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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 229

Two people who became one did not move immediately.

In a way, it’s a normal story.

Vera knew that a woman who had just experienced it for the first time needed time to get used to it.

Renee did not have enough time to move on her own initiative.

It was a lull that was created, and the two were embracing each other’s bodies and enjoying only the transmitted sensations.

Meanwhile, Vera was losing his composure.

This was the reason why I couldn’t come to my senses in Ren’s, who held onto mine tightly and wouldn’t let go.

There was a corner where the warm and sticky inside resembled Renee’s temperament as it was, obsessively clinging to it.

No, it was definitely similar to her temperament.

If not, there’s no way I can explain why I’m clinging to it and twitching on my own.

Renee’s short breath tickles her ear and stimulates her hot penis.

Vera couldn’t help but wished Renee could quickly find his breath.

“Ugh… .”

Renee exhaled slowly.

It would be right to say that it is a pathetic effort to rectify the rising irritation.

Vera’s naked body, his supremely stiff muscles, rested against my skin.

He hugged his neck, and Vera’s harsh breath touched his sensitive neck.

And a huge penis that feels like nothing like that has penetrated to the root of me.

This was a stimulus that Renee had never experienced before.

It must have been chastity that was pierced, but physically, Vera’s penis was barely pressing on his lower abdomen.

At that moment, Renee must have felt the sensation of being pierced in a straight line from the lower abdomen to the top of the crown and becoming a skewer.

In addition, if it had ended with the sense of that moment, there would not have been much room for it.

That size was the problem.

Even a slight twist of the body stimulates the penis in the stomach.

If you try to stand still, you will be stimulated by the jerky movement of the penis.

A situation where you can’t do this or that.

Renee just calmed her breathing and hoped that this ringing feeling would go away.

However, savagely, the Lord did not take her side as much as tonight.

“Rene… .”

Vera called Renee in an unsuitable grunt.

Renee felt her heart pound.

For some reason, it was because he instinctively knew what that voice was asking for.

“Come on, sleep… !”


Vera’s waist fell back.

At that moment, Renee’s whole body jumped at the huge movement that could not be compared with before.

“Ugh… !”

It was a storm of electric current that seemed to burn all nerves.

The pain felt at the moment of breakthrough was the pleasure of being denied entirely.

For some reason, it felt like my head was flashing and my body was busy trembling out of control.

Rene had a thought that came to her mind as she felt the sensation of pleasure engulfing her body.

‘This isn’t it… !’

I thought something was wrong.

As far as I know, this was not a normal reaction.

Neither Annie, Theresa, nor any other apprentice priestess, who had taught Renee these things, had ever said that mixing bodies was so pleasurable.

What does this mean?

Doesn’t that mean that he has a body that is too sensitive to compare with them?

No matter how good Vera is at this kind of thing, in the end what he feels is his body.

A feeling that could be called shame arose in Renee.

A strange feeling came to mind, as if she had become an outrageous prostitute.

I wanted to deny it, but I couldn’t even do that.

Vera’s back bounced forward.


“Ugh… !”

Renee’s waist bent greatly.

I tried to bite my teeth to hold back the moan, but what came out was a lustful sound.

It was a shame for René, and it was exciting for Vera.

Vera said, stroking her with a hand still resting on Renee’s cheek.

“You can’t stand it. There is no one here to blame you, and I am the only one who will rejoice if you do not endure.”

The whispers of the devil will be like this.

Vera’s whispers were giving Renee an indulgence.

The mouth, which had been biting hard to contain the moan, and the body, which had been tensed to minimize movement, began to be released little by little at the sound of the voice.

There were things like guilt and shame, but they were entangled in Vera’s voice and began to transform into other forms.

“You are the one who told me not to be patient, and I will not endure it. That’s why you can’t stand it either. If you are patient, you will not be breaking your own words.”

It was a sense of immorality.

Renee’s feelings were cultivating feelings that were not suitable for her to enjoy, using the indulgence granted by Vera.

However, this was unavoidable.

Although everyone calls her a saint, her essence is one of those humans who are swayed by instinct.

At the same time, she is one of those women who fell in love.

Wouldn’t it be strange if you could endure the moment with the one you love, the moment you’ve always wanted?

A mind filled with strange emotions moved Renee’s body.

Renee’s waist twitched slightly.

He couldn’t make the big moves like Vera was doing, so he began to enjoy the pleasures he could enjoy.

“Ugh… .”

A hot roar tickled Vera’s ear.

The penis, which had dug into the roots again, was constantly being stimulated inside Renee, who began to move.

when that was not long ago.

