a human body.

From https://noblemtl.com

Of course, in terms of lifespan and health, there was a risk of losing unity with the soul, although a healthy body that easily penetrates the average of human beings.

So, the thing that Vera was most concerned about for half a year was whether her soul was well settled, and when she became dazed, she felt deceived by her worries.

“Oh, nothing… !”

René sneakily avoided Vera’s gaze.

Then I shut my eyes tightly.

‘handsome… !’

Whose lover is he so handsome!

so handsome!

Even thinking about cancer, being handsome was the best!

The face that looks worriedly, the face that chatters and smiles, and the face that collapses in drowsiness.

And even the tears.


When Renee first opened her eyes, she felt the expression she had seen come back to mind.

I haven’t seen Vera since that day.

Just thinking about his tears made my heart flutter.

Renee was worried.

‘… Can’t we see you one more time?’

I wanted to see Vera’s crying face.

Just looking at that face brings up a strange feeling when I think about it.

However, it was indescribably difficult.

Vera is a knight by nature.

Also, even if his stomach was punctured, he would vomit blood, but he would not cry.

A grunt came out of Renee’s mouth, and as a result, the trouble deepened.

“Im here.”

Vera spoke.

Renee raised her head and looked around.

It was right in the middle of the lake.

A lake where crystals of frost that cannot be frozen shine in the sunlight.

It was stained red.

“ah… The sun is setting.”

The sun was setting behind the white snowy mountains.

When did time pass like this?

As Renee vomited admiring the scenery for nothing, Vera said.

“Last time I was in this place.”


Renee’s fingertips trembled.

This is because he immediately realized when the word ‘last time’ meant.

‘confession… .’

the day I confessed.

He must have been saying that he was standing here on the day he confessed that he was clumsy and stupid, and that is why he was thrilled.

Renee’s gaze turned to Vera.

The finely curved eyes, the gray eyes in them, stared at him.

My body tenses with the eyes that seem to be sucked in.

“Do you remember the promise we made back then?”


Renee’s heart pounded.

His eyes were growing like they were about to tear apart.

-… proposal.

Words engraved in my mind stop thinking.

Tighten your breath

make the heat rise

naughty silence.

The silence that surrounds the two of them passes a not-so-short time.

The setting sun disappears and the world becomes dark.

The eyes facing each other are dyed from the color of the sunset to the color of the starlight.

“… I definitely said that I would make a wonderful proposal.”

Vera takes a step forward.

Then, he takes a small case out of his pocket.


As the case opened, something with a strong presence fell over Renee’s vision.

Renee was still stunned.

Vera smiled and moved his lips.

Just thinking that I would make the same mistake as the last time, I spit out the words I practiced while looking in the mirror without feeling ashamed.

“I want the rest of your life.”

It was truly such a confession.

The corners of Vera’s lips rose slightly.

“Would you like permission?”

Renee looked into those two eyes.

A man kneeling in the middle of a lake where the night sky has melted and holding out his ring.

A face that glows pale in the moonlight.

And the blush that sits above it.

The trembling eyes soon looked at the self engraved in his gray eyes.

There was a woman with a stupid face.

What followed was a banal reaction indeed.

Renee covered her mouth with her hand.

He frowned and shed transparent tears.

Then he held out a hand and answered.

“yes… .”

It was fortunate.

At this time, Vera’s painstakingly chosen time, the lake where winter breaks, lit her tears with the starlight engraved on her body.

The cold air blew it away and engraved another star.

Vera tried to calm my pounding heart, but it was impossible.

When she finally arrived, she was so beautiful that Vera lost her composure and had no choice but to laugh like a boy.

Vera picked up the ring.

Very slowly, she tucked it into her ring finger.

The two did not speak more.

They looked at each other while holding the hand with the ring on, and quietly their lips overlapped.

As promised someday.

A man and a woman who have gone through a long and long adversity decorated the end of a long story with such a banal proposal.

『Regressor and the Blind Saint 』

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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