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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 239

A black puppy was lying curled up on Renee’s lap.

With half-closed eyes, he made a groaning sound.

The tip of the tail wiggles and wiggles.

If it wasn’t for the white arms wrapped around his neck and the one eye between his forehead, anyone would say he’s an ordinary puppy.

Vera looked at it and smirked.

“So, you’re saying you’ve been hiding in the Union’s wagon?”

[Yeah, it’s noisy around here. I just followed.]

“Its size… .”

[I’m saving stamina. Hyria gets hungry quickly when she moves with her body, so she usually cuts her body like this.]


The first child of Gorghan and the last remaining Kariel.

It was the name of that beast to which he was taken care.

‘Is intelligence at the level of a beast?’

Come to think of it, apart from Gorgan, that beast has always shown its instinct to move.

When Gorgan lost his temper, he just ran wild, and his appearance just before breaking up resembled a well-trained wolf.


As Hyria yawned, Renee’s cheeks turned red.

“Oh, go sleepy.”

[Yeah, I must have been tired after running around looking for you.]

“Ugh… .”

Renee frowned, not knowing what to do.

Gorgan stretched out the arm that was wrapped around Hyria’s neck and began to gently sweep her chin.

Then Hyria nodded and fell asleep quickly.

[Can you stay here for a moment? Hyria is sensitive, so it’s not easy to sleep like this.]


Vera’s eyebrows twitched as Renee answered with a bright smile.

“… Can I get to the point?”

It’s a real shame to put it out of your mouth.

When Vera remembered that René, who for some reason loved things that wasn’t him, was savage, Gorghan stopped his hand.

[Oh right.]

Then he raised his hand and pointed to the lake.

[Did you see that?]

Vera’s expression hardened.

Renee, who had been stroking Hyria’s hair the whole time, also stopped moving.

It was because it was so clear that the ‘that’ he was talking about was a fortress under the lake.

“It was a clear sign of blasphemy. Do you know anything?”

[Ummm, it was like that… .]

Gorgan’s voice subsided.

Renee trembled at the sound of deep disgust and anger.

A situation where even the smallest clue is needed.

However, the answer returned was insufficient to satisfy both of them.

[…] I thought it might be that year. I don’t know the details either. It’s something we shouldn’t know about blasphemy, because Ardein didn’t teach us deeply.]

“Is that so… .”

Vera’s expression darkened.

A short sigh.

Shortly after, Vera, who had struggled with regret, asked him another question.

“First of all, there is something I would like to ask. Gorgan-sama must have come here to fight Alaysia, right?”

[Yes, I have a debt to pay.]

“Can I take that to mean that other ancient servants might come here?”

Gorgan’s movement stopped.

In response, Hyria’s ears perked up.

Gorgan, who noticed this too late, started sweeping Hyria’s chin again, and as Hyria drooped again, he spat out an answer.

[…] Yes, except for Adrin, who cannot move, probably all.]

Vera’s brow narrowed.

‘It is difficult.’

This is a barracks where troops from all over the continent are gathered.

As such, it was difficult to prepare for uncontrolled external factors.

No matter how friendly they are, an ancient species is an ancient species.

Even with the gentle Maleus and the arrogant Lokrion, the whole system will collapse when Terdan, who is nothing more than a disaster just by moving, or Nertania, who behaves in his own way, arrives.

‘Orgus… .’

You won’t have to worry about it.

He doesn’t seem to move when he doesn’t need it.

“How do you think they will come out?”

[Well, I don’t know about the others, but Nertania… .]

Gorgan’s hand faltered.

[…] he doesn’t care about you In other words, I will only try to achieve my own goals, no matter what you guys do.]

“Is there any way?”

[Personally, I recommend defeating the army. No matter how many humans were gathered, it would not even reach the toes of the power that a single nertania could add.]

Anxiety crept into Vera’s mind.

Profit and loss calculations over a short period of time.

Vera’s conclusion at the end was negative.

“It’s not going to happen. Aside from everything else, I don’t know what effect it will have on the out-of-sight army as it’s a sign of blasphemy beneath that lake.”

Blasphemy was not a mere misconduct.

In itself, it became a providence and was a collection of negativity that corrupted the surroundings.

As such, it was better to keep the troops that had already come here in a visible place, even in case of emergency.

“Maybe those affected by the blasphemy will roam the continent while we are bound here.”

[There was also that problem.]

There was trouble in Gorgan’s voice.

Meanwhile, Renee, who was listening to the two of them, opened his mouth.

“… I have a good way.”


“It’s Nertania. You can’t move during the day.”

Vera’s gaze turned to Renee.

Gorghan also began to listen to Renee.

“Aren’t there more than a hundred magicians here? You can artificially create an environment like the daytime.”

[…] That’s right, but if you do that, Nertania will be angry. Because of his personality, if he takes him out of this fight, he will try to get revenge somehow?]

“Isn’t that something that shouldn’t be left out?”

[…] how?]

“You can only make chestnuts around the fortress. Bright outside, dark inside. If I do that, won’t Netania also understand?”

Vera’s eyes lit up.

“indeed… .”

A very plausible operation.

When she nodded her head in exclamation in exclamation, Renee smiled shyly.