Vera took a long breath and told Renee.

“Now I am moving.”

Vera’s arm slid under Renee’s lifted waist.

Immediately after that it raised her upper body.

“Heh huh?!”

It moves big and presses the stomach.

It becomes a sitting position rather than a lying position, and Vera’s digs deeper.

With that alone, Renee was at its peak.

His whole body trembled as if there had been an earthquake, and Vera’s skin, which had been in contact with Renee, began to glisten with the water that was gushing out.

With one hand on his waist and the other on Renee’s ass, Vera breathed heavily and tightened his arms.

Renee’s body began to shake up and down in line with his beat.

“Ha ha… !”

The sound of a passing breath.

The sound of flesh touching.

They filled the room.

Renee was dragged poorly by Vera’s movements, barely breathing.

The things that stimulated her nerves were the reason why René had lost all of her remaining control.

Fortunately, Renee, who accepted it, remembered a willing heart.

It is because pleasure is what he gains from losing control, and his unchanging love is what gives it to him.

This is how Renee felt about Vera now.

It was rough and soft at the same time.

It was a feeling of standing at the extreme of symmetry that did not suit him at all, but Renero had no choice but to express it that way.

Vera’s breath and beat were harsh.

In the meantime, the movement of handling himself was smooth.

Even though it was clear that he was not putting up with what he had said, the result was so.

“Ugh, whoops, whoops!”

As the movement continued, Renee’s moan melted and began to lose shape.

However, at the same time, the body was adapting to the pleasure.

It was soon after that René, who had been dragged around the whole time, had changed.

Vera also felt it.

Vera relaxed little by little in the arms that were holding her down.

“Hey… !”

Yet Renee was still rocking in his Vera.

Renee began to shake herself.

It was still a clumsy move.

A movement that is performed instinctively in order to feel a more intense sense of pleasure, without paying any attention to technique or breathing.

So, above all else, it’s a erotic movement.

Vera could see.

Renee doesn’t know what she’s doing now.

The act of sucking the nape of one’s own neck, the finger pressing down on the back, the movement of shaking the waist greedily.

It must be because Renee herself is excited through the act.

Joy filled Vera’s heart.

If anyone saw Renee like this, it would be obvious that they would call her a prostitute, but it didn’t matter at all.

You will be the only one who can see her like this from now on and from now on.

Vera was the embodiment of possessiveness and domination.

The one who once wanted to have was the one who could somehow win it, and the one who would never let it go.

“You made a mistake.”

Vera moved again.

After raising her back with a thud, she laid Renee, who jumped at the movement, on the bed.

“Shut up!”

“You were the one who told me not to bear it, and you were the one who said it was mine.”

Renee took a deep breath and listened to what was being said.

Even in the midst of such a frenzy, his voice was as clear as this.

“I have a very bad heart, and I will not stand this.”

Vera stroked Renee’s cheek.

It was an act as if he was handling a very precious treasure, and it was also an act as if he was handling my belongings.

“So whatever I do, you must be willing to accept it.”

The saliva dripped down the back of Renee’s neck.

Because Vera’s words stimulated the imagination.

What are the bad thoughts and deeds he is talking about?

How will he treat himself?

What other form does the pleasure obtained through the act take?

Rene nodded her head involuntarily at the endless flow of imagination.

Vera’s eyes widened.

The sunken gray pupils began to harbor heat that did not match the color.

The greedy beast moved to look at its perfect possession, which it had finally declared to be mine.

As if all actions up to now were a joke, the subsequent movements were tenacious and vicious.

Renee felt as if she was about to run out of breath.

All the places where his penis pricks were the most sensitive parts of my body, and at the same time, the places his hands touched and tickled were equally sensitive.


The subsequent pleasure violated Renee’s mind by multiplication rather than addition.

Renee twisted his body to accept it, and the more he did, the more Vera’s movements spurred.

There was something Ren had overlooked.

Those are the words that Vera himself has always proudly uttered, regardless of everything else.

Vera had a natural talent for all uses of the body, and he was the one who proved that talent.

In other words, Vera was constantly figuring out Renee while they were mingling.

Which areas are sensitive is fundamental, how to touch those sensitive areas and where to touch them.

Also, where she touches, what kind of moans she makes and what kind of stimulation she gets.

Vera was digging into Renee’s body as if a child had received a new toy and explored it.

It was a quagmire that she herself had fallen into.

Vera would never let Renee go.

Also, he would not stop this quest.


The climax followed again.

And it was the climax that signaled the full-fledged start of a long night.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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