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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 231

Three days passed by in a flash.

A moment that was unexpected for Vera and as planned for Renee.

The two could now fully look at each other.

By sharing their hearts, they were able to resolve the subtle gap that remained between them.

Now that all those moments have passed, the two of them were walking down the street after leaving the inn they had been indebted to.

In the midst of this, one thing that can be counted as unusual is the appearance of Vera.

Vera was now in a mysterious appearance with a robe covering his entire body.

“Because I can’t even do that… .”

Renee pouted her lips for nothing and added strength to her folded hands.

Vera was well aware that the reason he covered his face was his playfulness.

It must mean not to forget that he was harmed by his own fault on the first day he came to Serene.

“I couldn’t. really.”

“What do you mean?”

As Renee expected, Vera’s voice was full of laughter.

Renee sighed and then smiled.

It was because I really liked the appearance of Vera, now fully exposed.

It was three days that erased the hesitation that had remained in him.

Now Vera did not maintain a low attitude toward himself, which meant that René had equalized each other’s positions.

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One might even wonder if it would make sense that the development of a physical relationship would lead to such a result.

However, if you ask me that, all Renee could do was shrug her shoulders.

Whatever the case, the fact that the result was like this did not change.

“Vera is naughty.”

“I am not doing this to anyone. Don’t you know?”

“So, speak well.”

Renee clings to Vera.

His head rested on his shoulders.

There was a considerable height difference, so there was no major obstacle to walking.

“… I’m back now.”

“Yes, I just hope there are no accidents that need to be fixed.”

“Vera, like a mother.”

“Can’t you at least do it as a father?”

“Your father is a cool person.”

Renee’s hand tickled Vera’s forearm.

“Vera is still more cute than cool, so he’s not a father.”

A laugh escaped Vera.

“To be a father, you have to be a cool person.”

“Can you?”

“You don’t know me yet. I am a person who can achieve anything I want.”

“Confidence is paramount.”

“Actually, he is the closest person to the best in the world.”

“stop it. It looks unlucky.”

A tired look added to Renee’s face.

“I don’t even think about what happened.”

“That’s what I learned from the saint.”

“Aren’t you talking about the past life?”

“You are shameless. Have you completely forgotten what you did to me when we first met?”

first meet.

It was a word that made my heart flutter, but when I think back on that moment, it was.

He was lost in the dark, and Vera came before him as a servant of the gods.

He hated him, and he hated the god who led him to him.

Therefore, his attitude was erratic, and he approached it slowly, regardless of it.

That was the beginning.

As he approached, he was able to know more.

In a world without light, I was able to hold in my hands the most dazzling thing.

Renee laughed at the moments that came to mind.

“At that time, it looked like a piece of wood.”

“You say you don’t like it.”

“Well, it’s better now.”

While the conversation continued, the two of them moved diligently.

Walking in tandem was light.

The regular sound of the cane was pleasant.

Their voices were full of laughter that could not be hidden, and their source was filled with clear happiness.

how far did you walk

Vera finally arrived in front of the carriage he had reserved in advance and called Renee.

“Now, we have arrived in the carriage. Come on up.”


Vera led Renee into the carriage and sat him down.

Immediately after sending the departure signal to the coachman, the door of the carriage was closed.

Again, there are only two left.

moon crack.

moon crack.

While the carriage shakes a little, the hands of two interlaced hands claim each other’s existence.

Vera looked up at Renee with her head resting on his shoulder, and raised a deep smile.

It was nice to see each other face to face, but it was also the happiest moment for Vera.

A quiet moment when Renee’s head, leaning on me without saying a word, and her shoulders shaking regularly fill her vision.

Vera saw this as his only peace.

He regarded his life of struggle as the most precious treasure to give him a break.

why not

Renee was a blessing to Vera.

A person who accepts you as you are, and someone who loves you, isn’t that lovely.

Vera loved Renee for understanding his life, which he thought he would never understand.

I loved René who accepted it, and I also loved Renee who loved me.

Now Vera knew.

Both greed and possessiveness were natural emotions that accompany love.

It was not because he was ugly, but because he was a human being.

That, Vera had known thanks to Renee.

Vera’s hand reached Renee’s cheek.

He ruffled the hair that had fallen over it behind his ear.

Renee giggled to see if the action was tickling, then told Vera.

“By the way.”


“How long are you going to use that supreme title?”

A question posed suddenly.

Vera pondered for a moment, then questioned.

“Do you not like it?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it, but I think Vera who talks nonsense would be good too.”

“Have you ever been through something?”

“It was so unlucky. It’s like a person who lives on his own good taste.”

