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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 250

small toss and turn.

However, there was a movement in Vera that could be clearly felt if the body was facing each other.


Renee called Vera at the trembling she felt in her fingertips.

Vera opened his eyes.

Renee was full of his vision.

“ah… .”

“it’s okay? Where are you hurt? Do you have a headache or do you have a sore throat?”

Long lasting words of concern.

Vera sighed when he realized that he had returned to reality.

As I moved my gaze, I noticed that the surrounding landscape had changed.

Now there was no more flesh.

All there is is a wall made of old stone.

‘It’s over.’

Has their suffering come to an end?

It would have been really nice if that was the case.

“Vera… ?”

Vera trembled at the next call.

A situation that has not yet been resolved.

The voice that answered was trembling.

“… How much time has passed?”

Renee felt it.

He added strength to his clasped hands, and then answered with a small nod of his head.

“no. It wasn’t very long.”

“The situation is… .”

“I think it’s over. At some point, the feeling of the floor changed. All the shocks transmitted over the defensive technique are gone.”

Renee felt that Vera, who had been immersed in another world, had been through something not very pleasant.

Probably because the emotion in Vera’s voice was so bitter.

There was no questioning.

Renee carefully reached over his shoulder and raised his upper body, then gently hugged him.

“… thank you for your effort.”



The movement of patting on the back contained a sign of comfort.

Vera hugged Renee face to face, struggling to keep his blurred expression together.

“Yes, I have been.”

The warmth warms the heart.

My aching stomach is getting a little more comfortable.

Vera squeezed Arin inside and buried his head in Renee’s arms.


It was easy to pass through the fortress that had lost its flesh.

This is because Vera has already learned the structure of this citadel.

The path he found based on his experiences in the world of the soul.

The two of them followed it, and eventually met the other party.

“Are you here?”

A huge hall at the entrance to the inside.

Bargo welcomed Vera in the same place where young men were previously burned.

Behind him, everyone in the party and hundreds of people had already gathered except themselves.

“sorry. A little late.”

“It has been Wasn’t it you who removed the flesh? You did a useful job on the subject.”

Bargo replied with a snorting ‘Heh!’ and started talking about the past.

“I was just walking, so I came to this place. At the same time, the advance squad was tied up here, and as we searched for them one by one, other children came. After spending some time like that, the flesh disappeared, and you are here.”

A summary of an explanation that would have taken dozens of words if it were Miller.

Vera nodded.

Then, behind Bargo, I looked at the advance squad, which was still in poor condition.

“How about them?”

“I can’t use it in battle. The damage to the mind is greater than to the body. He kept wondering if he was having some kind of nightmare.”

“Recovery is… .”

“No one will ever suffer permanent damage.”

Vera breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s fortunate.”

Bargo’s beard twitched.

“Why are you doing that?”

A question asked with a sob.

These words were spoken immediately upon recognizing that Vera’s expression was not as usual.

Vera avoided Bargo’s gaze as if in trouble, then sighed in reply.

“There was work in the process of using the legacy. It’s nothing to worry about, so don’t worry.”

“Hmm… .”

Bargo’s eyes narrowed.

However, he didn’t add any words.

There was also no reason to question them separately, and even if it wasn’t for that reason, it was because other people started to flock around them.

Albrecht brightly greeted Vera.

There was no shade from him, who had already returned to his perfect state.

“Sir Vera! No facets. How grateful I am for coming to the rescue… !”

A smirk escaped Vera as he smiled with his white teeth glistening.

“Looking at the condition, it seems like he would have come out alone even if he hadn’t saved him.”

“Please. There was help from others.”

a short conversation.

After finishing the break with the party that had gathered one by one, Vera sat around them and started exchanging information obtained.

“How did the spirits deal with it?”

“It was sealed. In the first place, the spirit itself is a species that cannot be killed or annihilated, so there was only one thing it could do.”

Miller shook the vial in his hand.

Several thin chains were wrapped around the gray-white porcelain bottle.

“After I finish my work, I’m thinking of asking the spirits to clean up.”

“Yes, that’s good.”

Vera’s gaze turned to Friede and Marie.

Friede nodded and said.

“I found traces of Gorgan. It looked like a battle was fought, but I don’t know what happened. I’m thinking I might have gone to the depths first.”

“Did nothing else happen?”

“No. Aren’t all the paths we’ve taken so far only flesh and spirits?”

Friede’s shoulders shrugged.

Vera then looked away from him and caught his breath.

His eyes focused on Vera.

“I found a way. With the help of miscarriage, we identified a passageway to the depths.”

“The door behind me, right?”

“Yeah, keep going inside and you’ll find yourself in jail. If you go through that prison and go down again, you’ll find the depths. Perhaps Alaysia is there.”

At Vera’s words, Rohan, who had come here after all the hardship he had suffered so far, wiped his chin with a haggard look.

“… But why are you so quiet? If you make a fuss like this, you can react to anything.”

A question that comes naturally.

Considering the things she had done in front of the Greenis and the turmoil she had brought here, the situation in which she was still was suspicious.

