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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 232

“Because of Vera.”

The garden of the great temple.

Vera let out a smirk with a smirk on his face.

Because he now knows that Renee’s anger was caused by him.

There was no other reason.

The kiss mark that Vera had made on her body was a problem.

Rene, who had never known that there was such a thing in her body, showed all of her naked body to the apprentice priests.

Renee trembled.

Then he covered his face with his hands and cried.

“it’s over… .”

How to live in the future, what kind of face to talk with the apprentice priests.

A hatred for Vera, who made these marks on my body and didn’t even listen, was set in Renee.

It was getting bigger and bigger, and Renee’s shame was getting louder.

Vera paused for a moment to choose what to say, then patted Renee on the shoulder.

“Isn’t it something you’d get caught up with someday? Don’t be too heartbroken… .”

“You call that comfort?!”

Renee’s head flashed.

His red face is frowned upon, revealing his injustice.

“If I had told you in advance, I would have prepared my heart! He must have been trying to hide it!”

Vera couldn’t object and apologized.

“Sorry… .”

“What are you going to do?!”

chin! Rene’s hand reached out and grabbed Vera’s collar.

And shook Vera with a jingle.

The power is really strong.

Vera quickly cleared his thoughts and began to calm Renee.

He reached out and wrapped his arms around Renee.

A form of stroking the back with one hand and holding the head with the other.

“Calm down. No one will curse you.”

Vera’s comfort was effective.

Renee’s vigor subsided little by little, and the strength of the hand holding the collar also weakened.

It’s like a well-educated puppy,” Vera said with a smile on his face.

“Still, it’s fortunate that the robes cover the whole body. If only the apprentice priests keep their mouths shut, nothing will happen.”

“These people? Puck?”

“There has always been gossip. Rumors without evidence have no power.”

Renee’s lips clenched tight.

‘That rumor is the problem… !’

Apparently Vera didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation.

Renee recalled the morning events that he did not want to recall.

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

– Holy Lady! How was it? big? Do well?

– How long? Are you strong?

The moment they saw the marks left on their bodies, they poured out questions with shouts, which showed that they never intended to keep their mouths shut.

Besides, what was it like to infer the answer from your own reaction when you shut your mouth in shame?

– How much? this much? hey hey!! like this? That big?!

-Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! how much? day? Two days? … huh? hey… ! Four, three days?

Suddenly, Renee felt sorry for Vera.

‘Sorry. Vera… .’

My body was trembling from the horror, but I couldn’t help it.

Renee assured.

Before the end of today, information about Vera’s private life will spread throughout the world as Elia’s side dish.

There must be a story of his own.

“… I won’t leave the room for a while. If you want to see me, come secretly.”

The backbone has already been pulled.

I lost the courage to go out.

Vera replied with a small smile at Renee’s gloomy look.

“Are you secretly talking?”

“Absolutely secretly. no one knows Without knowing it.”

“Let’s try.”

I wondered how he was worried so much, and wondered if he was the one who always rebuked him for worrying too much.

“Wow… .”

Vera burst into laughter at the sight of Renee, who hardly recovered his signs, and then began another story.

It started with the idea that there is nothing better than turning your gaze elsewhere to overcome depression.

“Oh, are you meeting Aisha these days?”

“… yes?”

Renee’s head lifted up.

His brow was still frowned, but his thoughts wandered elsewhere and he didn’t show the same gloomy mood he had before.

After a brief thought, Renee shook her head.

“Then I don’t see it. Aren’t you with Jenny?”

“no. I haven’t even met Jenny, and I’m working hard on my training.”


Renee’s expression brightened a little.

‘I was swept away so easily.’

Vera continued, thinking that it would be a good place to go and be scammed if he wasn’t confident enough.

“Yes, he is a really fast-growing kid. Now, it is easy to use the divinity to move the body. If we grow a little bit more, we may reach the point of putting the divine on our weapons.”

“Uh… Was that intermediate or something?”

“Yes, if you put divinity in your weapon, it’s intermediate. Forging it to transform its form is a reward.”

This was truly an amazing talent.

How much effort was required to reach the intermediate level of putting divine or aura on top of a weapon.

Even the children of a famous family who have practiced swords all their lives, it is not only possible to reach the level in their mid-20s.

However, this was not an explanation that touched Renee.

Renee’s head tilted.

“Isn’t Vera a senior from the first time I met you? Krek-sama and Marek-sama, the 2nd Prince-sama and the Grand Prince… .”

The explanations that follow are the names of people Renee has ever met who practice swordsmanship.

“… Even you, if you think about it, I don’t think Aisha was particularly fast or fast.”

Vera smiled at Renee’s questions as he pondered them.

“We are a unique case. And if you look at it, it is correct that Aisha is faster than the twins, the second prince, or the Grand Prince. Aren’t you a child who is only fourteen now?”

“What about Vera?”

“You’re slower than me.”

The words conveyed are feelings that can be felt even at a glance.

However, it wasn’t really wrong.

“It took less than a week for me to hold my sword for the first time and to contain the divine.”

