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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 234

All reports are over.

Vera, who had left the conference room with Renee, tilted his head to see Renee contemplating something.


“There is something I don’t understand.”

widely. The cane hit the floor.

Renee, who was walking down the hallway at a slow pace, stopped.



“Does Vera make sense?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why do we have to destroy the world?”

Vera’s mouth shut.

It was due to worries.

“… That’s right.”

The only answer that came out was a form of affirming Renee’s words.

Vera narrowed his brow and added more words.

“There is no reason why it should be. The collapse of Providence means not only the destruction of mortals, but also the destruction of this land and the immortality of Alaysia herself. If I did something like that, I would almost certainly die… .”

suicide prayer.

The thought, ‘Is Alaysia’s purpose in suicide,’ crept into Vera’s mind, then vanished again.

‘The act of suicide does not explain her attitude.’

The woman I had met, and had seen in hallucinations, had an attitude as if she desperately wanted something.

He was hoping for eternity, not rest, and infinity, not emptiness.

So Vera felt confused.

It may not be the purpose of simply descending the tenth on this earth.

It was right to see that the real purpose lies after that.


Something he wants to do even while destroying the alternative providence.

The thought continued for a long time, but there was no answer.

“… Let’s go for a walk.”

widely. Renee stepped forward with a cane.

Vera followed his steps.

The two of them shut their mouths at the question that came to mind, and only the sound of footsteps and sticks resounded in the hallway for a long time.


A plain reached by horseback riding for three days northwest of the Empire.

There was a lake so large that it was impossible to see it all at a glance.

A lake known to all people of the continent, which has been in place for thousands of years and has become a page in countless legends.

It was the Greenis.

“So! I mean that, other explorers have already searched all the continental lands. Still can’t find any traces of Alaysia? What does this mean? Alaysia is not on land, but in water!”

In the middle of the Greenis.

Said the blonde woman standing upright on the floating ferry.

The black-haired middle-aged man sitting next to it sighed.

“Bitch, did Alaysia even become a mermaid? What the hell are you doing here… .”

It was a tone full of anger.

The blonde woman responded with a smirk at such a middle-aged attitude.

“Then what are you going to do? Do you have a way?”

“Let’s just go to Calgion Swamp like everyone else does. huh? Even if we find a few new vegetation there, we’re sitting on a money cushion!”

“Calgion? If you want to die, you die alone! Don’t you know how poisonous the Lizardmen there are? Did you waste your life as an explorer?”

“At least better than drowning! And when the troops gathered by the scholars are already gathered there, would the Lizardmen care about us?”

voices getting higher and higher.

While anger towards each other was deepening in their eyes, a young brunette with brown hair, who had been squatting until then, listening to their argument, came to the mediation.

“Come on, come on… Mine, Gehrig. Calm down, both of you. Once you find it here, you can go to Calgion if you think it’s a waste of money, right?”

“derrick! It doesn’t matter now!”

At Mine’s words, the brown-haired young man, Derek, shut his mouth.

‘That’s why you fight… .’

If this isn’t important, what’s the point?

Derek sighed.

The period of exploring the continent as a team together was five years.

It was time to get to know each other, but the hot-tempered Mine and the cynical Gehrig were arguing like this from time to time.

‘It’s up to me to dry it again.’

The backbone is pulled tight.

This time, his blood pressure rose as he thought about how to calm the two of them again.

Derek trembled, covering his eyes with his hand, then cast his gaze away.

“It’s under the lake!”

“It’s Calgion!”

Now, a cry that was enough to make the whole lake rumble reached Derek’s ear.

The thought that if he went further than this, he would get better for four months filled Derek’s head.

The moment Derek, who was suffering from a headache today, was about to say something.

“uh… ?”

A strange thing was caught in his eyes.

“It’s starting again! Hey, be honest. can’t you swim can’t you sleep? You said you were going under the water, so you’re doing this because you’re scared!”

“Uh, what? Let’s see, let’s see, this bitch?!”

