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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 238

Vera walked towards the lake.

No, to be precise, he walked towards the old man who was looking at the lake.

A gigantic body that exceeds human standards, white hair fluttering in the breeze.

And old and worn out uniforms.

“What are you doing?”

Bargo, his teacher, and the current emperor of Elia, was there.

Bargo’s head turned to Vera.

The eyes that had sank deeply, and the ones that rose immediately afterward, had a mean look.

“How was the meeting?”

The question was about the last meeting.

Vera responded by going to the side of Bargo and looking out over the lake.

“I took command.”

“What about lakes?”

“There is no significant progress. The only thing that has been revealed is that this lake is not without spirits.”

Vera’s eyes narrowed.

His body, which had reached the level of a superhuman, pierced the flagpole that was rising dimly in the distance.

“I am locked in the castle below. The spirits were judging that way.”

“You’re much better than a sorcerer or a shaman.”

“Do you think that is correct?”

“Do you see that it’s not yours?”

A crooked smile crept onto Bargo’s lips.

Vera replied with a sigh on his face.

“… You saw it as a god.”

Vera knew without a long explanation.

In Bargo’s god, a landscape different from what they see is unfolding.

“What do you see?”

“You see something serious. I see something disgusting again.”

Bargo’s eyes sank deeper.

There is an indescribable disgust in the tone of voice that is uttered.

“Dirty and ugly. There is no example, and there is no aim. As it is written in the memoirs, it is an unclean and false idol.”

“You must be saying that Alaysia is certain.”


Ttttttt, Bargo clicked his tongue.

Countless lives were reflected in his retinas, burning as red as blood, screaming and mourning.

“It’s terribly imprisoned.”

Bargo thought.

“I cannot delay any longer. Man, go and summon the elementals. In the meantime, sorcerers and shamans.”

We need to break that down as soon as possible, and we need to stop that scream.

Vera’s expression hardened along with the hardened tone.

Vera bowed his head slightly, then turned and headed toward the barracks.


All the magicians who were investigating the lake gathered in one place.

There was a sign of nervousness floating them one by one, and fear was in them.

There was no other reason.

The old man who is now standing in front of them, the way he sheds, is what made them so.

God’s mace, Bargo St. Lore.

If he broke the silence for the first time in 50 years and was in front of him, wouldn’t it be strange to keep his composure in this place?

This was a fear that came especially overtly to the old magicians.

Because they lived in the same era, the familiar fear was in them.

Bargo opened his mouth in the stiff atmosphere.

“I would like to first say thank you for your hard work in the investigation.”

The words he spoke with a smile were obviously a form of congratulations on the hard work.

However, no one laughed along with it.

Considering Vera’s wrath, which has already been widely rumored, it’s possible that that’s also sarcastic.

“Come out, officers.”

At Bargo’s words, the three of them were stunned.

Elclair, the head of the Imperial Imperial Wizards.

Miller, Telon’s chief professor.

And it was Pele, who was the leader of the spirits.

The three of them stepped forward with a sense of disappointment.

Bargo shed a smirk at the sight, and then gave them a welcome word.

“I didn’t call you to scold you, so relax. Are you waking up here because an old man in the back room like me is afraid of nothing?”

While the thought of no other old man who did not fit the phrase “old man in the back room” came to the minds of the three, Bargo continued.

“There is one thing I want to check. Now, did you say the professor’s name was Miller?”

“Yes, yes… !”

“Why didn’t you figure out what’s going on in that lake right now?”

A cold sweat broke out on Miller’s forehead.

A sense of crisis came to mind at the question that was pointed at himself.

‘Master Vera… !’

What does that mean?

Isn’t that saying that the filthy Vera is a foldable human being?

It is a situation where you cannot imagine what kind of repercussions will come if you answer the wrong questions here.

Miller’s body stood tight.

The voice that came out had a dignified tone reminiscent of a new soldier on the forefront in the distance.

“Sleep! The surface of the lake itself has a supernatural power, making it difficult to explore beneath it!”

“Is it a talent?”

“Yes… ! We don’t know the exact basis, but we’re figuring it out with the craftsmanship of the spirits down there. Pele!”

Miller hands the baton to Pele.

Pele, a woman with a classical impression, who had just entered her thirties, shook her body, making her complexion pale.

Immediately after, he briefly glanced at Miller, then lowered his head and opened his mouth.

“I, the existence of the spirit is certain. The fact that it is now covering the surface of the water is similar to the cognitive suppression technique that we mainly use. I don’t know what that castle is or why the spirits are helping with this… As far as the cause of that supernatural ability is certain.”

“Doesn’t the spirit that you contract with you say anything else?”

Pele shook her head.

“… I am reluctant to go near lakes. Even if I try to drag him away, he makes a fuss and cries. The spirits have an intelligence level of about four or five years old, so rational persuasion is impossible.”

“That’s right.”

Bargo brushed his beard and looked at the lake.

Then, suddenly, he spoke.



“If that water is a problem, can you just take it out? Will you be able to figure out the identity of that castle?”

A question that leaves listeners stunned.

The answer to that was the Imperial Wizard Elclair.

“Go, it is possible! If you are well prepared, you can learn a lot from a very brief observation!”

Bargo’s eyebrows were raised at the words of the old sorceress who shouted loudly.

