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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 211

The talks ended with a modest banquet.

All the guests left and Elia was returning to her daily life, but that did not mean that a peaceful atmosphere continued.

why not

Since the fortunes that have come have permeated the entire continent beyond Elia, it is correct to view the current situation as the calm before the storm.

The next expedition has a high probability the moment Gorgan, who started to rise, is caught.

As it is almost certain that Alaysia intentionally woke him up, the party had to prepare for the battle that followed.

In the middle of a small town near Elia.

In the brief peace that could last, Vera took a moment to find his companion.

At the same time as asking for Doban’s well-being, it was also to find Aisha who would be here somewhere.

“Long time no see. I hope the divine water is clear.”

A comfortable smile appeared on the face of Doban, whom he finally met.

The old man, who had brushed off all the hardships and regrets of his life, became someone who could put on a gentle smile and smiled that much.

Vera replied with a warm feeling inside that smile that I didn’t even know I had.

“It’s thanks to you, Doban.”

It wasn’t a greeting.

In fact, did you learn a lot from meeting him?

The first thing that comes to mind is the holy sword that is immediately attached to the waist.

Aside from that, it is possible to mention the realization gained through a series of events.

It was a valuable realization that cannot be measured with money, and at the same time, it was the realization that made me who I am today.

“How about taking care of the village?”

“It’s really good. Now that I put the hammer down, I feel relieved.”

As he said with a smirk, Doban’s body was so muscled that it could no longer be seen as that of a metalsmith.

However, Vera had no regrets about it.

Now Vera knew what was more important than honor and glory.

“… I am very happy.”

“What, again. By the way, how are you? Are you wearing black well?”

“Yeah, it fits so well that I don’t think I’ll ever see a sword like this again in my life.”

“It’s a nice word. take good care He is like my child.”

like a child

Vera burst into laughter at those words, and then asked about the other children of Doban.

“Oh, how is Aisha? After returning to Elia, I couldn’t see him.”

“Don’t talk. You’re playing the alley leader with your peers in the village. The Apostle of Sabbath also stopped by once to spend time together, didn’t you know?”

Vera’s expression hardened.

Because I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

The reason was obvious.

‘… Theresa.’

Vera sighed.

It was Theresa who showed a particularly weak side to children.

They must have intentionally cut off the news to free up time for the two of them to play.

‘Now I have to slowly start training, but… .’

I couldn’t let him play forever.

Two people were absolutely necessary to deal with Gorgan, who was not sure when to move, and Alaysia beyond that.

Seven great souls.

Eight legacy.

nine apostles.

As it is the information I got from myself in the last episode, there is no doubt about it.

From https://noblemtl.com

Of course, the role itself was too much of a burden to put on the children, but since there is no other way, it is necessary to train them.

Dovan chuckled as he saw Vera sigh deeply.

“I hope you are in a lot of trouble.”

“… no. I am in a situation where I have to lend the children’s hand because I am not enough.”

“Are you blaming again? It’s a bad habit. Get into the habit of trusting others. I believe that children can also take care of me.”

Advice given with a gentle smile.

Vera took it to heart without listening to it in vain.

However, his expression is not easily resolved because of his immediate impatience.

Doban smiled uncontrollably at Vera’s appearance and continued, pointing his hand to the forest north of the village.

“About this hour, I will be in the middle of that forest. I remember that the Apostle of Sabbath came in the morning, so maybe we can find both of them.”

“thank you. Then I… .”


Vera hesitated for a moment, then bowed deeply toward Dovan and walked towards the woods.

Dovan looked at Vera’s back like that, and smiled contentedly.

‘After all, people should love.’

It was a surprisingly soft impression compared to when we first met.

Aisha said that the two of them pour so much sesame seeds, so it must have been the influence.

– Take a look! It’s hard to be with Renee!

A laugh escaped Doban’s mouth at the sudden rise of Aisha’s grumbling.

‘You must know that you don’t.’

Does Aisha know that the person who truly loves love is the most sincere in love.

As with any parent, Dovan, who had just weaved his child with the thought that came to mind, spent a long time in the sun imagining the man Aisha would bring when he grew up.

‘… Hmmm, what should I do if I bring a gnome-pang?’

If peace was to kill time by worrying about things that never came, then he would be the most peaceful person in the world.


It wasn’t too difficult to find the children.

If it’s normal, it’s normal.

It doesn’t even use the body like Trevor.

That doesn’t mean he has a great ability to hide his presence.

For Vera, even with a little concentration, he could feel the presence of two children.

However, there was something odd about it.

‘I thought it was supposed to be an alley boss game… .’

Why isn’t it a child to be with two people?