“for awhile! Wait!!! Both of you look at that!”

Derek’s urgent cry.

The two eyes turned to Derek.

Derek’s expression trembled.

Their mouths were open, and in their eyes something that should be called astonishment came to mind.

Slowly, Derek’s hand took the shape of something pointing towards the edge of the lake.

“I, that… !”

Their heads turned in the direction Derek was pointing, and then there was a rattling.

“I, that… !”

“saliva? No, no… flagpole. that’s a flagpole Standing on top of the castle’s tallest tower!”

Gehrig’s astonished voice soon ended with that conclusion.

“The fact that it’s sticking out of the lake… !”

“The castle is sinking down here!”

After receiving that word, Mine turned to Gehrig.

“What? What about Calgion?”

“Okay… .”

Gehrig wrinkled his face as if in trouble.

However, that didn’t mean he was offended.

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On the contrary, it would be correct to view it as the opposite.

Gehrig’s expression when he looked at the flagpole was that much joyous.

“Why did you say the right answer… !”

Gehrig, who usually didn’t laugh, was a great discovery that made him smile.

Anyone can see it as a ruin, moreover, a fortress.

Due to the fact that it was sunk on the sea floor, there is no possibility that there will be guests who came first.

In other words, there will be numerous relics and treasures that have not been discovered before.

“Rich, now rich! This f*cking explorer life is over!”

As Gehrig jumped up, the boat wobbled.

Mine was startled and focused, then nodded her head with a big smile.

“Yeah, f*ck it! Now, buy a mansion on 2nd Avenue, the capital of the Empire, and live in awe!”

cheers ring out

Dream-soaked explorers felt their spines rumble and contemplated a bright future.

However, in the midst of that, there was still someone who had not given up his suspicions.

It was Derek who found the flagpole.

“… It’s strange.”

“what? How did it turn out so well? Are we going to get rich now?”

“Leave it alone, he must take some time to accept his timid personality.”

Leaving behind the laughter of his giggling colleagues, Derek said.

“Isn’t it strange that this hasn’t been discovered for thousands of years? Are you blatantly protruding like this?”

“What… .”

“Thousands of years. And this lake isn’t just a lake in the backcountry. How many legends are there? Who visits here a year? Who are the people of the imperial family? Who are the priests on the pilgrimage? Is it reasonable that they didn’t see a single flagpole with me being so full?”

silence came to mind.

As if the excitement of the previous moment was a lie, the only thing surrounding the three of them now was a cold silence.

Indeed, Derek was right.

Lake Greenis is the largest lake on the continent.

It is the lake where many legends and secret stories were born, and there were so many people who visited it that it was impossible to count them all.

But, is it reasonable to say that we have never heard of a flagpole like this before?

It didn’t take long for the two to realize the seriousness of the situation.

Gehrig frowned and looked at the flagpole.

“… arose.”

“Yes, you are right to think that way. It would be correct to say that it was hidden by magic.”

“Could it be that the ground was just twisted and rose up?”

“Is there one or two people swimming in the lake? Then it would have been known sooner.”

“driving me crazy. really… .”

A smirk escaped Garrick’s lips.

Same goes for Mine.

“Are you going to die if you go in?”

His face was dripping with regret, but he couldn’t eat the heart to go inside.

These are veteran explorers.

More than 10 years of individual exploration experience, and 5 years of working as a team.

They are the ones who know their subject better than anyone else.

“what should we do? Should I report it?”

“… so be it If this is a castle that suddenly appeared, the situation is serious. Even if it’s not Alaysia’s clue, it’s the same.”

Derek has spoken.

“It’s a working relic. If you get caught in a trap, you’re just drowning.”

Derek’s foot hit the wetsuit that was in the corner of the ferry.

“There’s nothing wrong with such a cheap wetsuit.”

“Aiming for a bounty?”

“If this is not Alaysia’s clue, I will be imprisoned in a dungeon for false information. And your credit rating is down. It’s a very risky gamble.”

