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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 236

The outskirts of Greenis.

There was a man standing in the bow of a cruise ship bustling with a dozen people.

Blonde and gold eyes shining like the sun.

Along with the knights’ conquests adorned with all kinds of insignia, the red sword worn around his waist was showing that he was a man of unusual status.

tell me what to do

The 2nd Prince of the Empire, Albrecht van Frich.

That was him.

“Is that it?”

“Yeah, yeah… .”

“Hmm… .”

Albrecht’s golden eyes subsided.

‘I don’t feel anything.’

In the distance, at the edge of the field of vision, there was a dimly visible flagpole.

A flagpole that doesn’t feel any special except for the fact that it stands upright in the middle of the lake.

Albrecht had doubts about it.

‘Did you block the flow of magic?’

According to reports, there must have been a fortress bigger than the Imperial Fortress sunk down there.

And there must have been an unknown enemy in the fortress.

Diving was the quickest thing to check, but… .

‘… You don’t have to take any risks.’

Albrecht soon gave up.

The most likely to be down there is Alaysia.

It is one of the ancient species that have existed since the beginning, and was the enemy who tried to destroy this continent.

Albrechtra, who is confident in his own strength, no matter how hard he is, he cannot be vigilant as the opponent is his opponent.

“Were there any other movements?”

“Yeah, yeah… Been wearing it for a few days. What I can see is the end of that flagpole, and I don’t feel any change, such as the rise of the castle.”

The captain of the cruise ship, who continued to explain in a crouching manner, hoped.

Please, let the 2nd prince finish his business and return soon.

Take yourself out of this ominous place.

However, his wish never came true.

Albrecht was a knight.

He was also a person who loved himself like that.

The purpose of his coming out was to determine the identity of the fortress, and as nothing has been revealed yet, Albrecht will not back down.

Albrecht got off the bow of the ship and cleared his breath.

‘Obviously that castle was said to be a living creature.’

I went back to thinking about what I had heard from the report.

‘If it is a living thing, there must be a providence to make it happen. Especially if it’s a monster in the shape of a fortress.’

Albrecht had a way to reveal his identity.

“Give me back the boat. Stay away from that flagpole.”

“Yes… ?”

“The street… Yes, it is only 300 meters away from where we are.”

The captain’s expression, which had been brightened at the words to turn the boat, wrinkled again.

“Yeah… .”

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One unavoidable thing.

The person giving the order now was the second prince of the empire, and the captain was nothing more than a commoner, so there was only one thing the captain could do.

“Turn the boat around!”

The ship moved away from the flagpole with the captain’s loud cry.

Albrecht placed his hand on his sword and took a deep breath.

I closed my eyes immediately.

‘Confidence in me.’

I thought of a trigger that overlaps his world on this earth.

Albrecht’s aura swelled in silence.

His sword responded to it and began to cry.

King’s Sword.

Ruler of all flows.

The purest bloodline.

The sword that was modified by many names was engraving a stream into his image for the rightful owner.

Albrecht overlaid his own aura on the flow that engulfed his body.

Then, slowly, he opened his eyes.

There was an overlapping world over the field of vision.

It was the world of providence that made up this land, and it was a world of extraordinary wonder that only uninhabited people could reach.

‘I can’t see it yet.’

Even through the world of suspicion, the lake was calm.

A calm lake, a flagpole rising above it, and the wind.

‘… The flow of magic is also calm.’

Albrecht’s eyes frowned.

If the report was not wrong, it was because the visible world had not been able to catch any anomalies.

Albrecht’s world expanded.

Even if it was a speck of anomaly, even if it was a struggle to catch up with it, it was right.

Peek into the world under the lake.

The bottom of the lake where nothing is still felt beneath the calmly submerged water surface.

The moment my will expands towards that place.


Albrecht’s body trembled.

There was no other reason.

‘… no.’

Because I realized something late.

It was so obvious that I didn’t realize it.

