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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 237

The atmosphere in the conference room was cold.

No, it’s correct to say that he was chilled by someone to be precise.

Naturally, the man sat at the top of the conference room.

The man with black hair and gray eyes made it that way.

“I have heard the news. Accidents keep happening in the barracks.”

The words uttered in a subdued voice were a form of outright rebuke.

The soldiers who were seated did not raise their heads.

He just bowed his head like a child scolded by his parents, like a criminal caught in shame.

No one has complained about this kind of atmosphere.

The first reason was that Vera’s atmosphere was so bloody, and the second reason was that they too were ashamed of their actions.

It is a place gathered for the good fortune of the continent, not anything else.

It is a place where you have to forget your blessings and join forces for the sake of a single enemy.

But what do you see now in such a place?

Everyone in the room knew.

That the cause here now lies with Vera.

Even if he rebukes him now, they have no excuses for themselves.

Vera’s mouth opened.

“Are you here for an outing?”

It was a sarcastic remark, but at the same time it was a word of outright anger.

However, that was not to say that Vera was actually recalling those feelings.

Contrary to his wrathful outward appearance, Vera was calm on the inside.

‘You have to take control.’

Vera was a clever man.

He was the one who could figure out which path was most effective for profit, and at the same time knew the elements necessary to go there.

It was one of the few organs of Vera that the grumpy Bargo recognized, and one that Vera himself was proud of.

Vera recalled his position.

Apostle of the nine gods.

Elia’s next success.

A faithful servant who set out to save the continent from an irresistible threat.

The meaning of the title was clear.

It meant that he had a more just cause than anyone else in this place, and it was also the same as adding more persuasive power to his words, ‘for the community’.

As Vera was engraving it in his mind, he suddenly remembered what Bargo had told me.

-The impression of a country from the outside is important. Even more so for the grassroots who are not the leaders. If you ever have to go to an official event, remember today. Those who live in the name of God should wear justice.

The words that he spit out with his tongue out revealed their true meaning only in the situation they encountered.

wear justice

It was then that I realized what an excellent weapon this horse is to get a political advantage.

‘… A rotten old man.’

Apart from feeling bad, Vera admitted.

That his teacher was certainly a person with a keen eye for politics.

It looked like it was going to burst with laughter, but it shouldn’t be.

Vera struggled to harden his expression and let out a long sigh.

“First, the Archduke.”

“… Yes.”

“I heard that Oben’s soldiers took off their jackets and heard shouts. May I give you a reason for not stopping me?”

Annoyance flashed across Hegrion’s face.

It was the difficulty of being the first target.

In the midst of that, I felt something, and that was Vera’s intention.

‘Do you want command?’

This was an indirect sign of help.

He must be asking for a role to bend over here and set the mood.

Hegrion’s troubles didn’t last long.

In the first place, he wasn’t even interested in the command, and there were also calculations that it was better to have the command in Elia than in other mean-spirited troops.

Hegrion bowed his head slightly.

“… Compared to Oben, the warmer weather seems to have approached the soldiers as uncomfortable. sorry. After that, we will educate you.”

“I hope there will be no noise from this kind of thing again.”


Satisfaction floated in Vera’s mind.

It was drawn because I thought that the windman does a pretty good job.

Immediately Vera’s gaze turned to Albrecht, and Albrecht’s head nodded very little.

‘It seems that they roughly understood.’

He seemed to have noticed that he was the next target.

This was very good news for Vera.

In fact, Vera’s purpose was in him.

Aside from the power that Hegrion possesses, Oben’s national power is not that great to solidify the situation.

In order to solidify the atmosphere like that, the imperial army had to be on the side.

Considering that it was Albrecht’s ignorant disposition that caused him to come round and round, the result was positive.

“2nd Prince, I heard that the Empire’s armies are throwing flirts at the fairies.”

“I will teach you again. sorry.”

As Albrecht leaned into the room, the sound of gasps of breath continued throughout the conference room.

Vera smiled inwardly.

‘The plate is complete.’

It was a battle that could not be lost in reality, but even thinking about it, things were resolved quite easily.

‘Now is the time to harden.’

Atmosphere, once formed, does not change well unless there is a special event.

In other words, if you take the command right here, it will be maintained in your hands only if there is no serious accident.

Vera stood up.

“It is disappointing. Am I not expecting too much from you? That thought suddenly came to my mind.”

A gray pupil swept the conference room with anger.

There was a chill like frost in the words he uttered.

“At the meeting in Elia, I saw possibilities. Although they used coercive means, I also felt grateful to all of you who willingly followed me. But, what is this?”

Vera’s gaze turned to the corps commanders of the three allied nations.

“Is having a little bit more of that land more important than the future of the people?”

Then he turned to the generals of Cheln and Bayen.

“I acknowledge the resentment. One, did it have to be now to solve it?”

Finally, the magicians of the tower, and the academy’s archeology department.

