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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 235

The hallway leading to the Great Hall.

Vera stiffened as he listened to Norn’s report.

“You mean you found it?”

“Yes, I’m not sure, but it is said that a powerful clue was found as a clue to Alaysia.”

“they are?”

“I am in the conference room.”

Vera’s steps quickened.

The fact that the explorers who had brought the news were in the conference room was a rushed heart.

Shortly after passing the hallway at a fast pace and turning into the aisle, Vera, who had arrived at the door of the conference room, opened the door harshly.


Vera’s vision revealed a view of the conference room.

A round table.

The apostles, except for themselves, who were already there.

And three guests in the middle.

There was a blonde woman and a middle-aged man with red hair, while a young man with brown hair who did not exist below the knee was sitting in a wheelchair and staring at him.

“Are you here?”

“Is it them?”

“Okay, sit down.”

At Bargo’s words, Vera sat down.

Immediately after, the explorer Derek, a young brown-haired man who had been silent until then, exhaled a long breath.

“Can I tell you now?”

It was a tone full of fatigue.

As he nodded, Derek slowly began to part his lips.

“It was the Greenis. We were discussing with the boat afloat there.”

A story that started with little words.

However, as the content continued, the atmosphere in the conference room began to sink deeper.

“… It was definitely a castle. What appeared below the water was a castle with a size far exceeding that of an imperial castle. I wanted to take a closer look, but I couldn’t. The open windows were so black that I couldn’t see inside, and the outer walls of the castle that I could touch were built in a form that I couldn’t understand.”

Derek’s hand trembled.

It wiped his face once, and Mine and Gehrig, who were watching it from the side, wrapped their arms around Derek’s shoulders.

“I am from the Archaeological Department of Telon. So I knew something. The castle was built in a style that does not exist in this world. No, it is a building that cannot be called a castle.”

Derek’s expression wrinkled.

He closed his eyes tightly, as if even reliving that moment was terrifying, and took a deep breath before continuing.

“… Do you know what I saw at the joint of stone surrounding the exterior wall?”

fast. Derek’s teeth broke.

“It was the flesh of a living creature. That’s definitely what I saw. The building is alive.”

Suddenly, Renee trembled.

The reaction didn’t just come from Renee.

All of the apostles in the room vomited their astonishment and focused on Derek’s words.

“The moment I saw it, one thought came to my mind. You have to get out of here right now. This is not something I can afford. With that thought, I fell from the outer wall. And at that moment, I heard laughter.”


“Yes, laughter. A ‘kick’ and the sound of a child’s laughter echoed in my ears. Isn’t it strange?”

Derek’s head lifted.

His gaze was right through Vera.

The reflection in the dark brown eyes is fear.

The words that came out picked up on something Vera hadn’t thought of.

“I was clearly in the water, but the voice I heard was conveyed in a form that didn’t even feel that kind of resistance.”

Jenny’s shoulders shrugged.

His eyes stared at Derek with an indescribable tremor.

He felt the fear of an unexplained phenomenon.

“The moment I heard the sound of laughter, the moment I realized something was strange, I kicked my leg. I was trying to get on the water with my arms scrambled, and the moment I came up like that, I realized it.”

Derek’s hand reached his leg.

It was a leg that did not exist below the knee.

“There was no leg under it. My blood was gliding across the lake. I passed out there, and I am still alive thanks to the way my colleagues treated me.”

heavy subdued atmosphere.

From there, Bargo asked.

“Did you eat it?”

“I do not know. I didn’t even know my legs were gone until I came to the surface.”

“Did you feel no pain?”

“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s phantom pain or if my leg has been fine until then. But one thing is certain.”

Derek stopped talking.

As these words continued, I took another deep breath that I had continued, and continued.

“Whatever it is, if you can find anything that can be called a trace of Alaysia on this continent, the most likely thing is the castle under the lake.”

Derek’s words are over.

While no one could give a hasty answer to his words, Mine, a blonde woman who was stroking Derek’s shoulder in silence, stepped out.

“I have something I want to ask you.”

Tension and determination flashed across his face.

“The reason why we came all the way to this place, not the Empire, to get information. I want you to know that.”

Mine felt the pressure of the apostles’ gaze upon her.

It was natural.

They are transcendental beings who are regarded as demigods of the people in the world.

They are beings who can erase themselves with just the lift of a finger.

However, Mine couldn’t back down.

“Please fix Derek’s leg. And if there is a curse on Derek’s body, please erase it. We don’t want anything else. Just do that.”

It was unacceptable for Minero to let a precious colleague live like this, paralyzed.

Mine bowed her head.

In accordance with the movement, Gerick, a middle-aged man in Jeokbal, bowed his head.

“Please… .”

Words that feel desperate.

However, the answer returned was hopeless.

“… I’m sorry. We can’t create something that doesn’t exist. I don’t know if you’re holding an amputated leg, but it’s impossible in this situation.”

At Renee’s answer, Mine’s expression collapsed.

It can be said that it is cruel, but this was something that Renee had no choice but to do.

The power of fate is the power of possibility.

It is the power to change even a speck of possibility into a 100% chance.

In other words, it is a power that is of no use to anything that has no possibility at all.

Renee knew.

It was more correct to give reality rather than hasty consolation.

