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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 230

Early moning.

The first thing Renee felt when waking up was the warmth of the body covering her entire body, and the sensation of skin.

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On top of that, a familiar body odor is added.

Then, the breath on the forehead, the clear texture of the muscles, and finally the throbbing in the lower abdomen comes to mind.

It was then that Renee was able to recall the events of the previous day.

It was starting to feel real that I had been mingling with Vera for the first time.

It wouldn’t be a dream.

Sure enough, if this is a dream, there’s no way you and Vera could be hugging naked.

There would be no reason for my lower abdomen to throb, and something must not be flowing down from the inside.

Renee moved the arm around Vera’s waist and put it through my crotch.

A sticky, slippery liquid was oozing out of the nose.

Not only his own, but also Vera’s.

Suddenly, a voice passed through Renee’s head.

– Contraception, important.

-right. It gets in trouble if you have a little kid.

tell me what to do

It was the voice of twins.

Renee recalled the feeling of embarrassment.

It was a belated shame to not use the contraceptive that even twins use and to just succumb to pleasure.

‘… Contraception doesn’t matter.’

If you wished it didn’t happen with the help of your power, that would be enough.

This is to reverse the limitation that it cannot be used for oneself by saying, ‘For the sake of the world, I must not be pregnant yet.’

It wasn’t a very burdensome method, so the divinity used was small… Such secondary reasons did not erase René’s shame.

‘Crazy… !’

The events of the previous day flashed through Renee’s mind.

After Vera started moving in earnest, he was busy waiting.

I vividly remember myself hanging on to Vera like a beast.

Lie on your back, stand on all fours like a dog, ride on Vera’s body, sit face to face… .

‘Crazy, crazy!’

Renee’s face turned red.

In the meantime, remembering that sensation, his body began to heat up again.

That’s why the late wind was terrifying.

The strong pleasure he had never felt before, discovered only later, was making René’s body into an absurdly greedy man.

Renee flinched with the hand she had placed between her crotch, then slowly moved it forward.

It was a process of re-checking the things that had shaken him without remorse that he had not grasped properly the day before.


The tip of his index finger touched Vera’s penis.

Renee swallowed dry saliva and placed another finger on it.

Take a moment to grasp its shape by gently grasping it.

Renee’s head tilted.

‘I think it was bigger than this the day before… ?’

They differed not only in size but also in stiffness.

It’s still a size that can be felt to be atrocious, but it was definitely bigger the day before.

Also, the rigidity that seemed to not move no matter how tight the grip was, disappeared.

It’s not that she didn’t receive s*x education, but it was a reaction that came to mind because it was Renee who had never been taught specific techniques for s*x.

Renee rubbed Vera’s.

It felt fun to wiggle around as my hand moved.

However, that didn’t last long either.

‘Uh, uh… ?’

Vera’s penis grew harder and bigger.

He began to harbor a strange heat, and something like a tendon over it began to be touched.

The penis, which had grown so large that I wondered how it could get so big, started beating, and at that moment, a voice resounded in the room.

“… What are you doing?”

Vera’s voice.

Renee’s body trembled at that.

Renee’s thinking immediately understood the situation.

Vera was sleeping and he was awake.

The first thing Vera saw when he woke up was himself fiddling with my genitals.

Isn’t that the same as making fun of someone who is sleeping?

Renee’s face began to turn red as if it were red.

Her lips, which began to tremble in shame, spewed out a pitiful excuse that didn’t even sound like words.

“Uh, uh… Oh, it’s not painful, the diagnosis… !”

Renee’s eyes narrowed.

‘What’s painful?’

What’s the reason this hurts!

Even if it hurts, it’s right that I’m sick!

Even I’m not sick!

With the realization that came one step late, Renee continued to apologize in a voice that seemed like a crawling insect.

“Sorry, I’m sorry… .”

shoulders shrugged.

Unable to raise his head, he bowed his head and dug into Vera’s chest.

Since my body was so close together, even in the midst of this, this poor bat was pressing down on my lower belly.

confusion came to mind.

It’s because he felt Vera’s penis pressing down from his belly button to the top of his navel in the midst of shame and guilt, and it made him realize that it had dug himself that length last night.

Vera chuckled.

The arm that was holding Renee moved slowly.

He fell down and rubbed Renee’s ass.

“I don’t know if I woke up something absurd.”

A word spoken with a clear meaning of teasing.

Renee was stunned.

And he made his body tighter.

“… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He hugged Vera with his whole body blushing.

Vera felt the lust again at Renee’s movement, procrastinating on mine.

“I would say that it was not enough.”

“… !”

As he spoke, he grabbed Renee’s buttocks and an immediate reaction followed.

Vera’s eyes narrowed.

“If I go out like this, outside may demand me, so I think it’s right to go ahead and solve it.”

“Hey, it’s not that tidy… Whoa!”

Vera laid Renee right on the bed and climbed onto it.

What he sees in his sight is an immaculate naked body with a red tinge added to it.