“The state of being unable to move. Isn’t that what it is?”

Trevor said.

Trevor, who returned to Jenny’s arms before he knew it, barely spoke with Annielys.

“It’s too quiet for a plan. All the numbers she had seen so far were all things that she said had been prepared in advance. Perhaps she is preparing a move of her own.”

“If only one number… .”

“Even if it penetrates deep, it must be seen as an unstoppable number.”

The atmosphere in the space subsided.

What comes to mind are serious faces.

“Is there any reason to delay?”

No one answered Vera’s question.

This also meant tacit affirmation.

Vera nodded at it and got up.

“Let’s go.”

“How is the selection team?”

“I have to get it out. If it doesn’t help in battle, I’d rather send it to a safe place.”

Vera’s gaze turned to the door leading to the depths in the distance.

It was a door that just kept its seat quietly, so it felt gloomy.

Vera said looking at the door.

“… Now, it’s all over.”

Now is the time to truly see the end.


The door to the depths creaked open, and the apostles and heroes all gathered inside entered.

Through the long corridor, back to the deeper prison.

As Vera arrived at the prison, the red traces all over the place blurred his expression.

Even after such a long period of time, the history that has not been erased made me feel uncomfortable.

“here is… .”

“It is a prison where sacrifices were held.”

Albrecht’s body trembled.

His gaze cautiously turned to Vera.

Vera didn’t say anything else, just stared at the prison and remembered the promise.

A promise to wield a sword.

So he promised to avenge their grudges on their behalf.


The golden coat of arms gives strength to the body.

“Is that deep behind that door?”

Hegrion asked, pointing to the door at the end of the prison.

Vera nodded.

“Behind me, there were corpses embedded in the wall. I don’t know what would have happened now.”

“star… .”

A sound of disgust rang out from Miller.

“Let’s go.”

Bargo calmed those who were angry and stepped forward first.

And opened the door.


The rusty door was pushed back with an unpleasant sound.

For a moment, his eyes frowned at the energy that was flowing from within.

“… You must hurry.”

The denial was too deep.


A battle that was all black.

Alaysia, who was squatting on the throne, opened her eyes.

“… It’s coming.”

Her appearance was heterogeneous.

Her hair, which always looked like spring, was stained with dark red, and there was a dark gloom over her face, which had a bright smile on it.

It wasn’t just that. The clothes she was wearing were a different red dress than before.

Suddenly, the corners of Alaysia’s lips curled up.

“It is soon. Yes, it will all be over.”


Alaysia’s arm fell.

The moving arm went over the stomach.

My stomach was full.

She continued speaking like a full-term pregnant woman.

“If that’s the case, we’ll make it again.”

Alaysia’s eyes on her ship were filled with unspeakable love.

“Let’s make a flower garden, build a house on it, and we whisper love every day.”

There was a thump over the stomach as the white hands made movements.

“When I collect flowers, make a wreath and put it on my head. And give me a hug.”

The words that follow as if singing have a hint of dreaming.

It must have been said that it was a maddening obsession.

The rocking of the ship intensified.

His feuding behavior seemed to be adding to his frenzy.



A bright smile appeared on Alaysia’s face.

A shrill laugh began to come out of her mouth.

“Do you want to come out?”

How do you make such a pitiful footstep?

How can you vomit out such lovely anger?

“Not yet.”

Does Lee Da-ji make me happy?

“Wait, wait a little longer, and I will come.”

Suddenly, the movement of the stomach began to stop.

It wasn’t real.

It was to fall into the depths again by Alaysia.

“Now comes the last piece. And the body to wear.”

thud… .

There was a sound like a flurry, and then it stopped.

“Ar, ar.”

Alaysia repeated the name she loved so much.

“Now, everything is owned by Ar. No one to follow, no more to carry. A world with only Ar and me… .”

Continue talking as if contemplating.

Then she sheds clear tears.

“… You are going to that paradise.”

hands caressing tummy

Alaysia cherished her one and only world, waiting for the people to come.


It was a place of indescribable negativity.

There was no corpse embedded in the wall as in the dimension of the soul, nor was there a tomb of the inverted cross in the spacious hall.

Just a stone wall you can see anywhere.

And there was silence.

There was a large door at the end.

“This would be right.”

It was a door with nothing embossed on it, just a piece of iron, but that’s why it was a scary door.

At this moment, for the first time in his life, Bargo felt something ominous.

“… rotten things.”

Vargo raised his hand.

The companions stepped back.


A bloody divinity began to burn over his body.

“Now there is nothing more to hide… .”

The divinities gathered over the hands turn into a mace.

Bargo continued to speak, holding it firmly in an attempt to shake off the dullness that came to mind.

“… You can just break the bone.”

The mace drew a bloody trail.

The divinity that was shot created a light enough to pierce the eyes.


In Vera’s blurred vision, a completely vanishing iron gate and a long red carpet behind it.

At the end, it was Alaysia who looked at her and smiled.

Alaysia’s lips moved openly.

-Come on.

Vera’s heart grew cold with a bright complexion.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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