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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 210

There was one thing that I learned while recollecting the memories of the last episode.

It was none other than the way he used his power at that time.

‘Forcing the opponent’s action.’

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Obviously, certain conditions were imposed on both themselves and their opponents at the same time, causing a sanctuary-like phenomenon.

The deal with Nertania was in that context, and at the same time, it was the promise I made to Renee while leaving the fortress.

And what Vera was going to do now wasn’t much different from him.

“People in this room will know. What kind of power I have.”

Vera drew his pure white sword and set it on the round table.

The sound of swallowing dry saliva from somewhere.

It was a reaction that came from knowing what kind of sword this sword was already.

Masterpiece Holy Sword.

Even though there was no rumor about it, the sword that everyone who knew it already knew was emitting a cold light.

“My power is to rule over promises. So we want to use this power to end the negotiations.”

Vera watched the reactions of those sitting at the round table.

Some are relieved, and others appear dissatisfied.

This military move seems to have a purpose.

However, it wasn’t a problem at all.

“What is at issue right now is the confusion caused by the military movement and trust in each other. You will no longer have to worry about it.”

Vera’s right forearm.

A golden stigma began to glow.

“Everyone present here will take an oath under the name of Lushan, so no one will break the oath made under the name of God.”

It was a question word, but the meaning was clear.

Don’t even think about breaking it.

It was a threat not much different from what Bargo had ever done.

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Of course, the reaction was also the same as before.

A situation where the sword of the oath that had been silent came out.

The holy Bargo and Saint Ren are guarding them.

They now have no means of restraining Vera’s actions.

Vera knew it too.

So he spoke again.

“I swear first. I confess that I do not have any speculative intentions for this expedition, and I will not hold back even the slightest hesitation in punishing those who use the campaign as an excuse to pursue their own interests.”


The stigmata reacted with a roar.

A golden vow was added to Vera’s soul.

“If I violate the above, in other words, if I have a special intention to go on a mission or hesitate to punish such a person. I will lose all my strength. You will also lose sight and speech, and you will lose how to walk, and you will live in isolation for the rest of your life.”

The bloody penalty meant one thing.


It was a warning that no one should pursue personal interests in this expedition, and that at that moment he would come out and pursue them even to the end of hell.

What follows is what Vera gets through him.

Even this was an extension of a warning.

It was nothing more than an act of smashing into the minds of those who resided in who will be following you.

“It will give me a chance. The possibility of facing a million armies, the possibility of facing a strong man who dares not look at it, the possibility of aiming the tip of a sword at the heart of malice.”

The light of the stigma floated into the air.

It spreads like a mist and sweeps the space.

From now on, it was an act of reproducing what he had done in the last episode as he remembered.


expression of the doctor through language.

An act that is the most basic form of promise and at the same time triggers a sanctuary that limits the object.

A heavy silence settled in the space.

The first reason was that it is difficult to see the scene of the apostles exercising power once in a lifetime, and the second reason is that the power is now holding their leash.

The chairman, who was all painted in gold.

Bargo was the first to open his mouth.

“I swear. Do not have any special intentions for this campaign, and punish those with malice.”

Words spoken of the vows made by Vera with his right hand raised.

A star is added to the space.

“I will swear. The content is exactly what Vera said.”

Renee raised her hand.

Then another star nestled in space.

Next, Crown Prince Maximilian of the Empire and Prince Albrecht spoke.

“I swear as well.”

“I also swear.”

Following him were the three men of the Prince Oben family and the forest keeper of the Great Forest.

stars are added

Two stars from the Empire, three stars from the northern edge, and one star from the great forests of the Southwest.

A total of 8 including what Bargo and Renee did before.

Things change rapidly.

It began to flow in a direction that could no longer be shaken.

In it, there were those who groaned.

This is not just a scene where we promise not to embrace any special bosom.

It was a scene where Vera’s power was shared with those who were seated.

It is a site where not only power is shared, but also the penalty for violating it.

If you take the oath and hit the back, you get the penalty that Vera promised.

At the same time, you will be pursued by other pledgers.

The pursuers will be tenacious and cruel.

This is because they must not fail in pursuit even for their own lives.

“Who is next?”

Vera’s words.

and eight stars.

In it, following behind was Miller, who was standing behind the dean of the academy with twinkling eyes.

“I! I promise too! The content is just as the wonder said!”

Miller shouted, raising his hand above his head, and the dean vomited his flag.

But it didn’t matter to Miller.

Miller was already engrossed in thinking about a phenomenon emanating from the power of God, the principle contained within, and its magical application.

At the same time as I made the vow, the ninth star rose.

Miller exclaimed in admiration for the power in his body for a moment.

