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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 248

“The end of false freedom.”

“Gee, true freedom… !”

hallway of introspection.

Vera walked there with the souls of five.

His expression was frowned upon.

‘It’s terrible.’

The stone hallway was littered with blood and flesh.

The smell filled the whole room, and the faint candle illuminating the dark hallway was rather eerie.

‘There is no expense.’

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One peculiar thing is that.

There were no guards in the fortress, which was supposed to be protecting something important.

All they had were robes apostates just like the ones they saw outside.

As the thoughts continued, an apostate looked at Vera.

Vera said without panic.

“The end of false freedom.”

He bowed his head deeply and spoke.

The answer came right away.

[True freedom!]

The apostate passed Vera as he said, raising his hands.

Woo woo-.

The Holy Sword cried unsatisfied.

Vera said inwardly, sweeping his holy sword.

‘Be patient. It’s for a cause.’


The Holy Sword cried even louder.

Vera felt troubled.

‘I am getting stronger and stronger.’

Compared to the time when it was first created, it is a dramatic change.

The self-consciousness of the Holy Sword, which had been slowly growing, had now come to the point where he was fighting against Vera.

It wasn’t a bad thing, but at a moment like this, it was the nature of being resentful for nothing.

‘Who did you look like you were so short-tempered?’

He could be a little flexible, but the Holy Sword was raging every time he uttered it, as if he didn’t like anything related to blasphemy.

Vera sighed deeply at the irresistible holy sword, and swept over it again.

‘It’s coming soon. There will come a time when I will go out, so be patient.’

Whoops… .

The holy sword was dead.

Vera let out a smirk.

It was a long time later that the walk accompanied by a small accident was over.

“Hey, here it is.”

Straw-haired woman.

She, whose name is Camilla, whispered to Vera.

Vera answered, looking at the iron gate hanging in front of him.

“Is this behind a prison?”

“Yes, I must have seen this door when it was carried to the altar.”

Vera nodded.

And knocked on the iron door.

A voice came from inside.

[What’s going on?]

When asked about the business in a gloomy tone, Vera answered.

“One is dead. I’m here to pick up what I’m missing.”

According to the information we heard in advance, it is not uncommon for sacrifices to die during rituals.

Vera used the point to speak, and the apostate accepted it without question.

[Twitter, come in.]


The door opened.

Inside, there are narrow iron bars and the sparsely visible humans in them.

Vera’s forehead narrowed slightly, as if he were peering into a kennel.

In the meantime, the feeling was spreading widely.

‘There is only one of these guys.’

It felt darker than usual due to the injustice around him, but fortunately, this prison was at a level that could be understood.

‘Is the management done by one person?’

Heck, if you’re not taking care of it, you’re not going to need more than one.

Vera stepped in.

After that, the five spirits followed.


The iron gate was closed.

Shortly thereafter, Vera’s hand reached out toward the apostate.


broke his neck

Vera frowned as the gushing blood wet his arm, and the souls gasped.

“First, we take out those who remain. I will cut the iron bars, so find your family.”

“Ah yes!”

Camilla and her companions passed Vera and made their way forward.

Vera wiped the blood over his robes and grabbed the holy sword.

The holy sword trembled.

“Okay, it’s time to work.”

Divinity was overlaid on the sword and then sharpened.

Vera swung his holy sword as he stood.


A series of shots continued at a speed that instantly made my arms blur.

A metallic sound swept through the prison, and immediately afterward, all the locks of the iron cage were cut away.

Vera put the holy sword in and looked inside the prison.

‘Mostly empty.’

There were too many prisons empty to be attributed to the vacancy in the previous hall for a ceremony.

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One reason comes to mind.

‘Did you fall in the other direction?’

It must be said that people fell not only through the altar in the hall, but also through the altar behind the door at the far end.

A long breath escaped Vera’s mouth.

The footsteps you are heading towards are a blur that you can feel right in front of you.

Towards a soul that collapsed and died.

Just like everyone I’ve seen, he was a young boy with a bone spur.

‘To these kids… .’

It would be strange if there was no human anger.

Vera went in front of the child and knelt down, stroking his head in divine spirit.

The child’s eyes slowly opened.

“Shhh… Okay. Rest in peace.”

The child’s breath, which seemed to be cut off at any moment, gradually stabilized.

The eyes closed again, this time with a comfortable color as if they had fallen asleep.

already dead child.

I knew this was a soul, but I did not want to see him suffer as much as he did.

Vera brushed off the bitterness that was filling him up and walked back to the other room.

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One by one, the victims are stabilized, and those who are in good condition recover to the point where they can walk for a while.

Camila and her companions approached Vera.

“Did you find it?”

At Vera’s question, the four except Camilla nodded their heads.

Vera’s gaze turned to Camilla.

Biting her nails with a face smeared with anxiety was a clear indication that her brother was not here.

Vera’s hand reached out and placed it over Camilla’s.


Camila shook her head and looked up at Vera.

Vera said.

“Go down to the depths. You will find it there.”

Camilla’s expression darkened.

A face that looks like it’s about to burst into tears.

Her head creaked, and Vera lifted her hand bitterly.

