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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 249




Albrecht felt the pain in the back of his head and opened his eyes.

You can see the red ceiling.

I felt the pressure on my ankle.

“Uh… .”

“Are you awake?”

Albrecht raised his head at the sound of the voice.

“… Grand Duchess?”

In front of them are Hegreon, who is dragging him by his ankles, and Theresa next to him.

Albrecht was perplexed.

“What is this… . No, escape… !”

“I came back after escaping. Do you remember what happened?”

Hegryon’s steps stopped.

Albrecht frowned and shook his head.

It felt like there was a fog in my head.

Hegrion’s words must have meant the passage of a considerable amount of time, but his memory ended at the moment he took steps to escape the advance squad.

“… There’s nothing. The memory of swinging a sword in a hurry is over.”

Hegrion took a long breath and said to Albrecht, who was confused.

“After escaping, we re-entered with a small number of people. Elias and I, and even Miller and Friedenim.”

“Where are the others?”

Albrecht got up and shook his head.

Hagrion shrugged.

“I do not know. It was torn as soon as it came in.”

“Then it’s dangerous… .”

“It is not.”

Albrecht’s head tilted.

This time, it was Theresa.

She smiled and answered Albrecht.

“The flesh has stopped moving. Even the laughter of the spirits disappeared. It seems like the other side is doing something.”

“ah… !”

“And do you see that?”

Theresa’s hand went somewhere in the flesh.

Albrecht, who moved his gaze there, was making his eyes widen.

“The arm… .”

was collapsing

“I was like that a few hours ago. I don’t know who it is, but it seems that some of the people who entered have figured out a solution.”

Albrecht’s expression brightened.

“Fortunately, the! We’re going to help too!”

Theresa raised a deep smile as she was about to recover and step out.

“Cancer, our goal is to find an advance squad that did not escape.”

“How many?”

“I see about two hundred. But how about your body? I’ve been treated, but is there any discomfort?”

Albrecht patted himself, then shook his head and answered brightly.

His well-groomed teeth shone with a bright smile.

“Perfect! Thank you for the grace.”

“I’m happy.”

Albrecht wakes up and the atmosphere brightens.

Hegryon watched the two of them talk, and hesitating.

There was no other reason.

I would like to express my gratitude for finally reaching the level of determination and thanks to Albrecht.

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One, it wasn’t easy.

The first reason was that it was difficult for me to say thanks to the military subject as if I was dissatisfied with it.

second is… .

“Huh, it’s a mess. I think my skin would hurt if I walked around like this… .”

That consistent personality was the problem.

Even if he tried to look good at cancer, his unique narcissism, which felt like nothing, kept him speechless.

Hegryon’s expression frowned.

Albrecht brushed off the scabs on his head as if he knew nothing.

Teresa, who noticed Hagrion’s sign late, just smiled.

‘Good times.’

There seems to be romance in the friendship of young people.

I was in the middle of thinking and thinking about it.


Vera wrapped the deity over his body.

‘The morale is getting stronger.’

The deeper we went, the stronger our morale was.

From a level that was simply unbearable to a level that would frown, to the extent that it had a direct effect on the body again.

Vera looked at Camilla in a morale that had grown dangerously dangerous if she didn’t wear the divine.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes Yes… .”

Camilla was getting more and more exhausted.

A golden divinity was protecting her body, but her complexion was already darkened, probably because it was not enough to block.

“Go, go… .”

In the meantime, don’t fall

As if he was going to find his brother somehow, he stepped forward again with earnestness.

Vera nodded, biting his lip in the bitterness that rose again.

There must be no such place in this fortress, but this deep part was especially bad.

First of all, the old people who have their skins peeled off and nailed to the wall.

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Of course, those who should have died were trembling and announcing my survival.

Next, fraud and dishonesty shook the senses, and finally, some nerve-wracking factor stimulated Vera’s sense of crisis.

‘No one is here.’

I couldn’t feel anything except the old people who were stuck in the wall.

It’s not that there are no guards like the castle, but that there aren’t even apostates who would have brought the elderly and children here.

Isn’t it conceptually absurd?

There is a situation where a person has entered, but the fact that there is nothing inside is rather a sense of crisis.

Vera stepped forward, poised to draw his sword at any time.

I was walking for such a long time that I didn’t even know how much time had passed.

“for awhile… !”

Vera stopped.

Camilla took a deep breath and shook her head.

Then he said, ‘Suck!’ and swallowed his breath.

Unknowingly, I had raised such a reaction to the scene in front of me.

“I, that… .”

trembling voice.

Eyes starting to fill with despair.

It was the cemetery that filled the huge space.

No, it was a strange sight to be called a cemetery.

there was a tombstone

And there was soil behind it, and an inverted cross rose above the soil.

There was one hanging upside down from an inverted cross.

“Go, I have to go… !”

Camilla’s body shoots out.

Vera raised an arm to block it, and closed her mouth.



It was Vera who calmed her down, but the emotion he was recalling was the most intense anger he had ever felt in his life.

‘… .’

As expected, the scene of the sacrificial ceremony.

However, even with such things in mind, it is a disgusting sight that you cannot look at with your eyes open.

Countless children were hung upside down on an inverted cross.

Beneath them were a lot of wine engraved in blood.

Blood glistened in Vera’s eyes at the revealed misery.

The voice came out in a ferocious form he had never heard before.

“… stay here I will come and check if there are enemies.”

Camilla cried and cried.