“Did you enjoy the fight for pride? Does it make you feel a little cooler on the inside?”

It is not a word to tie up and beat up all of the groups that have caused problems.

Their heads turned further down to it.

Needless to say, it was an expression of surrender.

After confirming all the responses, Vera continued speaking in a firm voice.

“Do not forget. We have come here to protect the continent from enemies that threaten this land. That one cause is our only aim.”

Renee, who was listening to the story next to him, swallowed a laugh that was about to burst out.

It was difficult for her to hold back her laughter, who knew all too well what Vera was thinking inside, who spoke as if she had become an agent of justice.

“I am here as a servant to my parents. This means that I am not here to mediate your quarrels, but to protect the land my parents built.”

What Vera then spit out were words that gave him legitimacy, and that was a blatant expression of his being above them.

“Please don’t disappoint me.”

After the long conversation was over, the conference room fell into silence.

Vera sighed deliberately.

And after adding a hint of fatigue to his voice, he looked around the conference room one last time and said.

“… It is not in the mood to continue the meeting right now. Let’s all put our thoughts together and we’ll see each other again in two hours. See and then listen. Lady.”


Renee got up from her seat.

Vera took her hand, then turned around.

Just right.

Just right.

The smiles hanging over the faces of the two people moving away with the sound of a stick, they did not know.



Elia’s barracks returned.

Vera replied with a grin at Renee’s words.

“It was necessary.”

“You are very heroic.”

“It’s not really wrong. If I have to call someone a hero, I am the one closest to that at this point.”

“Aren’t you ashamed to say that with your own mouth?”

“I was telling the truth. There is nothing more important to a leader than knowing where he is.”

A corner of the barracks not yet finished.

The conversation that continued while looking at the Paladins continuing their work was over.

Renee said as he tickled Vera’s palm, which he was holding on to.

“After all, he was the king of the gutter, and he was very eloquent.”

“Are you not a saint or not? I think it is too early to follow Saint Annie-nim as far as my own subjective opinion is concerned.”

“Ugh… !”

Vera laughed.

It was pretty cute that he was trying to make fun of himself with the subject, but his defense was so weak that he remembered that he was still a long way away.

“Be strong.”

“… Leave it alone.”

“I do not know.”

Vera’s head turned to Renee’s ear.

What follows is a provocation in the form of a whisper.

“Aren’t you the one who has to wait and see? Especially at night.”

Renee’s body stiffened.

His face went red, and his fists began to pound Vera’s forearm.

“Crazy, crazy! What are you talking about outside!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you say it out loud, it’s sure to ignite the rumors you were worried about.”


Renee covered her mouth with her hand.

Meanwhile, the forehead gradually narrowed, revealing René’s anger as it was.

“Leave it. really… !”

Vera laughed a little at the whispered words.

As I did that, I met my insides that became more comfortable.

‘Also… .’

It was nice to have this kind of nonsensical argument.

Vera was too willing to fight a childish fight that would wash away all the unpleasant quarrels and headaches.

“Yes, I look forward to it.”

The street that was just getting closer.

Rene pursed her lips and crossed her arms at Vera, warning him.

“If you behave so badly, the Lord will punish you.”

“I should pray to Lushan. I am his apostle, so I will stop the Lord’s punishment even once.”

“Can’t it be because God is stronger?”

“What childish logic is that?”

“That’s Okay. Anyway, yes.”

Renee giggled and then uttered those words.

“Still, I feel a little better because I’m like this, don’t you?”

“Was it comforting?”

“Then it must have been a quarrel?”

In fact, it could be said that it was a moment when our hearts met each other.

Vera, who has a complicated brain, and Renee, who tried to comfort it, a quarrelsome quarrel created by their feelings for each other.

At that, laughter erupted from their mouths at the same time, and the twins and Rohan, who were building the barracks in the midst of it, saw it.

“Damn, what are they doing? Twins, Vera, what’s that bastard doing without barracks? yes?”

“Rohan is ugly. Love blesses.”

“right. Marek blesses you. it’s a big man Rohan doesn’t bless, so he’s a small boy.”

Rohan’s expression wrinkled.

The twins built the barracks without paying any attention to Rohan.

“Marek is good at building pillars. great.”

“right. Marek’s pillars are well erected. Above and below.”

“If you build a pillar well, you are an older brother. Marek is the older brother.”

“right. It’s Marek’s brother.”

Rohan wanted to rip off his ears.

The voices of twins who constantly mumble and mutter, and the voices of Renee and Vera who laugh hahaha from afar.

Rohan didn’t want to hear anything.

“Illness… !”


The poles were straight into the ground.

“Rohan also erects pillars well. It is youth.”

“right. Rohan is a lonely green pepper… .”

“Shut up!”

An angry cry echoed in the barracks.

It was obviously that of a lonely middle-aged man in grief.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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