Vera’s eyes narrowed.

The other two signs that you can feel together are clear.

‘… Miller.’

And someone who shouldn’t be here.

Vera’s pace quickened.

He harbors impatience in Miller, who causes an accident whenever he steps out, and one suspicious person.

So, what Vera saw after running wildly smashing the vegetation under his feet was an odd combination.

“… What is it?”

Vera’s voice.

Those who sat there looked at Vera at the same time.

Aisha panted on the floor.

Jenny holding her breath while holding Anilles in her arms.

Next to him was Miller with a puzzled expression on his face.

“… Friede, haven’t you returned to the Great Forest?”

Forest Keeper in the Great Forest.

It was Friede, one of the seven heroes.

Friede laughed a little.

Then he chinked at Aisha and said.

“Because I want you to help.”


Vera’s gaze turned to Aisha.

Aisha shuddered, then bowed her head as if embarrassed to answer.

“… The fairy doesn’t know how to use daggers.”

Vera narrowed his eyebrows for a moment at the words spoken, then realized what he meant and made an ‘ah’ sound.

‘Is training help? .’

It’s a surprising story, but Friede was the oldest among the fairies, and was also a skilled hunter with a lot of experience.

From https://noblemtl.com

Of course, there must be many combat techniques that he knows, and the field he is particularly confident in is the dagger technique that will aid in the mystery of dealing with the wind.

Aisha in this life is not using a long sword-type magic sword, but a small dagger that was given to her as a gift from Doban, so when it comes to weaponry, Friede would be a better teacher than herself.

Vera’s expression darkened after the accident.

Friede smiled softly at it and continued to speak as if soothing.

“I said I want to surprise you. I mean, you always treat me like a child. Even for me, I wanted to see your surprised face, so I helped… .”

A playfulness was added to Friede’s face.

“… It seems to have been successful.”

Suddenly, Vera felt an unknown emotion creeping up inside him.

It felt like something was getting wet, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all, and it seemed to warm the inside.

As Vera had never experienced it before, the name of the unknown emotion was boldness.

Vera’s gaze pierced Aisha.

Aisha responded bluntly, waving her tail for nothing.

“… What.”

He shook his head and went back.

Vera stood still and watched the series of reactions, then suddenly recalled the words Dovan had uttered before coming here.

– Get into the habit of trusting others. I believe that children can also do some degree of cover-up.

to trust the children.

It sounds like you’re trying too hard to do it on your own.

Vera admitted.

remembered at the same time.

‘Seven great souls… .’

That Aisha here is the master of such a soul.

That you can’t just look at him as a child and move around.

What should I say

Vera, who was contemplating what to say to Aisha right away, said it with a smile on his face.

“… So, are there any results?”

A blunt word uttered because he was Vera who was too proud to be honest with himself.

To that, Aisha was also an answer that clearly showed that she is a person who does not fall into any place with her pride.

“I think it’s enough to feed a shot in your face.”

Vera’s fingertips twitched slightly at the provocative words.

Shortly thereafter, a small smile appeared on Vera’s lips.

“okay? This will need confirmation.”

Aisha’s shoulders trembled.

The corners of his eyebrows also became sharp.

“… Do it, try it.”

Aisha jumped up and held the dagger in both hands.

It seems to run right away.

Vera tried to clench his fist with his bare hands, then stopped moving, then put his hand into his arms.

What came out of his arms was a single dagger.

It was the dagger that Vera had once received from Renee as a birthday present.

For Vera, this was done as a way of praising Aisha for doing something extraordinary.

Aisha’s eyes widened.

Vera, who had always insisted on dealing with him with his bare hands, was feeling a lot of emotions when he pulled out his weapon for the first time.

“Are you scared?”

Vera said with a smirk.

Aisha, who was twitching the corners of her lips at that, immediately responded with a look of excitement.


took a step

Unparalleled speed compared to before.

In a moment, Vera realized.

Although Aisha was neglecting Dalian, she continued to work hard on her training.


The dagger and the blade of the dagger collide.

And the blade is twisted with the sound of ‘Cheeky!’

Aisha’s feet stretched out toward Vera’s waist, and Vera grabbed it.

A workshop that follows quickly.

Annielis, who saw it from a distance, said.

[He seems to be getting more and more crazy.]

Miller nodded, and Friede laughed.

Jenny was pretty good.

I was just happy to sit here and rest.

‘… I want to go in late.’

When I go back to Daeshinjeon, there is annoying Trevo, so I wanted to make more jokes here.

“Aisha Whiteying… .”

Jenny exclaimed, waving her hands.

It was support that included Jenny’s own calculations that Aisha would have to endure a little longer to get home late.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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