There was a fact that I found out only later because I couldn’t fully assimilate into the world of Uiseum.

‘There is no spirit. The spirit of the lake and the spirit of the wind… .’

There was nothing under this lake that should exist in all the natural objects of this land.

This was serious.

All nature on this earth can maintain its existence through the protection of spirits.

To the extent that the will of the actualized spirit turns into a natural thing, without the spirit, nature will lose its life and collapse.

‘Hidden? No, it’s not hidden. It’s literally gone.’

Albrecht’s eyes moved busily.

My thinking has been expanded to answer the strange phenomenon in which nature exists without spirits.

‘What is the history of the lake? Spirit’s memory? No, the traces… .’

There was nothing.

The only thing that exists is a castle that firmly holds its place in the flow of thoughts.

Albrecht had an accident.

It was to find an answer by combining the clues she had obtained, the reports she had heard, and the phenomenon that was unfolding before her eyes.

‘… Nature cannot exist without spirits.’

Remember the premise.

‘But nature exists. And among them there are unexplained structures.’

Think of the likely cause of this anomaly.

A quick succession of accidents is getting closer to the answer.

Albrecht narrowed his eyes and glared at the solid castle where even the world could not see his will.

And so I came up with the answer.

‘It’s not that it’s gone, it’s what’s in there… .’

If the spirits are trapped in that castle.

– I heard laughter.

If that laughter was the laughter of a spirit.



“Let’s go back. as soon as possible.”

Albrecht’s expression hardened.

If the spirits contained in the natural world were deliberately manipulated and dealt with, it would be more serious than expected.

“I’m going straight to the capital. Captain, tell my lieutenant to summon spirits, wizards, and shamans.”

Albrecht was convinced.

‘It’s Alaysia.’

She is the only one who can do this.


Dozens of wagons and a procession of knights escorting them filled the road.

The armor worn by the knights, the carriages and the horses that pulled them, and even the flags they hoisted were all white procession.

It was none other than Elia’s army.

“You are moving great.”

In the carriage, Vargo answered Vera’s words.

“Then, when all the apostles go out, shouldn’t we move modestly?”

“Yes… .”

“What is the budget, if you go and swing your fist a few times, it will all come back to you as an offering.”

It’s not an offering, it’s an extortion.

Vera turned his head, struggling to clear the thoughts that came to his mind.

Looking out the window, twins are nodding on horseback.

Vera’s brow narrowed.

“They come all the way here… .”

“Leave it. Aren’t you doing your job well?”

Vargo’s giggles of laughter scratched Vera’s nerves.

“Are you having fun?”

“Then, it’s fun. It feels good to think that all you have to do is swing your fist without worrying about anything else.”

A sigh escaped Vera’s mouth.

There was no other reason.

As he said, all preparations and post-processing for this expedition were the responsibility of Vera.

There was still a lot of work to be done, but Vera was feeling very tired from the moment he formed an army and had just left Elia.

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Of course, there were also complaints.

‘It’s inefficient.’

Considering the organization of the army, the supplies necessary for the campaign, and other disturbances, it would be much more efficient to go to the battlefield with a minimum number of people and roll an army of another country. there is no

I ended this work until the end, but nonetheless, the result was this for one reason.

“The weather is nice.”

The reason why the final decision maker, Bargo, wanted this.

The reason was that Bargo, who had handed over all the small work to Vera, simply ordered the ‘advance of the entire army’.

Naturally, Vera’s expression had to be bruised, and it was the most delightful thing for Bargo.

“Vera, are you okay?”

Renee asked.

The expression on his face was full of trouble, and the outstretched hand was a form of comforting Vera’s hand.

Vera nodded slightly, feeling a tingle in his chest.

“You can’t beat a car that has already been released, so you have to do something about it.”

“cheer up. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.”

“I will be grateful only from my heart.”

Bargo’s expression contorted in the warm atmosphere that came to mind.

‘The plague.’

