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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 233

Trevor, who had been ignorant the whole time since entering the basement library, returned.

It was early in the morning when Vera and Renee heard the news.

It was accompanied by his urgent voice.

-Please come to the conference room as soon as possible!

It was not only to Vera and Rene, but to all the apostles, including both, at the same time.

Each of the apostles made a serious expression on their faces.

This is because he said sarcasm, who had never shouted loudly to anyone in his lifetime.

That this is unusual is because that alone is enough to know.

No one hesitated.

The apostles each finished their preparations and began to enter the conference room of the great temple.

“Are you here?”

Standing in the middle of the conference room to greet them is a young boy about seven or eight years old.

The sparkling red eyes beneath the water-colored hair had an infinitely hard look.

“Would you like to sit down?”

“What’s the matter, calling you from this early morning?”

Bargo’s question.

It sounded blunt at first, but his serious face revealed the impatience of what he said now.

The two eyes crossed.

Immediately after, Trevo took out a few rolled parchments from his pocket and answered Bargo.

“I found it. A record of the tenth.”

The son-in-law became quiet.

The atmosphere was created naturally with a firm look on the faces of the apostles.

Meanwhile, Vera’s laughter echoed through the conference room.

“Did it really exist? .”

A tone that can be heard as vain at first glance.

Moreover, it was a tone that Vera could not contain.

why not

Have you not seen the embryo that had already melted in the vision of Orgus?

Wasn’t Vera the one who actually witnessed that thin, disgusting figure?

All the circumstances were saying that Alaysia wants the ‘tenth’, but it is inevitable to hope that it is an illusion.

Trevor’s eyes turned to Vera.

Trevor looked at Vera with a frown on his face, then shook his head slightly and answered Vera’s self-talk.

“It doesn’t exist yet.”

“What are you saying.”

“Would you like to see this?”

Trevo held out the parchment.

Vera suddenly tilted his head as he took it and unfolded it.


“Yes, the tenth clue was in the memoirs. Exactly… It would be correct to say that it is a conjecture about the tenth.”

It was an unfamiliar word.

Naturally, the color of their faces became strange, and Trevo added an explanation with a gloomy expression.

“It’s a memoir from more than a thousand years ago. By looking at the time period and chronology, I was able to identify the owner of the memoir.”



Trevor continued walking towards his seat.

“The owner of the memoir is Elia’s third succession.”

As the atmosphere subsided again, Trevor, who was seated in his seat, sighed and finished his speech.

“… He is the apostle of the first wisdom.”

The eyes of the apostles were drawn to the parchment.

Trevor said that with a hand gesture.

“Read it.”

Vera’s gaze turned to Trevor, then back to the parchment.

Neat letters written on parchment that has turned yellow with age.

Vera began to read it with sunken eyes.

“The 9th day of fasting.

The moon is very bright today. When the son-in-law is quiet and the wind is cool, it is a good weather to open the window.

Since the fasting and prayer has been going on for 9 days, everyone must be exhausted.

It would be great if this kind of good weather could relieve the sensitive hearts of the brothers.

… I feel empty because I don’t eat.

He maintains his physical condition through divinity, but there is nothing he can do about hunger.

Isn’t the body of this human being really greedy?

Even if there is no problem with nutritional supply, I am constantly longing for something to fill my stomach.

It was necessary to divert the thinking elsewhere.

So I started counting.

He ascended to the ranks of apostles and rose to the deserving position of prosperity, but at a moment like this, he naturally thinks about his nature as a scholar.

However, the gods will surely understand.

Surrender to me is like a means of proving the existence of gods on this earth.

A combination of numbers starting with 0 and ending with 9.

Numerous rules that define the unknown.

Even in the beauty that made me flutter, there was definitely an arrangement of the gods.

An integer number from 1 to 9.

and the nine gods.

Wouldn’t this be like proving that there are only nine thrones in heaven that exist in God?

Also, the many rules they make are very similar to the providence that makes up this world.

So I loved Sue.

I loved the proof of the miracle that came down on this earth, and I loved that I had the knowledge to explore it.

The editorial was long.

Getting to the point, what we explored today was about an unspecified number vibrating between infinity and void.

It cannot be defined as it vibrates indefinitely.

However, it can be summarized in the concept of ‘cannot be specified’.

This is truly a beautiful quality.

Aesthetics that define the undefined is not Sue’s greatest attraction.

Consider the number ‘0’ as a representative example.

Isn’t it the master key that completes all the rules by using the non-existent void as a concept?

Even if I applied this concept to the world, that was the case.

The nine gods and the possibilities they have left blank are combined to make nine ten.

‘0’ proves existence by not existing.

In addition… .』

Praise for the number that went on for a long time.

Vera’s eyebrows narrowed as he read it all the way through.

“… I don’t feel like there’s anything special about it.”

