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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 240

Preparations began gradually.

The magicians forgot the night and the day and devoted themselves to the composition of the ceremony, and each army and soldier made a tense face in the approaching war.

As a result, the atmosphere in the barracks was naturally sharpening, while Vera and Renee were taking a short break in Elia’s barracks.

In front of me is a lake with a star carved on its back.

It’s just a beautiful and serene scene for a battlefield where blood will soon rage.

Vera’s heart was sinking coldly in that indescribable gap, and Renee kept her mouth shut following Vera’s expression.

Meanwhile, Vera said.

“Isn’t that going to be a problem?”

“Are you drinking?”

“… Yes.”

Vera’s tone was cautious.

René, who stepped out for others, was clearly noble.

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One, the use of power.

As it is a dangerous task that cannot be compared to anything before, the burden may have a direct impact on René’s soul.

Vera was worried about that.

Respect and love Renee, so I couldn’t help it, but my insides were already rubbing off.

Maybe she’ll get hurt in the danger that might arise.

Worrying that he might walk away from him was constantly stabbing Vera’s heart.

Renee could feel Vera’s heart like that, and laughed.

“I can’t be the only one left out.”

Renee’s hand reached out.

From Vera’s fingertips to his arms, over his shoulders to his cheeks.

“Now is the moment when a miracle is needed. It’s because I’m doing my job at a moment like this.”

The hand that began to gently stroke Vera’s cheek suddenly stopped.

Renee swallowed the words for a moment and concentrated on the sensations being conveyed.

There was Vera running and trying harder than anyone here.

Renee knew that Vera’s disposition was his own good intentions to save more people through thorough preparation.

He knew that it was his own promise to protect this land, to protect everything he loved.

He was doing his duty.

Not only that, but all the apostles in this place were fulfilling their duties.

“I am an apostle of God.”

So Renee didn’t have the slightest fear.

“I am a miracle maker. The revelation given to me is to take a step forward and benefit the people of this land.”

The smile on René’s lips was evident, and he was also confident in himself.

“Because we are people who fulfill our assigned responsibilities. Because I look down that road from the heavens. It will be fine.”

He spoke like a devout monk, but when he heard that it was Ren, Vera stopped laughing.

“You have deepened your faith.”

“You see? Are you a little bit like a saint?”

“Yes, for today, it’s ‘You’re a saint.’”

Vera knew something.

She does not worship the gods.

What she believed in was the bond between herself and those she loved.

As she is like that, what she said now must have meant consolation, needless to say.

These were probably words of encouragement with her own jokes.

Vera placed my hand on Renee’s hand on my cheek.

“… Yes. With you here, we will surely win.”

It feels like a soft hand is stroking your cheek.

That warmth fills my heart.

Rene’s presence was engraved into Vera.

Vera couldn’t help it, and raised a deep smile.

“After this war is over… .”

“Oh, stop.”

“… Yes?”

“It’s something ominous. When you see a performance or something like that, the person who said that kind of thing dies first.”

Renee’s expression hardened.

“After work is done, we go back to Elia to talk about this. I go to the flower bed and get some sunlight.”

Vera’s eyes blinked.

Then, with a dazed look, he made a smile with a smirk.

“I don’t believe in God, but do you believe in superstitions?”

“I don’t know what you mean. that’s a virgin saint. Where else can you find someone so devout?”

Why is it that the words you give with a giggling smile relieve tension?

Vera giggled after her.

Vera and Renee were having a short break in front of the lake where the faint light was rising.


The sun rose.

The morning, when the whole world was burning brightly, was still shining with dew, not forgetting the dawn.

The central conference room where the moisture of the lake, the smell of grass, and the noise of the bustling barracks come together.

Vera said looking around those who were seated.

“Everything is ready.”

The atmosphere in the conference room was quiet.

An indescribable bizarre atmosphere was simmering with tension and fighting spirit.

For some of them, it was a familiar feeling that they had felt all their lives, and for others, it was a limp feeling that they couldn’t possibly get used to.

However, none of them thought of retreating.

How can it be taken for granted.

All eyes in the conference room turned to Vera and Ren next to him.

There were servants of the gods.

There were people here to prove this war was right.

Saying that this should be called a temple.

Those who were there were.

Everyone was in charge of important military positions in each group, and as such, they had a different attitude towards war.

To participate in a war for justice, not profit, is the most honorable medal for them.

Vera’s words continued.

“The decision will be made three days later, at dawn and at dawn. Lifting up the sunken castle under that lake and heading into it. Do you have any questions?”

The old man raised his hand.

Lord Nedric of Horden.

It was him.

“Are you going to let all the soldiers in?”

“no. The soldiers will remain here and guard the lake’s perimeter. As I don’t know what kind of influence the negation inside me will have, it will be at least advanced knights entering.”

“It’s not that it’s more dangerous for knights of higher rank or higher. Especially if you fall into injustice and become an enemy… .”

“It’s not going to happen.”

Renee stopped talking to Nedric and left.