In response to Gehrig’s answer, Mine spit out swear words with a reddened face.

“I’m sorry… .”

“Don’t be heartbroken. I think it wasn’t us in the first place.”

The atmosphere of a ferry that sags rapidly.

Meanwhile, Derek wiped his chin and looked at the flagpole.

‘Isn’t there a real way?’

Derek is careful what his colleagues say.

A top explorer and a senior graduate of the Academy’s Department of Archeology, he struggled to find a way.

‘It’s impossible to go deep. No, I couldn’t even get in in the first place. All I can think of is scraping something near that flagpole. Knowing what that fortress is for makes things a lot easier… .’

Leaving everything else aside, you only need to check the architectural style of that fortress.

Even with that alone, it is possible to determine the year of construction and find out the construction period.

‘All the architectural styles of the new generation are memorized. If it was a fortress built in the early days of the New Era, before that, this architectural style itself would be a clue.’

There is a way to check without having to go in.

Derek didn’t hesitate.

He moved quickly and began to put on the wetsuit that he had tucked into the corner of the ferry.

“yes? Derek, what are you doing… .”

“I found it. Way.”

Derek, in his wet suit, said looking back at the two of them.

“You just need to know the architectural style. Please go near that flagpole. I’ll just check the outer wall of the building under the flagpole for a while.”

confident fish.

Gehrig’s eyes twinkled at that.

“Oh yeah! Come to think of it, you were the food!”


“Have you forgot already? Derek, you’re from the Telon Academy! A senior graduate of the Department of Archeology!”

At Gehrig’s words, Mine’s expression brightened.

Derek giggled as he saw the two of them starting to recover their complexion and continued.

“It’s an old story. He ran away from the academy because he was afraid of slavery. Well, that’s how helpful it is.”

“This kid… ! I love you!!!”

“me too! I love you too! We’ll be together for the rest of our lives!!!”

“Come on, wait… ! shaking! The boat is shaking!”

As Minne and Gehrig ran around, embracing Derek, the boat shook violently.

Derek made a bewildered expression on it and shouted, then gave up drying the two of them and tightly closed their eyes.

Then he threw himself into the lake.

“Aww, evil!”


The two managed to get onto the ferry, while only Derek began to dive down the lake.


below the surface of the lake.

Derek took a breath and looked at the landscape before him.

‘It’s this big?’

The castle was great.

No, it wasn’t just the big level.

‘This… .’

Isn’t it bigger than the Imperial Imperial Palace?

I wonder if there has ever been a larger structure than this among the structures that have existed on this continent.

An astonishment and resentment arose in Derek.

Derek, who had been staring blankly at the exterior of the castle, came to his senses right after that.

‘… Ah, this is not the time.’

Derek waved his arms and began to swim.

I went under the flagpole, which was seen at a fairly close distance.

The spire, as expected.

Derek went to the top of the spire with a small window, and set his feet there.

Take a moment to stroke the outside and check the seams of the stone again.

‘… What’s this.’

Derek’s body stiffened.

His eyes were being torn so big that they couldn’t get bigger.

‘no. As far as I know, there is no such building method.’

Something was strange.

As much as he had knowledge of history, he was not pushed anywhere.

Among them, especially in terms of history and life of the new era, it means that they can be compared with those in the Academy.

However, even as such, he did not know this much.

Derek’s expression grew serious.

His eyes began to stare intently at the seam.

While the oxygen in the wet suit was gradually decreasing, Derek could understand.

‘… It’s not architecture.’

This was not architecture.

No, to be precise, it wasn’t a building.

The pulsation seen through this seam means that a constantly flowing material should never be defined as architecture.

conjecture close to certainty.

A question popped up in Derek’s mind as he remembered it.

Derek’s head creaked.

At the end of the facing is a small window.

It was the window that was too dark to see through when I saw it before.

‘… If this is not a building.’

What the hell is inside me?

The moment when such a concern came to mind.

– Kick Kick… .

Derek heard a laugh.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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