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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 242

The morale of the corps soared without knowing the sky.

It was a phenomenon created by the story of a woman who shone white alone even when the whole world went dark.

There was a certainty in the army that Alaysia would be able to overcome any vicious moves, and this was the case to explain this from Vera’s point of view.

‘It’s an opportunity.’

The crisis that had come with the permeation of negativity has turned into an opportunity.

Vera could not stand still.

It was the commander’s virtue to be able to face reality while everyone rejoiced at the miracle before his eyes, so Vera just moved on faithfully.

‘I do not know how much more injustice will bloom.’

Alaysia is evil.

planned and vicious.

That said, there is no way for her to stand still with only one negation planted there.

If negativity arises from someone else, there is no guarantee that the result will be positive even then, so this time it was the turn to move from this side.

‘Schedule ahead.’

Three days is too late.

Before the injustice that bloomed again shook the corps, while morale was soaring, the charge had to be ordered.

“Are you ready?”

The atmosphere of the lakeside is solemn.

also determined

In front of Vera, up to a hundred magicians were lifting huge camps of indescribable size, and elite soldiers from all over the world were escorting them.

Then, one step behind is the advance troops, led by Albrecht.

As soon as the castle came up, they were the first to enter and scout the inside.

The wizard’s leader, Elclair, answered Vera’s question.

“It’s done. Now, if the saint adds a miracle, the castle that lies beneath will come to mind.”


Renee stepped forward.

What comes to mind is a firm expression.

However, if it looked like tension, it wasn’t.

What she wore was relaxed and dignified, so Renee’s current appearance was in a shape that made the viewers feel relief and reassurance.

This was the atmosphere that Renee had intentionally created.

René was only showing his dignified appearance because he knew well that if he expressed fear, the morale of the Legion would be lowered, and if he expressed concern, their confidence would be shaken.

“Please activate it.”

Miller exclaimed at Renee’s words.


At Miller’s gesture, the shamans began to cast spells.

A spell that breaks the boundaries between reality and illusion by borrowing from the world of perception.

That was starting to unfold.

Blue and red lights rise above the rite.

Accordingly, the translucent world is superimposed on the landscape.

It was as if two identical pictures were superimposed on top of each other.

Miller realized that the fictitious dimension had been properly manifested and exclaimed.

“I will float!”


Miller clapped, and the shamans followed and clapped.

A horizontal line is drawn above Jin.

Immediately after, the randomly entangled lights move.

The blue light starts to gather at the top and the red light starts to gather at the bottom.

A gigantic expression of magic that makes thinking far away just by looking at it.

Miller laughed bitterly.

In doing so, I intentionally continued to think positively.

What was necessary for the success of the witchcraft was firm conviction and faith, so Miller continued to think as he should.

‘This is a thesis topic.’

his heroic deeds.

A magic on a scale that had never been publicly manifested before.

And until the next victory.

‘If this… !’

The next academy president won the award.


As they clapped again, the translucent landscape began to distort.


Vibration close to earthquake.

The translucent waves that rumble with him.

The fictitious-dimensional lake splits, and a gloomy citadel comes to mind.

The tall tower under the unsightly flagpole, which was always visible, is the main building of a size that cannot be seen at a glance after it has been revealed.

And after all of them were revealed, the inverted cross in front of the large gate was undeniable.


The moment he saw the inverted cross, Miller’s body trembled momentarily.

Miller clenched his teeth, brushing off the gloom that had arisen.

‘can do… !’

Witchcraft is faith.

And it is completed with certainty.

“Flip it over!!!”

Dozens of shamans clenched their fists simultaneously at Miller’s shout.

The incessantly flowing incantations were suddenly elevated and became a form of shouts.


Drinking turned upside down

The blue and red lights changed their positions accordingly.

Blue light falls counterclockwise, down, and red light up.

According to the phenomenon that overturned the boundary between fiction and reality, the saturation of the floating landscape began to change.

After confirming this, Elclair exclaimed in a voice full of joy.

“Success! Fictional dimensions are being superimposed over reality!”


Miller’s exclamation had turned into a scream.

Because he was in the midst of overseeing magic on a scale that had never been seen before, there was no room left to garnish his face.


At El Claire’s cry, Renee uttered divinity.

A pure white divinity flew over the ceremony and headed over the horizon dividing the border between blue and red.

Immediately after, the divine engraved a wind into the rite.

From https://noblemtl.com

One wish for everyone in the room.

That was the success of the ceremony.

“You fit well! Elementals, move!”

What’s left is to fill the empty space created under the fortress.

And to maintain this technique until the end of the war.

The maintenance of the rite was the role of the wizards.

Elclair looked at the unclean fortress, feeling already tired of the long and long physical battle that would continue from now on.

‘… I can’t let that kind of thing go wild.’

There was no great sympathy.