‘They are all… .’

They were the victims here.

In the time of no return, they were still struggling with pain.


Suddenly, the Holy Sword cried violently.


Vera entered the depths.

The four who found their families and the fallen victims were put in prison.

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Only Camilla was by his side, walking along with an anxious face.

“Oh my gosh… .”

Camilla covered her mouth with her hand.

Her eyes widened as if torn apart, revealing her astonishment.

Vera’s reaction was not too different.

‘… This place is already at a level similar to reality.’

There were no more stone buildings.

All you can see are walls and floors, half-buried in flesh.

And there was a human corpse sticking out of it.

were the elderly.

Vera thought of a question at the sight.

‘A child?’

Considering Camilla’s younger brother and the child in prison, it must have been that there was a separate room for children, but it was a question about the fact that no clues related to that had ever come out.

Vera retraced the knowledge he knew one by one.

Fortunately, when it comes to sacrificial rituals, there was knowledge instilled by the gossiper Miller.

The moment has finally come when that disgusting chatter will help.

– The important thing in ancestral rites using sacrifices is symbolism. What does the offering mean? That’s what I was focusing on. For example, like that. See this bone necklace I’m wearing around my neck? In this case, the symbol of ‘bird’ and the symbol of ‘death’ are overlapped, and the shape of a necklace is added to the character of ‘shackles’. It has the meaning of shackles that cannot be set free even by death, wings that cannot fly.

– Well, I don’t quite understand.

– If you’re a saint, I think you can. First of all, there are aspects of a symbol that depend on the nature of what it looks like… Simply put, that’s it. By using this necklace for ancestral rites, I will be able to control otherworldly creatures. I bind their free will and put them under my control.

An explanation with a bunch of useless talk.

There was one key in it.


The important thing in the offering is the symbol.

I had to approach it that way.

Vera recalled each child’s temperament.

‘Immaturity, possibility, ignorance… .’

Vera’s eyes sank as he looked back at each word in the form of words.

‘… Purity.’

This, too, was what Miller told us.

-Purity is particularly unusual among symbols. The concept of purity itself acts as a ‘vessel’. It is often used to summon or possess something.

– Well, this is difficult too… .

-Actually, this is a story you don’t need to know. The symbol of innocence is almost impossible to use.


– Among the sacrifices that embrace innocence, the most representative example is a young life. Other than that, there are many things that are ethically condemnable. As such, those who sacrifice innocence are highly likely to be special magicians. As history is, the symbol of innocence can only be touched by more than five judges.

There was something that immediately caught on.

‘Call out.’

The ultimate purpose of Alaysia, the manifestation of the tenth.

If all of this is groundwork for him.

Also, if that’s the reason the children can’t see.

However, if you think about it that way, there was a part that I did not understand.

‘The destruction of the gods was surely accomplished by the demon king.’

In addition, the era that this fortress paints now is the end of the new era.

If you think about it, what should be here is Ardein’s body, and the traces you see now seem to say that it was the tenth time that the gods were destroyed.

I mean, this is award-winning.

Vera let out a long breath.

‘… You’ll find out when you go.’

There were no more apostates to be seen in the hallway.

Vera said, straining his body to the fullest and spreading his senses.

“let’s go. in.”

“yes… !”

Vera began to walk down the hallway, where no more footsteps could be heard, only the rustling of flesh.


Reality as Vera had just passed through the prison.

Miller said with a serious face.

“The arm… .”

“Yes, it is collapsing.”

Before their eyes, one of the arms that had tormented them all the time melted.

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Only ten have been found so far.

Trevor asked Miller.

“What do you see?”

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing. There is no fraud observed separately.”

Miller stared at the place where his arm had melted, as if staring at him, then uttered those words.

“I wonder if other people have found a way… .”

“His Holiness? Or Sir Vera?”

At Trevor’s question, Miller shrugged.

“Well, what is certain is that things are starting to progress, so we have to move slowly, right?”

“Well! That’s right. Are you ready?”

Trevor’s question in the doll.

Miller nodded and relaxed.

“Yes, I think this level of preparation is sufficient.”

Miller’s surroundings were a mess.

Pegs stuck in the floor.

A strange pattern painted on the skin.

And even the bone necklace around his wrist and accessories that float around his body.

Miller grinned nervously, looking forward.

“I didn’t expect to see that here… .”

In the distance, at the end of the hallway, there was a room much larger than the passage I had ever passed through.

In the middle is the figure of a woman covered in blood.

“… This is Mother Spirit, the King of Spirits.”

Miller tensed at Trevor’s words.

“If you seal that up, the rest of the spirits will be quiet, right?”

“Yeah, if you think that it was because the king of the spirits was tied up, then it is understandable that the spirits were tyrannical.”

“like. great. Let’s go.”

Miller’s hand pointed forward.

Words that seemed to be out of this world flowed out of his mouth one after another.

Trevor raised a divinity and aided Miller.

A blue divinity overlapped over the dark purple smoke.

It began to condense on Miller’s fingertips, and then it began to glow like crazy.

“Eat one first.”

Behind Miller’s words, a sphere shot out.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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