Vera’s body stiffened at the blunt statement.

Whatever it is, what Renee is cursing right now is not the past in her memory.

Vera felt a sense of disappointment for some reason, and Renee laughed at Vera’s look.

“got upset?”

“Do you know that I am a saint?”

“That’s right.”


“Then why are you calling me a saint all of a sudden? You called me by my first name.”

Renee tapped Vera on the back.

“It’s like a child.”

“I did not live short enough to be called a child.”

“Then you’re not iron?”

“… Stop it.”

“I won.”

It must not have been an illusion that René’s grinning face looked sullen.

Vera looked at Renee with his eyes closed, then sighed.

“I do it like that.”

“It’s not like that, it’s really like that.”

Renee hummed and began to rejoice.

Vera smirked and looked at Renee.

‘Who knows who and who is a child.’

It seems that Renee needs to be objectified, Vera did not look back at himself and thought of that.


“How was your vacation?”

The office I’m used to now.

Vera answered, sitting there, looking at the Norn opposite.

“It was a lot of fun.”

Norn’s eyes widened slightly.

The first reason was that the fatigue was gone from Vera’s face as he spoke out the answer, and the second reason was that he had an unusually wrinkled smile, who rarely smiled unless it was in front of Renee.

‘You are much better.’

Norn recalled a happy heart.

In a way, it can be said that it is natural.

He was a Norn who had seen Vera since the age of 14, when he had just set foot in the kingdom.

How upset it was to see a child who had not yet grown up with a gloomy look all the time.

Also, how close it seemed to go through hardships that other people could not experience in their lifetime at such a young age.

It would be strange if he didn’t come up with a feeling of excitement that he was able to smile brightly.

‘You are now twenty-five.’

that it took a really long time.

The moment that thought came to mind in Norn.

“Okay then, let’s get the overdue report.”

Vera, who had just regained his original appearance, said to Norn.

Norn rolled his eyes, and then burst out laughing.

‘Well, this has not changed.’

Do I really have to say that it is?

Even if it’s okay to get rid of the poison for a day or so, it’s unreliable to try to get it from the report, but it makes me laugh out loud.

Norn swallowed the laughter that came out of nowhere and started reporting.

“There has never been an accident in Elia. When the Holy Father looked at the work instead of him, other people noticed too.”

“What about those humans?”

“The Holy Spirit was in a bad mood all the time.”

“… It makes sense.”

It must have been that the moth was sore from going to work after resting all day.

It would not have been so sensible that the other apostles did not feel it.

Vera shook his head, feeling out of place.

Then, the following report was carried out.

“How about outside?”

“There is still no news. The city side with a lot of floating population of course remains the same, and the ban on explorers is only hearing rumors of sparse new vegetation.”

“Have you investigated the vegetation? Possibility of Alaysia’s clue… .”

“They acted like ordinary herbs or magic supplements. It’s a good atmosphere in academia.”

Vera’s eyebrows narrowed in the following words.

“It’s difficult.”

“Isn’t that unavoidable? You just have to think of it as buying time to prepare thoroughly.”

Norn was right.

There is no way to find Alaysia who is determined and hidden.

This was a fact that could prove that no one had stepped on her tail during the past history of her hiding, and it was also a fact that could be proved with a result that could not even get a clue even when the entire continent had come out.

Sadly, the only thing Continental can do in this situation is to use closer cooperation and more resources to stop her s*x.



Vera tapped the table with his index finger.

‘The situation itself is not bad.’

The continent was moving much more actively than expected.

The habit of becoming one only in front of a common enemy is very unfortunate, but aside from that, it’s not important right now.

‘Clearly, Alaysia organizes an army.’

Although it was a hole-filled memory of her past life, unless Renee from her last life was helping Alaysia, the memory after the demon lord’s call would have been correct.

Four legions led by the Demon King.

The beasts who lost their reason belonging to that corps.

‘One of the corps commanders is left.’

No one knows if she will fill the remaining three positions, but that doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless.

The armed forces of the continents gathered as one cannot be ignored, no matter how ancient the species.

In addition, all the ancient species except Alaysia are hostile to her, so it is certain that she will receive help.

All he had to worry about was how to annihilate the immortal Alaysia.

‘All the pieces have been gathered.’

Seven heroes, eight legacy, nine apostles.

As for the inheritance, Alaysia and Orgus’s remains, but considering that they will all be gathered there, it is safe to say that they have already gathered.

How these would work is unknown, but Vera believed nonetheless.

There must have been something that Renée from the past life had intended as she rolled back time.

There must be a reason for creating this twisted situation.

‘Rewinding time is… .’

this will be the last time

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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