My body trembled terribly at the thought that there might be a younger brother among the children hanging over there.

She barely nodded her head.

Vera released the arms holding her back and slowly stepped forward.



My heart was beating hard.

The narrowed pupils were hitting the scene reflected on the retina in my mind.

It was a gruesome sight.

So, it was a sight that could not help asking why.

‘Is this what I have to do?’

Woo woo-.

He cried as if his holy sword was about to break.

‘barely… .’

Even though she didn’t fully understand what her purpose was or why, the thought that came to her was ‘only’.

For any reason, at least as far as Vera knows, this is unforgivable.

No matter how bad it is, I knew that there was a good thing to protect.

‘barely… .’

Vera felt anger that only personal greed had created such a disastrous event.


Flesh sprouted out of nowhere.

Vera’s gaze turned in the direction he felt the presence.

Bones protruding through the floor, muscles, flesh, and skin overlaid on them.

It is a pulsation that is agglomerated by them.



The unholy beat passed to Vera.

The shape that was gradually created was something I had seen someday.

The flesh is formed in the shape of a child.

There were ten horns protruding from the scalp on the head, and six more faces were sprouting from various parts of the body under the neck.

The face sprouting from the left chest says:

“Hey… jiit… .”

It sang like a scream.


“Come on, come on… yuu… .”


increase in size

arm is complete.

The face protruding above it opens its mouth.

“Jooh… Ma… .”

Vera’s expression crumbled.

Because there was something to see.

The legacy he wore, the eyes that showed the essence, the veil to block negativity, and the bond that connected the other person with me were telling how it was born.

‘… sacrifice.’

is a sacrifice

That’s a container for the tenth.

It is a negation made with the innocence of children for that purpose.

“Jooh… Ma Al… .”

The finished offering comes crawling.

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Open your mouth and scream.



It struck Vera with a heavy weight.

Vera reached out.


Contrary to the menacing movement, the victim’s attack was poor.

A level of aggression that truly deserves to be called the whining of a child.

Vera let out a long breath as he watched the floundering sacrifice held in my hand.

Woo woo-.

The holy sword cried.

Vera looked at the sacrifice with a wretched expression on his face.

I looked at the crying soul in those eyes.

‘how much… .’

How long, how long had I been trapped in this and crying so much?

from the new generation to the present.

It may be shorter or longer than that, as we do not know how time flows in this.

… No, time didn’t matter.

However, it must be important that Alaysia’s flight caused such a tragedy.

“Hey… .”

The victim’s mouth opens wide.

A red tongue sticks out like a whip.

Divinity erupted from Vera, and it bounced off its tongue.


The holy sword wept low.

“… okay.”

Vera answered and turned his right hand to his waist.

held the holy sword.

“I need you to rest now.”

His voice was drenched in emotion that was squeezing in his chest.

It was an indescribable feeling.

I was just sad and upset.

The eyes of the sacrifice roll over.

Stare straight into Vera’s eyes.

As someone said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, the light of the suffering children dwelled in the glittering eyes.

Vera could see.

This sacrifice is the source of the world he is immersed in.

The moment this offering comes to an end, he will awaken.

All the flesh of reality will crumble.


The tip of Vera’s sword pointed toward the fetus’ forehead.

His gaze never fell from his eyes.

Vera opened his mouth, facing the sacrifice, as if he would not forget all the light that now enters the retina.

The stigma burned.

“Don’t promise.”

Vera had no way to save those who had suffered for a long time, so he asked someone who could do it.

“You will all be saved. We will go to a place where there will be no more pain, sorrow, or resentment. Anyone who sees this promise will surely do so.”

His unjust god would grant this request.

The price he paid for was well worth it.

“I don’t wield a sword. Don’t pay the price for making you suffer so much. I promise so… .”

Vera paused for a moment.

With a frown on his face, and a bitter smile, he finished his speech.

“… Stop resting.”


The pure white swordsman penetrated the center of the forehead between the sacrifices.

The victim’s body shook violently, and then stopped.

“Ego… .”

The voice dwindled.

The expressions floating on the seven faces disappeared.

The blazing light in his eyes began to lose power.

The sacrifice melted like ice melted.

Soon, an oddity occurred.


Vera’s head turned back.

Camilla was looking at him with a confused look.

It was a shaky gaze.

His lips were trembling.

“ah… .”

A trembling arm covered her mouth.

Numerous expressions flashed across her face.

There was astonishment and sadness.

Behind the glimmer of despair, emptiness emerged.

Arin’s smile was at the end of the countless expressions that floated up like the rippling waves.

“… That’s it. I am dead.”

space collapsed.

Just like a mirage without shock or vibration.

Her body was also slowly disappearing into ashes.

Vera looked at him still.

Camilla looked at her hand, the children on the scattered inverted cross, and finally at the end she looked at Vera.

“… Is it over now?”

“This is the end. All.”

Vera answered and looked at the things that were falling apart.

Now that there is only one person left to remember this, he did not miss a thing to remember them.

“Now you can rest. your little brother… .”

Vera placed his hand on his chest.

Inside, above the dark soul, a new promise was shining golden.

“… We will see each other again. Lushan has accepted my oath.”

Camilla’s head dropped.

dull look.

Half of her body had already disappeared, and she immediately raised her head and answered with a small smile.

“yes… .”

Vera’s consciousness began to blur.

in a crumbling world.

Vera vaguely heard her last words.

“… thanks.”

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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