“Should I praise you?”

“It would be really nice if you could do that.”

A shrill laugh escaped Renee’s mouth.

The outstretched hand reached over Vera’s cheek and stretched it out.

“Ouch, good job.”

In the end, it’s the end of self-bragging.

That thought popped into Renee’s mind.

A giggle of laughter lingered between the two of them, and then Renee opened his mouth as he suddenly remembered.

“Ah, so Aisha just keeps practicing, right? And what if you fall? .”

“It seems to be self-regulating. It means that it is slowly coming to an end.”

“I don’t care as much as Vera.”

“It wasn’t my intention, but I guess he wasn’t the first disciple. I am realizing how difficult it is to teach someone.”

As Vera continued speaking, he placed his hand over Renee’s, which was pinching my cheek.

Immediately after removing Renee’s hand, he asked in a playful tone.

“Are you jealous?”

“What do you mean, it’s because it looks good? Do I look like such a narrow-minded person? Jealous of the child.”

“You didn’t do it very often. jealousy.”

Renee’s shoulders shook.

His face was just getting red.

tell me what to do

Now, to deny it, Renee’s record is glamorous, isn’t it?

Against a fairy I never met on my first drinking day.

The day I first met Aisha, about her lies.

From then on, I only hear Albrecht’s voice and think of him as a romantic partner, and in the end, I get to the point of being jealous of myself.

Renee had nothing to say.

Judging from her past actions, she was a woman who could safely say that she was the embodiment of jealousy.

“… die.”

Cock! And Renee’s finger pierced Vera’s stomach.

It wasn’t over.

What used to be poked and poked turned into a puck puk, and a finger turned into a fist and puck puck.

All of a sudden, aggression-filled movements flooded Vera with anger.

Vera accepted the move with a laugh, then clenched his fist.

“Are you rebelling?”

“Someone is coming.”

With lightning speed, Renee fell from Vera.

Also, I was worried about how severe the rumors would be if I showed such a flirtatious appearance.

From https://noblemtl.com

One, it was a meaningless worry.

This is because he was a person who was a little far from the rumors.

[Hey! are you listening to me Today’s class I’ve been telling you not to miss, where are you going… What, why are you going to them?]

Annielys and Jenny.

Jenny was walking along with a dry and dying face, and in her hand was a doll with the soul of Annielis hanging loosely.

Vera raised his doubts as he saw Jenny walking in the distance.

“What’s going on?”

The question I asked to see if there was any misfortune.

Jenny didn’t answer.

just came

Jennie, who had been struggling with a face with dark circles down to her chin, arrived in front of Renee, and then stopped.


“… please.”

Jenny placed the Anneales she was holding in one hand on Renee’s thigh.

And quickly walked away.

The son-in-law became quiet.

Anilys looked dazed at the sudden situation, and immediately realized that Jenny had abandoned her, and began to scream.

[Come on, sleep… boy! Where! come here! Come on! hey! Yaaaaa!!!]

Jenny covered her ears at the shouts coming from behind her.

‘Day off… Today is a day off.’

I didn’t want to hear nagging until my day off.

I wanted to sleep without anyone waking me up for even a day.

Although it was Anilis who was always helpful, it was Anilis who continued the class without taking a break for herself!

Jenny didn’t want to think about that.

I just wanted to sleep until noon, not morning.


uninterrupted shouting.

Renee listened to it blankly, and placed Anilis on the chair.

and said to Vera.

“Vera, let’s go in. I’m going to eat rice soon.”

“Yeah, come to think of it, it’s lunchtime soon.”

René crossed his arms at Vera.

widely. widely. He walked away with the sound of a cane.

[What, where are you guys going again? boy! boy! Take me too! Take me!!! kill it!!! I will kill you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

A bitter curse from someone left in the garden rang out, but the two didn’t care.

“Who will bring it to Jenny?”

“I don’t think it’s something we care about.”

“That’s right.”

This is Daeshinjeon and there are many people.

And there was not a single person who did not know that the doll belonged to Jenny.

Even if it’s not them, there must be someone who will bring her to Jenny.

[Come here oh oh oh oh oh!!!]

A scream echoed again.

It was late in the morning when Anilees returned to Jennie’s arms that day, when a chilly energy enveloped the whole world.


The underground library of the Great Hall.

In the dark alcove where only one small candle flickered faintly, Trevor made a happy face.


Trevor shook his head.

In his hand was a yellow parchment with traces of the years.

“The tenth… !”

It was about the tenth.

It was a record that I found by searching through all the records of Elia, and as much time wasted close to two weeks, Trevor felt the first joy when he found it.

‘Let’s see… !’

Trevor shivered for a moment, then rolled his eyes and scanned the parchment.

‘The tenth, an unholy idol, a symbol that shouldn’t exist, the horseman of the end… .’

As he read the parchment, his expression hardened.

A look of embarrassment flashed across his face.


The parchment was crumpled.

Trevor hurriedly turned around and left the library.

‘You must tell me!’

I had to show this parchment to the apostles.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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