The grumpy old man turned his gaze away from the scene in front of him, recalling the thought that his pupil’s smiling face could not be so cold.


The ten-day march came to an end.

The Greenis arrived.

Vera got off the wagon and walked with Renee, reciting what he saw in front of him.

“It feels like we are the last. The barracks of the armies from each country have already been completed, and around the lake, you can see the wizards in full swing. Next to it, the shaman and… That seems to be a spirit company.”

“You said you were investigating the lake, right?”

“Yeah, from the last communication, it doesn’t seem like there’s any plausible results yet. Ah, Miller started fighting the wizard. I can see why it doesn’t work.”

Vera’s voice sounded tired of him.

Renee replied with a grin at that.

“You still do. Still, I don’t think that’s the reason. Miller-sama is also a discerning person.”

“indeed… .”

Can you find the word ‘reasonable’ in the image of Miller shaking the old wizard’s neck and shaking it?

Vera thought about him for a moment, then shook his head and sighed.

“I’ll have to put the Trevor over there. Leave the barracks to Theresa… I think we should go to the conference hall first.”

“Yes, which one is the conference hall?”

“Someone to guide you will come soon. Oh, it’s just coming from there.”

Words spit out at the familiar presence running away.

After that, a soft voice rang out.

“Sir Vera, Saint! What a long time!”

Albrecht greeted with a bright smile.

Renee recognized his voice and answered with a bright face.

“2 Prince! long time no see!”

Albrecht’s expression brightened even more.

How can it be taken for granted.

It was the first time for Albrecht to be welcomed after getting to know them, so it would be strange not to be touched by this.

A look of excitement appeared on Albrecht’s face.

As Vera’s expression frowned at it, Renee grabbed Vera’s hand.

Vera was belatedly able to recall Renee’s request.

– Welcome me this time. Because Vera is sloppy all the time, he sees us. We’re going to have a big fight now, but we shouldn’t make mistakes because the prince is watching us, right?

It was persuasive enough.

Vera struggled to suppress the growing evil spirits, and greeted him with as little frown as possible.

“Long time no see.”

“Sir Vera… !”

It was an unfamiliar feeling of refusal.

Vera pondered for a moment as to why Albrecht was so sarcastic, looking at him with his twinkling eyes, then brushed it off and asked a question.

“How is the situation?”

“ah! For now, all the civilians around the lake have been inherited. We are monitoring the fort by floating ships in three shifts a day, and we are investigating the lake, led by the summoned spirits. Well, I haven’t had much of an achievement.”

“How is the atmosphere?”

“Not bad.”

Suddenly, Albrecht’s expression darkened.

“Well, it’s not bad, but there is friction because people from different cultures come together. Especially the union… .”

A sigh escaped Vera.

“… It makes sense.”

From the beginning, the civil war was a serious coalition.

What’s more, now, two of the five coalition countries have collapsed.

It is only natural that the situation was chaotic as it was a coalition where there were two lands, one by himself and one more by Gorgan.

The conflict between the three remaining allied powers continues unabated even under this circumstance.

So far, the expected confusion.

I wish it would have ended with that, but what followed were stories that even made Vera’s backbone pull.

“Aside from that, there are soldiers who have accidents because of their curiosity as much as the fairies have come out. Dissatisfaction is coming from here and there because Oben’s soldiers are wearing their jackets, and Cheln and Bayen, who had a bad relationship, are a little… We quarreled a lot.”

it was shit

Vera frowned and listened to Albrecht.

As soon as the report was over, Albrecht trembled as he looked at Vera’s face, which had become increasingly harsh.

“Sir Vera… ?”

A face that was clearly angry no matter who looked at it.

The moment Albrecht swallowed dry saliva, Vera answered.

“Guide me.”

Albrecht thought in a tone that wasn’t too harsh.

‘Hey, maybe… .’

I thought I might have made a mistake, and I thought I had said something I shouldn’t have said out of a happy feeling.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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