He didn’t even want a heroic life.

It was a life that simply wanted to live as a scholar and die as a scholar, but nonetheless, Elclair knew that there were things that he should not turn away from as a human being.

There is an unholy symbol in front of you.

And if you don’t stop it, the history of this land will crumble.

Turning away from it and running away was unacceptable to Elclair, neither as a wizard nor as a human.

“Get ready.”

At El Claire’s soft words, the wizards moved.

Each of the wizards standing with a large circle around him raised their wands.

What you need to do from now on is the act of raising your soul.

It was a job to connect the completed technique with their souls and maintain the technique until the end of the war.

“Those who are not confident, fall out.”

It was said that there might be some fear, but no one ran away from it.

Elclair smiled contentedly.

“Great. You have maintained your dignity as wizards.”

The wizards laughed along.

It was because everyone remembered the commandment of the wizard at Elclair’s words.

Live for the quest for truth.

Do not covet unclean knowledge.

So use what you have learned for the sake of this land.

The teachings that all wizards should memorize before elementary magic, which is the model for all magic, were emerging in their minds.

Elclair opened his mouth again.

It was addressed to Vera and the army behind him.

“Now, when the ceremony is complete, we will all lose consciousness. No, you will fall into a state similar to losing. It should be understood as a state of being unable to respond to all external stimuli.”

The explanation, which had continued as if asking for it, ended with those words.

“Please take good care of us.”

A smile appeared on Elclair’s lips.

“So, the moment we wake up, first of all, tell us about your victory.”

Vera’s expression hardened.

Not only Vera, but everyone in the army had a hard expression on his face.

At the head of the army, Vera nodded.

After confirming that, Elclair shifted his gaze towards the front.

The dinner was completed.

The fortress, which was raised from a fictional dimension, became a real phenomenon and was placed in front of us.

Now, there the warriors will jump.

Elclair grabbed the staff with both hands and struck the ground.


There was a blue incontinence on the floor along with the sound of glass breaking.

Mana flowed through the gap, and the wizards wrapped themselves around them.

In that way, Elclair and the wizards fell into a world where they could not feel anything.


Vera looked at the landscape before him.

An ominous citadel with a huge inverted cross engraved on it.

And a magic ceremony to light up the lake floating in front of it.

It was a sight to announce the beginning of the war, and it was to be said that it was a baton handed over by those who completed their duties first.

“Let’s get started.”

Bargo’s words.

Vera nodded and turned around.

There are hundreds of advance squads waiting for their orders.

Vera now knew what he had to do.

“… Not everyone will come back alive.”

If we look at the truth, it was.

Rather than ordering something from behind, it’s right for me to go ahead and do the work myself.

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One, the position of a commander should not be done as one has to see farther and paint the big picture.

“Beyond is a threat we are not aware of. One thing is certain: it is the most unholy threat that has ever been seen.”

All I can do is cheer for those who face threats in this place.

“Anyway, I dare hope. Please come back alive. So, please be the worthy first rider of victory.”

In the silence, only Vera’s voice rang out long.

“You don’t have to be afraid. No denial, no blasphemy, no pain can harm you. Heavenly blessings will be with you all.”

Vera’s hand turned toward his waist.

A sword resembling pure white winter was pulled out.

“This is the only thing I can do, so I want to do my part.”

A golden torch rose on Vera’s forearm.

It burned, and a promise was engraved on the pure white sword.

“On the day this war is over, I promise to put your names in the most honorable place. I promise it on my power, on the name of Lushan and on this soul.”

The 8 strokes of stigmata burning and the light that came to mind was as hard and stubborn as its nature.

“This sword assures the truth of my promise, so that you will avoid injustice in the name of Lushan.”


Divinity explodes

It seeps into the bodies of hundreds of advance squads.

A use of power that Vera had never used before, and now he can imagine.

It was an oath made solely for the sake of others.

“Half a day, at the latest, you must return within it.”

The commotion of the advance squad, which had continued to murmur, ceased.

The leader, Albrecht, answered with a confident smile.

“I will be back soon. Please prepare your meals on time.”

A similar smile came to Vera’s lips at the witty remark.

“It’s only for 200 people, so we’ll prepare the quantity.”

Vera raised his sword, followed by the advance of his sword.


A perfect recipe with no deviations.

Vera could put his mind at ease as he seemed to prove that they were the continent’s best elite.

“In the name of the Lord.”

[For the blessing of this land!]

“In the name of everlasting glory.”

[For a brilliant victory!]

“Go. Go ahead and show me the way.”

Vera’s sword fell.


The advance team rolled their feet.

What a short and modest departure ceremony.

But none of them cared about it.

Even though the beginning was so modest, they believed that the victory they would return would be brilliant, because they were promised that they would be in the most glorious place on that day.

The most courageous knights headed for the fortress that emerged with a short and bold shout.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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