There was also the pressure of something squeezing his heart, but Miller didn’t care.

‘Also… .’

The source of magic is power.

It would be right to view it as a kind of deteriorated power that mimics power with mana.

Miller laughed as he had proven that his hypothesis he had once thought of was correct.

‘… It must have been Ardain who made the magic.’

If you think about it based on what you’ve learned so far, magic is probably one of the things he has prepared.

Miller trembled with joy and said, looking at the dean immediately afterward.

“The dean must do it too!”

The dean wanted to swear at Miller.

Birth is a dwarf

Also, he is afraid of getting involved in big things, so he is a person who only looks out of his eyes at outside events.

So this time too, he hoped that he would take advantage of his position as the academy’s dean and just wait and see, but that was also a failure.

Now, in order to survive, he had to go to war.

“… I swear.”

With the oath of the dead dean, the stars of space hit double digits.

Vera’s gaze turned to the air.

Ten stars rise above the golden mist.

It is a little different from the one he used in the last episode, but in terms of functionality, Vera was able to think of joy because he knew that this version had much more potential.

and then said

“Who is next?”

He looked around the president again and spit out the words.

There were those who hesitated.

There were those who had fear.

Meanwhile, there was also someone who stepped forward.

“I swear.”

Lord Nedric of Horden.

he raised his hand

The old warrior’s gaze turned to Vera.

“I swear that the end of my life will be used for the sake of the next generation, moving solely for a cause, and without hesitation in punishing the most privileged.”

Nedric recalled contentment.

It was because there was an expectation that this situation, and the opportunity that Vera gave him, would be a splendid ending that would decorate the end of his life spent only in war.

eleventh star.

When the old fighter from the East swore an oath of peace to present to his son, the remnant began to pledge reluctantly.

The stars shine.

Gold with different chroma embroiders the space.

It is indeed a landscape suitable for the form of ‘promise’, Vera thought.

It shines brilliantly, but it is like an illusion, so even though it looks so clear, it is impossible to grasp the reality.

This will be the essence of the promise.

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One, it will never break.

All thirty and five stars began to shine in the space, and only then did the power begin to seep into their bodies.

“Thank you for your willingness to pledge.”

Vera said.

“Even though it is a promise that has no substance, there are people who will testify to it. The means of proof also exist in the form of power. You are bound by a bond that is stronger than anything else, so you will never sleep through the night with doubts towards each other.”

It was a coercive means and at the same time a request close to coercion, but since the oath was over, they could not resist.

“Now, the banquet is ready. Elia’s warm climate and the blessings that have landed on this earth are giving us very sweet fruits. As it is a happy day, I hope you all can share your worries and enjoy the banquet.”

Vera laughed.

It was said with his own kindness, but it was also heard as a mockery because of the gloomy atmosphere of Vera’s characteristic.

Applying it and laughing out loud, the leaders of the round table were terrified.

As such, the talks ended with Vera’s intervention and unsatisfactory results for some.


“Was it cool?”

After the meeting, before the banquet, the Great Hall of Fame.

Renee said so to Vera with a smile as she sat on the bench in the flower bed.

Vera’s cheeks were slightly red.

“I am ashamed.”

“What. You are very proud of yourself.”

It was really cool to see him continue talking without any hesitation.

Renee commended Vera with that thought, and Vera sighed involuntarily.

“Even though I have come forward somehow, I am worried about the future. My eyes will be drawn to what I have to do in the future. And not only to me but also to the saint… .”

“You never did.”

Vera’s mouth shut.

Renee gently stroked one of Vera’s hands and continued.

“It’s only natural for people to draw attention when they’re in a place like this. I’m OK.”

It was meant to comfort Vera, but also to tell the truth.

God’s apostle.

Rene didn’t mind what Vera had said, as being the master of fate-changing powers was such a position.

But he added comforting words to the thought that he didn’t want to see Vera so worried.

“Vera will do well.”

with a little bit of playfulness.

“Wow of the gutter that ran half of the continent… Phu-Hop, are you the king?”

Vera’s face turned bright red as a smile escaped his lips as he was about to speak.

The corners of the eyes stood up.

“… I would appreciate it.”

He clenched his teeth at the thought that he didn’t want to show shame, but it didn’t work for Renee either.

Renee smiled shyly, then slowly leaned over to Vera and hugged Vera.

And patted his back.

“got upset?”

“I didn’t get spooked.”


“Yes, it is.”

Renee laughed.

Vera also smiled involuntarily at Renee’s smirk.

So, I hugged Renee face to face.

The two are hugging each other in the warm weather and the flowery scent of flowers.

‘Eight wash.’

Rohan saw the scene as he passed by and put his hands in his pockets with a wrinkled expression.

… The side was cold.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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