A pure white smile, along with a firm conviction, dispelled Nedric’s worries.

“Because I’m going inside with you.”


The sound of someone in the conference room shaking their bodies.

After that, there was the sound of holding your breath from another place, and a shout from another place.

Nedric said with a surprised face.

“The saint himself, right?”

It was a very courageous statement, but it did not convince Nedric.

It was natural.

Everyone here knows her flaws.

It was her eyes that mattered.

“One, Saint… .”

“it’s okay. Even though he has a body like this, is he someone who has circumnavigated the continent? Don’t worry, I can cover my face.”

Nedric’s mouth shut.

His gaze turned to Vera.

Eyes that don’t stop her and ask what she’s doing.

Vera spilled it and opened his mouth.

“You don’t need to worry, as I will take care of the saint.”

Saying no further responses will be accepted.

Nedric quietly agreed.

In the atmosphere of the conference room, which was eccentric at Renee’s shocking remarks, Vera moved on to the next agenda.

“Let me pass. First, Fried.”

“Tell me.”

“Have you heard anything from Adrin?”

“No. My mother just left a word to ask. As you know, my mother is still a sapling, so she can’t help much.”

“Yes, that’s it.”

A conversation that came and went once.

Vera reaffirmed Aidrin’s absence and looked around the meeting room.

“The fact that we are not the only ones participating in this war, you are probably expecting to some extent.”

There were saliva coming from all over the place.

Vera’s torso tilted.

“Ancient servants will appear. Alaysia’s flight must be hard for them to tolerate.”

“… I want to live and see all the ancient species.”

Nedric’s vain chanting continued.

It was kind of understandable.

The word ancient bell had a certain weight.

It is a war fought directly by the transcendental beings who have been with history since the beginning of this land.

They couldn’t think of any emotions other than the distance.

“Is it true that bringing up a story requires preparation?”

Nedric’s words, given in the form of a question, were filled with an unhidden earnestness.

The people here knew it.

That there was an ancient species that is being talked about on the path that the sword of the oath so far.

That he came back alive even after meeting all the ancient species that exist on the continent.

In his intensely focused gaze, Vera nodded.

“Yes, I have an idea.”

“Oh, how lucky that is! Can you tell me? I think the biggest problem is Maleus of Cradle. All the land he walks on will die, so we must take measures… .”

“He doesn’t have to worry. He is a gentle man.”

A question appeared on Nedric’s face.

Gorghan, who was sitting on Renee’s lap, giggled secretly, while Hyria whined and licked Gorgan’s finger.

Vera also recalled a moment of embarrassment.

‘… I didn’t think of this.’

It was because I realized late that I had overlooked it.

They do not know about the tendencies of the ancient species.

It means that we have not yet decided which ancient species are friendly and which ancient species are dangerous.

This was a serious problem.

You mean that you might be distracted by the trivial things in the upcoming battle.

Vera narrowed his eyebrows for a moment, then exhaled.

“… sorry. There was no explanation for this. From now on, I will quickly recite the characteristics of each ancient species, so please make sure the soldiers in the barracks are familiar with them.”

Nedric nodded, followed by the others.

As Vera was organizing his thoughts in his head, he felt the need to change his plans.

‘Should I delay my schedule?’

If you look at the facts, that is.

It is a wartime situation now, and this is the enemy camp.

Considering the possibility that the enemy will show a different trend, it is right to move even a little faster.

However, Vera did not.

As not much has been revealed about the enemy yet, a hasty move could turn into a handshake and return, so he chose to prepare himself thoroughly by strengthening his defenses.

This situation was prepared for that.

Faced with an unexpected problem, Vera continued to contemplate whether it was right to delay the time further, and then shook his head.

‘… No, if it’s late, there’s a chance they’ll hit the other side first.’

The military has already been here for a full month or so.

If I had delayed any further, I didn’t know how I would get out of there.

‘It will be finished within three days as scheduled. The ancient servants will arrive here within a week at the latest.’

You have to raise the fortress in advance and send in the scouts. Only by collecting such information can an organic response be possible in line with the movements of ancient species.

The most appropriate period, in Vera’s own opinion, was also three days.

“… Then we will start the briefing quickly.”

Something that needs to be polished a little more.

Vera was determined to cut back on sleep, and began to make up for the shortcomings.


Late at night, while contemplating how to operate the army in the barracks, Vera suddenly looked up at the noisy atmosphere outside.

‘… what?’

It sounds like a scream.

Somebody’s shouts were heard around him, and the sound of sprints and weapons was heard.

Vera stood up, picking up the holy sword leaning beside him.

The moment you open the entrance to the barracks with an intuition that something has changed.

“Sir Vera!”

Norn came before Vera.

Vera narrowed his eyebrows as he saw Norn gasping for breath as if he had run from somewhere.

“what happened?”

Norn, who was gasping, raised his head.

And with a hardened face, he delivered the sad news.

“Negative… !”


“I have a soldier eroded by negativity!”

The worst-case scenario he had ever expected fell before Vera’s eyes.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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