It’s certainly an interesting story, but if you ask if this has anything to do with the ‘tenth’ threat, it wasn’t.

From https://noblemtl.com

One thought came to mind when Vera saw this.

The idea that the apostles of wisdom are humans with unique corners from generation to generation.

Vera’s gaze turned to Trevor.

Trevor still looked at his gaze with a stiff face, then chinked and said.

“Let’s move on to the next chapter. The point is there.”

Vera let out a small sigh, then turned over a piece of parchment.

The gaze immersed in the letters again.

Shortly thereafter, Vera’s expression began to contort into a strange light.

There was a question about “‘0’.

If the number of ‘0’ that proves existence by not existing, which should exist only as a concept, comes into existence.

What would happen if this wasn’t a void?

It was a dirty thought, but I couldn’t stop.

This is the reason why my research was unable to escape from this question at some point.

Countless theories were established and erased.

I tried to prove it through a hypothesis, but it was unreasonable.

I was not the great gods.

They were mere mortals, their servants.

For me, there is no way to make something that doesn’t exist into something that doesn’t exist.

I know, but I couldn’t give up.

How can I explain this… .

Yes, it would be more accurate to say that it is the heart of a lamb who is deceived like a swamp.

I did.

I was a person whose nature as a scholar was so strong that my desire for knowledge was so strong that I could not control it on my own.

He was a person who had to solve the doubts at any cost.

I don’t know if this is a rationalization… I think.

I wonder if my nature and this power were arranged by the gods who wanted to announce the truth of ‘0’ to this land.

Isn’t that right, the eyes that see the providences the gods have given me make it possible?

It has been a month since the fasting prayer ended.

I wanted to find out if I could do this, so I went into closing again.

I continued praying without even realizing how much time had passed.

Like a child who asks his parents for permission, or a sinner who confesses his sins.

If I did something wrong, I prayed, hoping that he would take this power and punish me, but there was no answer.

… So I took it as a will of permission.”

As Vera’s reading continued for a long time, Bargo suddenly shouted.

“for a moment.”

Vera stopped talking.

All eyes in the meeting room turned to Bargo.

Bargo asked, looking at Trevor.

“Did you see it?”

There was no question about ‘what?’, but everyone in the room knew it, except for the twins.

The question is whether this is the concept of ‘0’ in that memoir.

Trevor shook his head.

“I didn’t see it. “Spying on dangerous concepts negatively affects the mind, so we decided that the top should come first.”

“Good job.”

A long breath escaped from Bargo’s mouth.

“Yeah, read on.”

Vera nodded at what was said and looked to the next page of parchment.

However, the reading did not follow immediately.

“… The handwriting has changed.”


“Someone else wrote… Nope. Perhaps the handwriting was ruined by hasty scribbling.”

It wasn’t about to collapse.

It was almost impossible to tell if it was a letter without a close look.

“… Let’s read it first.”

Vera answered with a frown narrowed, then continued.

“I didn’t see it.

No, is it correct to say that I should have seen this.

I do not know.

However, if this is the plan of the gods, I wanted to vomit against them.

Do you know why?

This is because I am no longer able to look at numbers.

This is because the concept of ‘0’ became so frightening that I became a person who could not associate anything with it.

It is horrible.

I vomit.

I want to rip off my head and crush my brain right now.

So I want to erase what I saw from my mind.

Everything collapsed.

Despite the addition of a single number, the providence that makes up this world has been overturned from its roots and woven into an incomprehensible form.

The concepts of species, life, and death were mixed, and the concepts of matter and immaterial were shaken.

You can’t even imagine how terrible this is.

Even I, who saw this, could not grasp the essence of it, how can you who hear it in writing know this?

Finally I realized

Why does ‘0’ have to be empty?

Why should it remain non-existent?

iced coffee… This is an unclean idol.

It’s a symbol that shouldn’t exist.

I bet

The moment this ‘0’ comes into existence, the moment the void is no longer void is the time of the end.

The void will become infinite and raise its feathers.

So, future generations reading this memoir, never allow it to exist.

Be unclean and unclean and leave it as an eternal illusion.

I, the third St. Lore, will leave these words as my only wish.

Deny ‘0’.”

“… This is the end.”

Vera ended his speech in a tone full of gloom.

No, it wasn’t just Vera who made that look.

All of the apostles who were seated, and even the look of Anilis in Jenny’s arms, all had such a gloomy look.

Meanwhile, Trevor said.

“One thing is certain.”


Trevo’s chair was pushed back.

There was a strong conviction in his voice as he stood there.

“Alaysia’s purpose was not to be Ardain in the first place. It is one of the reasons I hoped for his resurrection.”

paused speech.

Trevor bit his lip as if uttering these words was a bit daunting, and continued.

“… his omnipotence. The tenth that can only be completed with that.”


Trevor’s fists were clenched.

“She wishes for the end of all providence.”

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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