“That’s right.”

A sly smile crept onto Bargo’s lips.

A smile that only looks dangerous somewhere.

The three rocked at it, and Vera made a hard expression.

‘no way.’

Vera felt a chill down his spine.

“Sungha, Seol… .”

“Look out.”

As Vera was about to say something, Vargo unpacked his back.


And he unleashed the bloody divinity.

Everyone in the room stopped breathing.

They instinctively withdrew at the manifestation of a qi that was far beyond their awareness.

It will be like a frog standing in front of a snake.

Vera, the only one free from its influence, took a deep breath and spoke to the three stiffened men.

“… Be prepared. The Holy Spirit will open the way.”

The eyes of the three men turned to Vera.

Then, while wearing the blood-colored divine, he turned to Bargo, who called the muscles of his whole body.

A huge body that was over 2 meters tall, and the horribly atrocious muscles that stood out even over the clothes.

And the terrifying mace being crafted in his grasp.

They realized at the same time.

What is Bargo going to do now?

Trying to blow up the lake.

They are about to hit the Greenis, the largest lake on the continent.

so open your eyes

If the nonsense was evident, they instinctively assumed that it was possible.


Vera exclaimed.

The three of them were startled and began to lead their magicians.

Dozens of people began to move busily.

Dozens of recipes floating in the air.

They were intertwined and intertwined to create a giant telescope.

“Lord, I’m ready! When the road is opened, the information will be contained in this rite!”

Miller’s words.

Bargo nodded.

“Let’s see… .”

He held the mace with both hands.

twisted his back

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then bend.

The attitude of trying to hit something.

Vargo’s retina burned with blood.

“I will go.”

A red light exploded with those words.


A noise close to tinnitus.

A huge explosion that seemed to erase existence itself.

And the radiance of a ferocious energy.

While the bodies of all those who were seated were hardened, only the rituals prepared by the magicians in advance lit up with a bizarre light.


I made that kind of noise in my tinnitus.

A fleeting moment that seemed like eternity continued.

The magicians stared blankly at the path into the middle of the lake, and Vera gazed at the citadel beyond.

immediately after.


The lake water covered the road with a roar.


“… Didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s going to do that.”

Elia’s barracks returned.

Vera said, sipping tea and staring at Vargo, who patted him on the back.

“You boasted too much.”

How startled I was to suddenly release the divine without a word.

As Vera said, scattering the stillness that was still on his body, Bargo smirked.

“You must have had no effect.”

“It wasn’t me, it was the magicians. It’s a shame because it’s an automatic observation technique, but if it wasn’t for that, wouldn’t it be a bit scary?”

“It’s not bad either. Wouldn’t it be helpful for you to take command that was so hung up?”

A sigh escaped Vera’s mouth.

“… Either way, you did a good job.”

“Yeah, when did you say the results will come out?”

“I’m going to finish it in an hour or less. The interpretation itself does not take very long.”

Bargo’s hand swept the teacup.

The sinking eyes peered into the slightly rippled teacup for a long time, then turned to Vera.

“Did you see it?”

Question without subject.

However, Vera knew exactly what it meant.

Vera’s head nodded.

The figure of the fortress that had been revealed was drawn in his mind.

“… It was a reverse cross.”

The inverted cross was embedded in the center of the main building of the castle.

Vera frowned as he recalled it, and Bargo nodded.

“Yes, it is a symbol of blasphemy.”

The inverted cross has been an unclean symbol since ancient times.

The cross is a symbol of the sovereignty of the gods.

In other words, the act of overturning it was a kind of insult to the heavenly fall, an expression of apostasy.

“Alaysia is blasphemy.”

What the fortress was for, the two of them could understand at once.

“The citadel itself must have been built to blaspheme the land.”

Vera’s expression wrinkled.

He had a face full of anger.

“The castle itself was said to be alive.”

“Yes, there was flesh buried under the outer wall.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a human sacrifice.”

A long breath escaped Vera’s mouth.

Vera was acquainted with this series of rituals.

“It is apostasy. It was rampant at the end of the new era.”

“After all, it was that bitch.”

Bargo’s and Vera’s gazes turned towards the lake at the same time.

Immediately after, Bargo’s murmur resounded.

“Since then, the bitch has been prepared.”

A fortress made from human flesh.

Unholy Reverse Cross.

And Alaysia is plotting a conspiracy in it.

Distantness reminds me of a series of causality that I don’t know how long ago I had been preparing.

Anger also comes to mind.

An uncontrollable emotion was beating her inside, and her expression became more severe as a result.

[Are you mad?]

A powerless voice that seemed to resonate in their heads shook the two of them.


Vera’s body trembled.

It also made the eyes bigger.

Their heads turned in one direction.

what is there

“… dog?”

“… It’s a puppy.”

black puppy.

It was coming at the feet of the toddler Vera.

what kind of puppy

With that thought in mind, Vera paused as he looked closely at the puppy.

There was no other reason.

This is because the dog’s appearance had two very peculiar qualities he knew.

“… Gorgan.”

The golden pupil on the forehead.

And white arms wrapped around like necklaces.

[…] hi.]

Waves of Despair Gorgan.

He waved his white hand over the soft fur that was not at all hopeless and waved goodbye.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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