Vera looked at Renee and Gorgan for a moment, then turned and said.

“Let’s discuss the matter again later.”


“I go to the sorcerers. The time has passed, and you should have figured out something about the Citadel by now.”

[Go together.]

“… Yes?”

[I go too.]

Gorgan gently pulled Hyria’s ear, and Hyria raised her head.


[Sorry for waking you up. Let’s follow.]


Hyria shook her head.

Then I stretched out and then came down from Renee and toddled at Vera’s feet.

Vera felt troubled.

‘… this.’

What should I explain to others?

A thought like that came to mind.


“What the fort has to do with it is that it’s just the end of the lake’s water.”

The imperial wizard, Elclair, continues the explanation.

His eyes were on Hyria, who was sitting at Vera’s feet.

No, not only Elclair, but all the magicians in the room had their eyes fixed on Hyria.

… I had no choice but to do so.

Isn’t Hyria’s appearance so unique?

they are drunk

Magicians are basically scholars.

If you become a human being called a scholar and do not become curious about strange creatures like Hyria, it would be rather strange.

Vera struggled to avoid the kick in the back.

‘… I’m glad I didn’t notice that it was Gorgan.’

It seemed that their imagination was not rich enough to weave the small, fluffy puppy and the giant beast.

Vera sighed in relief and asked Elclair.

“Did you find a way to enter the citadel?”

“Ah, as it is a phenomenon caused by the work of the spirits of the lake, it seems to be the simplest way to turn the ground.”

At the gap between the words ‘turn the ground’ and ‘simple’, Vera smirked involuntarily.

“Simple, right?”

At the sight of Vera, Elclair’s body trembled greatly.

The pupil is in a state of wobbly shaking.

“Hey, just listen!”

Vera’s mouth shut at Elclair’s cry.

An attitude of wanting to say something.

The old wizard Elclair opened his mouth, feeling pity for himself that he couldn’t even resist his gaze.

“We are going to use a large-scale transfer technique. By distorting the space with magic, the castle rises, and when the spirits fill the space below with soil, our wizards fix the distorted space.”

“What is the probability of success?”

“I can’t be sure, as I’ve never had such a large-scale ceremony before… .”

A dry saliva ran down the back of Elclair’s neck.

His eyes hardened and he made a determined look.

“… We are holding over 90%. Above all, the fact that the fortress was alive was the most effective.”

“Is that what you mean?”

“Yes, space distortion has the property of weaving and preserving living things, so there are fewer variables in lifting the castle itself.”

Vera’s head nodded.

A positive form of affirmation.

As Elclair’s expression brightened at that, Vera asked a question.

“I will ask you first. Do you know what that fort is for?”

Elclair’s body shook.

Not only that, but all the magicians in the room recalled such a reaction at the same time.

It was natural.

The one in front of them now is the apostle of God.

And what I have to report to him is blasphemy that I’m afraid to even say.

Seeing the hesitating magicians, Vera exhaled a little.

“… You seem to know roughly. Yes, it is blasphemy. If you accidentally touch it, there is a possibility that you will be exposed to injustice. Have you thought about this?”

“Yeah, yeah… We have something we would like to ask you about… .”

Elclair’s back was bent.

It’s like you’re sorry to say something.

Vera’s head tilted to it, and Elclair’s hesitation grew stronger.

Miller, unable to bear the stuffy atmosphere, stepped out.

“Sir, I need your help.”

Vera’s gaze turned to Miller.

Miller looked straight at Vera, who had narrowed his brow, and spoke with a tense expression on his face.

“Injustice cannot be dealt with in a technical way. There is only one way, and it is a miracle that will definitively manifest the divine nature with negative and opposite qualities.”

Although it was a request that could be said to be taken for granted, Miller’s tension did not seem to subside.

That’s because he already knew that Vera was a tougher person than the advisor when it came to Renee.

‘please… !’

Let’s go as easy as this is a moment like this.

While waiting for an answer with such a heart, Vera opened his mouth.

Fortunately, it was more readily accepted than Miller had thought.

“Yes, I agree. Let’s ask the saint what she means.”

Miller’s expression brightened.


That was a de facto permission.

A fact that Miller knows and Vera knows.

Renee wasn’t the one to back down from this kind of work to save one’s body.

Miller erased all the dozens of persuasion words that had been on his mind, and exhaled a deep sigh of relief.

My legs trembled.

The muscles are now starting to get out of their tight shape and become soft.

After that, something caught my eye.



It was the very beast that Gorghan was parasitic on.

From https://noblemtl.com

One, something that Miller didn’t know.

Miller thought.

‘Baby Karel?’

Did Gorghan start making Karel again after he left for the west?

Perhaps this Karel was a gift that Gorghan sent to Elia while he was away.


And the desire to research constantly stimulated Miller.

“Hey, Sir Vera. Who is that friend?”

Finally, the words spit out.

At those words, the nerves of all the magicians in the room were focused.

Vera swallowed the embarrassment.

I thought I was going to get over it, but suddenly the question came to me, and the thought was momentarily dazed.

“… It is the saint’s pet.”

Waves of Despair Gorgan was instantly reduced to Renee’s pet due to Vera’s speech mistake.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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