In addition, it was right to give other help rather than give up because it was impossible to do.

“Still, if it’s a curse issue, we can solve it. It is also possible to relieve pain in the legs. If the wound swells up, it will sting, so I will treat that part.”

Derek’s head lifted.

The other two’s expressions weren’t very good, but Derek, who was the party, made a bright face.

Why not? One of the things that bothers Derek the most right now is this pain.

For him, Renee’s words must be the happiest news of all.

“Go, thank you… .”

Derek’s expression loosened up as if it was collapsing.

Bargo looked at it and said.

“There is no curse. Don’t worry about that part.”


“I mean, you have no karma attached to you. I can see it.”

These were the words Bargo gave me while tapping my eye with my index finger.

Derek, who blinked his eyes for a moment, realized the meaning later and made a brighter face.

From https://noblemtl.com

One of the well-known powers of judgment, Shin-eye.

That must have been proof of his innocence.

Bargo’s words were not over.

“One more thing, there will be rewards from the level of Elia, regardless of whether the surname is Alaysia’s clue. If what you say is true, the castle will surely become a threat to the continent.”

His expression became serious at the story he heard, but in the meantime, a small smile appeared on his lips.

“You are heroes. I did not back down in the face of fear, and I came here to pass on that information. I will give you the praise you deserve.”


Vargo got up from his seat and turned to Derek.

A bizarre sight contrasts between a frail young man sitting in a wheelchair and an old man over two meters tall.

Bargo reached out and placed it on Derek’s forehead.

“May God’s blessing be with you.”

A bloody divinity arose.

It crept into Derek’s mind.

Derek tilted his head at the strange aura that warmed his body and then collapsed again.

“this is… .”

“Only once, when you are in great danger, you will be able to draw out this divinity. Any swordsman of the upper-intermediate level has the power to be defeated. Think of it as the life of a spare bee.”

Bargo chuckled.

and turned around

“Then I will go. Elia is a quiet neighborhood, so it would be good for recuperation. Rest.”

As Bargo left, the apostles began to stand up one by one.

They went back to their respective jobs to quickly analyze and inform the information they had just received.

Meanwhile, Renee, who was still seated, smiled and said to the three explorers.

“Then shall we go to treatment?”

A gentle smile hung over the dazzlingly beautiful woman’s face.

The three explorers blushed at that smile.

A dizzying beauty that evokes wonders before the likes of reason.

It would be strange if they reacted differently to it.


“I didn’t know you were good at sales.”

The hallway of the Great Hall.

These were the words of Vera, who was walking with Bargo.

Bargo replied with a snort, ‘Hey!’

“Did you see it as a business? That’s why you’re the problem. How can a human being look at everything calculatively.”

“Isn’t it true that there was such an intention?”

“Goyan bastard.”

Bargo chuckled.

After that, he added in a slow tone.

“The impression of a country from the outside is important. Even more so for the grassroots who are not the leaders. If you ever have to go to an official event, remember today. Those who live in the name of God should wear justice.”

“You are far from justice, aren’t you?”

“You guys always talk back. It seems that the hawk is not enough.”

A shrill laugh escaped Vera’s mouth.

“Putting that aside, what would you do with the expedition?”

“Turning the horse… First, ask for support from the Empire side. I have to finish the exact causal identification. If it becomes a clear sign of Alaysia… .”

long tail tails.

Bargo’s gaze turned to a distant place, and the answer came after that.

“… We must move all the apostles.”

Envy flashed in Bargo’s eyes.

It was a clear sign of hostility, and also a sign of anger.

Vera felt the feathers all over his body stand up as his pure life, devoid of any energy, was heading somewhere far away.

The feeling he felt together was reassurance, so Vera belatedly found himself embracing the anticipation of Bargo’s campaign and laughed.

“I think it’s the first time we’ve been fighting together.”

“Don’t fall behind.”

“Keep in mind.”


The underground laboratory of the Great Hall.

Trevo looked at Jenny across from her, and Anilis in her arms, and made a bitter face.

“Master… .”

[Don’t gossip, do what you’re told. You can’t even go to the Greenis without being tied to the barracks, right?]

“That’s right. One, so this is… .”

[What do you think is so difficult? You know, the heavier the body and the more complex the structure, the harder it is to get away from the body, and the more complicated the expression of the magic is. This is a matter of ‘efficiency’. Seriously, you must have forgotten everything you learned from me after you left me.]

didn’t forget

The teachings of Anilis were the teachings that became the soil and the teachings that made the Trevo we are today.

But how can you forget it?

Still, there was one reason why Trevor is making such a bitter face now.

“Are you really selfless?”

Trevo’s eyes turned to the small doll Jenny was giving out with a look of anticipation.

Norn’s custom-made rag doll.

In this expedition, the doll that will become Trevor’s body was in the form of a blatant ‘little boy’ that anyone could tell.

That is, in the form of being paired with the doll that Anilees is now in.

[…] Because it’s efficient.]

Aniles’s head creaked towards the air.

Trevor stared at him for a moment, then took a deep breath and answered.

“… This is the only way.”

[What is the acquaintance complaining about?]

Annielis snorted.

Jenny was just happy to be able to force Trevo to act, and Trevor felt shivering.

So, preparations for the departure were slowly being made.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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