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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 241


This curse, considered a symbol of blasphemy, was one of the curses most feared by those living on the continent.

There was no other reason.

the very nature of negativity.

That’s because it wasn’t that bad.

At the moment of being cursed, a brand in the form of an inverted cross is engraved on the body.

At the same time, indescribable misfortunes occur in the body, and the soul is corrupted, and even the promise of rest after death is lost.

In other words, the moment the stigma is engraved, they are abandoned by the gods.

Even if you didn’t engraved it yourself.

The power of the unholy symbol itself was strong enough to erase the blessings of the gods from them, so it would be strange if the creatures of this earth did not fear the curse.

Vera’s expression wrinkled.

The sight unfolding before your eyes.

The struggle of a soldier with a brand engraved on his body was what made him that way.

“… What happened.”

It was Norn who answered the question in a quiet voice.

“The exact cause has yet to be determined. I heard that the soldier who had been on duty was lying around in this state when he heard the scream and ran to it.”

The soldier’s depravity was serious.

His eyes were red and bloodshot, and his mouth was frothy.

Both trembling hands were constantly pointing towards the head, and other soldiers were blocking them.

Vera’s gaze turned to the soldier’s throat.

An inverted cross engraved like a flower.

It was lodged in his throat.

‘… There were no omens?’

Norn’s words were getting complicated in his head.

The first reason is that we cannot figure out the path through which the negation has flowed.

The second reason was that the surrounding atmosphere was moving in a direction it should never have flowed.

Vera’s keen hearing caught on to the sounds around him.

– It’s negative, it’s negative… .

-how… why… .

-Ooh, we’re going to lose too. My soul is corrupted! to fall!

What is contained in the murmurs is deep fear and anxiety.

‘Not good.’

Fear was a highly contagious emotion.

Also, there is a terrible part in its nature, and once it starts to be engraved, it is not easily erased.

‘If you don’t fix it quickly… .’

A difficult situation was about to unfold.

Fear spreading in the group was a problem directly related to a drop in morale.

Vera clenched his teeth, rolled up his sleeves, and stepped forward.

“Everyone, get out of the way.”


The knights who were holding back the branded soldier trembled and then retreated.

Vera climbed onto the soldier’s body and began to unleash his deity.


A splendid golden torch burned the stigma carved on Vera’s forearm.

“Calm down. Here is the proof of the blessing.”

As Vera spoke, he covered himself and the soldier’s body with divinity.

Exclamations erupted from all sides, but Vera couldn’t afford it.

‘… It’s awful.’

It was because the stigma had been lodged in his throat in a worse form than he had thought.

“Ouch, uh… .”

A suffocating sound could be heard from the soldier.

Red tears began to trickle down the corners of his wide, tearing eyes.

His body was screaming in pain beyond the limit.

Vera added divinity.

Even though he knew that this would make his pain more intense, he had no choice but to do so.

This is because the only cure for negativity known in this land is to slap divinity into the stigma.

“Hold on. Heaven will not forsake you, so hold on a little longer.”

“Oops… !”

Smoke rose from the soldier’s neck.

A shrill squeaking sound rang out.

To put it bluntly, it was a sight like a brand screaming.

Those who saw the scene thought at the same time.

It is a sign that the stigma is going away.

This is the scene where the grace of heaven washes away the negativity.

Unfortunately, their thoughts were far from the truth.

Vera’s teeth clenched.

A cold sweat started running down his forehead.

‘It’s a backlash.’

This was no ordinary denial.

It was more serious and systematic, and it was a higher level of negation that was different from the one that came in by chance.

Vera could realize at once.

Alaysia was not silent.

‘Are you aiming for this… !’

The more secretive, menacing males and females were spread out in the barracks, waiting for the right time.

In a situation where everyone on this continent was aiming for her, she must have used the fear that spreads in the group as a weapon.

What happened in the absence of clear information.

I tried to spread the divinity more deeply, but the stigma never thought of backing down.

It didn’t take long for those who were seated to realize the change.

-Why, why isn’t it erased?

– It is the divinity of the apostle… ! That’s the divine stigma… !

Anxiety arose from them again.

The anxiety began to intertwined and intertwined, creating a greater fear than the first time.

‘It will rot… .’

Vera felt a throbbing in his head.

If you keep going like this, all your efforts so far will be in vain.

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Of course, it is not possible to save this soldier’s life right away, and distrust of the divine will lead to the bottoming of morale.

I had to write the numbers.

It was necessary to remove this stigma and instill confidence in their divinity.

wide-ranging thinking.

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Overheated nerves.

The moment when Vera’s expression collapses in a way that can’t be imagined in the midst of it.


In the murmur, the staff made a sound.

“Move away!”

Then a voice very familiar to Vera.

Immediately Rohan’s voice resounded.

The eyes of those who were seated turned to the source of the voice.

Immediately after, silence rose throughout the space.


The woman who was guided by Rohan’s hand and carefully moved to create this silence.


Dressed in pure white, she was a woman with beauty as if I was alone in another world.

It would be strange if there was no dazed sign on his face that made him lose his sense of reality.

A murmur that subsided.

Also, one possibility that lays bizarrely.


The woman, Renee, approached Vera.

“Would you mind staying out for a moment? I’ve heard everything about the situation, so I’ll give it a try.”

With a graceful smile, Vera suddenly felt a relief that he did not know why.