His feelings are buried deep in his lower body.

And the bright red traces of last night all over the body.

It was obscene, and it was obscene again.

This body was so lewd that I was convinced that it was made to seduce myself.

Vera’s head fell and turned to Renee’s neck.

With a familiar movement, my lower back headed where I was supposed to go.


“Ugh… !”

Renee’s body fluttering.

The sun was pouring through the window, but their night was not over.


Late in the afternoon, the two of them, who had been delaying time to mix again, started eating.

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Of course, in the room, with traces of love affair engraved on his body.

Isn’t that what getting closer to the body means?

Doesn’t this mean that we have become a relationship that can handle both the explicit contact that we couldn’t have before because of shame and the exchange of emotions through such contact?

Even though there are two chairs in front of the table, it is possible to explain this scene where Renee sits on Vera’s thigh and eats for that reason.

Wheat bread you can get anywhere.

And half-cold soup.

It was a modest meal, but the two didn’t mind.

This is because feeding each other and spending time with each other skin-to-skin was the most precious thing.

“If you think about it, that’s a good thing.”


“That’s how things happened. Now, isn’t it possible for me to help the saint with things like changing clothes and washing his face?”

Renee laughed at Vera’s words.

“Yeah, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to change or wash my clothes for three days in Cerne.”

“Did you plan this too?”

“I have a plan.”

With a playful horse, Renee brought the wheat bread to Vera’s mouth.

Vera opened his mouth to take it, and as he did, he hugged Renee tighter.

“Now I have to wash. You sweat too much all night.”

“Because of Vera… .”

“I know it was something else that made it flow.”

Renee’s lips curled tight.

His blushing face spoke of shame, but the curled corners of his mouth were telling him that Vera’s joke wasn’t rude to Renee.

Vera raised an eyebrow in response.

What follows is another playful tone.

It was a bad joke.

“If you were going to wash up, your reaction is confusing.”

“… What.”

“It seems like you want to use something other than water in the washing process.”

Renee’s hand made a fist.

Shortly thereafter, he tapped Vera’s chest.

“Pervert Vera. I have naughty thoughts… .”

“It’s a bad habit to pass the blame on someone else.”

“I never passed it on.”

“You are doing it.”

“I didn’t.”

“Would you like to prove it?”

A smile crept across Vera’s lips.

Renee bowed her head in response to that.

“… What.”

“I will not engage in any s*xual contact while washing. Help only those areas where you have trouble washing yourself. So you shouldn’t ask me to have s*x in the bathroom either.”

A bet that would be outrageous if anyone heard it.

However, Renee gladly agreed to it.

“Well, that’s good! Just touch it!”

Renee jumped up from her seat and stumbled.

It was sustained by Vera.

“Is it difficult to walk?”

Renee couldn’t answer.

Because he couldn’t say with his own mouth, ‘I’m too lazy to put strength in my legs.’

Rene shut her mouth and wrapped her arms around Vera’s neck.

Then, apparently, Vera grabbed her and headed for the bathroom.

What’s next… It was very unfortunate for Renero.

Vera was very good at handling the body, Renee was not.

Vera couldn’t stand the sly kneading of his genitals and chest.

“… do.”

“Are you admitting defeat?”

“Hey, this is Vera… !”

I was angry and tried to spit it out, but I was at a loss for words to make an excuse.

Renee climbed onto Vera’s body and hugged him softly.

“… Anyway, yes.”

Vera had no way of knowing what it was.

Vera said, feeling drowsy at Ren’s soft skin wrapped around him.

“It’s difficult.”

“What… .”

“Isn’t it? Because of the commotion you made in the square the day before, I have become a rogue, and if I go out in this state, I will be pointed at.”

Vera’s hand ran across Renee’s back.

“I’ve lost all going out in Serene, so I have to hold you accountable for that.”

It was a rebuke, but the meaning contained inside was so sweet.

“… Then I’ll just have to stay inside.”

“Why are you laughing?”

“I didn’t laugh.”

“You are just saying no. Not laughing, not imputing, not acknowledging defeat… .”

The words that continued as if singing ended in the form of stabbing Renee again.

“… Not even a virgin.”

Why are you being so hateful?

Renee raised an eyebrow and pinched Vera’s side.

“I do it in moderation… !”

“Do you not like it?”

Renee pursed her lips.

Then he took a deep breath and leaned back on Vera.

“… I couldn’t.”

Vera laughed.

Renee, who flirted with aggression, was so lovable, Vera couldn’t respond other than to laugh.

“I think I made a mistake.”

“… I don’t know.”

“I have to release it with all my heart.”

After saying that, Vera kissed Renee and asked the question.

“Is that right?”

Renee felt her body heat up.

I don’t know if it was because the water in the bathtub was warm or Vera’s body was hot, but I thought that something was definitely affecting this phenomenon, and I stroked the column that was touching my stomach with my back.

It was late afternoon.

If a little more time passed like this, the world would be dyed red.

However, they were still at night.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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