A forcible relief without a single speck of ground began to unravel his body.

This was an emotion that came to mind inevitably because it was Vera, who had been grunting alone until just before.

The situation is so complex that it gives me a headache.

The only person who can solve it is you.

There is a helping hand reached out at such a moment, no matter how much you call Vera, you can’t help but be moved by it.

Needless to say, Renee, who has now appeared in great shape, is in Vera’s eyes, on par with the heroes of the story.

Vera noticed and corrected the sudden expression of blank expression on his face in relief.

With that in mind, he slowly got up and gave way to Renee who was approaching him.

“… please.”

“Leave it to me.”

Renee followed Rohan’s guidance.

And knelt down on the floor.

The scene that followed was a moment of miracle without any doubt.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh… .”

The soldier takes a deep breath.

Renee raised a divinity in it.

The pure white light began to spread with warmth resembling her.

“Come on, take a slow, deep breath.”

Renee reached out.

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On the soldier’s chest, it fumbles towards the nape of his neck.

The soldier, who was holding his neck, slowly regained his breath with the movement.

“Turn it off… uh… .”

His trembling hand fumbled toward Renee’s hand and grabbed it.

He didn’t know it instinctively.

That this is the only rope that will hold you back with your life.

“it’s okay. I am doing well.”

As Renee spoke with a small smile, the soldier nodded slowly.

It was a precarious and painful low, but the action clearly showed that the soldier was listening to Renee.

Renee operated the divine very gently.

Slowly, I overlaid my divinity on top of the dark aura I felt.

‘It’s a rebellious stigma. If you try to push it away, it will get worse.’

Vera would have had to push it out even at the cost of it, but fortunately he had other options.

‘You have to use your powers.’

This is a ready stigma.

Rather than trying to get rid of it clumsily, it would be a much better choice to delete it.

Renee began to spread the divine more deeply.

Success rate wasn’t that important.

Renee, and the power that Renee had, was the kind that did not tolerate the word possibility itself.

Renee weaved power to divinity, and spoke to the soldiers so that they wouldn’t lose their mind while the preparations continued.

“Now, where are you from, soldier? You won’t be able to speak, so when I call your country’s name, answer it with your hand gestures. If it’s right, I hit the back of my hand with my right hand, and if it’s wrong, I hit it with the other hand. Do you know?”

The soldier tapped Renee’s back with his right hand.

Renee smiled and continued.

“Now, this is the barracks for the Eastern Army. First of all, the 3rd Legion of the Empire is staying here too, so I’ll ask about that first. Are you from the Empire?”

left hand moved.

“Wrong. So what about Chelen? This one or the Bayen? ah… Then you must be from Horden. Well, good. I got it right. do you know that I’m also from Horden. Remeo’s estate south of Horden.”

The soldier’s breathing began to gradually return to the continuous sound of words.

Renee felt it and continued.

“Now, let’s guess the city. Shall we go to the capital first?”

Weaving power to divinity was something that Renee still needed to prepare for.

The chatter that had continued for that long ended only when René found out about the soldier’s hometown, family business, and his personal relationships.

The power of fully entangled possibilities.

Renee let out a small sigh as she felt a tingling sensation in her stomach.

‘… It’s close.’

It was an amount that would affect the soul if I dragged it a little more.

Renee tried to hide her difficulties and told the soldier.

“Come on, soldier from Tidon of Remeo. The soldier will surely return home safely and inherit his father’s field. You said you’re going to marry your fiancee, three years apart, and you’ll have three children, right? I must pray hard for that to happen.”

The soldier’s breathing had already regained complete stability.

This was a phenomenon that occurred as Renee wrapped the stigma with the divine and temporarily cut off the connection between him and the stigma.

‘Now you can crush the brand in this state.’

Temporary phenomena to eternal severance.

Renee spoke one last time.

“I will start now. Soldier, do you have to tell me your name when you wake up?”

A joke said with a laugh.

Immediately after, Renee clenched a fist.


With an unattractive sound, something crumbled and scattered into the air.

What followed was someone’s resilience.

It floated above the space that had been holding its breath until then.

“ah… .”

There was an emotion in the voice that seemed hazy at first glance.

It was awe-inspiring, needless to say.

mate, mate.

Applause rang out from where the cheers rang out.

Soon after, it spread like a contagious disease.

“Woah, wow!”

As if the calm atmosphere until just before was a lie, shouts rang out to make the whole lakeside leave.

It was the most common reaction that a person who witnessed a miracle could show, and it was also the best reaction to erase the fear that had been there.

Renee smiled mischievously.

Beside him, Vera looked up at Renee with a shuddering expression.

In front of him, Renee, who had grown up to this much, was there, whom he didn’t know because he looked just like a woman.

There was Renee who smiled shyly as he received the praise he deserved by many.

Vera knelt down as an indescribable emotion wrapped around his body.

He took Renee’s hand, which was still on the soldier’s neck.

“You suffered.”

Renee’s head turned to Vera.

Shortly thereafter, Renee, who turned his head further to Vera, spoke in a whisper.

“Didn’t I look like a saint?”

A voice full of playfulness.

Vera opened his eyes wide at it, and then let out a smirk.

“… Yes, she was the most saintly woman I’ve ever been.”

Indeed it is.

The current Renee showed a heroic figure that anyone would call a saint.

Vera remembered that thought and just grabbed Renee’s hand.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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